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How To Format Usb For Ps4

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Format To Exfat In File Explorer

How To Format USB to Fat32 (PS4 Tutorial)
  • 1. When you plugged in the external drive, Press Win+E to open file explorer, if it shows Quick Access in Windows 10, do like this to change it to File Explorer, like we get used to it in Windows 7.
  • 2. Now Right-click on the external disk, and select “Format”
  • 3. In the new window, select exFAT from the File System dropdown menu and leave Quick Format checked click Start to Format.
  • 4. Restore the backed up files to this disk again, may spend some time according to the file size.

Adopt A Proper Usb Drive

First of all, you must choose a proper USB drive so as to transfer movies from your computer local drive to PS4 correctly. Apart from the obvious fact that it should have a large storage space for carrying movies, it should also fit the specific USB format standard of PS4.

When formatting a USB drive, Windows gives three options: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT , PS4 only supports FAT32 and exFAT USB. And as the successor of FAT32, exFAT tends to carry larger files, making itself an ideal choice here, for playing movies on PS4.

*Check the file system of your USB drive: On windows, connect your USB drive with your PC, right-click on it from your root directory > click Properties.

Quick Answer: How To Play Videos Off Usb On Ps4

Use the PS4 Media Player Launch the PS4 Media Player app and your USB drive will appear as an option. Youll see the PS4s Media Player app icon in the PS4s content area that strip of icons on the main screen. Select it with your controller and launch it.

What is the best video format for PS4?

  • Best PS4 Supported Video/Audio Formats. Recommended Video Formats Supported by PS4. 1. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video, High Profile Level 4.2 with AAC-LC, AC-3 audio in.mkv,.mp4,.ts and.avi file formats 2. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video, High Profile Level 4.2 with MP3 in.mkv and.avi file formats

Insert USB Flash Drive into USB port, turn PS4 on and then go to the main menu, select Video and find your USB Flash Drive, select Display All to see the video files that exists on your PS4, please choose the file that you want to transfer and press the triangle button, choose Copy and confirm the transferring, the movies are transferred to your PS4 hard drive, and then you can playmovies on HDTV via PS4 from USB Flash Drive.


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Format Usb For Ps4 On Mac

The above two methods are to teach you how to format USB for PS4 in Windows OS. Next, I will show you how to format USB for PS4 on Mac.

Step 1. Connect the USB to the macOS computer.

Step 2. Go to Applications> Utilities> Double-click and open Disk Utility.

Step 3. Select the USB you want to format, and then click the Erase button.

Step 4. Select MS-DOS in the format.

Step 5. Click the “Erase” button. Depending on the size of the USB drive, the operation may take some time.

Fix Ps3/ps4 Wont Read Ntfs Usb By Converting To Fat32

PS4 Can

If your PS3 or PS4 can’t read NTFS USB Drives, you need to backup data first,then reformat partition to FAT32 and finally restore data, the operation istime-consuming. Whats more, it may not secure the safety of your data and you can’tdirectly convert NTFS to FAT32. FAT32 can be converted to NTFS but it is not so easyto convert NTFS back to FAT32. Then we have to rely on third-party software.

Good news is that we got the best and reliable way of converting NTFS to FAT32. built-in NTFS to FAT32 Converter, which allows you to convert to FAT32without partition size limitation, without data loss, free of charge and easy touse.

Lets see the detailed steps of file system conversion as follows. How to convert anexternal 60 GB partition from NTFS to FAT32? Below is our target 60GB NTFSpartition.

1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition and select “NTFS to FAT32Converter”, on the main interface, select “NTFS to FAT32” and thenclick “Next”.

2. Select the target partition that need to be converted, and then click “Next”.

3. Click “Proceed” to commit the operation, then you will find theoperation is complete in minutes .

Then let’s go back to “Disk Management” to check the result. As shown,now we have converted the partition from NTFS to FAT32 successfully.

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Why Formatting A Usb Drive

The USB drive is such an essential in our daily life, some of us dont even think of formatting it. You will be amazed to know that formatting your USB drive may bring a lot of benefits. First of all, formatting cleans storage and upgrade your storage experience. The full capacity of the drive is restored which can optimize performance.

It allows you to change the file format and security settings to make your USB drive compatible with other devices you use. Formatting also lets you get rid of any unnecessary data or malicious code that may cause harm by USB to your computer. So, what are you waiting for? You can also format a write-protected USB.

Why Format Your Ps4 Hard Drive

Just like formatting a computer hard drive, Formatting the PS4âs internal hard drive helps a lot in different cases. Check them out below!

