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Why Is My Ps4 Controller Blinking White

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Use The Forget Device Option

How To Fix PS4 Controller Blinking White!

The Forget Device option in your PS4 settings allows you to control which devices are connected to the console.

You can use it to forget your controller so that you can go through the pairing process again.

Through the pairing process, you can fix wireless connection issues like automatic disconnects.

Restart The Ps4 Controller

Normally, the light bar on the controller will keep flashing a blue light when its not connected to the console or having an issue maintaining a connection. This can also be true if you use it when playing a game like on non-PlayStation devices like phones or tablets.

In order to fix the issue, youll have to do a couple of things. First, you can restart the controller. This is the easiest way to fix this problem most of the time. Make sure that the controller is charged for at least 30 minutes before you restart and reconnect to a console, phone, or tablet. This can work if your controllers battery is weak or can no longer hold a charge for very long. Just press and hold the PlayStation button for about 10 seconds. This is going to turn off the controller.

Fix : Using Safe Mode

Safe Mode enables users to perform advanced diagnostics and also helps in resetting databases, upgrading firmware, etc.

Since you are unable to use the Playstation because the controller is not working, you can enable the Safe Mode to check if it helps you to solve this issue. Enter the Safe mode by performing the steps as follows:

Note: Before applying the below steps, you need to save the data and configurations of the PlayStation 4 as there is a chance of data loss.

Step 1:

At first, turn off the device by pressing the Power button located at the front panel of the PS4. At this time, you will see that the power indicator will blink a few times.

Now, press the Power button once again and hold it until you hear two beep sounds. Usually, you will hear the first beep when you press the Power button initially. And the other beep will be heard after holding it for at least 6-8 seconds.

Step 2:

Afterward, you have to connect the PS4 controller with a USB cable. Then, press the Playstation button of the controller. Now, it will start to run into the Safe Mode.

Once you enter into the Safe Mode, choose the Rebuild Database option. Afterward, it will start to scan the entire drive and will create a new database of the content. Depending on the amount of data, it will take a few times to complete the process.

After entering the Safe Mode, if you see that the issue is still not resolved, you can try the next solution stated below.

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Why Is My Ps4 Controller Not Connecting

A common solution is to try a different USB cable, in case the original one has failed. You can also try to reset the PS4 controller by pressing the reset button on the back of the controller, behind the L2 button. If your controller still wont connect to your PS4, you might need to get support from Sony.

Reinstall The Ps4 Device And Driver On Your Windows

How to fix blinking ps4 controller

1) After restarting your PC, re-plug your PS4 into your PC, then your computer will detect it and install the device for you.

2) You will need to install a proper driver for your device. There are two options to install the device driver in your computer.


Option 1 Manually: You can go to the manufacturers website and find the proper driver for your device, and install it in your computer. This may require time and computer skills.

Option 2 Automatically : If you dont have time or skills, you can try Driver Easy to download and install the correct drivers for you.

Driver Easy will detect the drivers condition in your computer, and install the correct drivers for your PC. More importantly, with Driver Easy, you dont need to struggle figuring out the Operating System, and you dont need to worry about making mistakes while processing. That will tremendously save your time and patience.

You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or Pro version of Driver Easy. It only takes 2 simple clicks with the Pro version .

1) and install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problem drivers

3) Click the Update button next to the driver name to download and install the correct driver .

Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the problem drivers .

4) Restart your PC and try to connect your PS4 again to see if it works.

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Ps4 Controller Flashing White: Problem Overview

Basically, we see different lights flashing on the Controller while turning on or playing the games. Not only on the PS4 Controller, but you can also see these kinds of problems on the PS5 Controller.

Like, we see red, green, pink, and other lights on our Controller. Do you know why your PS4 Controller flashes the white light? If you say No, then read this article until the end.

PlayStation 4 Controller or DualShock Controller is the hardware device that allows us to play video games. When you dont charge the battery or using the expired battery on your Controller, you will see these white flashing lights.

Sometimes, the users fail to connect their Controller to the PS4 controller. In this situation, white light flashes on the DualShock Controller. In addition to that, there are several other reasons that cause PlayStation 4 Controller Flashing White issue.

  • USB Cable that you use for connecting Controller and console might be damaged
  • Outdated firmware
  • Damaged DualShock Controller
  • If you have done any changes or modified the settings, then you will see this white light.

Below, you can find the troubleshooting methods that will completely solve the flashing white light on your Controller.

