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How To Fix Input Delay On Ps4

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What Is The Ps4 Controller Input Lag


Before heading onto how you can fix the input lag, you must understand what does the input lag mean. In simple means, input lag is when you input any instruction on your DS4 controller, and it fails to register or registers after a delay to your console. So basically, the controller does not correspond with the input and malfunctions.

If you face PS4 controller input lag, you would definitely want to fix this since you cannot afford anything impeding your game.

Other Causes And Solutions

Another common reason for input lag is the type of monitor players are using. Even the best 60hz monitors will have slightly delayed displays. Upgrading to a 120hz monitor or better can make an immense impact on screen lag. People playing on TVs larger than 40 inches will want to make sure that they have “game mode” activated if available. Many of the large TV manufacturers create products to display movies and television, not to optimize gaming performance.

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Other factors include internet connection and console settings. Wired connections are always better than wireless connections for those that have the option. On both Xbox and PS, there are settings that can reduce video resolution to take advantage of higher hertz and FPS. Anyone that is playing on 1440p may want to consider downgrading pixels to 1080p for a potential boost to frames and hertz. Rust was developed in 2013, and the updated graphics are not going to be stunning even with the best console setup. More frames and more hertz will give players more control.

What Is Ps4 Controller Input Lag

To know how to fix controller input lag on android. First you need to understand what the issue is. Basically, PlayStation 4 controller lag is when you cannot register controller input completely, or there is a delay in registering it while playing your game or using the application.

Generally, the delay is very apparent to the gamer. E.g., after pressing a button on the controller, there may be a delay in the action being displayed on-screen/ monitor. This can really ruin your gaming experience.

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Ps4 Controller Input Lag Issues Fixed

by PS4 Storage·26/05/2021

Ever notice that when you play games on your PS4, it feels like the controller is lagging or not well responding? Thats because there is a delay between what you do and what happens on the screen.

PS4 controller input lag is a frustrating issue for gamers and developers alike. It is a phenomenon that occurs when there is a delay between the time you press a button on your controller and the time it registers onscreen, resulting in an inaccurate input. The PS4 controller has had this issue for some gamers.

This PS4 controller input lag can cause problems when playing competitive video games. In this blog post, we will discuss why input lag occurs and how to fix it!

Best Controllers For Responsiveness


The stock Series X/S controllers are noticeably better when it comes to avoiding input lag. The same applies to the PS5 release controllers. Both of the models receive regular software updates to improve performance. For those still on the old gen, there are a number of reputable brands, which are mentioned below.

  • Xbox: Razer Wolverine, Xbox Elite, SCUF Instinct
  • PS: SCUF Impact. Sony Dualshock 4, Nacon, Terios

Having the best controller on the market will not completely eliminate input lag. It will, however, slightly improve responsiveness. The controllers above last longer and have better dead zones than cheap or stock options. Also, they will help to make users better gamers in the process.

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Some Known And Not Well Known Tips To Reduce Input Lag Tested Using Leo Bodnar Device

I recently was able to use a Leo Bodnar input lag tester to optimize settings for my TV. I’m going to list some obvious and not so obvious ways to reduce lag.

  • Use game mode . If you are a fanatic about TV picture calibration and are frustrated by the lack of fine-tuning white balance, check to see if there is a factory menu you can access for more granular adjustments. Game mode is the single most important thing you can do as far as reducing input lag.

  • Disable HDMI-CEC. In my tests, this added ~10ms of lag on my set. I disabled it on my TV and on my PS4. Though, disabling it on my PS4 didn’t change my lag, but it did change audio cut out .

  • Disable any power saving settings or ambient screen dimming. Both of these add additional lag .

  • If possible, test each HDMI input. I have 4 HDMI inputs and two of them consistently have less input lag than the other two.

  • Using TV speakers add input lag. If possible, use a separate audio system. Using TV speakers added ~8ms of lag on my set.

  • Some TV’s will automatically reduce all post-processing if you label an input PC. I have a Sony and I did this and the lag was the same as game mode. That being said, there were subtle white balance differences and shadow detail.

Obviously, not all of these will translate from one set to another, but if anything else, it suggests that seemingly benign settings can introduce additional lag.

Hope this helps!!!

Lan Factors: Always Use Wired Connections To Your Console

We have already covered this in detail in another article , but this is part of the internet connection that is often missed. A good internet package with high download and upload speeds does not necessarily guarantee lag free gaming for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, download speeds and latency are different measurements download speeds being how much data can be transferred per second to the router and latency being how fast this data can be transferred. See the article linked above for more explanation of this.

