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Why Does Modern Warfare Keep Crashing Ps4

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Status Goalpost Warzone Error

Modern Warfare Fix Crashes Freezing PC Xbox One PS4 NEW!

The Status Goalpost Warzone error is a multiplayer error that prevents friends sending and receiving friend requests and joining each other’s game. The fix is a fairly simple work around, however, and involves using Activation accounts in Warzone rather than your console’s built-in friend systems. Although double check you have cross play activated in your accounts settings first before you do anything else. Assuming that’s not the problem then here’s in order to fix the Status Goalpost Warzone error you’ll need to make sure you all have Activision accounts and use the your Activision names to invite each other.

Why Does Modern Warfare Keep Telling Me To Install Multiplayer

If the game is politely requesting that you install multiplayer, then youre missing Data Pack 1. Instead, it pops up when selecting certain game modes from the menu screen. Youll see the please install multiplayer message if you try to go online but dont have the multiplayer data pack installed.

How To Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Crashing Or Freezing On Ps4

Many Call Of Duty Warzone gamers are reporting that their game keeps on crashing on their PS4 console. While the causes for this type of problem can vary, majority of cases are fixed by simply restarting the console.

Warzone is a new game and it definitely has teething problems at this time. However, if your problem appears to be happening more often than normal, you can troubleshoot it to see to fix it. Well show you how to do that below.

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How To Fix Dev Error 6034 In Warzone

Trick 1

On Xbox One and PlayStation 4/5

  • Go to Settings
  • In the Network select Advanced Settings
  • Select Alternate MAC address
  • Launcher.db
  • Modern Warfare Launcher.exe
  • In the launcher, use the Scan and Repair tool. This will uses Battle.nets Scan and Repair option to replace the missing files with working ones.
  • Trick 2

    • Reset the graphics settings back to their default settings.
    • Close unwanted background applications.
    • Reboot your computer and try again.

    Update: A new patch is released to address dev error 6034 on Xbox and PC. Kindly, .

    COD Modern Warfare dev error 6034 on Xbox One indicates that you have a corrupted game data. A future Warzone and Modern Warfare game update will address Warzone dev error 6034 on Xbox, PC and PS4.

    Warzone Devs Adjust Juggernaut Spawn Rate In March 25 Update: Full Patch Notes

    Games Keep Crashing Pc

    A new March 25 update for Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded has nerfed the Juggernaut spawn rates and brought changes to Rebirth Island.

    After the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded update brought loads of new content, such as Rebirth Reinforced and the Keycard system, its no surprise that the devs have been tweaking things after players have been able to get their hands on the content.

    We first saw this with the Armaguerra nerf, as it seems the new SMG came in slightly too strong. Now, this March 25 update looks to conquer issues with Rebirth Island.

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    Solution 1: Reinstall Cod Modern Warfare

    If none of the fixes worked for you and you are still getting the crashing problem with Modern Warfare, then you have no option but to reinstall your game. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Press the Windows + R to open the Run window.
    • Type %appdata% and hit the Enter key.
    • On the new window, locate the folder & delete all of its files.
    • Go to the App Data> Local Files folder & delete all the game files.
    • After deleting all the game files, reinstall Modern Warfare.

    If you are still encountering the game stutter issue while playing then here it is suggested to run the Game Booster. This works to improve system performance to run the game smoothly.

    • It boosts the game by optimizing the system resources
    • Offer better and smooth gameplay
    • Gets better FPS rate
    • Make the game smooth for responsive play
    • Also fix low FPS, lagging issues.

    Warzone Error Codes Problems And Fixes From Whitelist To Torch

    You never know when a Warzone error code might appear, with Whitelist the current offender stopping play. But how do you fix it, or get around any issues that prevent you getting into the game? With the recent Vanguard integration in adding a new map, guns and plenty more to the game it feels like Caldera is more unstable than ever as Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Vanguard tech struggle to play nice in one game.

    What ever the Warzone error however, we keep a track of them here. Like Whitelist and TORCH, if it’s stopping you getting into a game, or crashing it once you are, we’ll list all the fixes and workaround we know of. That way you can hopefully sort out problems and get back to playing sooner rather than later.

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    # 1 Restart Your Pc Or Game Console

    The first and most common way for the Warzone keeps crashing is to restart your PC or game console. By doing so, the temporary glitch and system cache can be solved. This method has been proven by many players to be useful. Lets have a try.

    • For a Windows PC, you can select the Start menu and then click on the Power icon and select Restart.
    • For a PS4 console, unplug all power supply cables, hold down the Power button to restart your PS4 system, and re-plug the power supply.
    • For an Xbox One console, click on the Gear icon to open Settings, and then tap on Restart console to continue. Also, you can restart Xbox One by holding the Power button until it turns off.

    If a simple restart cant help you fix Warzone crashing, you can move down to the following fixes.

