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How To Expand Ps5 Storage

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Expand your PS5 storage with these tips

Assuming that the WD Black SN850 is compatible as an internal SSD storage expansion option for PS5, we can get a gauge on how much it will cost. The SN850 comes in 3 sizes: 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. You can expect to pay $225, $419 and $839 respectively in Australia.

The FireCuda 530 with heatsink gives us another indication. You’re looking at 500GB , 1TB , 2TB or 4TB .

Ways To Expand Your Ps5 Storage With More Space

There are 3 ways you can expand your storage space so you can have more games available on demand when playing your PS5. But only 1 of them really delivers what you want.

  • There is a PCIe expansion bay in the PlayStation 5 that you can fill with a compatible PCIe Gen 4 M.2 NVMe SSD card from late August 2021.
  • You can plug in an external SSD hard drive.
  • Or you can plug in a portable HDD storage solution.
  • I’ll go into more detail on these options further down, but here’s a quick snapshot of the performance differences. A note about read speeds: Internal storage solutions plug straight into the console, but external solutions go through a USB cable. Now, USB 3.0 is capped at 625MB/s, with the latest USB 3.1 which is available on PS5 capped at 1.25GB/s. Something to keep in mind.

    PS5 storage expansion
    No Yes

    If you look at our list of install sizes for PS5 games, it will be immediately obvious how claustrophobic that 667GB feels. Many next-gen games, in particular popular blockbusters, are well over the 100GB mark each. We need more PS5 storage space.

    If you caught our PS5 review, you’ll know there is plenty to love about the console. However, while the internal NVMe SSD facilitates many of its most enjoyable features, it was too expensive for Sony to include enough space on it to last gamers very long. So, how can you upgrade?

    Stage : Format Your New M2 Ssd

    After installing a new M.2 SSD on PS5, you will see an M.2 SSD Storage screen asking you to format the SSD when you power on your PS5 console. Just select the Format M.2 SSD option to continue. When the formatting process is finished, select OK. Then you can start to use the expanded PS5 M.2 SSD storage.


    You just need to go to Settings > Storage. Then select Installation Location. Under the Set the default installation location for games and apps section, you can replace Console Storage with M.2 SSD Storage for your PS5 Games and Apps and PS4 Games and Apps.

    You can also move your current games and apps to yourPS5 M.2 SSD storage with the following steps:

  • Go to your games home and select Game Library.
  • Highlight the data you plan to move and press the Options
  • Select Move Games and Apps. Check the target games and apps and then select Move.
  • There will be a pop-up window noticing that the item you selected will be moved to PS5 M.2 SSD storage. Just click OK to confirm the operation.
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    Best External Ps5 Ssd

    Capacity: 1TB Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Max Transfer Speed: 20Gb/s Weight: 0.26 pounds Size: 4.65″ x 2.44″ x 0.55″

    The WD_Black P50 Game Drive is a great way to add even more storage space to your PS5, especially if you find yourself playing a lot of older games. You cant run PS5 games off of it but with the latest update, you can shuttle them back and forth between the internal drive and an external so that you dont have to delete them when you run low on space and redownload them when you want to play again.

    The WD_Black P50 Game Drive is a fast external SSD thats designed specifically for gaming, including an aluminum shell to help keep it cool without a noisy fan. This is a great option for storing and playing your entire PS4 library while you reserve the PS5s internal storage for new games.

    How To Transfer Games From The M2 Ssd Back To Console Storage

    PS5 Supports NVMe SSDs for Storage Expansion

    If you’ve made a mistake, don’t panic, just follow these steps to move your game back to console storage again. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above first, then:

  • From the Storage screen, highlight and select M.2 SSD Storage.
  • Move the cursor across and select Games and Apps.
  • Select a game you want to move using the X button on your controller.
  • Highlight Select Items to Move and press X to select.
  • Select the game files you want to move by checking the box next to each title.
  • Highlight and select Move.
  • Then just confirm the action with OK and your files will head back from the M.2 SSD to your console storage.
  • Again, a nice simple process.

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    The Best Ps5 External Hard Drives For 2021

    Reasons to avoid

    The P50 is one of the best external drives for any device right now, particularly in a world that’s moving slowly but surely toward SSDs ruling the roost. However, it’s probably the best PS5 external hard drive outright now, offering speeds and performances often reserved for those drives within the best gaming PCs and on best SSD for gaming lists. All encased within a unit that has a quality, cool design, and a robust build.

    Speaking of that unit, on its outside the P50 is military metal-styled, rectangular in shape, and features slick molded metal in black along with the traditional WD_Black aesthetics and markings. Its USB-C port can be used on your devices as either a USB-A or USB-C connection and in our testing, we got the same speeds through either port so it shouldn’t matter which you have free or available, or if you change the device it’s used with during its lifetime. There’s a small but clear LED indicator on one of the short ends which is always a help, but one small downside is that it does get a little warm when in use so it’ll pay to keep that in mind when positioning it.

