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How To Cancel A Playstation Plus Subscription

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Which Benefits Will I Lose If I Cancel Playstation Plus

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

If you cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription you will continue to have access to all of your PlayStation Plus subscription benefits until the end of any previously purchased subscription payment period.

Once your PlayStation Plus subscription ends you will lose access to all PlayStation Plus benefits such as monthly games, online storage and online multiplayer.

Cancel Playstation Plus On Ps4

If you want to use your PS4 to cancel your subscription, turn on your console.

Youll need to roll up to the Settings menu and select Account Management. Go to Manage Membership and choose Subscription. Now, Turn Off Auto-Renewal leaving feedback is optional. There, you cancelled your PlayStation Plus subscription.

You can also extend your subscription from this same spot.

How To Request A Refund

If you would like to request a refund, please contact PlayStation Support.

Note: Where possible, refunds will be issued to the payment method used to make the purchase. However, there may be some payment methods for which this is not possible, or there may be other instances in which we are not able to credit your refund to your original payment method . If for any reason we are unable to issue the refund to your original payment method, the amount will be credited to your PSN wallet.

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Benefit #: You Wont Have To Worry About Losing Data

The PlayStation Plus Online Storage feature is made available exclusively to all PS Plus members.

You can autosave your content on the cloud, manually shift your local storage files to the cloud, manage your cloud storage files, and even delete them if need be.

PS5 users can synchronize their storage data between devices if they have a PS Plus membership.

The limit for storing your data online is 100 GB, which is shared between both the PS4 and the PS5.

Cancel Playstation Subscriptions On Call

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

If you dont have any of the above devices available at the time, you will be glad to learn how to cancel the auto-renewal of PlayStation subscriptions using a phone call.

All you have to do is call the PS customer support. But you must have the account information such as the Username and Password. You need to call 1-800-345-7669 and follow the menu instructions to speak to a cancelation representative and talk them into canceling your auto-renewal for subscriptions.

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How Do You Redeem Playstation Plus On Ps3 2

Go to PlayStation Store > scroll down the sidebar > Redeem Codes. Enter the code carefully and select “Redeem”. Credit or content will be added to your account. The benefits of a PlayStationPlus membership, such as monthly games and online multiplayer, are limited by the age group and parental controls on your account.

How Do I Get Free Shipping With Playstation Plus

Get free* express shipping with PlayStation Plus when you buy your PlayStation console, PS VR headsets, PlayStation accessories and more direct from PlayStation. *Only U.S. You must be signed in to a PSN account with an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

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How To Cancel Your Playstation Now Subscription

  • You can cancel a PlayStation app, or on your gaming console.
  • PlayStation Now is a paid subscription service that offers access to a large back catalog of PlayStation games.
  • After your subscription ends, you lose access to all membership features.

PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming subscription service by Sony that allows its members to stream PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 , and PC. Those with an active subscription get access to more than 800 classic PlayStation games.

PlayStation Now is slightly different from PlayStation Plus, another subscription service by Sony. PlayStation Plus offers less games but early access to new games, demos, and betas, plus discounts in the PlayStation store.

If you’re looking to cancel your PlayStation Now subscription, it can be done in a variety of ways. Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Is Playstation Plus

How to CANCEL PS Plus Subscription on PS4

Signing up for PlayStation Plus will cost you £49.99 for the year as its basic price the one you will generally find in the PlayStation Store. You can also opt to go for the £6.99 a month option or, alternatively, you can get three months for £19.99.

Or head to CD Keys and you can use these deals to get PS Plus a little bit cheaper:

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Easily Cancel Your Playstation Plus Subscription With Revuto

Revuto is a one-stop solution for all your subscriptions. Approve, Block, or Snooze your payment for any service in seconds.

Sign up for Revuto to become one of our first users and to be able to use the Revuto app for free.

  • Add your new or existing subscription by clicking on + in the right corner of the screen
  • Enter your subscription details
  • Wait for the next billing cycle Revuto will send you notifications:
    • Approve

    If you decide to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription, this will happen:

    • Youll still have access to PlayStation Plus until your subscription expires
    • You will not be able to access your online storage game saves
    • Any games you downloaded from the PS Plus free monthly games list will no longer be available to play
    • Any games or items you purchased at a discounted PS Plus price will still be available.

    You are able to rejoin PlayStation Plus if you want. If your PlayStation Plus subscription expires but you reactivate it at a later date, you will get your content back that you previously owned through PlayStation Plus. Your account may be closed out if you do not use it for 24 months .

    How To Do Remote Downloads For Ps Plus Games

    It’s possible to remotely download PS Plus games onto your PS4 from the PlayStation Store.

    To do this your PlayStation 4 must have Automatic Update switched on.

    To activate Automatic Update, you must first ensure your PS4 is connected to the PlayStation Network.

    To do this head to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Set Features Available in Rest Mode’. You’ll then need to tick the check box next to ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’ and then do the same thing for ‘Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network.’

    Next, you’ll want to head back to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Automatic Download.’ On this new page, scroll down to ‘Application Update Files’ and click the check box next to it.