    Random Call Of Duty Warzone Game Bug

    HOW TO FIX CRASHING ISSUES IN COD MW | Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Freezing (PS4, XBOX, PC)

    If youre getting the PS4 CE-34878-0 error, its possible that the issue is caused by a temporary bug that can occur randomly. Try restarting your PS4 to fix the issue. This is usually an effective solution for this particular error.

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    If Warzone continues to crash or freeze after you have rebooted the console, the problem is most likely caused by something else.

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    Solution : Disable Discord In

    The in-game overlay feature often causes the game to crash. Users may get able to fix the Modern Warfare crashing on PC problem by disabling this feature.

    • Launch Discord> click on Settings.
    • Go to the Overlay tab.
    • Press the toggle button to enable the in-game overlay.
    • If you dont want to disable the in-game overlay for all the games, then simply go to the Games Activity tab and disable the.

    Do You Have To Download All Of Modern Warfare To Play Multiplayer

    The Season 6 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally available, but Data Pack 2 is required to play multiplayer on PS4 and Xbox One. Yes, even if you preloaded the Season 6 update on PS4, you still have to download and install an additional file in order to play Modern Warfare multiplayer.

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    Reset And Update Bios

    • Shut down your computer and unplug the power cord from the power source.
    • Now, remove the side panel of the CPU.
    • Ensure that youre grounded and locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard. There is only one circular CMOS battery which is easily noticeable.
    • Next, remove the CMOS battery quite gently. If you dont know how to do it, you can search it online.
    • Once removed, clean it with a cloth and wait for around a couple of minutes.
    • Finally, place the battery back like before and close the side panel of the CPU.
    • Plugin the power cord to the power source again and restart your PC.
    • Now, run Steam as an administrator and launch the COD: Modern Warfare game to check for the issue.

    We assume that now youre able to run the game properly on your computer without any crashing or lagging. Have some queries? Feel free to comment below.

    Rebuilding The Ps4 Database

    Can I Just Install Modern Warfare Multiplayer

    Sometimes a corrupt database on the PlayStation is responsible for frequently crashing games since files fail to get verified. Gamers need to follow these steps to rebuild the database on PS4:

    • Press and hold the Power button for about 3 seconds and turn the console off. The LED light blinks before the PS4 shuts down.
    • Press and hold the Power button for 7 seconds.
    • The Power button needs to be released after the second beep.
    • The Dualshock 4 controller needs to be connected with the USB cable, and the PS button must be pressed.
    • The Rebuild Database option needs to be selected.
    • Pressing the X button will start the rebuild.
    • Players now need to wait for the process to complete.

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    Content Package Not Available On Ps4 Or Ps5/ Error Code 6039

    This is a rough one – if you try to open Warzone and get a message telling you that the content package is not available , you’re in for a real annoyance, as the only way to fix this error is to completely uninstall Call of Duty Warzone and reinstall it again afterwards. Basically, delete and download the entire game.

    From what we understand, this is an issue wherein certain essential files have become corrupted or deleted. The game can’t identify what they are, so the only way to fix it is to download Warzone all over again, including the missing files. It’ll take a while if there’s slow internet at your home, but there’s no other known fix at time of writing. Sorry.

    Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

    A couple of days ago, Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 10 with KB4535996. The KB4535996 cumulative update for Windows 10 is quite buggy and causing so many errors or problems.

    • Go to Start menu > Click on Settings
    • Next, click on Update and Security
    • Click on View update history
    • Now, if you can see that there is an update having KB4535996 has been already installed. Make sure to uninstall it.
    • Here you will see the Uninstall updates option on the top of the page.
    • Right-click on it and select Uninstall.
    • It may take some time to delete that update and your system may restart automatically.
    • Have some patience and you can also manually reboot your Windows PC .

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    Warzone Crashing Ps4 Bug: How To Fix It Freezing

    9th Dec 2021 19:24

    Unfortunately, the Warzone crashing PS4 issue is preventing a good night of gaming with the squad for many of you. Enjoying the new map in Warzone is impossible when the game is freezing all the time, which is happening to a large number of players, because this Warzone freezing issue seems common. So what can be done? Here’s what we know about the Warzone crashing and freezing PS4 console so far, and how to potentially fix it.

    Users of both PlayStation 4 and 5 shared their annoyance about such severe crashes that they had to manually shut down their console, with some even having to pull the power plug as their console had completely frozen up. Some players were able to reset their console by holding down the PlayStation button on their controller for long enough, likely limiting the chances of damaging the console in the process in comparison to a full plug-pull.


    No specific action appears to trigger the bug as it apparently can both occur inside and outside the lobby. At the time of writing, neither publisher Activision nor developer Raven Software have given an official statement regarding the issue and therefore no expected timeline for a bug fix is known at this time.

    Run The Game As Administrator

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare – Keeps crashing going to black screen 1.50 PS4.