    Reasons to avoid

    Even beyond being a top PS5 external hard drive SSD, the Samsung T5 series is just one of the top SSDs for gaming generally and remains very popular across the board. It does retain a higher price for its premium nature, pedigree, finish, and performance, but it’s certainly worth it. Plus, we are increasingly seeing great deals on them too.

    Reasons to avoid

    Follow These Steps To Boost Your Ps5 Storage

    Its the update PS5 players have been waiting for: you can now upgrade the PlayStation 5 SSD internal storage. But youre going to have to jump through some hoops first.

    Outlined on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has outlined the method for increasing the amount of space for games on the console.

    And its a much-needed upgrade while PS4 games can still be played from a HDD or regular external SSD on the PS5, games specifically built for the PlayStation 5 can currently only be played on the consoles high-speed internal storage. You can store PS5 games on an external drive, but if you want to play them you’ll need to transfer them to the PlayStation 5’s internal storage.

    With the PS5 only coming with 667.2GB of usable space out of the box, and games like Call of Duty: Warzone requiring 200GB of installation space, thats quickly proving not enough. As such, getting a compatible M.2 SSD drive in the console has become a priority for many players.

    But for a company that pioneered the plug-and-play ease of the PlayStation Memory Card, its a relatively complicated upgrade process on the PS5, especially compared to the Xbox Series X / S Storage Expansion Card method.

    Getting ready to upgrade PS5 storage? Heres what you need to know.

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    How Does Playstation 5’s Ssd Work And What Are The Benefits Over A Standard Hdd

    One of the biggest selling points of the PlayStation 5 is how much faster the system accesses game data, leading to much faster load times and other benefits.

    As with the Xbox Series SSD, a bespoke SSD storage solution is a major part of that, as well as a series of custom hardware solution to ease bottlenecks of how data is handled and processed.

    At a glance, here’s what you can expect from the PlayStation 5’s new hard drive solution:

    • The ability to access 5.5GB or a typical 8-9GB of data per second. This is around 100 times faster than what’s possible on PS4 currently – which has an IO throughput of around 50-100MB/s, which is dependent on data location on the HDD.
    • Sony believes this results in significantly faster loading times – with games teased to boot within a second from the dashboard, and a near eradication of loading times.
    • Much faster loading means expanded design freedom for game developers making worlds. For example, those twisting passages or elevator rides used to hide loading in open world games could be a thing of the past.
    • Using an SSD means developers don’t need to duplicate the same files over and over throughout a HDD or Blu-ray disc to compensate for slower loading – meaning more of what you download are actually relevant game files.
    • You know how PS4 patches often require just as much free space before it can download and install? With the PS5, this will be a thing of the past – requiring only the space you actually need for updates.

    Transfer Games From Ps5 Console Storage To M2 Ssd

    How to Expand PS5 Storage – M.2 SSD PS5 install

    So, if you’ve got your hands on a shiny new M.2 SSD for your PS5 and popped it into your PlayStation, then you are probably wondering how to transfer your games from console storage to your internal M.2 card, and do it safely.

    Fortunately, the process is simple and fast, so you can sort out your game library quickly and get back to gaming .

    Just follow these steps and you’re on your way to an orderly game library.

  • From your PS5 Home Screen, select Settings at the top right, next to your avatar.
  • Scroll down and select Storage.
  • From the Storage screen, select Console Storage.
  • Move the cursor across and select Games and Apps.
  • Highlight and select a game you want to move using the X button.
  • A pop-up will… pop up. Ensure you highlight Select Items to Move and press X on your DualSense.
  • You can now select any other game files you want by checking the box to the left of each title.
  • Once you’ve selected the games you want to migrate to your M.2 SSD, click Move.
  • A confirmation message will appear, stating “The item you selected will be moved to the M.2 storage.” Highlight OK and select it with the X button.
  • A progress pop-up will appear, showing you when your games have moved to the M.2 SSD. Once the progress bar fills up, you’re all done!
  • And that’s it! Easy as pie.

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    Ps: How To Expand Storage

    PS5 offers a total of 825 GB of internal SSD storage , of which a total of 667 GB is free for the installation of games . With an increasing size of the games, it seems very necessary to expand the storage capacity of PlayStation 5. And for this we have two options: through an internal SSD disk or through an external HDD via USB 3.0 . Lets see how to expand PS5 storage with both methods.

