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How To Install Ssd In Ps4

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Ps5 Ssd Upgrade/expansion How To: Compatible Drives Install Separate Heatsink Requirements

How to upgrade the PS4 with a SSD – HyperX

Sonys recent PS5 system software update has finally unlocked the M.2 expansion slot in PS5, so now you can expand your consoles internal storage! Though theres a few things to be aware of, like the type of SSD you need, the size requirements, heatsink, etc. Hopefully this quick guide gets you off and running. You should have plenty of console storage after this, enough to install both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Stray when it comes out.

SSDs With Heatsinks Installed:

XPG GAMMIX S70: SN850 : 530:

Ssds Vs Mechanical Hard Drives

Before we swapped out the PS4s hard drive with an SSD, we tested the hard drive that the system came with by measuring the amount of time the PS4 needed to boot up to the screen where the OS asks you to press the PS button on your controller. We tested it twice and got times of 27 seconds and 24.9 seconds.

Once we removed the PS4s hard drive and performed the task that were about to take you through, we ran the boot tests again. We got boot times of 19.2 and 19.4 seconds with the SSD in there. So, boot-up is roughly 5-8 seconds faster with an SSD than with the mechanical hard drive that the PlayStation 4 ships with.

If you dont think thats significant, remember that loading save games, loading levels, and more will also get substantially faster. Over time, those shaved seconds will make your PS4 feel a lot faster.

Move Applications Between Your External Ssd And Your Ps4

Now that your drive is formatted and the download location is set to extended storage, you can move applications, games, and save files between the external and internal drives. Go into the settings of the PS4 and select storage. Select the storage that has the application you want to more . Select the app that you want to move, press the options button on your controller, and select either move to extended storage or move to system storage. Once selected, click the move button and select either OK or cancel. Applications, games, and save files on both the extended and system drive will appear in the content.

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Is It Worth Upgrading To Ps4 Ssd

The PlayStation 4 is a home console from Sony Computer Entertainment. As we all know, it is usually shipped with a 500GB or 1TB mechanical hard drive disk. Some gamers are dissatisfied with its low capacity , while there are also some gamers are discontented with its slow speed. In a word, they want to upgrade the PS4 hard drive.

If you have a PS4 console and want to upgrade its hard drive, too, you may consider the following three choices: a larger HDD, a larger SSHD, or a faster SSD.

  • HDD: It is the cheapest disk with the largest capacity. You can choose this one if you just want a larger hard disk to store your games.
  • SSHD: No mater from which aspect you compare , it is a compromise between HDD and SSD. You can choose this one if you want a slightly larger capacity and a slightly smoother gaming experience while pay a slightly lower price.
  • SSD: It is the most expensive, but it’s also the fastest one. You should choose this one if you want the smoothest gaming experience.

If you are considering PS4 SSD upgrade seriously, you may wonder about the following four questions:

Question 1 and 2: Will an SSD really boost your PS4 performance and how much game loading speed can it increase?

Fortunately, many users have made game loading speed comparison test between PS4 with an SSD on it and PS4 with the original HDD on it. They find that an SSD can definitely shorten the game loading time and boost the performance of the PS4, but in different degrees.

Best Ssd Upgrade For Ps4 Pro

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro

Heres a quick list of the SSDs we recommend for PS4 Pro users. Theyre clickable and will direct you immediately to the corresponding item.

  • Samsung 860 QVO SSDThe Best overall SSD upgrade for PS4 Pro, in terms of performance and price.
  • Crucial MX500 SSDVery good SSD option for PS4 Pro if you dont like the one above.
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    Why Upgrade Ps4 Hdd To Ssd

    Updating PS4 SSD isnt easy because one has to buy new software and invest a little bit time in the research. Try to upgrade the powerful console with a genuine storage device. Lots of companies are out there that are delivering top-notch quality SSD storage devices. To upgrade the system quickly, it requires investing money storage device. Buying a genuine AAA beasts device and upgrade the PS4 console that can be great for you. After that, the user will able to store lots of games and can save the progress a little bit faster.

    To upgrade properly, you need to invest money in the important SSD driver for the PS4. If you have 200GB additional storage space, then it will significantly improve the performance of the system. All you need to install almost 1TB capacity SSD in the device. There is a need to consider the following things while upgrading the PS4 SSD.

    Installation Of The M2 Ssd In The Ps5

    Most users should opt for a pure SSD for reasons of cost and tinker with the recommended heatsink themselves. Solutions with integrated heatsink are usually considerably more expensive, but do not bring any real advantage, except that it might look more consistent. In the end, that doesnt matter, because you cant see the memory anyway. Shapes and colors can of course be used very well for marketing.

