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What’s The Best Headset For Ps4

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Hyperx Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset

The 7 Best PS4 Headsets Of 2019 – RTINGS.com

Yes, a third Kingston product makes the list. No, were not being biased. Kingston really has a knack for producing top-quality gaming headsets. And the higher-end HyperX Cloud Revolver is another example of that.

Before we go into the good stuff, well start by saying that we dont totally dig the cosmetic design of the Cloud Revolver. Theres something about its pair of ear cups that looks too over-the-top, with a jet-engine-like design that feels out of character for Kingston. You might find it attractive but for us, its a bit weird.

With nitpicking out of the way, lets talk about what makes the Cloud Revolver an excellent choice as a gaming headset for PS4. It has extra-large ear cups with the signature HyperX memory foam padding. We had no problems wearing the headset for hours without taking it off. It has the right amount of ventilation to keep the heat at bay.

The headband is easily adjustable and unlike the Turtle Beach Stealth 520, which is in the same price range as the Cloud Revolver, the overall build isnt flimsy due to its steel frame. The headband padding has the right amount of comfort and doesnt feel too tight on the head.

The mic is positioned a bit awkwardly and isnt as flexible as other built-in mics on other gaming headsets. But its no big deal, really, considering you can just yank it off during single-player mode. Performance-wise, it wont blow you away with its sound quality. But its good enough for in-game team communication.

What To Look Forward To

Were currently testing and evaluating a plethora of new gaming headsets from Logitech, Cooler Master, Beyerdynamic, Razer, Steelseries, JBL, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and more. Well publish a full update with our findings this spring. In the meantime, you can read about the new headsets weve already dismissed in the Competition.

Gaming headsets using -inch connectors like our top pick, the HyperX Cloud Alpha, will continue to work if you plug them directly into the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Series S controller as they have for years. And full USB audio support for game sound and chatas well as chat/game audio balance, for headsets that support itis now finally available on officially licensed Xbox headsets as well.

The Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5 lack the optical audio output that the Xbox One and other previous-generation consoles included, so gaming headsets that use breakout boxes cant receive optical audio like they could in the past. However, Microsoft has worked with many headset manufacturers to offer firmware updates to enable proper USB support for the Series X and Series S in their existing headsets. Sony has been less clear, but many manufacturers are offering similar compatibility updates for PS5. If you have a headset that uses USB, perform a quick Google search to make sure its officially supported.

How We Test Wireless Gaming Headsets

We test wireless gaming headsets and wired gaming headsets the same way. First, we evaluate how easy it is to connect the headset to a target system, and note any irregularities in the pairing process. Then, we play a variety of different games, watch TV shows and movies, and listen to music from multiple genres. While game performance is the most important quality here, a headset that costs more than $100 should also be able to handle movies, music and TV, at least well enough for everyday use.

Comfort is the other big metric for success, although this is a highly subjective evaluation. As such, the Toms Guide staff usually tries to hand off a headset to at least one other coworker, and get their take on the gadget. More often than not, writers find headsets similarly comfortable or uncomfortable, but we make a note when thats not the case.

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Our Pick: Hyperx Cloud Alpha

*At the time of publishing, the price was $70.

Our testers in 2018 and 2020 consistently rated the HyperX Cloud Alpha as one of the most comfortable headsets in our test group. It adjusts to a wide range of head sizes and shapes, has large earcups to accommodate different-size ears, and feels comfortable for people with and without glasses. The Cloud Alpha sounds great, with a spacious soundstage that gives the impression that sound effects are spread out around you. Plus, the removable 3.5 mm cable means the headset will work with virtually any console or device.

The Cloud Alpha is highly adjustable for a wide range of head sizes, and our panel found it comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. The headset didnt feel heavy, and the headband didnt dig into the top of our testers heads. The headbands clamping force wasnt excessive, even for glasses wearers and our largest-headed testers. The large earpads, made of thick memory foam covered in soft leatherette, accommodate a wide range of ear sizes and shapes. For our panelists, these earpads felt comfortable and formed a good seal even around thick glasses. A couple of our testers found that the leatherette ran hot along their ears, but this was a problem we encountered with almost every closed-back headset we tested.

Best Xbox Series X/s Gaming Headset

Astro A20 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4/PS5/PC/Mac  Level Up

Compatibility: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Mobile | Connectivity: Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth | Drivers: 50mm | Surround sound modes: Windows Sonic | Battery Life: 20 hours

For a great pair of headphones that are ready for the next generation of Xbox, you’ll want the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2. These headphones don’t require any awkward solutions to set up, since they support Xbox Wireless for direct pairing with your console. That also means you won’t have to take up any of the Xbox Series X or S’s USB ports for these headphones.

