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What Kind Of External Hard Drive For Ps4

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Do Games Run Slower On An External Ps4hard Drive


Not to be confused with SSDs, hard drives use moving parts and thus might be a little slower, especially via a USB connection. However, there are several other factors that can influence this matter. For instance, if the external hard drive is much more spacious than the internal one, is connected via thunderbolt instead of USB, and is only maximum half full, then it might actually run much smoother than your internal drive thats packed to the brim with all sorts of games. So, in short, it really depends on the situation. But in most cases, swapping your internal drive with an improved one is a much faster and better solution in the long run.

Why Upgrade Ps4 Hard Drive

Many PS4 users ask the question: should I upgrade PS4 hard drive in the first place? Is not just getting an external hard drive, or even external SSD for PS4 a much better option?

From an expert technical perspective, the answer is YES, you have to upgrade the PS4 internal HDD. The reasons for that answer vary from a user to another, but the main reason that everyone agrees on is that the stock hard drive of PS4 is just a piece of garbage. Not only that its small and doesnt offer enough storage capacity to a wide variety of users, but also its an outdated slow drive that will start generating errors after months of hours of regular daily use.

The only one that doesnt need to upgrade the PS4 HDD is the casual/lightweight user that doesnt play much, or doesnt have graphics-intense games to play for a long time. But even such a user may need to upgrade in order to avoid potential errors that may occur with that old hard drive.

So, what about getting an external HDD/SSD instead? is not that a good option?

Well, if youre serious about improving PS4 performance and enhancing your gaming experience, upgrading PS4 internal HDD is inevitable.

As for getting an external hard drive for PS4, mostly youll only gain additional storage space, thats all. Furthermore, you can read this quick comparison between PS4 external HDD vs internal to find out the pros and cons of each option.

Seagate Stgd4000400 Game Drive 4tb Price $11500

A top choice among hardcore gamers, the Seagate STGD4000400 Game Drive boasts some of the fastest file transfer rates of any leading desktop HDD. Its storage capacity is ideal for PS5 gamers looking to beef up their PS4 game storage capacity, packing up to 4TB of additional space. To top it all off, the Seagate STGD4000400 Game Drive clocks in at a sub-$120 price point, making it an overall fantastic option for all your storage needs.

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Ps4 Slim External Hard Drive Support

PlayStation 4 System allows users to add external hard drives as a storage extension to the system storage, or just as a backup storage with which you can take a precautionary copy of your installed games.

This important feature gives a high flexibility to this console and gives a way out of the stress caused by the limited capacity of the default internal hard drive of PS4 Slim. So now you can download and save whatever digital material for your game console as long as you have an external expansion ready outside the box. You have to be aware that using an external hard drive as an extended storage on PS4 Slim means you wont be able to use it on other systems because PS4 Slim will format and encrypt your external hard drive with special file system that can be only read on PS4 Slim. You wont also be able to use the external hard drive for backup purpose or playing movies on it . This may be the only major disadvantage of using an external hard drive on PS4 Slim consoles. Otherwise, to most users who have upgraded to a 2tb PS4 Slim internal hard drive this should not be a problem at all.

These questions and others are important to contemplate on before you decide on your situation with the limitation of PS4 Slim storage.

Seagate Game Drive For Ps4 Special Edition

Best PS4 External Hard Drives 2019

Best Design

  • Not the most practical choice

468 Reviews

Last but definitely not least, we have something incredibly special. The Seagate Game Drive has been of the most popular external hard drives since its inception. This special edition featuring The Last Of Us Part II design is a showstopper, without a doubt.

This drive is officially licensed for PS4. So, rest assured, it is going to work perfectly fine without any issues. They were extremely focused on the design for this one, as it isnt just a cash grab. The PS4 logo in the corner and the giant logo for the game are done quite well. They even etched in the tattoo Ellie has inside the game. Stuff like this is dream come true for Sony fanatics.

Sadly, the special edition is only available in the 2 terabyte variant. If you want more storage, youll have to look elsewhere, which is disappointing. Keep in mind that since this is a limited edition, it is very expensive. For just a bit more, you could easily get a 4TB model, which isnt doing this drive any favors.

Either way, none of that takes away the incredible design of this thing. So, you are the type who cares about that, this is something youll cherish for a while.

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How To Play Media Files On Your Ps4

Gone are the days when your games console would be used exclusively for playing games and maybe watching a couple of movies. Today the PS4 is an all-powerful multimedia center capable of doing everything from streaming your Spotify playlists to watching Netflix. Rumour has it that an upcoming patch will make your PS4 capable of scratching your back while whispering ASMR nothings in your ear.

As of 2015, your PS4 is also very capable of playing media files that you keep on an external USB hard drive , and in this article well show you how.

