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How To Increase Internet Speed On Ps4

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How to Increase Your Internet Speed On PS4! (2020) (EASY) | SCG

The minimum requirements are:

  • Upload speed: 1 Mbps.
  • Ping rate: Less than 150 ms.

Nintendos support page provides only the minimum download and upload speeds. The minimum ping rate is based on general guidelines.

The recommended requirements are:

  • Upload speed: 4 Mbps.
  • Ping rate: Less than 50 ms.

Nintendo does not provide any recommended requirements for internet speed. These numbers are based on general guidelines.

Ensure That Your Intenet Connection Is Crowd Free

Ensure That Your Intenet Connection is Crowd Free

If you are downloading an item while your PS4 connected to a crowded internet connection, it will slow down your downloading speed. To increase your PS4 downloading speed, try to download your items when your internet connection is free of the crowd.

Tips To Improve The Internet Speed Of The Ps4

techiesguardian 1 year ago 0

Having a good connection is a very important factor for users. Today we live in an interconnected society, where we use many devices with network access. This also applies to PS4 and game consoles, and we are going to talk about it. In this article, we TG are going to offer a series of tips to improve Internet speed on PS4. It is, as we know, one of the most popular consoles today.

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Ps4 Pro Internet Speed

Hello guys, how are you? This is the admin of PS7DNS and Im going to tell you how to increase PS4 Pro Internet Speed. Definitely this method is working. Im already tested and my internet connection is really working better than the previous time.

When we buy PS4 pro with $100 but sometimes its not playing properly in that time were frustrated. Sometimes the internet working properly on other devices but in PS4 the internet is not working better. So, today Im going to tell you how to increase PS4 Internet Speed. If youre still playing games on slow internet? Today the slow internet times are ending because Im going to tell you the method of improving internet speed on PS4. Sometimes you need also PS4 Cloud Saves Moving PS4 to PS4 Pro: PlayStation Plus

I found many PS4 users are not satisfied with their internet connection on PS4. Today Im gonna show you guys what I did to fix my PS4 connection. Dont get me wrong I still get a better connection on Xbox One for some reason. Im using wifi on my PS4 but sometimes when the internet gonna be slow down I use ethernet cable on my PS4 to play games. When you use wifi connection on PS4, there is a drop in the download and upload speed on PS4. So if there is a possibility I recommend you use an ethernet connection on your PS4. Do you wanna play PUBG on PS4?

First, Im gonna show you guys my previous internet speed. I test my Internet Connection and the screenshot is as below:

Getting A Better Isp Plan Or Switching Isps

how to increase internet speed ps4  Zero Dawn Horizon

Getting a better internet plan can be difficult, especially when there are so many choices. We all know that the PS4 is an amazing console, but it can be held back by a slow internet connection.

Most people dont know where to start or what internet plans really offer the best speeds for gaming.

Everyone wants to play online with their friends and family, but if your download speeds are slow then you might not be able to enjoy this feature of the PS4.

You can solve this problem by upgrading your internet service plan or changing your ISP provider. By doing so you will get faster download speeds and thus allow for a better gaming experience on the PlayStation 4.

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Use Alternate Dns Settings

Domain Name System server consists of several IP addresses from the network. And this works as a mediator between domain names and IP addresses available. Although the default DNS server translates the domain names to IP addresses to provide the actual data entered by the user.

There are, however, some ways to improve the PS4 download speed by using alternate DNS settings. And the best one on the list is Google DNS servers. Change the DNS settings manually to get access to this DNS server on the PS4 console.

  • Go to Settings Click on Network.
  • Go for the option Set Up Internet Connections as shown in the figure.
  • Make the choice between the network connections i.e., Use LAN or Use Wi-Fi.
  • Once done, go to custom settings and enter the given details as it is.

Finally, restart your PS4 console and wait for it to reload the content. The PS4 downloads will definitely gain some speed after you follow the exact process.

Get The Most Of Your Internet Service

With great power comes great responsibility, and that’s why you need the best router for your internet needs. It will help increase the power behind downloading speeds, uploading speeds, online gaming, and more. An investment like this isn’t just helping your PlayStation, but also every other internet-powered device in your home.

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Terminate All Background Application

Well, you must be familiar with multitasking. While some find it amazing, some are totally against it. However, if you rather focus on one task than several tasks at a time. Then this can give you a positive result.

Similarly, if you are looking for a way to download the games much faster. You better terminate all the background applications that are running. As for playing games in the background while downloading a game or downloading several games at a time can result in slow download speed. Hence, let go of all other activities on the PS4 to boost up the PS4 downloads.

