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How To Buy Ps5 From Sony

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Cyber Monday Ps5 Restock: Check The Status At Walmart Target Best Buy Gamestop Amazon And More

How To Buy a PS5 from PlayStation Direct – Online Buying Guide and Tips (Sony Direct Queue)

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Sony released the highly coveted PlayStation 5 more than a year ago, but the gaming console remains one of the hardest-to-get items this holiday season. Hopeful gamers, and gifters, are refreshing PS5 restock trackers online, trying to score the next-gen console ahead of this holiday season.

If you’re looking to score a console this year, Cyber Monday is going to be your best bet. Walmart has announced it will be restocking the PS5 for Cyber Monday, and there are rumors that other stores will as well. But if history is any judge, the consoles will sell out in a blink.

Why is the PS5 console so hard to get? In short, you can thank the pandemic-induced global chip shortage — and an increased demand for the PS5 and other electronics. It’s not just the PlayStation 5 that’s in short supply, of course — there’s a squeeze on chip-equipped items from cars to refrigerators.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is in such high demand, in fact, that retailers are using the console to sell memberships to their new premium shopping subscription services. At last look, a PS5 restock at Best Buy was limited to those with Best Buy Totaltech Memberships — a service that costs $200 per year.

Heres How To Get Your Hands On A Playstation 5

Sonys PlayStation 5 first released more than a year ago but, yes, its still hard to score the console. Thats because shipping ports are clogged, computer chips are hard to come by and the entire supply chain for holiday shopping this season is out of whack.

As if thats not enough, youre often racing against the machines because people have scripted bots to buy a PlayStation the moment theyre in stock. With this in mind, to set yourself up for success, The Post has rounded up a few tips for this wild goose chase.

Tips For Buying A Ps5 Or Ps5 Digital Edition

There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re ready for when PS5s are back in stock, and we created a few lists of tips if you’re looking to specifically buy a PS5 from Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy.

  • Create an account on the website you are purchasing from, like Amazon or Best Buy.
  • Update all of your information, including address and billing info, and keep your credit card info saved.
  • Stay logged in and keep refreshing the page, even if it says “Out of stock.”
  • Use a stock tracking tool like, Honey or CamelCamelCamel.
  • Creating an account makes the checkout process go a lot faster. With your information already in the system, you won’t need to worry about filling in those pesky shipping and billing forms.

    You should also keep an eye out for console bundles that include games and other accessories. These often cost much more than the regular $400 or $500 retail price of the PS5 itself, so they tend to stay in-stock longer. If you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash and not for nothing, remember, you’re getting additional games and accessories then trying to acquire a bundle may be the way to go.

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    Tips For Buying The Ps5

    Buying the PlayStation 5 has been a struggle since release, but retailers have been making a steady stream of consoles available. If you have a preferred store, you should look into setting stock alerts with their online tools.

    Third-party stock-tracking websites like can tell you when a store last had the PlayStation 5 in stock and let you set alerts for multiple retailers. A reseller who made more than $40,000 reselling PS5 consoles last year shared more specific tips on how to find the console online.

    If you encounter issues while trying to check out with an online retailer, keep trying to refresh the product page to add the console and make sure the PS5 is available and in your cart. If possible, create an account with your preferred retailer and enter your payment and shipping information in advance to help the checkout process move quickly.

    Ps5 Stock: Latest Updates On Where To Buy The Playstation 5

    PS5 Limited Edition: Heres How To Get An Invitation From ...

    All the latest on when the next big console drop is set to happen.


    PS5 stock was pretty dry last week- and it looks like this week is set to be prety quiet. After many excellent opportunities to grab a console in August, it looks September will also provide a good chance to get a console. Standard and Digital consoles – as well as a variety of bundles – are all expected to be available again. Stick with this page for all the latest updates for each individual store. You can also find where the Xbox Series X is available to buy on our dedicated Xbox Series X/S stock page.

    Remember, you can always find up-to-the-minute stock up updates on the .

    Latest: PS5 restocks have been very slow this week. According to , we can expect a restock at Game between 14-16th September, and at Argos 14-17th September after 8am. Though as always it is not guaranteed to be this week. This follows availability at AO, ShopTo and Studio in this week. In the US, PS5 digital consoles were briefly in stock at Target. You can check the table below for all rumoured dates. Restocks at other stores will follow. Of course, these dates are subject to change.

