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How Long Is Playstation Network Down

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Why is PSN down? Hacked? – Playstation Network Maintenance Error 80710a06 (Sony)

Needless to say, PlayStation users are a little baffled by the outage, venting their frustrations on social media platforms such as Twitter. A selection of the tweets can be seen below.

“PSN is having issue right now, it’s down and a lot of people can’t even start any online games.”

“I hope they will fix this with an update, because it is stupid. You bought an expensive game and you can’t play it, because PSN is down or you have a problem with internet. And that’s sad, because I love GT7.”

“Glad PSN is down the night I decide to work.”

“Its not specific to PS Plus or CoD Vanguard, rather the PSN has gone down temporarily, not sure for how long but its definitely a technical fault.”

It looks like the outage may be linked to the recent PlayStation system update, which went live earlier today.

More to follow…

How Do I Fix Error Code Ce 38612 0

CE-38612-0 Back up your game save data on a USB storage device or in the PlayStation Plus Online Storage. Delete and reinstall the application by the following steps: If the error persists after trying the steps above, go to Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4 > Quick and initialize the system.

Playstation Network Down And Ps Plus Not Working On March 23

PlayStation services are down!

By Kyle Knight

Following the release of brand new System Software Updates for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, users are experiencing issues with PlayStation Network and PS Plus as both services appear to be down for users around the world.

Sony has yet to release an official response to the situation, but fans have taken to social media to express their outrage at the situation.

Todays firmware updates werent for the usual run of the mill stability improvements, instead both consoles were updated with some brand new features. PlayStation 5 users now have the ability to keep more games on their home screen and pin select titles to stay in place, as well as a redesign to the Game Base feature.

PlayStation 4 users had far less to get excited about, as todays system update simply made a few changes to the party chat options.

But one thing both consoles now have in common, neither can play their favourite online games as the PlayStation Network and PS Plus are both officially down on March 23.

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Far Cry 6 | Stranger Things Announcement Teaser Trailer

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Can Ps5 Connect To 5ghz Wifi

Sure, PS5 supports 5Ghz Wifi. However, some routers automatically assign your device to the band that it deems the best without any separate names for it. As such, youll never predict if the gaming console or any device is going to connect to a 2.4Ghz or the ideal 5Ghz. Wait for the console to scan for the connection.

The Great Psn Hack Of 2011 Took Place 10 Years Ago Today

PlayStation Network Login Experiences Problems on ...

Joe Apsey / April 17, 2021

With today being April 17, 2021, that means that the great PSN hack and outage of 2011 took place exactly 10 years ago, with Sonys PlayStation Network being hacked on April 17, 2021.

Despite the hack taking place on this day, Sony wouldnt shut down the network until April 20, 2021, exposing over 77 million accounts and costing the company a reported loss of $171 million. Data like users credit card information and personal information were possibly taken and Sony left the network shut down for weeks, with it being restored on May 15, 2021.

Sony didnt inform users of this hack for weeks after it happened and wasnt upfront about the hack and that they knew it was a vulnerability ahead of it happening. This resulted in one of the worst periods for the company in its history and a huge loss of confidence from customers as many today still use PSN vouchers rather than putting their bank details in when ordering from the PlayStation Store.

Personally, we cant imagine what would happen today if PSN was down for 23 days, especially as fans were angry enough back in 2011. Since the outage, Sony has never seen a major PSN hack to this scale since and the network has been relatively stable for years now.

Do you remember the great PSN hack and what were you doing during the 23 days the network was down.

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Why Is My Playstation Network Not Working

If you see all the servers are up and running, but you still cannot connect to your PSN, that is a problem. However, there are some solutions to that. You can easily fix it by following some steps.

Here are the steps to fix the PlayStation network, not connection:

1. Change DNS

If you have a slower DNS address, then PSN might take more time to connect, or you will see that the PSN connection is busy. So changing DNS might fix it.

Here are the steps to change DNS on PS5:

  • Navigate to Network Settings.
  • Select between Wifi and LAN.
  • Use your username and password to connect to your internet network.
  • Configure DNS settings manually.
  • Insert the following DNS servers for Googles: &
  • Press x to save the settings.
  • Now test your connection, and you should be connected with the PSN server now.

    Check out our separate post on can PS5 use keyboard and mouse.

    2. Port Forward on your Router

    If you open the PSN ports on your router, you might be able to connect your PS5 to PSN.