To do so, press the PS button and open the menu on the controller. Now, select Close Applications. On the screen, there will be a list of running applications, choose the apps you want to close and confirm.

Stop Playing Online While Download Is In Progress

INSTANTLY boost your PS4 internet speed by changing 1 setting

Stop Playing Online While Download is in Progress

Another general trick to increase the download speed of PS4 is to stop playing online games while you are downloading an item on your console. Playing online games during the downloads can also slow down your download speed for the item you are downloading

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Boost Your Ps4 Internet With Dns:

When you download a game, you want to be able to look up the name of the server hosting your game as quickly as possible. This is done via a service called DNS. Think of it like your phones contacts. You dont know everyones telephone number, so you look up their name and it tells you what their telephone number is. Same thing with websites.

The quickest change is to change the DNS. You do this by following these steps:

  • Log into your PS4
  • Connect to your home WiFi
  • Select automatic settings until you see the DNS screen.
  • Choose Manual and enter as your Primary DNS and as your Secondary DNS which is CloudFlares DNS. If this doesnt increase your speed, you can also try to enter which is: for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS.
  • Here is the info about CloudFlares NEW Family DNS too:

    Using A Proxy To Improve Download Speeds

    I know it might seem odd to use a proxy to improve the download speed, but theres actually a plausible explanation behind it. By default, the PS4 doesnt fetch a lot of data at once. But if we tunnel the data through a proxy, we will force the console to grab little amounts of data faster.

    Now before you go on with it, youll need a computer at the ready. Furthermore, both your computer and your PS4 need to be connected to the same network. Without further explanations, heres what you need to do:

  • Download and install CCProxy on your computer. Its completely free. If youre on mac, download and install Squidman.
  • Open up the proxy software and hit Start to create your proxy server.
  • Once you got that going, head over to the Options menu and copy the IP and Port number of your proxy on a sheet of paper.
  • Head over to your PS4, go to Settings and select Set Up a New Internet Connection.
  • Choose between LAN Cable and Wi-Fi. I recommend a LAN connection for the best results.
  • Opt for the Custom setup.
  • Under IP Adress Settings, choose Automatic.
  • Now, under DHCP Hostname, select Do Not Specify.
  • Leave the DNS Settings to Automatic.
  • Set the MTU Settings to Automatic.
  • Under Proxy Server, select Use.
  • Insert the Adress and Port Number that youve just written down. If the default port of CCProxy doesnt work, try with 808.
  • Thats about it. Hit save and enjoy your superior speed.
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    Update To Latest Firmware

    Always update your PS4 firmware to the latest version because the latest version of firmware can increase the performance of your PS4. In the latest firmware always added and fixed some bugs which were previously reported by the PS4 users. If you dont know how to download or update and install the PS4 firmware with the latest version .

    To download the latest version of the PS4 Firmware . If youre going to download or update the PS4 Firmware, never download the firmware software file from the other sites. Always download from the PlayStation official site.

    What Is A Good Connection Speed For Ps4/ps5

    HOW TO BOOST PS4 INTERNET SPEED (faster uploads and lower ...

    The minimum requirements are:

    • Upload speed: 1 Mbps.
    • Ping rate: Less than 150 ms.

    Playstation does not provide minimum requirements for internet speed, so these numbers are based on general guidelines.

    The recommended requirements are:

    • Upload speed: 4 Mbps.
    • Ping rate: Less than 50 ms.

    Playstations support page provides only the recommended download and upload speeds. The recommended ping rate is based on general guidelines.

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    Ps4 Ethernet Speed: Everything You Need To Know

    Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. For more information, please visit our Disclaimer Page.

    Ethernet is necessary for the world of gaming. It is a popular form of network connection that helps people increase their internet speed. Gamers find it especially crucial since it enhances their performance when playing PS4 and other game consoles.

    The minimum internet speed for playing games is 3 Mbps of download speed. However, the Ethernet cable will significantly increase the speed and change your PS4 experience. Ethernet is worth the investment, and if you are a little more skilled, you can always increase your speed when you get stuck.

    Keep reading to find more about the Ethernet connection and how to improve it.

    Moving The Ps4 Closer To Your Wi

    We all know that internet speeds are affected by distance and obstacles such as walls. Therefore for the best experience, move the PS4 closer to the router to enjoy gaming on WiFi.

    The PS4 is a great console but it can be frustrating when you have slow internet speed.

    Although Sony has sold more than 80 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide since its release in 2013, many gamers still struggle with poor wireless connections for their games. If you have an older router or live in a large house , this may be an issue for you.

    The good news is theres something you can do about it! Its actually surprisingly easy to improve your gaming performance by moving your console closer to your Wi-Fi access point.

