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How To Connect Ps4 To Pc

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Use A Wireless Usb Adapter

How To Connect Your PS4 Controller To A PC (2022)

Another alternative would be to use a wireless USB adapter. These adapters allow you to connect your controllers to a computer without plugging anything into a USB port. They usually come in pairs one connects to the console, and the other connects to the computer.

Wireless USB adapters work best when theyre within range of the computer. When they arent close enough to the computer, you might not always connect to it wirelessly.

However, some newer laptops dont even include a USB port anymore, which means you wont connect your controllers via USB in those cases.

You can connect your controller wirelessly via Bluetooth instead.

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Getting The Gamepad To Work

Due to the nature of the DualShock 4s communication with your PC, plugging it in is only the beginning. Microsofts XInput is used by the vast majority of modern Windows games as the interface for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller inputs. Since the DualShock 4 does not transmit XInput commands, a wrapper is required to convert its inputs into a form that your PC can understand. Options like DS4Windows and Steams controller compatibility settings are available.

How To Use The Ps4 Dualshock Controller In Steam

Steam, the popular storefront and game launcher, released an update that allows you to use the PS4 DualShock 4 controller on a PC when running the application.

It’s easy for you to plug in the Dualshock 4 controller and control your PC games. You can control the TV-friendly Big Picture Mode of Steam using the DualShock 4, and your games will now display PS4 button prompts in-game.

To use the PS4 DualShock controller on your PC in Steam, load up Steam and check for updates, then once the latest update has installed, plug in your DualShock 4 and you’ll be good to go!

Unfortunately, this solution doesnt work very well for everyone, so to find out how to use a PS4 DualShock controller on your PC without using Steam, read on below.

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Configuring The Pc Remote Play App

Once youve finished setting up your PS4, launch the PC Remote Play app on your PC and do the following:

  • Log in to your PSN account and select PS4.

  • The app will search for your PS4 and connect automatically. Once connected, you should see your PS4 console displayed on your PC.

    If your PC is on the same network as your PS4, you can use Remote Play without having to activate your console as your Primary PS4 by selecting Link Manually in the Remote Play PC app.

  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to your PC with a USB cable. You can also use a DualShock 4 USB wireless adaptor. You should now be able to play any PS4 game on your PC through Remote Play.

  • St Way: Connect Your Ps4 Controller With A Usb Cable

    How to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to your PC

    A conventional one MicroUSB cable Using it to connect the DualShock 4 controller to your PC is probably the easiest way to get it working. This works best with the Micro-USBport commonly used to charge the PS4 controller.

    This makes it possible to use a PlayStation 4 gamepad with Windows 10 for gaming. Usually you plug it in and after a few seconds the controller is recognized. If it still doesn’t work as expected in some games, it may require further setup with a program like DS4Windows.

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    How To Get A Ps4 Controller To Work On Pc

    Getting your PS4 controller to work directly on your PC is slightly more difficult than getting it to work on Steam.

    You will need to install a software called DS4Windows and make minor adjustments to trick your Windows PC into thinking that youre connecting an Xbox 360 controller.

    What youll need:

    • DS4Windows application download the zip file here.
    • Bluetooth USB dongle

    Note: Make sure you download and install a file archiver utility for Windows software like WinRAR if you dont have one yet. Youll need this to extract the DS4Windows zip file.

    How To Connect And Use Ps4 And Ps5 Controllers On Your Pc

    Sony’s approach with PlayStation controllers isn’t quite the same as Microsoft’s with Xbox.

    The PlayStation 4’s so-called “DualShock 4” and the new PlayStation 5’s “DualSense” controllers have similar button layouts but they sport different looks. More importantly, the newer option introduces some advanced features. So while you can use either for PC gaming, there are reasons to explore upgrading to a DualSense if you’re still rocking something older.

    Whichever controller you’re using, it’s pretty simple to get yourself connected. There are some added considerations with the DualSense , but let’s start with the DualShock 4. All you need is the controller and either a micro-USB cable the one you use for charging is fine or a Bluetooth receiver on your PC.

    To go the wired route, simple connect the cable to your controller and then plug it into a USB port on your computer. And that’s it, provided you’re on Windows 10 or Apple computers using macOS Catalina or later.

    For a wireless connection, you’ll need a Bluetooth receiver either built into your motherboard or in USB dongle form. To turn on the controller’s pairing mode, press and hold the PS button and Share button simultaneously for a few seconds. You’ll know pairing mode is active when the controller’s light bar starts flashing.

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    How To Pair Your Playstation 4 Controller With Bluetooth

    If you can’t get your hands on one of the official DS4 wireless adapters, you can always give Bluetooth a shot. Fair warning, the connection might not always work depending on your PC’s hardware, but it’s at least worth a shot if you don’t want to snake a long cable to the controller.