    Now, when your PlayStation 4 is in rest mode, it will download any PS Plus game you select from the PlayStation Store.

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    How To Cancel Ps Plus

    If youre not happy with the service, or if you want to save on money, then youll want to know how to cancel PS Plus.

    Some people also get confused between how to unsubscribe from PS Plus, and how to stop PS Plus auto-renewal.

    Dont get confused theyre both the same as canceling your subscription.

    Anyway, you can do this via the web browser, the PS4, or the PS5.

    Heres how to cancel PS Plus membership on each of those devices .

    Benefit #: You Get Free Games Every Month

    PlayStation 4 : How to cancel your PlayStation Plus ...

    Whether its an indie game or a triple-A game, youre bound to get at least 2 games per month for free.

    You would have 2 full-version games registered under your account, free of charge, and ready to be loaded and entertain you.

    One catch, though: Once the subscription expires, your access to those games is locked.

    To play them again, youll need to renew your subscription.

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    Can You Get A 12

    As a reminder, PlayStation Plus subscriptions can be stacked on top of each other. So if you already have an active subscription, it will be extended for another 12 months. We’ve been following eBay for a while and it’s always good to find a 12 month PS Plus subscription for under $40 and way under $30.

    Cancel Your Ps Plus Subscription Using A Browser

    Aside from your Playstation, you can also manage your PSN account and PS Plus subscription using a web browser. This option can come in handy if you cant access your console at the moment but want to disable the auto-renew feature.

    See the steps below to manage your PSN account using a browser:

  • Using any browser, visit PSNs official website.
  • Next, enter your credentials and log in to your account.
  • After that, go to Account Management and click on the Subscription tab.
  • Lastly, click on Turn Off Auto-Renew next to PS Plus.
  • Once done, sign out your account from your browser and see if your PS Plus subscription is already canceled on your console.

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    Benefit #: You Can Share Your Ps Plus Subscription With Anyone

    BUT! Theres a caveat.

    Questions such as How to share PS Plus with another PS4 or How to transfer PS Plus to another account are too common.

    But to put that to rest, the short answer is no.

    You can neither share your PS Plus subscription with another PS4 nor can you share your PS Plus subscription with another account directly.

    However, you can share these benefits with your PS Plus friends and family members as long as they use the same system.

    So if you were trying to figure out how to share PS Plus with another account on the same PS4, the short answer is, Yes, you can.

    Heres how to share PS Plus with family or friends on the same system:

    • On your primary PS4 system, go to Settings.
    • Go to PSN.
    • Select Activate as Your Primary PS4 if it isnt done already.
    • Select Activate.

    If the primary account associated with the system has a PS Plus subscription, then any other account that signs in to the same system but as a secondary user will automatically reap a few of those subscription benefits.

    The ones they cant are listed below:

    • You cant purchase PS Plus discounted games or other software from the PlayStation Store.
    • You cant redeem any monthly games to your accounts if youre not the primary account.
    • You cant use online storage.
    • You cant opt for automatic patch downloads .
    • You cant get early access to game trials.

    Cancel Playstation Plus On Web Browser

    How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription on PS5 or PC

    One easy way to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription is with a web browser. It can be done with any device that has a browser, be it your phone or your PC.

    To cancel PlayStation Plus with your browser, head to the official PlayStation website, hit Sign In at the top right, log in to your account. Click your avatar menu and go to the Subscriptions Management option select it. Then, choose to Turn Off Auto-Renew for PlayStation Plus.

    And there you go, your PlayStation Plus has been cancelled through a web browser.

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    How Do You Join Playstation Plus Games

    To subscribe to PlayStationPlus, select > on the function screen and purchase the subscription. The subscription to the subscription service is automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period. See the Account Information section for more information on how to make payments in the PlayStation Store.

    How To Download Ps Plus Games

    There are two ways to download PS Plus games via your console.

    The first is via the PS Plus section on your PlayStation 4. You open this section by selecting the PS Plus icon in the top left hand corner of the PlayStation Home screen.

    Here you’ll be able to view and download the latest PS Plus games. This is also where find any previous PS Plus game you’ve redeemed, even if you’ve uninstalled them from your console.

    The second way is through the PlayStation Network Store.

    You open the PlayStation Network Store by selecting its icon from the main PlayStation menu.

    Once the store loads, scroll down the menu on the left-hand side until you find ‘PS Plus.’ Here you’ll be able to find the games currently available through the PS Plus and download them if you wish.

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    Turn Off Ps Plus Auto Renew From Pc

    Now gamers can use PS plus on their computers using an App downloadable from the official PlayStation website. And PlayStation consoles are very different from computers which is why the steps to unsubscribe from PS plus or PS now can be confusing.

    No need to worry but just follow the following steps to turn off auto-renew for Play station subscriptions on PC:

    • Firstly, ensure your PC has a good broadband connection, or else you wont be able to turn off the auto-renew.
    • Search for the official PS site and now log in by using your PS account.
    • After logging in, navigate the Subscription menu item option and select it.
    • Select the subscription you wish to end for example, if you want to cancel PS Now subscription, select PS Now.
    • After choosing PS Now, select Turn off Auto-renewal, and a small bar will pop up to confirm your cancellation. Just select yes to turn off auto-renewal successfully on PC.

