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How To Play Ark Survival Evolved Ps4

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How Do You Like Ark: Survival Evolved So Far

How to play Singleplayer on Ark Survival Evolved PS4

I’ve been playing ARK: Survival Evolved for the past few days now, and it took me over 12 hours of gameplay before I really felt like I was getting anywhere. Along the way, I couldn’t help but admire the attention to detail found in the ARK that I feel lacks in many other games not just survival games.

The developers are an ambitious bunch, but they haven’t let the sudden populararity spike get to their heads. Patches have been flying out multiple times a day, fixing bugs and sometimes adding new features or dinosaurs. Just today they released patch notes on a governance system for extra tribe management options.

What are your opinions on ARK: Survival Evolved? Have you had the chance to play it yet? How far have you gotten? Let us know in the comments below!

The Gameplay Loop Involves A Lot Of Grinding

In Ark: Survival Evolved, expect to spend most of your time gathering resources and crafting items. The game by design requires players to slowly make their way up from the very bottom of the evolutionary chain. This means you’ll be using resources like wood and stone to craft primitive tools and weapons like bows and arrows for much of the game’s early portions.

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It will most likely be a while before you get to evolve to the point where you can use guns or high-end tech. So if you’ve seen trailers or screenshots showing players riding into battles on top of T. Rexes while firing assault rifles, we’d advise that you taper your expectations as those experiences could be tens of grinding-filled hours away.

Split Screen Shadow Problems

Some players who use ARK in split-screen mode experience a graphics issue with shadows. There is a fix that you can implement if youre comfortable using the console.

To open the console, press:

  • L1, R1, Triangle, and Square on PlayStation
  • Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, and Y on Xbox.

Once the console is open, type Admincheat shadowquality 0 1 and press enter. This should help fix the shadow glitch.

Keep in mind, however, that youll have to re-enter this code each time you start a split-screen session.

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How To Play Ark Crossplay

Playing ARK with crossplay is extremely easy. Simply open your server browser, select the server you want to join via the finder, and start the game. There is no specific way to join a crossplay game. You simply join a server that is being hosted and set up for crossplay.

Keep in mind that PS4 players can play with PS5 players. Xbox One and Xbox Series X players can also join games together. Most PC players can play with others though there are some limits on what servers those who purchased the game through Epic can join. These arent examples of crossplay since theyre all on the same systems, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

How To Buy Ark Survival Evolved Ps4

ARK: Survival Evolved Game

Can you buy Ark on PS4?

Ark is available on PS4. You can buy it on the Playstation Store.

How much does Ark cost on PS4 right now?

Ark: Survival Evolved is available on the PlayStation 4 for $59.99.

Is Ark survival evolved free in PS4?

Ark Survival Evolved is free to play on the Playstation 4, but there are some in-game purchases that can be made.

How much is Ark survival right now?

Ark Survival is $30 on Steam.

Do you need PS Plus to play ARK?

No, you dont need PS Plus to play ARK. However, you do need PS Plus to play online multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4.

How big is ARK on PS4?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a large game, taking up around 43GB of storage space on PlayStation 4. The game is constantly expanding, with new content and features added regularly. Players can expect to sink a lot of time into this title if they want to see everything it has to offer.

How much is Ark survival right now?

Ark Survival is $30 on Steam.

Do you need PS Plus to play ARK?

No, you dont need PS Plus to play ARK. However, you do need PS Plus to play online multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4.

How big is ARK on PS4?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a large game, taking up around 43GB of storage space on PlayStation 4. The game is constantly expanding, with new content and features added regularly. Players can expect to sink a lot of time into this title if they want to see everything it has to offer.

Is ARK available on disc?Is ARK survival free?

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Friends Make It Easier

One of the best ways to play Ark is alongside a group of friends. The game is set up so that being in a tribe greatly benefits the player. Tribe members can help guard the base at different times of day, split-up resource gathering, and offer back-up during expeditions.

Multiplayer is also one of the few ways to build yourself up much faster than normal and is almost required when going into an online session.

Stats You Need To Maintain

There is a list of stats that players will need to maintain and upgrade in order to survive, explore, and eventually flourish on the Ark. These are often divided into two sets, the survival stats:

  • Hunger – Players must constantly eat food to increase the stat.
  • Water – Players must obtain drinking water to increase the stat.
  • Fortitude – This stat governs the player’s heat and cold resistance. The Ark has a working temperature system that changes with sea level and time.
  • Oxygen – Oxygen determines how long a player can stay underwater before drowning.
  • Torpidity – Torpidity measures the player’s weariness falling below 50% will cause the survivor to fall asleep.