    Right now, you can check out some of the latest PS5 Prime Day offers on games, accessories and more.

    PlayStation 5 Review: Power, Thermals, Storage, DualSense + HDMI 2.1 Analysis

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    Sign Up To Loyalty Programs If You Can

    We’re increasingly seeing big retailers use their own loyalty programs as access points to PS5 stock. In recent months we’ve seen getting first dibs on PS5 restocks, as well as GameStop PowerUp Reward members and Walmart Plus members getting the same treatment too.

    While it’s a bit more of an outgoing cost to factor in – listed below for your convenience – it does make it worthwhile if it means getting early access to PS5 restocks. It will pay for itself by ensuring you get in. Plus there are usually some trial periods that you could roll the dice with first .

    Can I Get A Ps5 In

    With lockdown easing in the UK, you may be hoping to have a better chance of nabbing a PS5 from a physical store. Unfortunately, that doesnt seem to be the case.

    While retailers such as GAME, John Lewis and ASDA have reopened their stores, the console hasnt yet being sold in-store.

    That might now be changing as a poster was recently seen in a Smyths Toys store promoting the fact that the PS5 console can now be pre-ordered in the physical store.

    A Smyths Toys store has been spotted with an in-store pre-order poster today. Might be worth popping in to your local Smyths Toys store if you’re out and about!Let us know if you go!

    PS5 Stock UK

    Some retailers, such as Argos, are also making the console available via Click and Collect so you can order online and collect it from your local store. There do seem to be regional variations, though, so Click and Collect may not be an option for all retailers or stores. We suggest checking with your local store for details on how it is working in your area.

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    Fifa 22 Ps5 Standard Plus Edition With An Extra Dualsense Controller: Was 12998 Now 10398 Amazoncouk

    Havent managed to pick up Fifa 22 on the PS5 yet? Nows your chance! The newest entry in the Fifa franchise is here, complete with the integration of HyperMotion technology, making the beautiful game look more realistic than ever before. Plus, theres new in-game mechanics like explosive sprint, and a new goalkeeper system. Amazon is currently bundling the game with a PS5 dualsense controller.

    Where To Buy Ps: All The Retailers To Check For The Sony Console

    How To Buy A PS5 From Sony – (FINALLY!!)

    ByTabitha Baker08 September 2021

    Want to buy PS5? Here are all of the retailers you should check for the best chance of finding a console

    to refresh this article and find all the latest updates on where to buy PS5.

    If you’re still wondering where to buy PS5 you’re not alone. Those looking to make the most of the next generation are still hunting for those all-important PS5 consoles, but knowing where to focus your search can make all the difference.

    We’ve seen more regular drops at certain retailers, like Best Buy and Walmart in the US, and Very and Game in the UK, but you’ll find all the retailers that have offered the chance to buy PS5 recently just below.

    If you’re getting desperate to buy PS5, it can be tempting to head over to a reseller site. However, even though stock can be snapped up quickly it’s not impossible to get your hands on the next-gen console. We’d recommend staying well clear of these price hiked sites and instead sticking with retailers you know and trust.

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    How Do I Increase My Chances Of Getting A Ps5

    Major retailers like Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Target and Best Buy don’t usually give much notice ahead of a restock. Sometimes they’ll have a restock in the morning, other times in the afternoon and, in some cases, even in the middle of the night. Here are some tips to help you get the jump on the competition.

    First tip: Don’t wait until you see an alert for a PS5 inventory drop. Check the links at major retailers for stock updates daily or even multiple times a day. If you do happen upon some PS5 availability, go all-in with as many browsers and devices as possible. On a desktop, for example, open the retailer’s page in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Then do the same on your phone and tablet. The more devices and browsers, the better. It’s like with lottery tickets: The more you have, the better your chances of winning.

    Second tip: Create accounts at the different retailers and make sure you’re already logged in if you’re going to try to get a PS5. Make sure all your shipping, bill and payment info is updated on whatever device you can buy from, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or phone. This makes checking out a lot faster, which is crucial as retailers’ sites get quickly bogged down, leading to people losing their chance of securing a PS5.

    Third tip: Keep checking back with this post and follow CNET and Oscar Gonzalez on Twitter for updates.

    Target Ps5 Restock Date

    Target PS5 restock dates have been hard to nail down. That’s because the retailer tends to drop inventory in certain regions. For instance, someone in Chicago could see PS5 inventory at their local store, whereas a New Yorker might not see any inventory whatsoever. In addition, Target tends to do early morning restocks that occur around 8 a.m. ET. That said, their last restock sold out in minutes.

