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How To Clip Things On Ps4

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Playstation 4 Wiki Guide

How to clip gameplay on PS4 easyð?

The PS4 allows users to create, edit, and upload game play videos. Videos may be uploaded from in-game or created in-game and then later uploaded out of game from the desktop.

Tapping the Share button in-game retrieves up to fifteen minutes of previous gameplay and opens a menu allowing the user to Upload a Video Clip, Screenshot, or Broadcast Gameplay. Select Upload a Video Clip, then select the appropriate gameplay clip. Note that video records in compressed 720p, so 1080p native games will not appear like they do while playing.

Uploaders may add a title and comment to videos.

Using the Options button in the Share Settings menu allows a user to toggle PS4 mic audio and display in-game icons denoting scenes blocked from recording by developers. Video clips may also be trimmed and edited through a simple menu interface before uploading. Only one video may be uploaded at a time.

Alternative ways of recording footage can be accessed by pressing the Share button in various ways. While a simple tap of the Share button will bring up the common scenario above, a quick double tap of the Share button can mark the starting point of a clip, and pressing it again will cease recording.

Please note that this feature is at the discretion of the developers. Some footage that you shoot may be intentionally omitted from view by the developers to avoid spoiling the game for others. Scenes like story-based cut-scenes may be automatically trimmed from your recording session.

Creating A New Project And Choosing A Theme

Once you got the raw footage ready, its time to forge it into something truly great. Open up SHAREfactory and select Videos > New Project. You can also create projects from screenshots , but you dont have that many customizing options.

Next, you should see a list of SHAREFactory themes. Aside from the preloaded list, you can download additional themes from the PlayStation Store by selecting New Themes. In SHAREFactory, each theme comes with its own custom transitions screens, unique screenshots, original soundtrack pieces and a lot of other goodies. If you want to make a video with a certain game in mind, make sure to select the appropriate theme.

When you name your project, you are presented with all the saved clips from your PS4. You can add a video clip to your project by highlighting it and hitting the X button. Oh, and dont worry about missing out on some recordings. You can always go back and add more.

Signing In Via Playstation Camera

If you’ve got a PlayStation Camera, you’ll be able to sign into your PSN account for your console just by facing the cam while turning on your PS4. While you might not want the world to see your gorgeous mug, it’s still a nice, high-tech feature that makes life just a tad bit simpler. Just remember, you need the camera to be able to see you, so keep a light on. You should keep a light on while playing in a dark room anyway, since it’s bad for your eyes, especially during marathon gameplay sessions. That’s two tips in one paragraph! You’re welcome.

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Bonus Step: Creating Gifs

The ability to create GIFs from gameplay footage is the latest addition to SHAREFactory. Now you can turn your gaming clips into animated GIFs and share them on Twitter or another social media platform that works with this format.

Keep in mind that you wont be able to create GIFs with SHAREFactory unless you update to the latest version. When you get that going for you, open SHAREfactory and highlight the Animated GIFS tab. Now select an option that suits you better from the list, but I recommend creating it directly from the capture gallery. Next, select a clip from your gallery.

Once youre into the GIF editor, position the cursor to where you want the GIF to start. Now press the X button to prepare the GIF. The app will automatically grab a 9-second loop capture from your starting point. You can then use the left and right sticks to trim from both ends until youre satisfied with the results. At this point, all thats left to do is hit the triangle button to render your GIF. Once thats over, you will be prompted to share it even if you decide to share it later, it will be saved in your gallery as a GIF.

How To Save A Screenshot Or Video

TSV Foldable Phone Clip for PS4 Controller, Wireless Controller ...

To save a screenshot or video in a game, just press the Share button on the left side of you controller, near the directional pad. The Share menu screen will appear. At any time, you can press the Circle button to leave this screen and go right back to where you were in the game.

In some cases, the Share menu may not work. You arent allowed to capture screenshots or record videos of certain video game cinematics or other applications, depending on how the game developer set things up. However, this will work almost all of the time.

When the share menu appears, you can select Save Screenshot by pressing the Triangle button or Save Video Clip by pressing the Square button. This will save a screenshot or video clip to your PlayStation.

Save a screenshot and your PS4 will capture the current screen. Save a video clip and your PS4 will save the last 15 minutes of your gameplay, which it was recording in the background all the while. Your PS4 saves only the last fifteen minutes of gameplay in a temporary buffer, so theres no getting any footage from more than fifteen minutes ago unless you already saved it to a video clip.

If youd like to upload your screenshot or video clip, select Upload Screenshot or Upload Video Clip here instead. You can share a screenshot via Facebook, Twitter, or a PlayStation message. You can upload a video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Dailymotion.

