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How To Pre-order Ps5

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What Is The Ps5 Price

“How to Pre order ps5” (HUGE UPDATE!) – Sony PRESS CONFERENCE Info

The PS5 price is $499 . That puts it at the same price point as the Xbox Series X, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, seeing as it’s difficult to imagine the PS5 price exceeding $500 when it’s up against the affordable spread put out by Microsoft.

However, the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition price is $399.99 , which does flag some concerns considering the Xbox Series S’s $299 price tag. However, the PS5 Digital Edition will run the same specs as the fully-fledged console, further cementing its position in the market as a high value for money option.

That means bargain hunters can still experience everything the PS5 has to offer while foregoing the opportunity to play physical PS4 and PS5 games or save cash by buying in the second-hand market. It’s an excellent proposition that will certainly capture those going for sheer value for money at launch.

Can You Play Ps4 Games On The Ps5 And Is The Ps5 Backwards Compatible

You sure can! The overwhelming majority of the PS4 games you own are playable on the PS5. Youll be able to download any games you bought through the PlayStation store on your PS4 and play them on the next-gen console.

If youve got the disc edition of the PS5, youll also be able to insert your PS4 discs into it and play them that way, too. Obviously, because theres no physical disc slot on the digital edition of the console, you wont be able to play any PS4 discs you own. Weve compiled a list of our favourite PS4 games, and most of them have dropped in price since the PS5 came out.

Save Payment Information Before Pre

This one’s a no-brainer, but we’re mentioning it because many potential PS5 customers do everything right until they hit the payment gateway. Every second count during a pre-order phase, and they generally don’t last long unless the store decides on a staggered launch. As such, you should have your payment information ready on each website that you’ve logged in to.

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How To Save 10 On Horizon Forbidden West

Details about how to redeem a free upgrade for Horizon Forbidden West have been revealed in a Playstation blog post.

Last year we made a commitment to deliver free upgrades for our cross-gen launch titles, which included Horizon Forbidden West.

While the pandemics profound impact pushed Forbidden West out of the launch window we initially envisioned, we will stand by our offer: players who purchase Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4 will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free.

Horizon Forbidden West will be the last title to receive this treatment, meaning that all future PS5 games will require an upgrade fee if users purchased the PS4 version initially.

In order to make use of this offer, PS5 owners will need to purchase a PS4 copy of the game, which is £10 less than expensive than the PS5 version. They will then be eligible for an upgrade to a digital PS5 version.

If you want to upgrade an eligible PS4 game on disc to the digital PS5 version, you will need a PS5 console with a disc drive .

If you were struggling to get a PS5 due to the ongoing stock shortages, but you are still looking to buy a copy of Horizon Forbidden West, then this is a good way to experience the game across different generations of consoles.

Playstation 5 Stock Shortage

PS5 Pre

Sony had only planned on the production of 5 million PlayStation 5 games consoles by the end of March 2021. However, as the popularity of gaming exploded during the first lockdowns, Sony doubled PlayStation production to meet 10 million units by the same date.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough.In May 2021, Sony privately warned analysts that PlayStation 5 shortages would continue until 2022: “I dont think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldnt be able to catch up with demand,” said Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer.

On 12th November 2021 the PS5’s first birthday Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan addressed historic demand for the PS5 in a PlayStation.Blog post. Ryan admitted that “inventory constraints remain a source of frustration for our customers” and said that Sony is “laser-focussed” on shipping as many console units as possible.

It all sounds very positive but the truth is, the company expects to produce one million fewer consoles 15 million, rather than 16 million in the financial year ending March 2022.

With the recent emergence of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, it seems that chip shortages are set to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.

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What New Ps5 Console Covers And Dualsense Colors Can I Buy

PS5 owners can now choose from five new galaxy-inspired covers: Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. These will be available for both the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.

Sony will sell these separately from the PS5 and its DualSense wireless controllers, meaning that you won’t be able to buy a PS5 that already features these covers. Yet.

Sony has also brought these colors to its DualSense wireless controllers. In case you missed it, Sony has already released red and black DualSense controllers. But soon, you’ll be able to purchase a DualSense controller in the remaining three colorsNova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple.

How Much Will Playstation 5 Cost

However, we cant say the exact price of Play Station 5, as Sony has officially not revealed the cost of the console. We can expect the price of PS5 at around $499 .

So, this is all about Pre-order PS5. Once the Pre-order goes live we will inform you and also once Sony announces the launch date and price, we will update you.

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Enjoy The New Ps5 And Dualsense Colors

It seems like Sony has finally listened to requests from its fans to make the PS5 more customizable: January 2022 marks the beginning of official new PS5 faceplate colors.