Secondly, the speed at which a router can send and receive data from the internet is only part of the story, as this data also has to get to and from the games console from the router, and it is this delay that causes so much lag in online gaming, especially for people using Wi-Fi. This is an area where Wi-Fi users can make the biggest improvements in reducing lag, as a wired connection is always more solid and consistent than a wireless connection.

The data getting to and from your home/router from the internet can be considered the WAN part of the connection the connection between your console and the router within your house can be considered the LAN part of the connection. The two things are not often differentiated properly when people talk about lag, and both parts of the connection need to be optimized if you want to game without lag.

The LAN is the network inside your home the WAN is the network outside your home

Image Credit: Harald Mühlböck

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Potential Fix #: Remove Hdmi Passthrough

The latency you are experiencing with your DualSense may be due to the HDMI passthrough.

If you connect your PlayStation 5 to another device before connecting it youre your television set, then that may be causing the input lag.

So, if you havent done so already, you should try connecting your PlayStation 5 system directly to your television set.

Our Fifa Input Delay Fix


So on to the fix or should we say fixes. We know certain things create problems for FIFA. Now these steps worked for us and we now have good gameplay same as PS4, even in FUT Champs. Which is great as we know that winning games is more in our control. We cant guarantee this will work for everyone. It should fix the Input Delay for lots of you not solve every gameplay issue that exists! Having tried an Xbox One and an Xbox One S and already done some of the steps on PS4. We asked to test it and it worked a dream on his main account. Improving his gameplay drastically same as ours. But a few pro players gave mixed feedback, one said worked well others said no different. Then Matt said on another account he didnt notice any improvement. Given how good it has been for us and on Matts main account this has to be tried by everyone.

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Check Third Party Applications

The PS4 controller and console use wireless connections to transmit data. We already know that if there is another wireless connection like Bluetooth then the wireless connection will be interrupted. If you face input lag, even after shutting down all the wireless devices around your console and controller, it could be because of the third-party apps that use Bluetooth.

To avoid this, you should check whether any third-party applications is using the wireless connection. To turn off the Bluetooth connection, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open the settings of your console.
  • Then go to the Power Saving Setting.
  • Then go to Bluetooth and you can disable it for a particular application.

A Cod Cold War Feels Downgraded In The Latest Consoles

This is true and you can confirm it in this Reddit thread. After the release of PS5 and Xbox series X, people saw some input lag in multiple games.

Especially with PS5, One of the Reddit user sold his PS5 and is waiting for everything to settle.

Dualshock 4s biggest plus point or you can say flex was that it has zero to no input lag.

This might solve with future updates because Sony wont tolerate input lag in its successor.

Xbox series X, on the other hand, has very few Input Lag cases and I think this might be the TV messing up.

Xbox Series X controller keeps disconnecting|Here is the solution

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Do A Bigger Size Displays Have Higher Input Lag

Screen size has nothing to do with input lag it is completely related to the refresh rate of your display. However, high resolutions can create input lag by overworking the GPU. If you are facing input lag at high resolutions and max refresh rates, compromise on graphics quality to enjoy better fps and reduced input lag.

Get More Frames And Hertz On Next Gen Consoles

How to REMOVE INPUT Delay / Lag on all Platforms (PC / Ps4 ...

Players can actually change the resolution and hertz the console is running on in the general settings. On Xbox Series X/S, this is found under the General TV & display options. There, the resolution and refresh rate can be changed manually. Hertz can only be changed if the monitor supports a higher refresh rate. If the option for 120 hertz is not available, the monitor likely does not support it. One way to get around this is to manually override manufacturer settings, although the monitor may not be able to display the image. Check what your TV is capable of by going into the 4k Details settings in the menu. This will indicate if native 120 FPS/120 hertz is possible.

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The same can be done on PS5. Simply go to the Saved Data and Game/App settings and pan down to the game presets tab. Next, click on the Performance Mode tab and select the Performance mode option. After starting the game, it should run on 120 hertz. This trick works on some monitors that do not even support 120 hertz, which is a cool feature.

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Turn Off Other Wireless Devices

Wireless devices either work on Bluetooth or Wifi. The devices work by sending and receiving signals from each other. When there are other wireless devices around your PS4 console or controller, the wireless connection is interrupted. This interruption may cause input lag.

To avoid this, you should turn off other wireless devices around your PS4 console or controller. This will help the console and controller to maintain a proper connection. Which will result in no input delays.