These stats need to have the player’s full attention as one of them bottoming outputs the player in great danger. In addition, players will also have to worry about stats that help with exploration:

  • Health – Health determines how much damage a player can take before dying when one of the main needs isn’t met, this will decrease.
  • Stamina – Stamina determines how close a player is to running out of energy when fighting or sprinting.
  • Weight – Being over-encumbered can greatly inhibit the player’s movement making them vulnerable to attack.
  • Melee Damage – The attack output of the player.
  • Movement Speed – Determines how quickly or slowly the player gets around the map.
  • Crafting Skill – Determines how long it takes to craft tools.

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Can You Play Ark Solo

ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Day 1 Beginner’s guide

Yes, you can play ARK completely solo if you want to. While the option to play with friends via split-screen is available you dont have to use that feature and you can play the entire game solo in the singleplayer mode.

ARK is still a lot of fun as a survival game when playing alone. While the game is definitely designed to be played on a big server with lots of other people, its not required. Everything in the game can be accomplished by playing solo.

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How To Find A Cross

If youre looking for a server hosting a crossplay server where players on different platforms can join, youre going to have to do a bit of sleuthing. Unfortunately, there is no option in the server browser to find a cross-platform server.

Websites like Reddit or gaming communities on Discord are good places to connect with the community and find out about popular servers. You can explain the type of server youre looking for for example, Windows 10 PC and Xbox and people may post telling you what kind of server theyre running.

Other than that, just look for servers that you are eligible to join. Servers you cant connect to with your system shouldnt show up in your server browser, no matter which platform you choose.

The Future Of Ark Cross

Although Ark: Survival Evolved occupies an awkward cross-platform middle ground, this is by no means the end of the story. Its clear to see that cross-platform is a developing idea, one that is perfectly at home in gaming and being used to an even greater effect. With more developers breaking into the market, both small and large, they will be looking for features and draws that set them apart from the crowd. Given the potential of cross-platform functionality, its entirely likely that this is one such feature. Should cross-platform become more widely used, I expect that not only Ark but many more games will get the long-awaited cross-platform support they need. Until then, Im afraid well just have to wait.

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Collecting Congealed Gas Balls

Before you make the trek to find a gas vein, you want to ensure that you have the right equipment to bring the gas back with you. In order to physically add a Congealed Gas Ball to your inventory in Ark, you need to construct a Gas Collector. This item essentially allows you to collect the gas ball and add it to your inventory in real-time.

In order to build a Gas Collector, you will need the following resources:

  • 20 Red Gem or Red Crystalized Sap
  • 40 Crystal or Primal Crystal
  • 60 Cementing Paste or Achatina Paste
  • 75 Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot

Once you have those resources, go to one of the following crafting stations to actually build the Gas Collector.

  • Smithy
  • Thorny Dragon Saddle
  • Tek Replicator

With the Gas Collector fully constructed, you can place it in your inventory and bring it with you to visit a gas vein. It should be noted that the Gas Collector is considered a structure, so it will take damage by objects or creatures out in the wild. The collector will also lose health slowly over time, so you will eventually need to craft a new one depending on how much gas you collect.

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How To Play Ark Survival Split Screen On Ps4/ps5 Switch And Xbox

ARK is a game best enjoyed with friends. After all, having someone to help you tame, gather resources for a base, and find your items after a viscous raptor attack is a huge boon in a survival game.

While its easiest to play ARK online with people using their own devices, there is also a split-screen option on some consoles.

ARK uses a horizontal split-screen, which means that the first player controls the character on top, and the second player controls the one on the bottom. If you want to be on top, you should be the first one to enter the game.

  • How Many Players Can Play Ark: Survival Evolved on PC?
  • Make A Simple Bed For Your Base

    It takes a lot of hide and requires the crafter to know how to make sleeping bags first, but a bed is simply invaluable. Not only do you have the ability to respawn at your bed whenever you die, but you can fast travel between any bed that you and your tribe has placed.

    Try to keep your beds around the most protected area of the base, to ensure your spawn point never gets destroyed. You wouldn’t want to spawn on the beach only to figure out you can’t find your house from where you’re at.