There’s a lot of potential in the next few years now that Sony’s shown that it’s open to new PS5 colors: maybe we’ll see some custom PS5 faceplates for certain games? In the meantime, let’s enjoy some much-awaited, new PS5 faceplate colors.

How Can I Pre

“How to Pre order ps5” – RELEASE DATE, price (Playstation 5)

You can pre-order the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 faceplates from PlayStation Direct. These are set to initially release on the 21st January, 2022, though this may vary depending on your location. The other three PS5 console covers will launch sometime in the first half of 2022.

You can also pre-order the Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple DualSense controllers from PlayStation Direct.

These are set to release from January 14th, 2022, though there’s some confusion: PlayStation Direct lists all three new colors as releasing on January 14th, but the PlayStation Blog post says that only the Galactic Purple DualSense controller will be released on that day.

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Sony Reveals 5 New Ps5 Console Covers

In November 2021, Sony patented a design for PS5 faceplates, which naturally led to speculation as to if and when the company will announce new PS5 console covers.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long. Now, in December 2021, Sony has revealed five exciting new PS5 console covers alongside three new DualSense controller colors. As detailed in a post on The PlayStation Blog.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100 Razer Blackshark V2 + Usb Soundcard: 9999 Razercom

Fans of the original Blackshark headset, released by Razer in 2012, should get excited about the remastered V2, which was released just last month. The V2 takes everything its predecessor mastered amazing audio, superior mic clarity, supreme sound isolation, premium comfort and enhances it, truly making this the gamers gaming headset.

For the audiophiles, the V2 offers a huge depth of customisation, from the 50mm drivers that allow individual tuning for highs, mids and lows to the soundcard and advanced mic controls that finetune the pick-up area and eliminate background noise so that you can deliver your burns loud and clear.

But the real USP is undoubtedly the superior features that come with Razers partnership with THX the movie-standard audio company of George Lucas fame. Not only does this deliver a lifelike and realistic 360 degrees of sound, but you are able to create profiles for your favourite games. You can adjust the settings to your liking, down to the finest detail, to ensure you are able to pinpoint and track your enemies allowing you to turn up softer sounds without overpowering the louder ones, like picking up footsteps during a chaotic firefight while the surround sound ensures you wont lose any of the immersive environment sounds. In layman’s terms, you hear sounds exactly where youd expect to hear them.

For more on the PS5, why not check out our review, or our round-up of the best game consoles of 2021?

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Can I Get A Ps5 In

With lockdown easing in the UK, you may be hoping to have a better chance of nabbing a PS5 from a physical store. Unfortunately, that doesnt seem to be the case.

While retailers such as GAME, John Lewis and ASDA have reopened their stores, the console hasnt yet been sold in-store.

That might now be changing as a poster was recently seen in a Smyths Toys store promoting the fact that the PS5 console can now be pre-ordered in the physical store.

A Smyths Toys store has been spotted with an in-store pre-order poster today. Might be worth popping in to your local Smyths Toys store if you’re out and about!Let us know if you go!

PS5 Stock UK

Some retailers, such as Argos, are also making the console available via Click and Collect so you can order online and collect it from your local store. There do seem to be regional variations, though, so Click and Collect may not be an option for all retailers or stores. We suggest checking with your local store for details on how it is working in your area.

Ps5 Restock Tracker: Where To Buy Ps5

How to pre

Beat the scalpers with the help of T3’s PS5 stock tracker

ByMatthew Fordelast updated 22 December 21

More than one year since Sony launched the PlayStation 5 and the market is still struggling to keep up with demand for the console. Whether that be scalpers at every turn, automated bots trying to swipe everything within seconds, or just the millions of other shoppers trying to get their hands on the games device it’s a minefield out there.

Fear not! We’ve scoured the web far and wide to save you the hassle. While the surge in sales for the PS5 is expected to continue well into 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the top retailers to find the elusive console from as well as some handy tips to be aware of to help get you to the checkout and more importantly, receive that sweet, sweet confirmation message. The great news is that it’s set to become much easier to secure a console, with Sony set to bring in “phenomenal” amounts of PS5 stock just in time for Christmas. Huzzah!

T3’s PS5 stock tracker is regularly updated but there’s also a few extra steps worth considering. We’d recommend bookmarking a number of stock trackers across social media , checking in at any local retailers in case some have stock unexpectedly without warning, alongside making an account across said retailers online accounts to save time on checkout. It can help to keep the console in your wishlist basket too. Now onto the important bit: where to find a PS5.

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Where To Buy Ps: Top Retailers To Check

Remember, there are two consoles, the standard edition and the digital the PS5 Digital Edition doesnt have a disc drive to play physical copies of the games.