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How To Build Your Own External Hard Drive For Ps4

Now, this is the best part if youre looking for the best external hard drive for PS4. This is because you get the best of both you can save money by buying an internal hard drive of your choice, be it an HDD, SSHD, or SDD, and you can still keep the warranty of your new hard drive. Generally, you get a more extended warranty if you buy an internal hard drive as opposed to purchasing an external hard drive.

Youll also need a hard drive enclosure. You can buy one of the hard drive enclosures for about $10. You can get a hard drive enclosure for 2.5 or 3.5 hard drives. A 2.5 hard drive enclosure is for 2.5 hard drive or laptop hard drive, and a 3.5 hard drive enclosure is for 3.5 hard drive or desktop hard drive.

Older hard drive enclosures have USB2.0 port, but newer ones have USB3.0 or USB3.1 port. These are the USB standards, with the increasing version being newer and faster in Read/Write speed. They are, however, backward compatible in speed, so if you get a USB3.1 enclosure, then thatll work with your PS4. When shopping for a hard drive enclosure, you are looking for an enclosure with USB 3.0 or 3.1 port.

You may also see USB Type-C port in newer devices. But, this is a USB plug or connector type and not a USB standard like USB 3.0.

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Seagate Expansion Portable: The Best Value Hdd For Ps4

Price: £44 , £57 , £92 , £97 |

Its not the fastest drive and far from the most stylish, but the Expansion Portable gives you exactly what you need for your PS4: decent speeds and plenty of storage. The 2TB version reaches read speeds of 132MB/sec and write speeds of 129MB/sec, both of which are in excess of the 120MB/sec quoted and perfectly respectable for a portable HDD. And while its a chunky little slab of plastic, its well-built and very quiet. Unless youre desperate for a proper gaming drive, theres little reason to spend more and the 4TB and 5TB versions are an absolute steal.0

Key specs Type: Portable HDD Connectivity: USB 3 Spindle speed: 5,400RPM Size: 117 x 80 x 15mm

Price: £88 , £140 , £275 |

Key specs Type: Portable SSD Connectivity: USB 3.2 Gen2 Spindle speed: N/A Size: 74 x 57 x 11mm

Price: 8TB, £137 |

Key specs Type: Desktop HDD Connectivity: USB 3 Spindle speed: 5400rpm Size: 179 x 119 x 41mm

Price: 2TB, £76 4TB, £98 5TB, £133 | Buy now from Ebuyer

Western Digitals Black line of HDDs has always had a good reputation with PC gamers, but this is its first foray into the console gaming world. Not only do you get rugged build quality and a cool, industrial design, but you have more choice when it comes to capacity, with 5TB drives available for just over £100. If you don’t mind setting aside a mains socket, the P10 also comes in larger 8TB and 12TB sizes as a desktop hard drive.

Price: 2TB, £80 4TB, £113 |

Price: 2TB, £70 |

Silicon Power Rugged External Game Drive

How to use External Hard Drive on PS4!

Silicon Power is a brand that has been creeping into the computer storage market and has been impressing consumers from the beginning. The Rugged Game Drive is no different, offering 1TB to 5TBs of storage in a slim military-grade shockproof and water-resistant casing. Designed with USB 3.2 in mind, this hard drive wont have you waiting around for your games to load or your movies to buffer you can jump right into the action. The included rubber banding on the drive can also be used to store cables when in transit, which we found to be a nice touch if you need to move between consoles.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Western Digital Black D10 Game Drive

Some users require as much space as possible for their massive game and media libraries. The Western Digital Black D10 Game Drive offers the most storage space possible on a PS4 at 8TB. However, the capacity comes at the cost of speed because the D10 uses a 3.5-inch hard drive to store data. The hard drive spins at 7,200 rotations per minute and allows speeds of up to 250MB/s. While this speed is slower than SSDs, its fast enough to play games on the PS4.

Another disadvantage of a 3.5-inch drive is its bulky size. The D10 shares its aesthetic with some of Western Digitals Black range, but its much larger and isnt convenient to transport. Unlike the other drives on this list, it also requires a separate AC power adapter to work.

Western Digitals D10 has more than enough capacity for most users and comes in at a reasonable price point. On the other hand, its slower than an SSD and is very bulky. This external drive is a practical choice for users needing as much storage as possible as long as they dont plan on carrying it around with them.

Best External Storage For Ps4

There’s always space for more games.

Despite the introduction of the PlayStation 5, many gamers worldwide still use the PlayStation 4, and it will probably be around for a while longer. Since its introduction in 2013, Sony has sold over 110 million PS4 units and even managed 500,000 sales in 2021.

While the PS4 remains popular, theres no denying that its limited storage space can be inconvenient for users. The largest storage capacity of a PS4 is a single terabyte, which equates to around 870GB of usable space.