    Is 1tb Ssd Enough For Ps5

    We think that 1TB for an internal SSD is going to be the sweet spot for most players. This would give your PS5 just over 1.5TB of proper usable space, and also ensures you’re not paying silly money for the 2TB and up variants of the SSDs – this is where prices can skyrocket .

    Externally, you do get way more bang for your buck, and we’d say a 1TB model is probably a minimum, a starting point. Particularly in sales season, you’ll find high-quality 2TB and up models – of SSDs – coming down to the same prices as their smaller counterparts. HDDs will get you even further and 4TYB and 5TB models will get you all the storage you’ll ever need, for a low price – if you’re happy with slower speeds.

    I’m one of the Hardware Editors for GamesRadar+, and have been for nearly three years I’ve also been a writer on games – freelancing and the like – for four or so years for the likes of Eurogamer, RPS, PCGN, and more. Day to day, I take care of a whole host of gaming tech reviews, buying guides, and news and deals content that pops up across GamesRadar+. I’m also a qualified landscape and garden designer so do that in my spare time, and use it to write about games’ landscapes and environments too, including an upcoming book on the topic!

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    How To Expand Ps5 Storage Via External Hdd

    Another option is to expand the storage memory through an external hard drive via USB , as could already be done on PS4. Of course, in the case of PS5 there is an important handicap: we can only store PS5 games but not run them . To run a PS5 game you will first have to copy it from the external HDD to the internal SSD storage . It is a solution that will allow us to store PS5 games and copy them faster than if we downloaded them again.

    On the other hand, we can play PS4 games stored on the external HDD without having to copy them to the internal SSD. In this case, it is an ideal option for saving PS4 games to PS5. Also, if you already have an external HDD on PS4 , you can use it directly without formatting it on your PS5. To do this, always remove HDD hard drives safely to avoid data loss in addition, both consoles will have to have the same PlayStation user.

    The requirements to use an external HDD hard drive through a USB 3.0 port is that the drive has a USB 3.0 connection . There are many external HDD hard drives of various capacities: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and more. The higher the capacity, the higher the price, although in this case they are much cheaper than NVMe SSDs. To do this, connect the HDD 3.0 hard drive to one of the two USB 3.0 ports on the back of the console, turn on your PS5 and the operating system will take care of formatting the external hard drive.

    How To Move Games To Or From Your Ps5’s External Storage

    How To Use An M.2 Drive To Increase Your PS5 Storage ...

    None of your games will move to the drive automatically, although any PS4 game you download from this point on will download onto the drive by default.

    While the drive is connected, you can play any PS4 game on it without moving it back. If you want to play a PS5 game that’s stored on it, however, you’ll have to move the game back onto the console first.

    To move your existing games, you’ve got two options.

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    Ps5 Storage Upgrade: The Difference Between Internal And External Ps5 Storage

    Players can already expand their PS5s storage by attaching an external drive to it through a USB port.

    External USB storage can be cheap to buy with a bit of searching you can find 2TB for as low as $60 / £50 but it has limitations on the PS5.

    Because PlayStation 5 games are developed with extremely fast storage in mind, PS5 games cant actually run off an external drive.

    Thats because the PS5s built-in SSD can read data at 5500MB/s, but the USB 3.0 ports on the PS5 can only handle a maximum of 625MB/s. Even if you had an external drive that used the maximum speed of USB 3.0 , it would still be reading far slower than PS5 games need.

    That doesnt make it completely useless external drives can still happily run PS4 games, and can also be used to store PS5 games you arent playing .

    To summarise, heres what an external USB drive can do when its plugged into a PS5:

    • It CANTplay PS5 games
    • It CANplay PS4 games
    • It CANstore PS4 and PS5 games

    If you want to expand your PS5s storage to hold more PS5 games that you can play right away, thats where internal storage comes into play.

    The PS5 comes with an 825GB SSD built in, of which only around 660GB can be used.

    Increasing this storage involves opening up the console and finding its internal SSD mount, where you can attach another SSD .

    Once you install this internal SSD, heres what it can do:

    • It CAN play PS5 games
    • It CAN play PS4 games
    • It CANstore PS4 and PS5 games

    Ps5 Ssd: How To Move Games To The M2 Ssd

    If you want to shift over some of the games you’ve already installed on your PS5, then you can do that with minimal effort. In the Settings > Storage menu, select Console Storage and you’ll be presented with a list of all of the games and apps currently installed on your PS5’s built-in SSD.

    Image: Push Square

    Find the item you want to move to the M.2 SSD and select it. You’ll see the following sub-menu:

    Image: Push Square

    The item will then be moved over to the M.2 SSD.

    Images: Push Square

    Have you installed an internal PS5 SSD and expanded your storage on PS5? Check out our PS5 guide, and let us know how much space you’ve got in the comments section below. Remember to find our list of the Best PS5 SSDs through the link.

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