    We all know that obstacles such as walls affect our internet speeds, so moving it closer will improve your experience. You can also try placing the PS4 directly behind your router if you have one in order to get better reception.

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    Change Your Dns And Mtu Settings On Ps4

    Or, you could manually tweak your DNS and MTU settings for PS4.

    • Navigate to Settings > Network> Set up an Internet connection
    • Choose either Wi-Fi or Local Area Network
    • Choose Custom
    • Select Manual

    Now edit your DNS settings. Note: We recommend you make a note of your current settings, if you wish to divert back.

    • Enter a primary and secondary IP Address
    • Type in: Google for the Primary field
    • Type in for the Secondary field
  • Select Next and select Manual to change your MTU settings. Type in 1473. If thats not accepted try 1450.
  • Then choose Next and select Do Not Use. A diagnotics test will kick in. Select Next.
  • Now try downloading your selected file and see if thats any faster!
  • Wait, theres another way to speed up your PS4 downloads, but it requires a bit more effort and it involves installing a proxy server on your PC.

    What Is A Good Connection Speed For Ps4

    Boost Your PS4 Internet Speed By Changing 1 Setting!!

    Ping is the most important statistic the less ping you have the better for internet speeds, 50ms ping is very good, less than 100 is good to average and 150 is when problems with games will start arising and more than 150 you could experience lag and have issues with games.

    For internet connection 10Mbps download, speed is good enough as even if another person in your home is using Netflix or streaming your gaming shouldnt be affected.

    Even in countries such as Bangladesh with terrible Wi-fi low Mbps speeds are still perfectly serviceable, Ping is the most important factor and 2MBps is more than enough for online gaming

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    Solution : Close Background Applications

    When you play games, make sure none of the application works in the background because it might slow downloading or updating speed.

    Therefore, we need to stop all background applications before performing any update or downloading speed.

    Step 1: Press and hold the PS button on the controller.

    Step 2: Press on Close Application In the List.

    Step 3: Confirm that you want to close the current game.

    Change To Googles Dns

    This method involves the same process as method 1. Here is the process in steps:

  • Network Settings
  • Choose connection type
  • Custom
  • Do not change any settings ONLY DNS SETTINGS
  • Change DNS settings to the following:
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:

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    What Are The Internet Speed Requirements For Ps4

    The PlayStation 4 is a great console. It has a lot of games that you can play online and offline, but what about your internet connection? Is it fast enough to support this gaming device?

    A good gaming experience requires a fast and stable Internet connection. The most common problem with online gaming is the lag, which can be caused by many factors.

    You might have the best game console but if your network isnt up to par then you will not be able to enjoy any of your video games in peace. Internet service providers often advertise their speeds as up to a certain Mbps but what does that mean exactly? And how much bandwidth do you need for playing video games online? Lets find out!

    What Is A Kilobyte

      ??   PS4

    First, let me explain some basics about bandwidth and latency so were on the same page here. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second or bps while latency is measured in milliseconds . One bit equals one binary digit either 0 or 1 which means that 8 bits make up one byte , 1024 bytes make one kilobyte.

    Latency is one of the most important factors when running a speed test. If you have high latency on your connection you will experience delays in loading games, which can be a major cause for frustration.

    High latency rates can make it difficult or impossible to do things like play competitive online games or video chat with friends and family. It can also cause problems for companies that rely on the internet to conduct business over phone lines, such as VoIP calls.

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    How To Make Your Ps4 Download Speed 100x Faster

    Check below the guide on How To Speed Up PS4 Downloads

  • Stop playing an online game.

  • If the console is downloading several things, select the Home button on the controller.

  • Scroll to the notifications icon from the main menu.

  • The PS4 will show a loading bar on the top of the list if it is currently downloading anything. Select the list and expand it.

  • Move to the content you want to pause and choose the content by pressing the X on the controller.

  • Choose the Pause option from the menu appearing.

  • Repeat it for all the content downloading, which you dont want to get downloaded faster.

  • After your preferred content gets downloaded, resume the other downloads in the same way you paused them.

  • Make Sure Your Router Has A 5ghz Band

    Routers come with either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. If youre using your PS4 on Wi-Fi rather than wiring in with ethernet, wed recommend choosing a router that has a 5GHz band. The 5GHz band allows you to have faster Wi-Fi speeds and more reliability than a router with only the 2.4 GHz band. Upgrading to 5 GHz should help speed up PS4 downloads. The only thing to keep in mind is that 5GHz routers work best over shorter distances, so youll want to make sure that your PS4 isnt too far from the router. This is best practice with any router, but it is even more important with a 5 GHz band.

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