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How To Delete Saved Game Data On Ps4

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How To Restore Lost Ps4 Game Saves

How to Delete Saved Game Data on Your PS4 (Playstation Tutorial)

“Does anyone know how to recover or restore deleted PS4 game files from the PS4 hard drive? It was a mistake when I first received a message saying that the server was down, I must remove all files and re-log on to reuse and re-play games on PS4. I followed and deleted all the game files without any backup. Now all my games are gone. Can I recover the lost game files directly? I don’t remember all the games and neither want to waste so much time to download those lost games again.”

It can be effortless for PS4 game lovers to lose vulnerable game files on their hard drives by accidental deletion, sudden power outage, hard drive formatting, or other errors. But it’s quite complicated for users to recover lost PS4 game files without backups. After data loss, it will take quite a long time for users to re-download and re-install lost game files. So will you just let the deleted or lost game files disappear from your PS4 hard drive? Of course not! You still have solutions to recover lost data on PS4! Read on and find answers.

How To Access Ps4 Hard Drive On Pc

You can connect your PS4 console to a computer to access & manage data in its hard drive. Connect it to PC -> open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E -> look for the PS4 hard drive and click on it. If the drive doesn’t appear here, please go to check it in Disk Management.

In this part, Ill walk you through the practical ways to complete PS4 save data recovery with the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Ps4 Save Game Data Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of people questions often have when it comes to dealing with their game saves on the PlayStation 4. I have covered most of the content people need to know in the sections above. Here are some additional questions that people often have around managing save data on the PlayStation 4.

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Possible Causes Of Ps4 Corrupted Data/database

Actually, it is reported that the PS4 corrupted data error has occurred in many games, including Destiny, Warframe, Arsenal, etc. The possible reasons for PS4 data corruption are various, and the common ones you might experience include:

  • Your hard drive is poorly functioning.
  • The data of some game you installed gets corrupted.
  • You didnt install the game file to the system properly.
  • The data of your system gets corrupted.

While, PS4 database corruption is more likely to be caused by the corruption of the underlying platform. You might easily encounter this error if you get power outage or hardware failure. Also, the corruption of the file header and storage media can lead to corrupted database error as well.

After deeply learning about this error, lets have a closer look at how to fix PS4 corrupted data/database error.

Way : Delete Games From Ps4 Library

How to Delete the Saved Game Data on Your PS4

Step 1: Open PS4 Library, then choose the Games option, and finally navigate to the game which you have no interest in.

Step 2: With the game selected, hit the Options button on the controller to bring up the menu as the following image shows. And click Delete appearing in the left side.

Step 3: Confirm the displayed game on the prompt window is the one you want to remove. If yes, please click the OK button.

All of the above steps are about deleting games from PS4 Library.

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Backing Up Screenshots And Video Clips

Is it not saves, trophies, or game data you want to backup, but the screenshots and video clips youve grabbed during gaming? Try this:

  • Find and select *Settings from the PlayStation 4s home menu.
  • Move to Storage and then System Storage.
  • Choose the Capture Gallery, where youll find a list of all your games. If you want to back up screenshots and video clips from a particular game, select it from that list. Alternatively, choose the All folder that contains all your captured media.
  • Hit Options and choose Copy to USB Storage Device from the menu on the right.
  • Place a checkmark on everything you want to recover. Finally, choose Copy on the right.
  • As your PlayStation 4 will inform you, after the files are copied, youll find your screenshots in the PS4> > Screenshots folder, and your clips inside PS4> > Video Clips.

    Ps4 Lost Save Data Ps4

    Since the internal storage of PS4 is limited and the demands for online & offline games are increasing, many people choose to add an external hard drive to PS4. However, users reported the PS4 save data missing issue now and then their data were lost from both the internal storage and the external hard drive.

    In fact, a series of reasons including accidental deletion, power failure, and connectivity loss could all lead to the PS4 hard drive data loss. Considering this, I decided to teach you the commonly used ways to recover data from PS4 hard drive in different situations.

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    Upgrade Ps4 To A Larger Hdd

    Upgrading your PS4 to a larger HDD is not only an effective way to improve the PS4 performance but also a feasible solution to avoid data corruption. The space of your PS4 hard drive can be easily run out once you start downloading games.

    When it gets full, you will have a problem in updating, saving games and installing new applications. Whats worse, the PS4 system cannot fix this problem and the saved files will be corrupted. In this situation, you should consider free up your PS4 or upgrading the original small hard drive to a larger one.

    To upgrade PS4, you need to back up your PS4 saved data to a USB storage device first.

    Step 1: Connect a USB storage device to your PS4 and enter Settings.