Resetting The Ps4 Connections

This method has helped many users overcome the PS4 controller orange light issue, and heres how it goes:

  • Go into you PS settings and go to Bluetooth devices.
  • Find the unresponsive controller, press the options button and click forget device.
  • Hold the PS button and simultaneously for some seconds while the PS4 is turned on. This will reset all connections of the controller and search for a new one.
  • Wait until the PS4 controller bar starts flashing.
  • Youll see the controller pops up on the bluetooth devices screen.
  • Use another PS4 controller to scroll down to it and pair it with the console.
  • If you dont own another PS4 controller to implement this method, you can temporarily use your android/iOS phone to remote control your PS4. Download the Remote Play App and install it. You can disconnect the PS4 controller from Bluetooth devices and reattach it to your PS4.

    Because Mac OS and Windows systems are slower, we encourage downloading the app on Android or IOS devices. The Remote Play App is available for both Android and iOS users.

    So, here are the steps to how to do it:

  • Log into your account after installing the Remote Play app. Note: Make sure the account you use to log in to your PS4 console is the same.
  • Astart button will now appear in the app. Wait for it to connect to the console after pressing it.
  • Go to settings > devices> Bluetooth devices > choose your DualShock controller using the touch D-pad.
  • Choose options > Forget device > OK.
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    How To Recover Lost Data From Ps4 After Fixing White Light Issue

    Often problems like the ps4 pro white light of death have long-lasting effects on your device. The most prominent one is data loss. Now if you are anything like us data loss is a total no-no. So to ensure that no data of yours ever gets lost we have introduced the Tenorshare 4DDiG data recovery. It is an all-in-one answer to the data loss question. Its features include,

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    • Safe Mode

    Solution : Rebuild The Ps4 Database

    How to Fix Flashing White Light on PS4 Controller! (Connect PS4 Controller Tutorial)

    If the PS4 controller blinking white and PS4 white light is still coming


    This is the best solution that has worked out for many users.

    This Rebuild Database feature allows you to clean up the data on your PS4 and sort out everything on the hard drive.

    Before make sure if your PS4 controller flashing white is linked with some corrupted files then you will lose your personal data, so kindly backup all your personal data in a USBdrive.

    So lets fix the white PS4 controller:

  • Connect DUALSHOCK 4 to a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep and will boot in Safe Mode.
  • Now go down to option number 5 and select Rebuild Database.
  • Wait for the process to complete and your PS4 white light problem will be solved.
  • I hope you get to fix PS4 White light and if you got any questions just let us know.

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    How To Fix Ps4 Controller Flashing Blue

    A Sony PlayStation 4 wireless dualshock 4 controller relies on colored lighting to indicate a certain state or error to a user so if yours has a flashing blue light showing up, youll need to check if its paired or synced to another device. An unstable or unsuccessful connection is usually the reason for a flashing blue light PS4 controller.

    Does It Happen To Everyone

    PS4 shows different types of light to indicate different types of errors like red light issue, orange light issue. If you see a regular PS4 white light, there is nothing to worry about. It just shows that the power is on. If you occasionally see a blinking white light when you turn the console off, that represents the console is shutting down, which is not dangerous. Before jumping to any conclusion, look for the time and duration of the PS4 white light.

    The concerning moment is when the blinking white light persists after the console is fully turned on and then transits into blue light. That indicates a problem in the system that requires troubleshooting and fixing it.

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    Is A White Light On My Ps4 Normal

    The answer depends on the kind of white light you see on your PS4. In general, white light is not a bad thing in fact, solid white light on your PS4 simply indicates that your console is powered on. A blinking white light, however, is more dangerous, but even this can be pretty harmless. For example, a blinking white light before changing to a solid blue light is part of the console turning on. Then if this blinking white light occurs as you turn off your console, then there’s no need to worry because this is part of the shutting down process.

    The problem is when the blinking white light continues or blinks and then transitions to blue light. This is PS4’s way of telling you that there is a system error and that you need to fix the situation and find the cause behind this issue.

    Is Controller Drift Fixable

    100% Problem Fix Of PS4 Controller Blinking White

    Yes and No. While attempted fixes might include soldering, prying off the potentiometers housings to clean or replace the rotating wiper, this will only work in the short term.

    Therefore, there is no long-lasting solution to this. But why would it even be possible when the joystick will sometimes not exceed a lifespan of 4-7 months of moderate gaming?

    In less than a year since PS5s greatly anticipated launch, there are scores of lawsuits brewing regarding joystick drift on Sonys DualSense controllers.

    These are supposed to be hi-tech controllers, you know! Sony did not anticipate this. But the joystick users are an aggravated lot.

    Sony could have addressed this issue as DualSense uses joystick hardware with long predictable and preventable problems.

    Its easy to compare the Dualsense controller with the PlayStation 5 that feels like a technological device from the near future.