    Sometimes running a program on Windows without having admin access can upset you because the User Account Control system doesnt give proper access to run it. So, allowing the administrator access is necessary for every game on Windows PC/Laptop. To do that:

    • Right-click on the installed modernwarfare.exe file.
    • Select Properties > Click on the Compatibility tab.
    • Enable the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
    • Click on Apply and hit OK to save changes.

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    Blzbntagt00000bb8 Scan And Repair Glitch

    This jumble of letters is a recurring glitch that’s been an issue recently where Warzone gets stuck in a recurring loop of scan and repair, leaving you unable to open it. This usually happens if you delete or files that make it up off your PC, but it can happen regardless.

    If you have this issue, you basically need to uninstall totally and re-install it afterwards. Make sure you delete any %LOCALAPPDATA% folders related to it before you re-install.

    Quick Fixes For Call Of Duty Crashing Problem Pc

    Lets firstly turn through some very quick, very easy, things to try to resolve the issue if Call of Duty Modern Warfare keeps crashing.

    • Close down any background programs using Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Task Manager, especially Antivirus software, plus Blizzard Update Agent if running.
    • Check for Windows updates , plus game updates.
    • Try resetting your PC and the game.
    • If the problem has started recently, try deleting any other applications also recently installed.
    • In general, delete any large applications you no longer need to free up disk space and resources.
    • Try also turning off firewall and antivirus software while playing the game.

    These are some of the obvious ones to try now lets move onto some more in-depth solutions to this problem.

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    Why Is The Call Of Duty Update So Big

    In general, the most accepted idea is the fact that Modern Warfare has too many assets. Some players suggest that holding the cosmetics from the store along with un-compressed textures for maps are what cause these issues, while others believe that Infinity Ward simply didnt do enough to compress the game down.

    Last Ditch Option Delete & Reinstall

    Warzone Update Keeps Restarting Ps4

    This is something to try if you have literally tried everything else and are still getting problems with Modern Warfare crashing regularly.

    Firstly, you can do a Scan and Repair on your game. If you are on the Blizzard interface, then open it up, go to OptionsScan and Repair.

    If on Steam, go to Game library, select Modern Warfare, go to Local Files and select Verify Integrity of Game Files.

    This will try to find and fix any file issues.

    If this doesnt work, you can simply try deleting the game entirely off your system and reinstalling it from scratch. Obviously this is going to take some time, and youll likely lose saved data and settings, but can be worth trying if nothing else is working.

    This can also be a good solution if you keep getting dll errors like the ntdll.dll error.

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    Tip #2 Check For Gpu Driver Updates

    This is another very common cause of PC games crashing your graphics drivers especially are not up to date.

    You can do this manually by visiting the links to the main graphics driver manufacturers:

    and downloading the installing the latest drivers.

    In fairness though, these providers also now often have in interface on your PC to automatically check for updates, since they are released quite frequently to fix bugs.

    Make sure Auto-update is on for your provider and you shouldnt have to worry about this.

    How To Fix Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Errors:

    #1 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Random insufficient free disk space Error

    You might encounter this error when you are playing the campaign of the game. You keep getting sent to the main menu and you receive this error Error: Insufficient free disk space. Please free at least 5mb of free space on game drive. This issue seems to happen at random time and you lose all progress of the campaign until that moment.

    To fix this issue follow the workarounds below:

    • Try to run the game in Administrator Mode
    • You most likely need to increase the size of your pagefile. Even if you arent running out of system RAM, some apps still need to use the pagefile to offload things. Follow the instructions on this page and set it to either Automatically manage paging file for all drives, or if you really want to manually set it, at least set it to a couple of GB
    • Try right clicking on the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare folder in ProgramFiles/Steam/steamapps/common, choose Properties, then click on the Security tab. Next click Edit and give Full Control to everything in there

    #2 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashes

    Players reported that their game crashes after playing somewhere between 5-10 minutes on SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer also, below you can see what some players say about this error:

    Game crashes in both multiplayer and singleplayer after playing somewhere between 5-10 minutes. It says that the display driver crashes.


    #3 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Stuttering

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    Clear The Cached Data On Playstation 4

    The Playstation 4 doesnt have a specific menu that will allow you to clear the cache of your console.

    Fortunately, you can still force all the currently cached data pout by following the procedure below:

  • With your Playstation 4 console turned on, press and hold on the power button and keep it pressed until you hear a beep. Power-cycling the PS4 console

    Note: Its important to turn your console off and not put it into Rest Mode .

  • Once you hear the beep and the light indicator on the Playstation 4 console have stopped blinking, unplug the power code from the back of your console.
  • Wat at least 30 seconds to give the power capacitors enough time to drain themselves once this happens, the temporary data that is currently cached will be cleared.
  • After this time period passed, plug the power code back in, then start your console normally and see if you are able to launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer mode.
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