    Step 2: Go to Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data in System Storage> Copy to USB Storage Service.

    Step 3: Select the items you want to back up and then select Copy.


    Step 4: After backing up your PS4 to the USB storage device, you need to replace the PS4 hard drive with a bigger one. Now power off PS4 and disconnect the USB drive with your PS4 backups.

    Step 5: Take your PS4 hard drive out carefully and replace it with a new hard drive.

    Step 6: Reinstall the system software.

    Step 7: Now connect the USB storage device to the system and enter Settings again. Go to Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data on USB Storage Device> Copy to System Storage.

    Step 8: Select the items and select Copy to move the PS4 backups to the new hard drive.

    Deleting Saved Data From The Ps4

    How to delete saved data on ps4 at 2021 (delete game data on ps4)

    You can also delete saved data to save up a couple of gigabytes. Herere the instructions:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Application Saved Data Management
  • Select between System Storage, Online Storage, or USB Storage Device. You can select Auto-Upload to upload all of your saved data to the cloud if you have a PSN account plus a PSN connection.
  • Select Delete. Again, you can select Upload to Online Storage to save your data on the cloud. It requires an active PlayStation Plus account
  • Select a game to delete its data with the X button
  • Select all of the games data
  • Select Delete
  • You can repeat the process to delete saved data stored online or on an external HDD drive / USB flash drive.

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    How To Restore Lost Or Deleted Ps4 Games From Cloud Saves

    PlayStation online storage allows users to save or upload PS4 games into online cloud storage. If you have saved your PS4 games to the Cloud, you are able to restore lost game data on PS4. Here’s how to do it.

    Step 1Head to Settings, scroll down to select Application Saved Data Management.

    Step 2Choose the Saved Data in Online Storage option, and then Download to System Storage.

    Step 3Then, select your lost or deleted games and press on the Download button. Once the downloading process is over, you are able to get your lost game files back.

    Can You Recover Deleted Saved Games

    The first option is to restore your saved files from the Recycle Bin. If you accidentally deleted your saved files, you should go to the Recycle Bin first. The files you found there will likely be those that you didnt use Shift + Delete. Right-click on the data you wish to retrieve and select Restore from the context menu.

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    Can You Transfer Save Data From Ps4 To Ps4

    Yes, you can. You can do this either using a USB stick, simply by following the instructions above to copy a game save to USB. You can then insert this USB into a different PS4 and copy the game save data back over.

    You may find that for the majority of games, save game data can not be shared across user accounts. This means that if you get 100% completion in a game and want to give this game save to your friend so they have 100% completion too, it will not work. Game saves are tied to user accounts to prevent this from happening.

    You can also use the network storage to transfer game save data between PS4 consoles if you have PS Plus. The instructions above will explain how to achieve this. The same rules around account locking apply as they do when copying from USB.

    Add And Remove Your Digital Ps4 Games From Your Console

    The PS4

    Now you know how to delete your digital PS4 games! In addition to that, you can quickly relocate and download them, whether from your PS4 or your phone.

    Digital PS4 games offer a lot of benefits. What’s best is that you can enjoy these digital purchases without an internet connection which, in a world of DRM, feels like a luxury. So, go and enjoy your digital PS4 games, both online and offline.

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    Free Up Ps4 Storage Space By Upgrading The Internal Hard Drive

    Another option is upgrading your PS4 internal hard drive and it isnt difficult to do at all! Yes, it might be the most expensive option as it costs around $100 but not missing out on all those free great games is worth it right?

    You will be pleased to know that it isnt all that difficult to upgrade your internal hard drive, you just need a screwdriver for the PS4, any of these from Amazon will work.

    For the hard drive, it must be 2.5mm, an ideal one is the 2TB Samsung Seagate Spinpoint that you can get for a great price on Amazon here. You also need a USB drive with at least 1GB of space, the SanDisk 16GB USB from Amazon here is my personal favorite and the one I use.

    Remember when upgrading your hard drive you will lose all your data, which is why you need to pick up all your games and save data on an external hard drive like the Seagate above.

    The video above by YourSixStudios will give you a step by step guide on installing your new and improved SSD, you should check him out he has great videos.

    This is where you need to download the PS4 update in the screenshot above, as you are new installing your PS4 to where it came out of the box, everything needs to be backed up before you do this otherwise you will lose your memory!

    How To Completely Delete Or Uninstall Ps4 Console Purchased Digital Games & Saved Data

    For some users, saving up storage space is not the only reason for deleting or uninstalling a digital game on PS4. You may have downloaded and installed a game that you dont like, and it seems logical to remove it rather than let it stay in your library.

    The good thing is that you can always re-download and reinstall them back at any time. Just navigate to your library and go to the Purchased section.