    This is because of the advanced haptic feedback and the new adaptive triggers. But this is not the entire truth.

    Indeed, this seemingly sophisticated Dualsense has joystick modules using technology from several decades back.

    You might get mad if you discover that some of the technology used is less sophisticated than what was used to make certain joysticks in the 1990s! Sony took us for a ride here.

    Have you asked yourself why Sony gives a lifeline for the consumable component? They knew they were making a non-repairable joystick with a short life expectancy.

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    Start Your Ps4 In Safe Mode

    If you didnt already know, the PlayStation 4 offers a safe mode for updating software and managing databases. You can put the PS4 into safe mode if your controller is flashing white or not working. You should be aware that the present setup will be lost before you begin.

    Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need.

    To enter the safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4. The indicator will blink a few times after pressing the power button on the consoles front panel.
  • Hold down the power button for roughly 7 seconds, or until two beeps are heard. The first beep will be heard when you initially click the power button, and the second beep will be heard after 7 seconds.
  • Connect the original controller to the PS4 with the help of a USB cord, and youll be taken to the PS4 safe mode.
  • To wipe the old database and create a new one, select the Rebuild Database option.
  • Fix #: Try Using A Different Controller

    You will make some setting changes on the console using this second controller.

  • Connect the second controller to the console properly and make sure it is working.
  • Use the second controller to go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices. Make sure that only the working controller is present in this window.
  • On the controller which isnt working, press the Share button for 5 seconds or so. Also, press the PS button at the same time until you see the light bar flash twice every second or so.
  • After following both steps, you will now see both controllers .
  • Now using the working controller, select the not-working controller and it will attempt to pair with the device .
  • You will be asked to connect to the new device. Press Yes.
  • Check if the PS4 controller flashing white issue still occurs.
  • If using another controller fails to fix the problem, troubleshoot further.

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    Inner Hardware Can Also Be A Problem

    The PS4 Controller Flashing White issue likely lies with the battery or the interior hardware. To start with, take a look at expelling the battery and insert it again.

  • Utilize an eyeglass fixing kit to unscrew the back of the controller.
  • Search for a little battery. In authority, situated close to the upper-left half of the motherboard.
  • Evacuate the battery and put it in a safe spot for 30 seconds. Remove battery
  • Now, insert the battery again and give turning a shot back.
  • Any of this doesnt work, replace the old battery with a new one. Any standard battery will also work.
  • Fix : Using The Ps4 And Share Button

    How to fix blinking ps4 controller

    Another solution that you can try is to press the PS4 and Share button. To do this, first, press the Share and PS button both at the same time.

    Hold them until the PlayStation 4 turns On. Once the controller turns On, you can check if they are working fine and it is responding to each command.

    If you see that the problem is still unresolved, you can perform the other ways provided below.

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    Easy Fix For Flashing White Issue On The Ps4 Controller

    What do I do when my PS4 controller is blinking white?

    There are a few things that you can do if your PS4 controller is blinking white. First, try restarting your PlayStation 4. If that doesnt work, try pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds to reset the controllers firmware. Finally, if all of those methods fail, you may need to replace your controller.

    Why is PS4 controller not connecting?

    There are a few potential causes for why your PS4 controller may not be connecting wirelessly. First, make sure that the PS4 and controller are both properly charged. If the controller is still not connecting, try resetting the network connection by pressing and holding the power button on the console for 10 seconds. If that doesnt work, you may need to replace the controllers battery.

    How do you fix a white flashing controller?

    There are a few things that can be done in order to fix a white flashing controller. The first is to check the power supply. If the power supply is not working, then the controller will need to be replaced. Another option is to replace the controller board itself.

    How do I resync my PS4 controller?Why is my PS4 controller not resetting?How do you connect your PS4 controller back to your PS4 after connecting it to your phone?Why is my PS4 controller blinking blue and not connecting?Why is my PS4 light solid white?

    There is a power supply issue with the PS4. Sony has released a fix that you can apply to your console.

    Solution : Reset Ps4 Controller

    Resetting PS4 controller can solve various problems, such as PS4 controller flashing white, PS4 Bluetooth issue, PS4 not syncing or connecting, etc. You should try this solution immediately when your PS4 controller is blinking white.

    Step 1: Turn off your PS4.

    Step 2: Press the reset button on your controller for 3 seconds with a small pin. The reset button is on the back of your controller near the L2 shoulder button.

    Step 3: Once you reset PS4 controller, re-pair the controller with your PS4 and turn your PS4 on.

    Now you can check if the problem has been solved. If PS4 controller flashing white still exists, you need to try the next solution.

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