We cant guarantee youll get a console but check the links below for the latest stock. At some retailers, you can also sign up to the mailing lists for further updates.

Playstation 5 Games Price

When NBA games publisher 2K announced the $70 price for its sports sim NBA 2K21, it effectively confirmed a PS5 games price hike.

The sum helped raise the standard by $10 from $60 which seems uncomfortable in the face of what many consider a fairly expensive games console full stop.

To be fair to both Sony and Microsoft, games pricing has remained the same since the launch of the original Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2005. Between game production values having gone through the roof and 15 years’ worth of inflation, it could have been a lot worse for the consumer.

Plus, we’re already seeing retailers offering huge discounts on some of the best PS5 games. Amazon, for example, slashed the prices of hit titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla by up to 50% in the recent cyber sales. If you’re on the hunt for cheap games, check out this week’s best PS5 deals.

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Have Your Payment Details Ready And The Money In Your Account

When the console was first released, some people reported struggles to have their console confirmed or message cropping up that it was checking payment. A console is not confirmed until youve paid, so make sure you remove all barriers by having the money in the account youre using and the details ready to hand.

Where And How To Buy Playstation 5

How to pre order ps5

According to the brand Sony, the Playstation 5 will be available for pre-order on the Sony Center website. But it is not confirmed whether it is in any of the Sony stores or not. You can also pre-book this gaming console from leading e-commerce giants like Amazon itll be available on for Pre-booking on 28th of January. Other Platforms like Flipkart, Chroma, Reliance digital also come up with pre-bookings and sell.

There is no doubt in the fact that the Playstation 5 will be out of stock in a matter of minutes if not seconds, just like the previous sale. So, be ready to pre-order at 12 PM on 12th January. Also, make sure to install the Flipshope Extension to grab the PS5 in the pre-booking.

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Playstation 5 Stock Tracker Live

Well be checking the below for any further updates you might want to know about the Playstation 5 and both SKUs that it currently retails for, the disc and digital editions respectively. The Playstation 5 is still only available in one color, despite there being multiple colors for the plates on the console officially available from Sony, in addition to multiple colors of the Dualsense controller. We will be keeping a keen eye out for what we can spy further as we get it.

Ps5 Restock Buying Guide

Fed up with missing out on PS5 restocks? There are plenty ways to stack the odds in your favour. We’ve pooled all the latest tips and tricks below…

members in the UK/US get priority access to PS5 stock. .

Walmart Plus members get early access to PS5 drops. The company offers a free 15-day trial of Walmart Plus but it doesn’t include PS5 restocks. Most are exclusive to paid members, so be sure to click the button that says “Start paid membership”).

Game is one of the best places to find UK PS5 stock because it offers big PS5 bundles consoles bundled with games, accessories and even t-shirts to deter scalpers. The pricier the bundle, the better your chances.

Best Buy is giving US customers who subscribe to its TotalTech service early access to PS5 stock.

GameStop is another happy hunting ground. PS5 restocks start up to an hour early for members of its PowerUp Rewards Pro club .

Sony Directuses a queueing system to block scalpers. You’ll need a PlayStation Network account to join the queue. Be ready to solve the odd CAPTCHA test, too.

Finally, make sure you sign into your preferred retailer in advance and save your credit card details. That should speed up the checkout process.

Pro tip: pre-load your Amazon account with a gift card to cover the cost of your PS5. This will cut out any chance of your bank rejecting the payment at the last minute .

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Where You Can Buy The Ps5

You waited patiently for years to finally get the PS5! But then for those unlucky souls who did not get a pre-order or release date order it has been extremely frustrating for so many Playstation gamers worldwide. You WILL absolutely get your chance to own a PS5 and we will help you do it. Keep checking the links below daily. We will post updates as they become available. If you do get lucky, let us know when and where in the comments below!

Updates:While we wish we could be everywhere at once, we sadly cannot. However! There are some helpful folks on Twitter that will often send out alerts before new PS5 stock becomes available. Following them and their on notifications for when they tweet is a great way to boost your chances of scoring a PlayStation 5 this year, especially as we move into the holidays.

Here are the folks we recommend you follow:

Were you able to order? Have a tip!? Let us know!

Get the latest Order updates by signing up for our PS5 Newsletter on this page. When something big changes, we will let you know. Dont be left out like thousands of gamers were when the PS4 pre orders ran out. Bookmark this page and check back daily. Interested in how PS5 shortages got so bad? Check out our full coverage on the semiconductor chip shortage.

Dont be left behind when there is breaking PS5 news. As we predicted years ago the PS5 sold out almost immediately. Get updates on the most important PS5 news. We have a 100% ZERO spam policy.

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