    This will turn off the auto-renewal of the particular subscription if done at least 24 hours before the billing time.

    Cancel Ps Plus Using Ps5

    PS4 PS PLUS How to Cancel Subscription Auto Renewal Credit ...
    • Go to Users and Accounts via Settings.
    • Go to Account, and select Payment and Subscriptions.
    • Press Subscriptions and then PlayStation Plus.
    • Press Turn Off Auto-Renew.

    Keep in mind that when you turn auto-renew off, youre merely stopping the services from automatically processing payments.

    So, if you turn it back on, and you have payment details saved on your system, then you will regain your subscription from the next month onwards.

    You can read more about how to cancel PS Plus on their official website.

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    Canceling Your Ps Plus Subscription Using Your Playstation

    The easiest way to cancel your PS Plus subscription is through your Playstation. This is also the most convenient way since you dont need to use other devices aside from your console. Also, when you cancel your subscription, the remaining days left from your previous subscription will remain active.

    Heres how you can cancel your PS Plus subscription using your Playstation 4:

  • First, access the Playstation Plus tab on the main screen.
  • After that, go to the Manage Membership tab in the upper right corner of your display.
  • Now, select Subscriptions.
  • Lastly, youll see an option to Extend or Turn Off Auto-Renew. Choose Turn Off Auto-Renew to stop being charged for the next month.
  • If you are using a PS5, you can stop your PS Plus subscription by doing the following:

  • On your PS5, go to the Settings and open the User and Accounts tab.
  • Next, navigate to Account> Payment and Subscriptions> Subscriptions> Playstation Plus.
  • Finally, select Turn Off Auto-Renew.
  • After that, your PS Plus subscription wont renew for the next month.

    However, if you cant access this option on your Playstation, you can follow the next method below.

    How To Cancel Playstation Plus Via Ps5

    Step 1: Go to Settings > Users and Accounts.

    Step 2: Select the options in the following sequence: Account > Payment and Subscriptions > Subscriptions > PlayStation Plus.

    Step 3: Turn Off Auto-Renew.

    Bonus Video: How to Cancel / Turn off Auto-Renewal PS Plus Subscription in PS5 Console? PlayStation 5

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    Cancel Playstation Plus On Ps5

    For those with a PS5, cancelling PlayStation Plus is just as easy.

    First, head over to Settings and look for Users and Accounts. Select Account and choose Payment and Subscriptions> Subscriptions> PlayStation Plus. Next, Turn Off Auto-Renew. Again, leaving feedback is optional.

    And thats it, your PS Plus is cancelled via your PS5. If youre using another subscription service on PlayStation, such as Fortnite Crew, the steps are slightly different.

    How Do I Cancel My Eso Plus Membership For Playstation

    How to Cancel / Turn off Auto Renewal PS Plus Subscription in PS5 Console? PlayStation 5

    As PlayStation is a third-party retailer and we do not have access to your transaction history, you must cancel your ESO Plus membership by following the instructions found here. If you need further assistance with managing your ESO Plus membership for Playstation, please contact PlayStation support.

    For your convenience the steps to cancel your membership through your console are as follows:

  • Log in to the account on PSN that purchased the subscription.
  • Navigate to > > >
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Select Turn Off Auto-Renewal.
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    How To Get My Data After Renewing My Subscription

    If you canceled your subscription and had data saved on the cloud of PlayStation Plus, the data will be inaccessible to you as the cloud memory was a part of the subscription. But if you do start your subscription after however long, you will get your cloud storage back and also the data which was saved in it.

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    How Do I Cancel My Playstation Plus Subscription

    PlayStation Plus is an incredible feature that allows PlayStation players to play with and against other players online plus get access to free games every month. It is a subscription service for PS4 and PS3 players. PlayStation Plus also affords gamers more cloud storage for their files and discounts on a select number of games.

    Signing up for a PlayStation Plus subscription typically involves use of a credit or debit card. Unfortunately, the subscription is set to auto-renew once your subscription expires. Therefore, if you do not ardently utilize the subscription service it will cost you money without your say. It would then make sense to cancel your subscription. Cancelling a PlayStation Plus subscription can either be done through the PlayStation console or through the PlayStation website.

    It is worthy to note that a PlayStation Plus subscription can continue to be used up until the subscription’s expiry date. Therefore, though you may cancel your subscription, you can still get maximum utility from it until it expires.

    You can also choose to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription when it is on sale and then decide to cancel the subscription afterwards. If the sale makes the purchase worth it, you can use it till the sale is over and cancel it when it is done.

    Cancelling Subscription Through a PlayStation 4 Console

  • Go to the PlayStation settings
  • You will find an option named ‘PSN.’ Select it
  • Select ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’
  • Go to the ‘Media’ tab and select ‘Games’
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