    Note: The latest firmware for the PS5 should already be installed before installation. Otherwise the console will refuse to work if a memory is inserted.

    If you tinker with a heatsink yourself, you just have to make sure that the thermal pads are positioned above and below so that neither the plug contacts nor the notch for the screw is covered. You should also check the top and bottom several times. The same applies, of course, to the heatsink housing, in which the SSD disappears completely at the end. The best thing is to roughly fold everything together like a sandwich and only loosen the adhesive film later, orienting it more towards the side of the screw and not the plug contacts. Because once glued, the SSD can only be removed from it with difficulty, if at all.

    Note: The sticker or the manufacturers label on the SSD remains on it, not only for warranty reasons, but also serves as a heat spreader, i.e. as the first barrier to better distribute the waste heat!

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    Swap The Ps4 Pros Hard Drive

    To remove the existing hard drive inside your PS4 Pro, you want to unplug your PS4 Pro from the power point. Next, remove the casing at the back of the machine by simply sliding it to the left. Once the casing is removed, you should see the hard drive and the bracket. Locate the screws that hold the hard drive bracket in place and remove them. This will allow you to remove the bracket from the console.

    Next, youll want to take out the screws securing the hard drive to the bracket. With the old drive removed, pop the new SSD into the bracket and secure it with the screws. Finally, reverse the removal process to install the new SSD in your PS4 Pro.

    How To Make Games Download Faster On Ps4

    How to Install an SSD into the PS4 Slim

    by PS4 Storage·01/09/2020

    Over the last several years, game files for PS4 have increased significantly. Understandably, this becomes frustrating when it causes you to wait several hours to download games and updates, especially if youre dealing with an already slow internet connection. For that reason, you really need to know how to make games download faster on PS4. Doing it the right way will save you lots of times and make your gaming experience much flexible.

    Actually everyone also knows that file download speeds depend closely, but not solely, on your internet connection. If it is smooth, it will be done quickly and vice versa. However, there are tips and tricks to overcome the slow problem when the PS4 console is downloading games or other things.

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    How To Upgrade Hard Drive For Ps4

    • Turn off and unplug your PS4 and place it, facing you, on a flat surface, so that the PlayStation logo is on the right.
    • Move the panel on the left until you hear a click and move it less than a centimeter to the left.
    • Now, you can remove the panel, revealing the hard drive in its mounting bracket. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw holding the bracket in place, then remove the bracketed hard drive.
    • The mounting bracket is held in place by four screws, which you need to remove.
    • Once the screws are out, remove the old hard drive and replace it with the new one, then replace the screws.
    • Place the hard drive back in the console and replace the screw that held it in place; then put the panel back on the console.

    Wd Blue 3d & Sandisk Ultra 3d Ssd

    Are you wanting to purchase a new SATA SSD with the latest in 3D NAND technology for your PS4? Also with capacities up to 4TB and sequential speeds up to 560MB/s? Look no further than the WD Blue 3D NAND and Sandisk Ultra 3D SSD series. These two series obviously have different brand names on them, but internally they are identical. How can this be? Western Digital completed the acquisition of SanDisk in 2016 and now we are starting to see some products come to market that are identical internally and being sold by both of these widely known brands.

    The similarities run deep between these two SSDs. In-fact the only difference between the two is the manufacturers label. Both the Blue 3D and the Ultra 3D, are powered by the same BiCS 3 64-layer 3D flash. As the hardware goes, they are indeed identical. Same controller, same flash array, and the same performance specifications. Even the firmware seems to be identical. Both SSDs are powered by Marvells hugely popular 88SS1074 4-channel controller.

    Basic Features

    • Capacity: 4tb, 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, 250GB.
    • Sequential Read/Write Speed: Up to 560/530 MB/s.
    • Random Read/Write Speed: Up to 95K/84K IOPS.
    • Warranty: Three Year Limited Warranty.

    When you put the two together, you have the best overall value going, at least as far as SATA SSDs are concerned. The Western Digital Blue 3D and SanDisk Ultra 3D 1TB are the new go-to drives for system builds. They fit perfectly for PS4 and are very worth your consideration.

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    Procedure 5 Restore The Ps4 Backups From An External Device

    You can restore saved data from an external device or a USB storage device to the PlayStation 4 system by performing the following steps.

    Step 1. Connect a USB storage device or external hard drive to the system.

    Step 2. Go to “Settings > System > Back Up and Restore”.

    Step 3. Select the “Restore PS4” option and the backup file you’d like to restore.

    You’ll see a screen that tells you that the system will restart and initialize whether or not the backup process is completed. Then, select “Yes”.