On top of supporting a wireless connection to the Xbox, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 can connect to a wide variety of other devices using Bluetooth. And, they deliver audio from both connections at the same time, letting you keep up with the news or stay in a Discord channel over Bluetooth while you get your game audio from your Xbox. On-ear controls will let you easily manage the audio coming in from different sources, so you can crank up your teammates in case they get hard to hear over the intense firefights in your games. And, thanks to a 20-hour battery life, you’ll be able to enjoy the clean game audio these can deliver without having to recharge every day.

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Will It Work With Your Setup

The most important question to ask yourself when looking for a gaming headset is, will it work with my ? Here are some tips to make sure your new headset will work with your setup.

  • USB headsets may have trouble with consoles: If it’s a wired headset that uses USB, it’ll work perfectly with a PC but might be finicky when it comes to consoles. Most console headsets plug in via a 3.5mm port on the controller itself.
  • 3.5mm works everywhere. Mic audio, not always: Any 3.5mm headphone jack can take any 3.5mm plug, but you might not get the audio and microphone support. Count the bands around the plug. If there are two bands, you’ll get audio output with no mic, or you’ll get mono audio plus microphone input. Two-banded plugs are called three-pole plugs because the bands separate three sections of metal. If there are three bands, this is called a four-pole plug, and you’ll get stereo audio and your microphone. This is what you want out of a corded gaming headset.
  • Wireless is a bonus, sometimes: Most wireless headsets now come with a 3.5mm cable so you can use them wired or wireless. Those cables aren’t always the three-band version we want, so be sure to double-check before you buy. Many of them do still require a battery charge to work.
  • Why You Should Trust Sam

    When it comes down to it, I dont just review gaming headsets because Im passionate about good audio. Pretty much everything I do here at SoundGuys focuses on gaming content, and thats because Ive been a gamer my whole life. You name it, Ive probably played it. I know what kind of audio features are important for different kinds of games, and maybe more importantly: which ones arent.

    The gaming headset space, much like many other parts of the audio industry, is rife with exaggerated language and gimmicky features that often dont add much of anything to your experience. Its easy to get caught up in the flashy lights and promises of immersive audio and bass so intense itll rupture your eardrums , but most of that stuff flat out doesnt matter. Thats why we review headsets, and why we have lists like this.

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    Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Bar

    • Requires power adapter for Xbox One S and X models
    • Put down the controller and play Xbox One games using just your body, voice, and gestures. Command your TV and even make Skype calls in HD.
    • Play games where you are the controller, Be recognized and signed-in automatically
    • Be recognized and signed-in automatically you can also call friends and family with Skype in HD
    • Broadcast gameplay live with picture-in-picture

    Which Best Ps4 Headset Is For You

    Best Wireless Gaming Headset in 2021 – For PC, Playstation & Xbox

    If youre looking for the best of the best, and dont mind paying for it, then check out the Astro A50 this headset has a lot of great wireless features and top-notch audio quality. Otherwise, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 remains an excellent pair of headphones and is easily the best PS4 headset under $100. If you prefer heavier, more feature-rich headphones with some extra compatibility, then take a look at the SteelSeries, HyperX, and PlayStation Premium models.

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    Shopping Tips From Our Ps4 Gaming Experts

    Should you get a wired or wireless headset? What do you need to know about noise-cancelling technology, the surround sound and whether or not they are closed back or open back headphones?

    In the following sections, well break down the shopping process into different sections so that choosing the best gaming headset for PS4 platforms is quick and painless.

    The Best Ps4 Headsets

    HyperX has developed a sizeable following among the pro-gaming community over the years. Its newest headset, the Cloud Revolver S, adds Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound to the hugely popular Cloud Revolver, without requiring you to take out a second mortgage.

    Quite simply, the Cloud Revolver S sounds astonishingly good, especially at the price. You will likely marvel in particular at the dynamics of its sound: deep, rumbling bass and crisp, never shrieky treble that lets you hear every sound effect and totally immerses you in the ambiance created by in-game music.

    It’s pretty well made, comfortable, classily finished, and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is the cherry on top, allowing you to pinpoint incoming enemies in first-person shooters particularly if you explore the preset equalization modes into which pro-gamers had plenty of input. A truly high-end-sounding headset at a mid-range price.

    Read the full review:HyperX Cloud Revolver S

    It might not look like much, but the PlayStation Platinum Wireless is a solid headset with an exceptional level of audio quality. Alongside being ludicrously simple to set up, the headset sounds great and is comfortable to wear to boot.

    The sound quality is balanced, offering a decent mix of low and high frequencies, and people on the other end of the line reported that its microphone delivered a good level of audio quality.

    All versions have LEDs around the cups. It may be made for audio perfectionists, but it’s still a gamer headset.

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    How We Test Gaming Headsets

    In order to find the best gaming headsets out there, we typically test each peripheral with a mix of shooting, fighting and action/adventure games.

    We also listen to music and watch movies with each headset in order to size up its usefulness for consuming multimedia. For wireless headsets, we keep a log of how long the peripheral lasts before the battery completely drains. We use voice recordings to evaluate each headset’s microphone, as well as listen back to any Twitch broadcasts we’ve conducted with them on.