  • Degraded output in the PS4 hard drive thatâs causing the hard drive to slow down operation. and the drive is no longer as fast as it was before. Thus In order to return the output of the hard drive to its initial state, you need to format it completely.
  • If the PS4 hard drive crashes or becomes faulty due to a corrupted file system and bad sectors, a full-format will solve the problem completely.
  • You want to reuse PS4’s stock hard drive for another use after replacing it with a new drive, or you want to sell it or simply delete it, and you want all stored data to be totally destroyed/removed. While this can be achieved by resetting the PS4 device, a full-format resetting of the drive sectors and restoring output to the factory requirements is recommended.
  • There is an ambiguous tension between games and software that you can’t even detect. While a format procedure can repair it correctly, it is easier to reboot the device instead of spending time and effort since it would yield the same outcome.


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Corsair Flash Voyager Gtx 31 Premium

Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Interface: USB 3.1, compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

Transfer speed: 440 MB/s read and 440MB/s write

Warranty: 5 years

Price: Starting at $55.99 in Amazon and about $132.99 for 512GB

This USB drive offers the best performance among the listed three products, putting SSD performance in your pocket. It can work on PS4 of any model without driver installation needed.

How To Deal With Ps3/ps4 Cannot Read Ntfs Usb


In this case, FAT32, thats the real point, the PS3/PS4 use a proprietary FAT32 filesystem. FAT32 is standard for the PS3 and its the most common drive format. In thatcase, we need to convert NTFS to FAT32 to solve the problem. As we all know, NTFSand FAT32 are two basic file systems created for keeping track of files in the harddisk and we can make conversions between them.

FAT32 makes up some of the shortages of the original FAT file system, but pushesthrough the limitation with a 2TB maximum drive size. It supports files no more than4 GB, which means that the single data which is larger than 4 GB could not be savedin FAT32. Compared with NTFS file system, FAT32 is not proprietary. But FAT32 ismore compatible with more machines like MacOS, Windows, Linux, Play Station, Xbox,etc.

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Ps4 Backup Storage Standards

In order for PS4 system to accept an external hard drive as a backup storage solution, it must meet the following standards. They are:

  • Configured with USB interface, no matter what generation it is. So, whether you have a USB 1.x or USB 3.x external hard drive, it all will work properly as a PS4 backup solution.
  • Maximum storage capacity is 8tb without any minimum limit.
  • Single-layer drive. If you connect a dual-layer external HDD to PS4, the PS4 system will only recognize the first layer and ignores the second. Consequently this means youll lose half the storage capacity.
  • Not a NAS drive. Network Attached Storage external hard drives are NOT supported by PS4. So just pick a regular USB 3.0 drive instead.
  • Wired Connection as PS4 system cant recognize wireless external hard drives.
  • Non-partitioned drive. Ps4 system cant handle partitions. So, make sure your drive has only one volume with the full capacity.
  • Formatted with either FAT32 or exFAT file system. Users had to do that on a computer in the past, but now the recent updates of PS4 system software have this function as a built-in feature. So, make sure to install the latest PS4 system software on your console.
  • PS4 System Software 2.5 or higher. Otherwise your external hard drive wont be recognized.

How To Fix Ps4 Wont Recognize Or Read Usb Drive Error

Are you getting an error stated as PS4 not reading USB drive or not recognizing USB storage? Do you want to fix it but not getting the right solution? If so then just relax. I am saying so because, in this blog, you will learn how tofix PS4 wont recognize or read USB flash drive issue.

Besides, you will also get the best Hard Drive Data Recovery tool to retrieve the lost or deleted data from PS4 effectively. Below find the download button of this tool.


Note: While formatting USB drive via Windows Explorer, it is possible that you may get an error message Windows was unable to complete the format. Here learn the solutions to Fix Windows was Unable to Complete the Format Error on USB, Memory Card & Hard Drive.

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How To Move Applications

If you need to move any current application to your newly installed storage location follow the process as under. Get your PS4 format external hard drive to correct format to work perfectly.

  • Head over to Settings > Storage to select the correct PS4 external drive format.
  • Select the internal storage as it is the place where the app is located.
  • Press the OPTIONS button to select the external storage as a destination and move the applications.
  • Two Ways To Format Usb For Ps4 In Windows 10/8/7

    PS4 Can

    After reading previous paragraph, you might think about how to format USB for PS4 save data and how to format USB for PS4 system update? Donât worry, two free format USB for PS4 methods will be provided in this paragraph. One is Windows built-in tool Disk Management, and the other is third-party software AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

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    Reformat Ps4 Hard Drive With Easeus Partition Master

    Are you confused about various methods, and many people even advise you to buy a new hard drive? With the help of a professional assistant – EaseUS Partition Master, all you need to do is complete the process with a few mouse clicks. You need to delete the partition first and then create a new partition.

    Delete all PS4 partitions:

    Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master on your computer.

    Step 2. Select to delete partition or delete all partitions on hard drive.

    • Delete single partition: right-click on a partition that you want to delete and choose “Delete…“.
    • Delete all partitions: right-click a hard drive that you want to delete all partitions, and select “Delete All…“.

    Make sure that you’ve backed up the important data on the selected partition because this manner will compeletely remove data.

    Step 3. Click “OK” to confirm the deletion.

    Step 4. Click “Execute xx Operation” on the top menu and then click “Apply” to save the change.