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    How To Delete Digital Games From Your Ps4

    Got some old, unplayed titles on your PS4? Spring-clean your storage and delete some digital games, like this.

    You can delete digital games from your PS4 for multiple reasons. Maybe you’re freeing up space, the game just didn’t click with you, but you might get it later, or you don’t plan on playing this game again.

    Whatever your reason, here’s how you fully delete digital PS4 games and how you can quickly locate and re-download them.

    Upload To Online Storage

    How To Delete Your Saved Game Data On Your #PS4 ð® (2015) ®

    To upload saved data to online storage, select the saved data and then select . When you save data to online storage, you can then download the data to a PlayStation®5 console or another PS4 system. To use this feature, you must be a PlayStation®Plus subscriber.

    • You can also upload saved data from the home screen. Highlight the game, press the OPTIONS button, and then select .
    • It’s also possible to use the automatic upload feature. For details, see âAuto-Uploadâ.
    • Online storage can have up to 100 GB of saved data from PS4 games and 100 GB of saved data from PS5 games.
    • To view the progress of uploads, select from the function screen.

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    Faqs Of Recovering Lost Saved Game Data On Ps4

    How do I manage saved game data on PS4?

    To manage your saved game data on PS4, go to Settings, choose Application Saved Data Management, and hit on Saved Data in System Storage. From here, you will find 3 options to manage your saved data: Upload to Online Storage, Copy to USB Storage Device, and Delete.

    How to back up PS4 saved data?

    You are provided with the option to back up your save data on the iCloud automatically. You need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to do this. The service is $59.99 per year or $9.99 per month. Or you can choose to back up PS4 saved data to a spare USB drive for free.

    Can I share PS4 saved files?

    You can download and transfer your PS4 saved data to any other PS4 only when you sign in to the same account. Since your saved data is tied to the PlayStation Network account on which it was created, not the console, you are not able to share saved files on PS4 with other players.

    That’s all for restoring your lost or deleted saved game data on PS4. Did you have any problem when following the methods above? You can feel free to let us know your thoughts.

    Recover Lost Ps4 Games By Re

    PlayStation Store has a feature that once you’ve bought games from it, you can redownload it again after login into your PS4 game account with your user name and password. So you can follow below steps to re-download lost PS4 games from PlayStation Store and save them on your PS4 hard drive again:

    • Sign in PS4 account with the username and password > go to “PlayStation Store”.
    • Find lost games which you lost on PS4 hard drive.
    • Re-download lost games one by one to PS4 local storage – PS4 hard drive again.
    • If you have PS4 game CDs, you can also restore lost games from the game CDs.

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    How Do I Make Space On My Ps4 To Install A New Game

    There are multiple ways to free up memory when installing a new game. If you would like to install the game to the PS4 system storage, you may need to delete some applications. Don’t worry, you won’t lose access to any deleted games you can redownload the application from your Library whenever you like.

  • Highlight the application you want to delete in the content launcher or Library.
  • Press the OPTIONS button > Delete.
  • If you don’t want to delete the existing games in PS4 system storage, you can download the new game using an external HDD, or upgrade the existing PS4 HDD. Please select the appropriate guide below for further instructions.

    How To Upgrade Your Ps4s Internal Hard Drive

    How to Delete Games on PS4
  • On your computer download, the latest PS4 systems update that you can find by googling PS4 system update
  • Insert your USB into the computer and format
  • Create a folder on your USB called PS4 and inside that folder create another one called update
  • Place the PS4 system update you downloaded into your download folder and it must be named PS4UPDATE.PUP otherwise it will not work
  • Remove the cover from your PS4, and screw the two screws from the hard drive, press the took of your PS4 hard drive and it should slide out easily
  • Remove all four screws from the hard drive and replace with your new hard drive and screw it back. slide back the hard drive and put all the screws you removed and put the cover back on
  • Put your USB into your PS4 and hold the power button for 7 seconds to boot your PS4 into safe mode, follow all the prompts and install the system software, this will take around 10 minutes so be patient!
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    How To Delete Digital Game Saved Data From Your Ps4

    Next, you’re going to delete your digital game’s saved data. When you delete a PS4 game, your PS4 will keep the saved data in case you ever decide to re-download your game, so you don’t have to start from scratch again.

    Follow this pathway from your PS4’s home-screen: Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Delete.

    You can now select individual or multiple saved game data to delete.

    To delete saved data for an individual game, select the game in question, tick which saved data you want to delete, press Delete, then OK.

    To delete multiple saved game data, press the Options button, and choose Select Multiple Applications. Tick which saved game data you want to delete, select Delete, then OK.

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