    Make sure the controller isn’t paired with a PS4 a good way to start is to pair the controller with your PC using the wired method before proceeding.

  • Hold down the and PS buttons simultaneously to put the controller into Bluetooth pairing mode. The controller light will begin flashing.
  • Click the Start button on your PC.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Click Wireless Controller.
  • Drivers should now be automatically installed. Like with the wired connection, hitting the PS button with Steam running will launch Big Picture mode.

    How To Connect Your Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller To Pc

    How To Connect PS4 To Laptop – Playstation 4 Remote Play PC & Mac

    Connecting your DualSense to PC is fairly straightforward. The first option is to use a USB-C cable to connect it and play with a wired connection, which is ideal if you don’t have Bluetooth on your computer. If you do, though, follow these steps:


  • Put your DualSense in Bluetooth mode by holding down the PlayStation button and the Create button for three seconds until the lightbar starts flashing
  • On your PC, get your Bluetooth settings menu up
  • From the new connections list, select Wireless Controller
  • If you are asked for a pairing code, enter 0000
  • This should be it, and your controller should be paired and working wirelessly. While most games on PC haven’t been updated to let you take advantage of the pad’s adaptive triggers, it’s still a brilliant controller.

    PlayStation has recently released an app for Windows which allows users to update DualSense controller’s firmware without the need for a console. Now you can do it directly from your PC. Download this app, connect via a cable to your PC and you can update the controller.

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    Connect Your Ps4 Controller Via Usb

    The simplest way to connect your controller to your Windows computer is to use a micro-USB cable. There are upsides of doing this. Once you connect it to your controller and your computer, you need no more further configuration. And the cable is easy to find a regular micro-USB cable like the one used for modern smartphones will work.

    To use a micro-USB cable to connect your controller and your PC:

    1) Plug the smaller end of your micro-USB cable into the port on the front side of your controller .

    2) Plug the bigger end of your micro-USB cable into a USB port on your computer.

    3) The cable connection is completed. You can go to the next step. .

    How To Connect Ps4 To Monitor

    Gaming consoles are getting more and more popular among youngsters. These easy to play technologies have made it more convenient for youngsters or even the elder to play games. Mostly these gaming consoles are connected to a TV for playing games but if in any case, you dont have your TV or if it is damaged then you will definitely opt for other ways like a laptop or monitor.

    In any situation like this people like to opt for a monitor due to their bigger screen. But do you know how to connect your PS4 to your monitor? Well, if not, then we are here to let you know about simple ways to connect your PS4 to the monitor. You can check a number of tips & tricks related to the use of tech gadgets on our website TechTrada. But before you get started with the method, you must check several things. See whats that!

    Before you start the process to connect the PS4 to the monitor, it is very important to check the port connections available in your PS4 & your Monitor. Keep a note of these connection ports that both of these devices contain.

    HDMI is a high-quality multi-media port & PS4 equipped with the recent technology has this port. It can transfer both audio & video but on the other hand, most computer monitors dont contain HDMI ports. And if the monitor you are trying to connect with your PS4 doesnt have HDMI then youll need to have an adapter.

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    Connect Ps4 To Pc Monitor

    Do you want to physically connect the PS4 to the PC to play through the monitor of the latter? If you have a notebook, I am sorry, but it is not possible. If, on the other hand, you have a desktop PC, you can get any HDMI cable and connect the PlayStation 4 to the monitor of the PC as if it were a common television.

    If your PC monitor has a speaker, you can also listen to game audio otherwise, you’ll have to connect headphones to the PS4 and listen to game audio through the latter. Simple truth?

    If you need advice on which headphones to buy for your PS4, follow my buying guide dedicated to the best PS4 headphones: you will surely find the product that best suits your needs.

    How To Use Ps4 Remote Play

    Razer Thresher 7.1: Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

    You are now ready to take advantage of the PS4 Remote Play feature. Then launch the Remote Play software you just installed on your PC or Mac and connect the PS4 Controller in the PC. To establish the connection, you can use the USB cable Supplied with the PlayStation wireless controller or adapter .

    At this point, press the button Options controller, click the button Begins on your PC and log into your PlayStation Network account by completing the form that is proposed. Then write direction of e-mail es password in the corresponding text fields, place the check mark next to the item I am not a robot, perform the necessary verification operations and click the button Log In move along.

    Once you’ve logged in, the Remote Play software should automatically connect to the PS4, turn it on , and allow you to use the console through your PC.

    If the connection is not established in a few minutes and you have the ability to physically access the PS4, you can “force” communication with the console using a verification code. To take advantage of this possibility, click the button Record Manually present in the PS4 Remote Play software and enter, in the window that opens, the code you get from the menu Settings> Remote Play connection settings> Add device for PlayStation 4.