    0:00 – 0:39 Delete single volumes 0:39 – 1:09 Delete all partitions.

    Create new partition:

    Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. On the main window, right-click on the unallocated space on your hard drive or external storage device and select “Create”.

    Step 2. Adjust the partition size, file system , label, etc. for the new partition and click “OK” to continue.

    Step 3. Click on the “Execute Operation” button and create a new partition by clicking “Apply”.

    The PS4 hard drive is automatically formatted in the process of creating partitions.

    What Format Does Ps4 Use For External Hard Drive

    It is essential to know that PS4 only allows saving data on USB 3.0 storage devices, which can vary from 256GB to 8TB. Furthermore, you should also know that PS4 does not support conventional file formats such as NTFS and HFS+. It only backs two of these file systemsâ exFAT and FAT32. But due to the limitations of FAT32, which restricts it to carry files individual files with size more than 4GB. Due to this fact, FAT32 has been relegated to support smaller storage gadgets like a USB.

    ExFat, on the other hand, is the advanced version of FAT32, which is designed to resemble the light features of NTFS and carry up to 16EB of data. It can easily carry games with 40GB apiece, which makes it the best choice to be the file system of your PS4âs external drive. You can check the comparison in the table below:


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    Why Won’t My Usb Storage Device Connect To My Ps4

    There are a few reasons why your flash drive won’t connect to your PS4. Here are a few things to check.

    • Check your system software, because the PS4 requires the latest update to use copied data.
    • Check to see whether your flash drive fits in the narrow gap around the USB port. Some USB flash drives are too wide to physically connect.
    • Go through the menus in the steps above to see whether it connected without letting you know.
    • Check whether the flash drive is working on another device like a computer.
    • How do you format a flash drive for PS4?

      The easiest way to format a flash drive on a computer is to plug it in, open File Explorer, and right-click the drive. In Windows, select Format, choose the exFAT option and start the process. On a Mac OSX machine, open Disk Utility, select the flash drive and then click Erase.

    • How do I update my PS4 with a flash drive?

      First, create a folder on the flash drive named PS4 and then make another folder named Update inside the folder. Then, go to the PS4 system software update page, download the update file and save it in the Update folder as PS4UPDATE.PUP. Finally, connect the flash drive to the PS4, start the PS4 in safe mode, and go to Safe Mode option 3: Update System Software> Update from USB Storage Device> OK.

    Formatting Ps4 External Hdd On A Pc

    How to FIX PS4 USB File System is not Supported (Including External Hard Drives)

    Well be using Microsoft Windows 10 for this purpose. Also, you have to note that formatting the external hard drive will erase all the existing files on it. So if your external hard drive already has important files on it, make sure to back them up before proceeding.

    So, now lets start on formatting the external hard drive for PS4 on a PC using Windows 10 format feature.

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    Format Your External Hdd Or Ssd On Your Windows Pc Or Laptop

    There are a couple of easy methods for drive formatting on Windows, and they dont change much these instructions are for Windows 10, but they should be applicable for the last few versions of Microsofts operating system.

    The easiest method involves plugging the drive into your PC or laptop and opening the File Explorer the screen where you can navigate recent files and key folders. If you click on the This PC shortcut, youll hopefully see your external drive connected as a hard disk, right alongside your systems main hard drive or SSD. If you see it, right-click, select Format, and then choose the exFAT option and start the process. Thats the only thing youll need to really change unless you want to rename the drive, and using the Quick Format setting is fine.

    If you dont see your external drive in the File Explorer, its likely using a file system that the PC cant read like the PS4s own, encrypted Extended Storage system. If this is the case, keep the drive plugged in, right click on the This PC shortcut in the File Manager and click Manage. Once this new window has opened, head to the Disk Management section.

    You should see your drive at the bottom of the window itll be the one in black, rather than navy blue, and itll be described as Unallocated. Right-click it, choose the option to Initialise the drive, and click through the box that appears. You dont have to change anything.

    About Ps4 Usb Flash Drive

    USB flash drive is also known as USB memory sticks, memory unit, thumb drive, USB drive, or simply USB in our daily life. It is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface which enables it to be easily connected to different devices.

    Compared with other storage devices like external hard drive or SSD, USB flash drive provides users with a storage solution of higher portability. It is designed to be tiny and you can put it in your wallet or clothes pocket. Besides, it allows you to plug and play without the need for cable or any other connection medium.

    The USB flash drive is also popular among PS4 users. Similar to other PS4 storage devices, you might use PS4 USB drive commonly for the following purposes:

    Perhaps you are using PS4 USB flash drive for one of the above purposes. If you are not, you can choose to use it when needed. It is worth mentioning that you can use any type of USB drive to achieve the above purposes, except the last one. If you want to use a USB memory stick to extend your PS4 storage, the USB drive have to meet the following requirements:

    • It supports USB 3.0 or higher connection.
    • Its usable storage space is 250GB at least.


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