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    Ark Survival Evolved Diplodocus: An Overview

    The Ark game series never fails to impress the community with every new release in the game series. The developers put true effort into delivering the best gaming experience through realistic gameplay and ultimate graphics. Ark: Survival Evolved is another example of a masterpiece game by Wildcard Studio.

    The main objective of the game is to survive, and it is up to the player how he chooses to play the game. You can either become a killer and hunt wild animals or be a peaceful survivor and learn to co-exist with them. While you are at it, make sure to check out our Ark Maps guide as well.

    In the game, you will have many interactions with different animal types, so it is important to know what type of species you are dealing with and whether they are friendly or not. Diplodocus is a dinosaur type that can be spotted in many places of Ark Survival Evolved. Here are the details you need to know before interacting with this giant beast. Also, check out our guide on Ark Best Single Player Settings.

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    How to Play with Friends – Ark: Survival Evolved – Xbox – PS4 – PC

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    Kill Off The Small Animals

    This one wont make you feel good, but youve got to survive as best you can in a world thats constantly trying to kill you. Fish and dodos make for very easy prey, and as a result, excellent sources of lots of items. Once youve been doing this for a while, you should be able to invest in better tools and have a better idea of what the games all about, at which point you can move on to bigger prey.

    Is It Possible To Play Ark With Friends

    The ability to play with only your friends can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can create a dedicated server or an individual session. Characters and enemies will have various types of resistance as well as their surroundings and context. It will present you with an option to change all aspects of the setting.

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    How To Create An Exclusive Game To Invite Friends Into Ark: Survival Evolved

    There are a variety of ways to play with your buddies. You can set up a dedicated server or host sessions. In the first case, you should keep in the mind the fact that your console will need to be connected to the internet at all times, which is why we suggest the most straightforward method to be the host for yourself game.

    The steps are below:

    Open Ark: Survival Evolved and then select the second option Host Local. Do not in any way Join Ark.

    There is a screen that allows you to alter the server settings by enabling mods or the kind of resistance for every character and enemy, as well as the location and context selected. You can change the settings you prefer.

    Once youve finished, click the 4th option on the left column. Its which declares host an un-dedicated session.

    A pop-up window will open where you can enter an initial name for the session. You will also need an administrator password, and an option to start the session in a private manner. Then, click on the box, then fill the other fields and then click Accept.

    If you return to the map, click start and youll be greeted by many information panels. Then, you need to add the whitelist of players who have access to your session. Add the name of your buddies and also give the servers name. They can access the same game.

    Your House Can Be Attacked

    Preview: Ark: Survival Evolved (Sony PlayStation 4)

    No matter how well-fortified your home is, it can become part of an attack. Whether by another tribe or by a violent dinosaur. Even plant-eaters can sometimes cause issues, especially in the case of the giant brontosaurus that can easily step over walls with little effort.

    This often can’t be helped, and only proper scouting for a camp area can help.

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    Get Some Armor On Asap

    Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, you’re going to need armor to survive in the ARK. It’s best to acquire a full set and not just the shirt and pants. It could very well be the difference between a Dilo’s next meal and walking away with some extra hide/meat.

    This man knew to wear armor while taming raptors.

    Dinosaurs do a lot of damage, and many will not hesitate to kill you if you provoke them or simply get in their line of sight. Be safe and do the smart thing: get armor!

    Ark: Survival Evolved Cross

    Gaming Deals too Good to Pass On

    • UHD 3840×2160 resolution, 95% DCI-P3.
    • 15.6″ FHD, Intel Core i7-10750H.
    • 32 Inch UHD , HDR 10.

    Before we get to the main topic, lets take a moment to explain what were talking about here so that those who dont know what these terminologies mean can catch up.

    There are three variations to cross functionalities in video games. The first one is cross-play, which is the most widely-known thing that more and more games are implementing as of late.

    Cross-play multiplayer means that players have the ability to play the same game with their friends regardless of what platform theyre on as long as their games are updated to the latest version.

    For example, someone on an Xbox One should be able to play with their friends on PC and so on.

    Secondly, we have cross-progression which means that the game allows players to have the same progress across all platforms. For example, the player does not have to restart their progress if they used to play on a PC and are now playing on a PlayStation 4. Instead, they will start at the same level as they were on the other platform.

    Third and last, we have cross-generation multiplayer which means that the game does not have true cross-play and players are only able to play the game with friends on the same brand of consoles.

    For example, someone on a PlayStation 4 should be able to play with someone on a PlayStation 5 however, they cant play with someone on a PC and Xbox.

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