    The other icons that appear at the bottom are used, respectively, to operate the keys. , PD es Options controller and ad mute / unmute microphone.

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    Connect Ps4 To Pc Via Remote Play

    If you want connect the PS4 to the PC to play your favorite titles even remotely, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and find out how to make the most of the Remote Play service offered by Sony. I assure you that this is really a breeze. In any case, you will find everything explained below.

    Control Your Ps4 Console From A Windows Pc


    Youâll need the following to use Remote Play:

    • Windows PC

      7th Generation Intel® Core⢠processors or later
      Storage space
      1024 Ã 768 or higher
      Sound card
    • Always update your PS4 console to the latest version of the system software.
    • An account for PlayStationâ¢Network Use the same account that you use for your PS4 console. If you donât have an account, youâll need to create one first.
    • High-speed internet connection As a standard, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 5 Mbps. For best performance, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.
    • DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller
    • USB cable Connect your Windows PC and your controller with a USB cable.
    • You can also use your DualSense⢠wireless controller. Use a USB cable to connect the controller to your Windows PC.
    • To use voice chat, youâll need a microphone, such as the built-in microphone on your Windows PC.

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    How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Pc

    1 day ago

    Connecting a PS4 Controller to a PC is quite technical, and often it’s challenging to…

    Connecting a PS4 Controller to a PC is quite technical, and often its challenging to understand what steps I should take to do so.

    We will share with you different methods of connecting a PS4 controller to a PC, whether you want to use a physical wired connection between the two devices or wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

    This tutorial covers both scenarios and how to reconnect a controller to a console if you have previously disconnected it from a computer or vice versa.

    How To Pair A Dualshock 4 With An Iphone Or Ipad

    How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Wirelessly – PlayStation 4 Remote Play PC & Mac

    Before you can connect your wireless controller via Bluetooth, you will need to activate pairing mode:

    Step 1

  • Press and hold the PS button and SHARE button on the wireless controller at the same time.
  • The light bar on the back of the wireless controller will start flashing once pairing mode is active.
  • Step 2

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    Connect Ps4 Controller To Pc With A Usb Or Bluetooth

    To connect your PS4 controller on a PC via a USB cable, you need to open up your computers Device Manager first and physically connect it to the computer. You can either link it physically by plugging it into the USB port on your computer or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

    The Best Ways To Connect A PS4 Controller To Your PC via USB Cable. If you want to connect your PS4 controller to your computer via a physical USB cable, then there are three main methods available for doing so.

    Connect Via Ds4 Windows Utility

    If you want to use your wired controller with a non-Steam game, this is another option.

    1. In a web browser on your PC, go to the DS4 Windows website. Click .

    2. You’ll be redirected to Github. Find and click the file, then download it onto your computer.

    3. Find the downloaded .zip file on your computer and open it, then double-click DS4Updater and click Extract All.

    4. Pick a location for the files to be extracted to. It should be a location that you can find easily.

    5. Once extracted, open the location you picked and double-click DS4Windows. If you’re asked to confirm that you want to run the program, click Run.

    6. You’ll be asked where you want to save the program’s files. If you don’t care where they go, pick Appdata. If you want to be able to move them around, pick Program Folder and select a location.

    7. Once you’ve picked a spot to save the files, click Step 1: Install the DS4 Driver and let the program install its files. If you’re asked whether you’d like to install the software, click Install.

    You can now use the PS4 controller on your PC with a micro-USB cable, although you may need to restart your computer first.

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    Version 550 For Windows Pc:

    • It’s now easier to use your keyboard on your PC when using Remote Play.
    • The text entry box has been removed so you can use your keyboard to type directly onto your PC.
    • You can now use the keyboard to control games that support it.
  • Based on your Windows PC settings, the following features are now supported.
  • You can now switch to dark mode.
  • Text can now be displayed in a larger size.
  • Stability during use of some features has been improved.
  • How To Connect The Dualshock 4 With Steam

    Set Foldable Headset Wireless Helmet PS4 Stereo Hifi, Surround Sound ...

    Steam, the most popular PC gaming portal, offers native controller support for the DualShock 4. Its incredibly easy to use your DualShock 4 to play games on Steam.

    Step 1: Make sure your Steam client is updated.

    Step 2: Plug your controller into your PC.

    Step 3: Done! Well, almost. Even if Steam is up-to-date, you may encounter a few hiccups while setting up your controller. Steam supports the DS4 as a platform, but that doesnt mean every PC game works with the controller automatically. If you fire up Dark Souls III, youll see what we mean. Steam detects the controller, but Dark Souls III doesnt. If you find yourself in that boat, or just want to use your controller wirelessly without using Steam, youre not out of luck. DS4Windows might be the solution for you.

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