    Here are steps to port forward on your PS5:

  • Log in to your router.
  • Go to the Advanced settings section and find the port forwarding section.
  • Enter your computers IP address.
  • Set up TCP ports 80, 443, and 3480.
  • Type 3478, 3479, 49152 to 65535 on UDP.
  • Save changes.
  • Reboot router.
  • You should be able to connect your Playstation 5 with the PSN network. If you still see that you cannot connect to PSN or you are getting error text, then contact your ISP.

    Connection Solutions For Your Playstation 4 And Playstation 5

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    Amazon Web Services Outage

    During the afternoon of December 15th, Downdetector reported 134 reports of issues with Amazon Web Services.

    According to Downdetector, 40% of the issues reported are to do with the website, 40% with the servers, and 20% with hosting.

    Amazon has not yet responded to complaints coming in from users on Twitter.

    Us House Of Representatives

    PSN HACKED! – Playstation Network DOWN & DDosed PS4 Network Online Servers Down!

    Sony reported on May 4 to the PlayStation Blog that:

    Kazuo Hirai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sony Computer Entertainment America, submitted written answers to questions posed by the United States House subcommittee about the large-scale, criminal cyber-attack we have experienced.

    Sony relayed via the letter that:

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    Was The Interview A Flop

    Sony lost quite a bit of money on The Interview. It only pulled in $6.1 million in the states, taking another $5.2 million overseas for a weak worldwide total of just $11.3 million. The budget was reportedly around $42-44 million. The studio did make some of their cash back with the online, Blu-ray and DVD release.

    Can A Ps4 Connect To 5g

    To connect to 5GHz, you need to have PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro models. These have the needed 5GHz features, so you will have more opportunities using them. Unfortunately, the original or regular PS4 models can not be connected to 5GHz, because they dont support this connection and dont have the needed feature.

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    Faqs On Playstation Network Maintenance

    1. How long does it take for PSN to do maintenance?

    The routine maintenance will take place for about two hours at 10:30 PM to 12:30 AM based on your local timezone. Youll still be able to sign into PSN, play games, and use most applications during the downtime.

    2. What does undergoing maintenance mean?

    In order to provide you with better gaming experience, we periodically perform maintenance on the game servers. If you see this message, that means that the game is currently undergoing maintenance.

    3. Is ps3 going to shut down?

    Some PlayStation 3 game servers will shut down in January 2019. Once that date and time arrives, PS3 owners with the aforementioned games will no longer be able to access online multiplayer, share progress with their community, or download community content.

    4. Cant sign into PSN on ps4 An error has occurred?

    Once the error has occurred on your console, navigate to Settings > > Account Management > > Sign out in order to log out of your account. Completely turn off the PlayStation 4. Once the console is completely shut down, unplug the power cord from the back of the console.

    5. Should I wait for ps5?

    Originally Answered: Is it still worth buying a PS4, or should I wait for the PS5? The Sony PS5 would launch somewhere end of 2019 or sometime in 2020. After it launches the console, there will be a wait for the games to be released in the PS5 version. The cost of the console & its games are gonna be expensive as its new.

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    How Long Will It Be Down

    Sony To Extend PS Plus Subscriptions As an Apology

    Each outage is different, and there is no way to predict how long the network will be down. Usually, an outage will only last a few minutes to a few hours at most. However, in extreme cases, like during a DDOS attack or around the holidays when everyone is flooding the network, it could take a few days before PSN is working properly.

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    How Do I Know When The Playstation Network Is Down

    Sony has a website dedicated to the service status of PSN. If all services are up and running, you should be good to go. Sometimes only a specific service like accessing your games and social will be down. This may not be updated right away, so it’s also smart to check the PlayStation subreddit to see if anyone else is reporting issues. If the service is down for everyone, you’ll hear about it on social media.

    Alternatively, you’ll know when you try to log in to your account and suddenly can’t connect to anything or play any games.

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    British Information Commissioners Office

    Following a formal investigation of Sony for breaches of the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998, the Information Commissioners’ Office issued a statement highly critical of the security Sony had in place:

    If you are responsible for so many payment card details and log-in details then keeping that personal data secure has to be your priority. In this case that just didn’t happen, and when the database was targeted albeit in a determined criminal attack the security measures in place were simply not good enough.There’s no disguising that this is a business that should have known better. It is a company that trades on its technical expertise, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they had access to both the technical knowledge and the resources to keep this information safe.