With modern games and media files constantly increasing in size, its easy to fill up the meager space afforded by the PS4. Users looking to upgrade their storage to fit more games can attach an external drive. External storage drives come in many speeds and sizes to suit different requirements and budgets to allow users more space for their data.

External storage drives are the best options to expand the PS4s capacity, but they need to meet certain requirements. External storage devices must have a minimum capacity of 250GB and a maximum capacity of 8TB to be compatible with the PS4.

Here are the best external storage drives for the PS4.

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Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

If you merely want a great external hard drive for your PS4, then this portable drive from Seagate is the perfect solution. Offered in a variety of sizes from 1TB to 5TBs, it has lots of extra storage space for your favorite games. The small Seagate Portable drive is also great for throwing into a bag when heading over to a friends house and only weighs 6.72 ounces. Designed with USB 3.0 technology, the drive can obtain a speed of up to 120 MB/s, helping to reduce the time you spend waiting for your video games to load. Seagate also throws in a one-year rescue service, meaning that the company will step in to help retrieve your data if the drive fails within the first year.

The Best Ps5 External Hard Drives You Can Buy Today

Seagate Game Drive External Hard Drive
Reasons to avoid

The best PS5 external hard drive, out of all the models we tested, was the Samsung Portable SSD T5. This 1 TB external drive is tiny, with an unobtrusive design and quiet operations. What really sells the SSD T5, however, is just how quickly it transfers data. Copying Returnal to the drive took only 7 minutes the fastest transfer speed of any drive we tested while copying Mass Effect: Andromeda took only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Loading up Mass Effect Andromeda from the SSD T5 took 35 seconds, which is actually four seconds faster than the PS5s internal SSD loaded the game.

Of course, 1 TB isnt a tremendous amount of storage space youre essentially just doubling what you get from the PS5s internal storage. Its not enough to hold a whole library. The PS4 game-transfer speeds also arent the absolute fastest that we tested. But those are small quibbles in an otherwise-excellent accessory.

Reasons to avoid

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is an excellent storage option for less than $100. Yes, you could get cheaper HDD storage, but having an external SSD really is worthwhile, particularly if you plan to transfer PS5 games back and forth often or if you plan to load PS4 games directly from the drive. This sleek little machine offers 500 GB storage. Its admittedly not a ton of space, but its enough for about 10 big-budget titles, or lots more mid-budget and indie fare.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Will Using An External Drive For Games Cause Lag

Yes. Getting a solid-state external drive ensures you get the most speed possible since the data on them gets to your PS4 much faster than the data stored on a regular hard drive. That said, you probably wont notice any lag. Your brain takes about 12 milliseconds to process what your eyes see, so any lag you notice is perhaps imaginary.

Our Ps4 Slim External Hard Drive 2016 Roundup

In this section we will list what we consider to be the best external hard drive for PS4 Slim game console for year 2017. These drives feature high quality products of the most prominent firms in the storage device industry. We only authorize Seagate, WD, Hitachi and Toshiba. Also, we gave the year of production and term of warranty our top priority along with the rating each particular drive gained on Amazon website.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Duo
The Backup Plus Fast is by far the speediest and highest-capacity hard-drive-based USB 3.0 portable storage device to date. This latest member of Seagates Backup Plus family of compact external hard drives achieves that by combining two internal hard drives on the inside in a RAID 0 configuration, effectively doubling both the current capacity and performance.
Seagate Backup Plus Slim
The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the space-saving version of Seagates performance-heavy mobile portable family and is the thinnest portable hard drive on the market. The Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive is the simple, one-click way to protect and share your entire digital life. At 12.1millimeters thin for up to 4TB of capacity, its ready to take with you and go.

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Toshiba Canvio Advance External Hard Drive

Unparalled Value

Who said external hard drives have to look like boring pieces of plastic? While you can get the Toshiba Canvio Advance in the plain old black color, there are more options available. Apart from that, the Canvio Advance external hard drive is arguably the best value out there for PS4 users.

This PS4 external hard drive has 1 terabyte of storage and used the USB 3.0 interface. You can get a higher storage variant, but the real value is in the 1TB option. Realistically, 1TB of external storage should be enough for most people if we consider the built-in PS4 storage as well. In terms of design, the Canvio is one of the better looking external drives out there.

Everything about the design screams minimal, sleek, and modern. The footprint isnt that large, and the drive itself can be pocketable, depending on the scenario. You can get this drive in White, Red, Black, and Blue colors. For those who want to play into the black and blue Sony theme, the Canvio looks exceptional in the Blue color. As for reliability and transfer speeds, theyre both quite good here.

The only thing bad about it is that the higher storage variants arent the best value. So if you want a bigger drive, looking elsewhere might be a better idea. Otherwise, this is an excellent drive for the money.

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