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How To Share A Ps4 Clip

After all that trouble with recording and trimming, it would be a waste not to share your clip on social media. Make sure your PS4 is linked to your preferred social media networks, and follow these steps:

  • Press the Share button on your controller and then select Share Video Clip.
  • Name your clip and add a witty caption or comment explaining the situation. This part is your time to get creative use your imagination!
  • Choose the social media where you want to share the clip YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also select the audience that can view your clip, both on PSN and your social media account.
  • Adding Overlay Elements & Splitting Clips

    FX elements can be the difference between an ordinary gameplay video and an instant classic. To add FX elements, position the cursor on a clip and tap the X button, then navigate to Add Overlay. Now youll have a list of overlay elements to choose from. You can also import your own images and use them as FX elements or insert custom text.

    By default, when you add an overlay element, it will keep displaying until the clip ends. If you want to delete the element at some point before the clip ends, you need to use a feature called splitting clips. To do this, you need to close the overlay menu and press the square button. Now, select Split Screen from the newly opened menu. Use the cursor to signal where you want the clip to split. After you hit the X button, the clip will be automatically split into two halves, making the second half free of any overlay elements.

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    Swap Your Ps4 Hard Drive

    The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro both come with respectably-sized hard drives, but video games take up a lot of space. With the game industry quickly moving towards digital distributionthese days, users make up to 74% of video game-related purchases digitallyyou’re going to run out of storage eventually. It’s not an issue of if. It’s a question of when.

    Thankfully, you can boost your PlayStation 4’s storage space. If you don’t mind opening up your PlayStation 4, you can pick up a high-capacity 2.5″ internal drive and stick it right into your console. Make sure that you follow Sony’s official instructions, however, and that you backup your data first. You never know when something’s going to wrong.

    If that’s too intimidating, or if you want to swap out different hard drives as you go, the PlayStation 4 also supports external hard drives that connect to the console via USB. You’ll need to make sure that your drive has a USB 3.0 connection, and that the storage capacity falls somewhere between 250 gigabytes and 8 terabytes. Meet those two criteria, and you’re good to go. Plug the external drive into one of the PS4’s USB port, format the drive , and start playing. Extended Storage devices can only store game data and add-onssaved games and screenshots need to go to the PS4’s internal drivebut given that those are the big space-eaters, you should be fine.

    How To Record Gameplay Using Capture Devices

    How To Clip On PS4

    For those wishing to record or stream their footage to their computer or to an external hard drive via capture devices, it is possible to use hardware like the Elgato or Atomos recording devices – however some settings may need to be altered to make sure gameplay is recorded properly.

    Note: Whenever you attempt to use a capture device to stream from or record footage, you must disable HDCP on the PlayStation 5. This can be done by going into the Settings > System > HDMI and turning off the Enable HDCP feature. However, this may disable certain applications, so you may have to turn it back on to use other features of the console.

    In addition, the PlayStations audio properties may make it difficult for capture devices to automatically detect all the audio channels when recording or streaming. If you encounter audio problems when recording, it is recommended you alter the AV Amplifier settings to lower the number of audio channels from 7.1 down to 2. This can be done in the Settings > Sound > Audio Output, and changing your output device to HDMI to unlock the controls to change the number of audio channels.

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    How To Transfer Clips From Ps4 To Iphone Without Usb: Via Youtube

    Now, lets get into how to transfer clips from PS4 to iPhone without USB or a computer. The good things is, this is not any rocket science as you can utilize the share feature in the Capture Gallery of PlayStation 4 to upload PS4 clips to YouTube and then save the clip on iPhone via the YouTube download feature. Heres how:

    Using The Share Button

  • 1Open the menu. Press the SHARE button for a split second.This will bring up the Share menu on the screen in front of you while simultaneously saving a video and taking a screenshot of whatever is happening in your game
  • Use the short-tap function only when you dont mind stopping in the middle of a game to edit or upload your stuff.
  • 2Take a screenshot. Hold down the SHARE button for over a second. This saves a screenshot without interrupting your game, bringing up any menus or recording any video clips.
  • Look for the little camera icon at the top right of your screen to confirm the shot was captured.
  • 3Make a video clip. Double-tap the SHARE button to trigger the start of a video clip. This lets you begin recording a video in real time while you are playing. Tap SHARE once more when you are ready for your recording to stopAdvertisement
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    Getting Your Video On Your Computer

    If you dont want to share your video online just yet, you can also transfer the video from your PS4 to an external hard drive or flash drive, then upload it to a computer.

    Step 1: Plug your drive into one of the USB ports on the front of your PlayStation and navigate to the Capture Gallery.