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    How To Better Your Chances For A Sony Direct Invite

    This is it. Sony also offers two stipulations, one specific and the other as vague as can be. Let’s start with the easy-to-explain rule.

    First, you need to opt into Sony’s marketing notifications. This entails going into your PSN user account, selecting notifications and checking off the first box to get marketing emails from Sony PlayStation. This gives them permission to email you. This is the crucial PS5 restock tip TechRadar has been offering for months.

    Second, the Sony Direct site says “Our selection is based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” No one quite knows what this means. If we had to guess, it’s meant to weed out duplicate accounts in which no one has ever logged in to play games, but that’s just a guess.

    Wait For The Correct Wait Time

    Do not buy PS5 right now, Sony advises against PlayStation ...

    When you first join the Sony PS5 restock queue at PlayStation Direct, you might be greeted with a 1 hour estimated wait time. Thankfully, this is rarely correct.

    If youre early to the drop, expect that estimation to drop very soon and dont be discouraged. Sonys queues appear to begin at an hour before moving to a more accurate estimation as more buyers flock onto the site.

    Heres how to get a PS5 at other major retailers:

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    Use Every Device You Own

    Theres no restrictions when it comes to PlayStation Direct restocks at Sony. Get the queue running on as many devices as possible for the best chance at grabbing a PS5.

    If youve got a spare phone, tablet, PC, or more, get all screens in the Sony PS5 restock queue for best results. Then, the moment one of them reaches the front of the queue, you can check out easily.

    However, this doesnt work for multiple browser windows only separate devices. As a side note, try using your mobile on cellular data, so not all devices are coming from the same network.

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    Ps5 Stock At Other Retailers

    It should obviously go without saying that Amazon is not the only retailer that carries the PS5. Its definitely the best place to find a PlayStation 5 console in stock at any time, though. Thats because of all these hidden PS5 listings we told you about. As we mentioned, however, you have to be willing to pay a bit extra for those consoles.

    If youre a hardcore gamer or you definitely need a PS5 to give someone as a gift, thats your best shot. But if youre willing to do some checking on a regular basis, there are other big retailers that restock the PlayStation 5 console all the time.

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    Set Up Your Playstation Id Early

    Of course, you need to have a PlayStation ID in order to get access to the PS5 restock at Sony. And it certainly helps to get that profile set up with the necessary information to check out in a hurry.

    That means ensuring that youve got up-to-date payment information and shipping addresses stored on your profile too.

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    Best Way to get PS5 From Playstation Direct (BEST METHOD)

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    Theres not too many THX-supported games, and the feature isnt present on console, but the audio quality is still good and the comfort is there, so this remains an excellent mid-range headset for those who play multiplayer on PC and PS4.

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    Register For An Opportunity To Purchase A Ps5 Console From Playstation

    This coming Holiday season, we will have a limited amount of PS5 Consoles available for customers in the US to purchase direct from PlayStation.

    If you are interested in receiving an invitation, register below.

    If selected, we will contact you via email with instructions and details.*

    To learn more about the PS5 console invite order process, read the FAQs below.

    * Please make sure your email address is the one associated with your PSN ID and that you are opted in to receive PlayStation emails. If selected, we will contact you via email before the event starts. If you do not receive an email, you were not selected. Manage your account information here

    A Limited Number Of Consoles Will Be Available This Holiday Season

    Sony has opened up a direct registration system that will give those in the US a chance to purchase a PS5 this holiday season.

    However, not just anyone with a PSN account will be invited. According to the FAQ page, invitations are limited, and will be based on ‘previous interests and PlayStation activities’.

    There will be a limited number of consoles available, but if you want to be within a chance, all you need to do is register for an invitation using your email and PSN ID .

    Emails will be sent out starting in November, and if selected, you’ll be invited to purchase the console via PS Direct.

    Each invitation will provide access to one PS5 or PS5 Digital console. It will also have a time limit, so if you do register, keep a keen eye on your emails in November.

    If you’re interested in even more PS5 stock updates, and how to get a PS5 before the end of the year, make sure you’re following on Twitter, as we’ll post new stock availability when it’s available at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more.

    Have you played PlayStation 5?

    Sony has already confirmed that supply shortages for the PS5 will continue into 2022, with the global chip shortage causing significant issues.

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