    If you want to restore saved data from online storage, sign in to PlayStation Network and go to “settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage > Download to System Storage” to restore wanted data.

    How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive To An Ssd For Faster Loading Times

    How to Install an SSD in PS4 Pro the Right Way

    If your PS4 takes too long to load, you don’t have to wait around for the PlayStation 5. Install an SSD into your gaming console and start playing quicker.

    Sonys upcoming PlayStation 5 has a fancy, built-in SSD, but until that console materializes, youre stuck with agonizingly slow loading times on the PS4. In the meantime, you can upgrade your current consoles drive to an SSD, and breathe new life into an aging gaming machine.

    The 5400 RPM hard drive that comes with the PS4 and PS4 Pro is bone-chillingly slow. Im not generally a launch day kind of buyer, so even this late in the PS4s lifespan, an SSD has been a nice upgrade. It wont make loading times instantaneous, but it can decrease them by 10 to 20 seconds or more. Every game is different, though, and some may not see as noticeable benefitsbut hey, when youre sitting there waiting, every second counts.;

    You dont have to worry too much about choosing the fastest possible SSD, but you will need to make sure you buy a 2.5-inch modelnot the M.2 SSDs that have become popular in PCs recently. Im using this Western Digital Blue model, which offers great performance for the price.

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    Seven: Download The Ps4 Software

    Now you have a PS4 with a completely blank memory. The console’s OS is stored on the hard drive you just removed, and the drive inside your console is completely blank.

    You need to download the software in standalone form, using another computer. You’ll find it over at the PlayStation website, and it takes up around a gigabyte at present.;

    Youll need a USB drive or external hard drive or SSD with enough space to hold the download, and it must be formatted using the FAT32 file system and installed into the correct folder full instructions are available on the PlayStation website. Press and hold the PS4s power button for seven seconds or until you hear two beeps to boot the PS4 into safe mode.;

    You can then connect your controller with a USB cable and select option seven to reinstall your system software. Then, once thats done, you can restore your backup file and your PS4 should be back to normal, albeit with a newer, better hard disk or SSD.

    Formatting The Ssd For Use In Your Ps5

    When you first power up your PS5 after installing the SSD, you’ll see the following screen:

    Image: Push Square

    As you might expect, you need to select the Format M.2 SSD to make sure the console can use it for game storage. If you don’t select this option at this stage, the PS5 will boot as normal and you won’t be able to use all that lovely additional space.

    Upon selecting the formatting option, you’ll see the following screen:

    Image: Push Square

    You’ll then be told how fast your SSD can read data, which will impact how it performs when games are installed to it. As you can see from the screen below, the SN850 is well above the 5,500MB/s read speed recommended by Sony, so we’re all good.

    Image: Push Square

    With the process successfully completed, you’ll see the following confirmation screen:

    Image: Push Square

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    Ps4 Hdd Replacement Process

    The first step you need is to remove PS4 HDD in order to get the drive cage ready for the SSD. Afterwards, you need to learn how to install the SSD inside PS4 and set it up properly by installing PS4 system software on it.

  • After removing Ps4 hard drive, just cram the SSD inside the PS4 drive cage and fix the side screws to get it properly installed.
  • You now need to initialize the SSD, grabbing the full system firmware update file from the PlayStation siteits the exact same file for all PlayStation 4 models and should be around 900MB in size for new installations, that is an important point.
  • Create a folder on a USB drive named PS4 and within that another folder named UPDATE, into which you put the PS4UPDATE.PUP file you just downloaded.
  • Plug that into a USB port on the console and then put the PS4 into recovery mode by holding the power button until it beeps a second time, which should take around 7 seconds.
  • Select Initialize PS4 and follow the instructions on screen.
  • If you need help with upgrading or replacing your PS4 hard drive, the video embedded below can walk you through the process.

    Upgrade Ps4 Hdd Properly

    How to Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive/SSD

    One need to read the detailed instruction properly that is available on the official website of PlayStation. Before starting the process, one should tap on the setting and visit on the system then enable backup and restore feature in the system. You have to upgrade the new version and transfer the data properly. A tiny mistake will damage the data that can be dangerous for you. Firstly, a user has to remove the small plastic cover from the console. After removing the plastic cover, it is quite important to insert the new hard disk in the system. You should remove the screw and securely hold the HDD device.

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    Using An External Drive For Ps4

    If you want something more convenient , an external drive requires significantly less work, and you can still get faster load times with an external SSD. There are two kinds of external drives: portable and desktop . Virtually all portable hard drives work with all PS4 models, and if you want the added storage that comes with a desktop drive, many are compatible with PS4 as well. We’ve included a few recommendations here from popular brands like Seagate and Western Digital.

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