    Step 2: Select the video you want to transfer, then push the Options button.

    Step 3: Using the menu that appears on the right side of the screen, select Copy to USB Storage Device.

    Step 4: Youll be taken back to the grid view of the Capture Gallery. You can select which items you want to copy to your USB drive by pressing X. The images and videos you select will be marked with a large check in a tick box above each item.

    Step 5: Once youve selected everything you want to transfer, move to the right-side menu and select Copy.

    Step 6: Hit OK on the next screen and everything youve selected will be transferred to your external drive.

    Step 7: Once you successfully transfer your videos to the external drive, take the USB drive out of your PS4. You can swap your video recording files to your computer simply by plugging your external drive into the USB port. Youll see a folder named PS4 pop up in your My Computer folder if youre using a Windows device. And if youre using a Mac, youll see it in Finder.

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    How To Connect Ps4 To Tv Without Hdmi In 2022

    For PS4 Controller Cell Phone Clip Holder Mount Bracket Stand Fit ...
  • There are several ways to connect a PlayStation 4 to a TV without using an HDMI cable.
  • One way is to use the PlayStation 4s built-in optical audio output to connect to an optical audio input on your TV.
  • Another way is to use the PlayStation 4s built-in 3.5mm audio output to connect to the 3.5mm audio input on your TV.
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    How Does Recording Gameplay Work On Ps4

    Traditionally, recording gameplay has required either a capture card in a computer or a dedicated video capture hardware device. It was an expensive and complicated proposition that you don’t have to worry about if you own a PS4.

    Your PS4 has everything you need to record, edit, and share gameplay built right in, and it even has a few different options for recording. If you’re interested in recording your PS4 gameplay, you have these two basic options:

    Regular recording: You actively start recording and capture a predetermined amount of video, at which point it stops. You can also choose to stop recording at any time. This mode is useful if you’re trying to capture a specific thing.

    Retroactive recording: Your PS4 is constantly recording gameplay whenever you’re in-game. At any time, you can choose to save the last 15 minutes of that gameplay. This mode is useful if something cool or weird happened and you weren’t already recording. Otherwise, the PS4 automatically overwrites each clip as a new one starts to conserve storage space.

    Using Filters & Layouts

    Filters provide a unique way to alter the look of your videos. To add a filter, tap the x button and select Add Filter. Now, youll have a pretty big collection of filters neatly organized into 5 categories. Highlight a filter and use the X button to insert it in your clip.

    Once you insert a filter, you can edit it even further by hitting the square button and accessing Filter Settings. Keep in mind that while most filters can be edited after you insert them, some of them will have the Filter Settings option grayed out. As usual, you can restrict the reach of a filter by splitting the clip into multiple segments.

    If you want to achieve a truly unique effect, you can couple the filter youve just inserted with a custom layout. Layouts will help you alter the appearance of the video even further, but be careful not to take it too far. You can add a layout by hitting the x button and selecting Add Layout. Now, select a custom layout from the list.

    Some combinations of filters and layouts are a perfect fit, but Ill let you discover them for yourself.

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    How Do You Record Last 15 Minutes On Ps5

    You can save recent game footage by toggle in Save Recent Gameplay. Go to the left of the screenshot button and choose this option. Having two choices is now an option. The last 15 seconds, 30 seconds, five minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes can now be saved to your computers Save Short Clip. button.

    Get Ps4 Clips To Iphone From Youtube

    ð HOW TO UPLOAD PS4 VIDEOS/CLIPS in 1080p ON NORMAL PS4 ðâ¼ï¸?ð?? Easiest Method (2021 Working) ð

    If you just upload the video in public, simply download it in your own channel and then press the Download button to save the PS4 clip to iPhone.

    If you share the video as private, you might need an extra tool like YouTube Studio and YT1S to download get the PS4 videos on your iPhone. And the steps to download PS4 from YouTube to iPhone via these online downloaders are similar.

    Step 1: Enter the official site on your browser.

    Step 2: Put the link of the PS4 video on YouTube to the blank bar.

    Step 3: Click on Convert and choose MP4 as the output format.

    Step 4: Hit Download to save PS4 clips to iPhone.

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    Sharing Videos Via Youtube Or Social Media

    Similarly, if you press the Share button on a video, you have the option to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. YouTube is a convenient way to share your videos, as you can tell the PS4 to upload it as an unlisted or private video to prevent everyone from seeing it. Then you can share it with close friends or just archive it for later use.

    If youve saved a fifteen-minute chunk but only want to share a small part of it, hover over the video you want to edit, and press the Options button on your controller. Then, select Trim. This takes you to an editor where you can cut the video down to size.

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