    Sony was fined £250,000 for security measures so poor they did not comply with the British law.

    Users Are Unable To Play Or Purchase Games Online

    Playstation Network Down Due To Being Hacked

    Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile

    Sonys PlayStation Network and Valves PC game storefront Steam have both gone down simultaneously.

    Numerous users took to Twitter to share their troubles, with many people unable to play online or purchase video games.

    At time of writing, the Steam support account has acknowledged the issue. The PlayStation support account has advised users that clearing your cache & cookies or trying another browser, device or different internet connection might fix the problem.

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    What Did George Hotz Do To Sony

    Respected for his iPhone hacks and now the PlayStation 3 jailbreak, Hotz was accused of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other laws, after he published an encryption key and software tools on his website in January that allow Playstation owners to gain complete control of their consoles from the Apr 11, 2011.

    Employers ‘breaking The Law’ On Maternity Rights Says Attorney General

    Suella Braverman was the first cabinet minister to take paid maternity leave. Now, she has told Sky News she wants to see further changes to prevent women from being discriminated against in the workplace. Read more > >

    Boris Johnson should resign if he broke ministerial code, Scottish Tory leader saysDouglas Rosss comments frustrate Downing Street advisers who want to play down sleaze allegations before elections Haha useless arse got boxed in by marr on this one He should resign anyway bc he puts the care of his citizens last, unless they are wealthy. But if the Tories write the code…

    Labour has talked down to voters for too long, says Angela RaynerExclusive: deputy leader says party must do more to speak to the people on minimum-wage jobs who she grew up with Also they dislike working class people . Only understand middle class university Marxist educated types . Also dislike any thing that’s British and it’s history.

    Blackpool rollercoaster ‘breaks down near top forcing riders to walk down’THIS is the moment thrill-seekers got more than they bargained for when they were forced to climb down 200ft from Blackpool Pleasure Beachs world famous roller coaster. The iconic 213ft Big

    Visitors CLIMB DOWN from top of Blackpool Pleasure Beach rollercoasterAdrenaline junkies were left stranded at the highest point of The Big One rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach this afternoon after it broke down mid-ride. I’m afraid of rollercoaster…

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    Delayed Warning Of Possible Data Theft

    On April 26 nearly a week after the outage, Sony confirmed that it “cannot rule out the possibility” that personally identifiable information such as PlayStation Network account username, password, home address, and email address had been compromised. Sony also mentioned the possibility that credit card data was takenafter claiming that encryption had been placed on the databases, which would partially satisfy PCI Compliance for storing credit card information on a server.Subsequent to the announcement on both the official blog and by e-mail, users were asked to safeguard credit card transactions by checking bank statements. This warning came nearly a week after the initial “external intrusion” and while the Network was turned off.

    Some disputed this explanation and queried that if Sony deemed the situation so severe that they had to turn off the network, Sony should have warned users of possible data theft sooner than on April 26. Concerns have been raised over violations of PCI Compliance and the failure to immediately notify users. US SenatorRichard Blumenthal wrote to Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton questioning the delay.

    Sony replied in a letter to the subcommittee:

    Psn Down: Playstation Players Experience Problems Across Globe

    PlayStation Network server status

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    PlayStation users have faced problems with the PlayStation Network tonight, with games bouncing out players and services like Netflix not working. Angry users have taken to social media and website Down Detector to complain about the outage.

    One user wrote: Some services are experiencing issues.

    This is currently on PSN website full systems meltdown

    Another said: Rah they are taking the p**s man cant even watch Netflix.

    A third added: Was in the middle of a run on Alien Isolation, went to do something, came back and was warned that my games were locked and could not connect.

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    Is There Anything I Can Do And How Do I Fix This

    If the entire PlayStation Network is down, there isn’t much you can do. You can try going offline to access your games that way, but that may not work in every case and it certainly won’t allow you to play multiplayer. Also, to play your digital games offline, the console you are using must be set as the primary system tied to your account.

    The problem isn’t always PSN, though it may be your internet. If this is the case, try resetting your router and reconnecting your system to your Wi-Fi network. You can perform an internet connection test by going to Settings> Network> Test Internet Connection on your console. If that doesn’t cut it, you may also want to consider connecting your PS4 or PS5 to the internet with an Ethernet cable.

    Troubleshooting online connection problems on PS5 usually doesn’t take too long. And if it doesn’t work, you’ll know that the problem is on Sony’s end.

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