    We generally wear each headset for at least two full days to assess comfort level. We almost always get a second opinion from someone else on staff, as what’s comfortable to one gamer could be unbearable to the next.

    Steelseries Arctis 7 Ps4 Headset

    Astro A20 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4/PS5/PC/Mac  Level Up

    Weight: 12.5 ounces | Battery Life: 24 hours

    Award: Best Wireless PS4 Headset

    WHY ITS A TOP PICK: Extra large ear cups and mic make for a durable design and high immersion.

    While the SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset may look generic overall, without any console preference, its perfectly compatible with the PS4 as well and one of the best gaming headsets around. Those massive ear cups are perfect for those who often find over-ear fits a little small, while all the extra cushioning is surprisingly comfortable, even with the added weight. The Arctis 7 also features a premium steel headband and on ear game/chat volume balance. Not only does the Arctis 7 look great, it also sounds amazing when gaming. Using premium S1 speaker drivers, youll get the clearest sound possible from this headset, also due in part to the DTS Headphone:X v2 surround sound capability.

    The headset also offers stellar battery life measuring in at 24 hours just like you should come to expect from previous Arctis Pro series. On top of that, youll also get whats often considered the best gaming mic in the industry. Its Discord certified and outperforms almost every other mic on this list with background noise cancellation so your in-game chat is always crystal clear. This is a great one for the best nintendo switch games as well as Xbox.

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    The Best Premium Wired Headset: Logitech G Pro X

    Why should you buy this? Wired performance is excellent for high-quality, competitive connections.

    Whos it for? Gamers who want a headset made for the pros.

    Why we picked the Logitech G Pro X:

    If youre looking for a wired headset, youre probably interested in audio quality and accuracy above all theres a reason competitive pro players tend to rely on wired headsets, especially for team play. This model was made with just that in mind, featuring an excellent detachable mic with real-time technology for reducing noise, compressing audio streams, and limiting sudden static and bursts of sound for maximum clarity.

    The 50mm drivers offer high-quality sound all on their own, but Logitech has made sure to support 7.1 surround sound and object-based surround sound for careful pinpointing of where a noise is coming from (the external sound card included with the headset helps with this. theres even enough onboard memory to save specific EQ settings for a game if you want to create profiles.

    The only real downside to the Logitech G Pro X is that you get every benefit unless you are on a PC to tweak software settings, but its still a top-notch choice for PS4 play and a great option if you play on both console and PC.

    Hyperx Cloud Flight S Is The Best Wireless Playstation 4 Headset

    The HyperX Cloud Flight S has the remarkable distinction of being one of the only gaming headsets around to offer surround sound on PlayStation 4when the field narrows to wireless headsets, its one of maybe two. However, if that was the only thing this headset had going for it, it probably wouldnt be worth considering.

    This gaming headset is built to be the convenient option for switching back and forth between the PC and PlayStation 4, and as such, most of its features work well on both. Its got solid, if a little bass-heavy sound, a decent detachable microphone, best-in-class over 35-hour battery life. Wireless audio is achieved using a 2.4GHz RF wireless USB dongle, and its pretty much a plug-and-play affair. On top of all that, this is the first gaming headset to support Qi wireless charging, so you can place it on top of any compatible charging pad youve got. HyperX makes a charging pad to go with this, but sells it separately, which is a shame.

    The headsets rather considerable amount of options is all controlled by buttons and switches, including the surround sound function. Its a little tricky to keep all the different controls straight, but once you do theres a lot you can control on the fly, including the usual volume and mic mute options, as well as affecting game/chat and a few other things. Despite all these extra controls, the HyperX Cloud Flight S still maintains a straightforward and comfortable design with a good mic .

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    The Best Headsets For Ps5 And Ps4 Consoles

    Looking for the best headsets for PS5 or PS4 is a smart idea. Great games deserve great audio gear, and perhaps your current headset isn’t up to your exacting standard. Our list consists of many class-leading options to pick your replacement headset from, whether you’re looking for something with wires or without, and whatever your budget may be. And the good news is that while the console is still tricky to find in stock, you can at least take your pick of compatible headsets right now.

    A good new headset will enable you to immerse yourself in the audio of your games, particularly if you’re playing on PS5 where you can take advantage of the console’s 3D audio system. Their included microphones are also hugely beneficial for multiplayer games, where communication with your teammates is the key to victory.

    Of course the PS4 and PS5 do more than just play games. With Spotify, Netflix and many other streaming apps available, a good headset will benefit your music-listening, TV show and movie-watching experiences too.

    Your Sony console will benefit from other accessories too, such as the best external hard drive for PS5 to let you fit more games onto your console. And if you’ve not been lucky enough to get your hands on a PS5 yet, here’s the latest PS5 restock news and prices. Want a set of headphones more for home work? Look at our best headsets for working at home.

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