Whats The Deal With This Input Lag

The PS4 version of Street Fighter V has eight frames of input lag. It is also in the PC version of the game if V-Sync isnt disabled in the graphics options, though Ive read this causes screen tearing. While the fact has been known for a while , it is just now being brought to the attention of most people.

This isnt necessarily such a big deal to casual players, but competitive eSports ethletes are not happy about it. It means they have to predict their opponents moves and press buttons ahead of time instead of quickly reacting.

Considering the game was seemingly rushed out to allow players time to prepare for EVO, this input lag is a large oversight by the developers. At this point, though, would it do more damage or good to fix it?

Everyone is currently on an equal playing field, and if it were fixed, players would have to relearn their timings. It just seems like a situation with no real winners given either option, and a great opportunity for Capcom to release a fixed super/hyper/ultra version of Street Fighter V for some extra cash.

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Potential Fix #: Disable Ps4 Tone Mapping

If your input lag is only occurring when you are playing PS4 games on a PlayStation 5 system, you can try disabling HDR tone mapping. This features automatically converts non-HDR games to HDR,which may cause issues with latency.

To disable tone mapping, you need to go to Settings and then Screen and Video. From there, select Video Output on the left tab and then HDR. In the submenu, select Off.

How Much Input Lag Is Acceptable For Gaming

How to FIX INPUT LAG on PS4 | (3 Tips and More!)

Being a gamer, the choice between better performance and input lag is yours to decide. As per the expert gamers and esports participants, input lag for gaming can be rated as follows 40ms or below Good 40-70ms Average Above 70ms PoorIf you want to participate in competitive online gaming, you need to target input lags under 20ms.

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Change Fifa Audio Settings

Something we have done in the past to help synchronisation. Turned off public announcer as found him annoying really. The more important setting is the music. Switch off the music by setting it to zero. We have tried switching off tracks in the past but they seem to come back on even when saved as part of your personal settings. Which leads nicely onto the next step.

How To Reduce Input Lag With Ds4 Controller On Pc By A Lot Tutorial

Been doing this for about a week and its seems to be safe im not responsible if your controller explode.

Zviko said:Wait so input lag for wired DS4 is 10ms? That’s not even bad. I don’t see how would OCing it really change anything. Even Jax’s KB. Why is it easier? You still press the button on the same frame don’t you? Or you were 1f too slow before.


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Choose The Right Ball

Seems a bit over the top this one but we notice the smaller detail. Why in other FIFAs did you used to see your opponents ball when playing away but now only see your own? Again we think EA found something here and we experimented using different balls. We only felt really happy with ones from the Catalogue. When you purchase them they appear for free in Ultimate team. We decided to use the Nike FA-Cup ball.

Input Lag: Your Controllers Connection To Your Console And Your Monitor

How to Fix PS4 Controller Input Lag

The first stage in gaming where there is the potential for delay is between the pressing a button and that input registering on the console. It is generally acknowledged that a wired connection is always preferable to a wireless one for connecting to a router, and it is no different for controllers either.

The bluetooth technology has improved with the current generation of consoles but in our opinion a wired connection is always going to be more solid than wireless one on average so it makes sense to have a wired connection to your controller if possible.

Some of the USB cables that come with console controllers are stingy in length, which can make this difficult, but longer cables of up to 4 meters are available cheaply on Amazon so you can have a wired controller connection even sat quite far away from the console. This can reduce input delay and stop wireless controllers losing connection with the console altogether, which does still happen occasionally on the PS4.

Another thing you can look at to reduce input lag is your monitor or TV. There are a couple of settings you can change easily that may reduce latency. Firstly , if you dig into your TVs settings menu, many have a Game Mode you can switch it to, which straight away fine tunes your TV for minimum input lag.

All of which should help to reduce input lag and response times for gamers in any kind of super competitive eSports environment.

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Potential Fix #: Restart Ps5 And Dualsense

If none of the aforementioned fixes do not work, then you can try restarting your PlayStation 5 system and DualSense controller.

To restart the system, press the PS button to bring up the Controls menu. Navigate down and then to the right until you see the Power option. Select Power and then Restart PS5 to reboot the system.

To restart your DualSense, press the PS button to bring up the Controls menu. Afterwards, navigate down and then to the right until you see the Acessories option. Select Accessories and then Wireless Controller. In the new sub-menu, select Turn Off. After your controller is turned off, press the PS button to turn it back on.

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