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How To Stream On Facebook From Ps4

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Two Connect The Elgato Capture Card

How to live stream PS4 games on Facebook with out no Capture Card, no OBS, no programs no equipment!
  • Before you connect the capture card, you must download and install Elgato Game Capture HD.
  • Connect your PS4 to the HDMI In port of the capture card with an HDMI cable.
  • Connect the Elgato capture card to the TV or monitor through the HDMI Out port with another HDMI cable.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the Elgato capture card to your PC.
  • Setting Up Remote Play

    Before you can set up Remote Play, you need the gather all of the required hardware to connect your PS4 with your PC or other devices. Heres a list of things you need to get it working:

  • PC
  • PS4 with a 3.50 System update or later
  • DualShock 4 controller
  • PS4 Network access
  • Stable internet connection of at least 5 Mb/s up and down
  • If you use headphones on your PC or Mac, you can use it to talk to other PS4 players while you play online.

    How To Stream From Your Ps4 To Your Pc

    Modern technologies allow you to do things that were considered science fiction just a few years ago. The Remote Play feature on PS4 is one of these things. It allows you to play your PS4 remotely, using different devices including PS Vita, Windows PC, Sony Xperia smartphones, or your Mac computer. You have to set the feature up, but the process is quick and easy. Learn how to connect your devices using PS4 Remote Play, and stream your favorite games on your PC.

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    How To Stream Ps4 Gameplay To Pc With Discord

    If youre a frequent user of Discord, particularly for playing video games, then you may have encountered users streaming themselves playing games in a voice chat channel. This is a feature Discord introduced a few years ago and tends to create a more casual and intimate environment.

    Its easy to stream anything to Discord as long as you have the necessary equipment. There are a few different ways you can stream to Discord. Lets take a look at one of them.

    Heres what youll need:

    • PS4
    • Twitch account

    How To Start A Broadcast On Ps4

  • While playing a game, press the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller > Broadcast Gameplay and select a service.

  • Sign in to your streaming account and adjust the settings such as Microphone/PlayStation Camera inclusion, and the display of Spectators Comments.

  • To adjust your Broadcast while streaming, press the OPTIONS button to reveal the Advanced Broadcast menu.

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    Make Your Stream The Best It Can Be

    Whichever option you choose, take it seriously and leverage the power of free broadcasting software and an awesome free stream overlay to deliver the greatest experience to your viewers. If you cant decide which streaming software to use, check out our article on the best streaming software to use in 2020!

    What are you waiting for? Start streaming today!

    How To Stream On Ps4

    Streaming is more popular than ever, with creators dashing to share their experiences in Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, and more. In this guide, well be showing the Sony fans among you how to stream on PlayStation 4 using a capture card and with the PS4s built-in streaming capabilities.

    Although the PS4s streaming ability is impressive, its not suited for those who want a full stream with commentary, interactions in chat, and overlays. Still, well show you both methods for streaming on PS4 so you can broadcast your gameplay to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

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    Recording Your Ps4 Stream Through Obs

    If you plan to eventually branch away from just live streams or want to have a backup of streams for reliability, connecting your PS4 to your PC is the best option. Broadcasting software like OBS/Streamlabs and others allow you to not just live stream but also record it making it a great multitool all around. The settings that you have set for your live stream can be immediately used when recording allowing for a seamless transition. By having recordings of your Playstation 4 on your computer you can then use it to upload your streams to a platform like Youtube so that people can rewatch it whenever. Otherwise, you can use the recording in another planned project if you want to take that area more seriously.

    One Installing And Syncing The Devices

    How to stream to FACEBOOK from your PS4! TUTORIAL
  • Download and install PS4 Remote Play and OBS on your Windows PC.
  • Connect your DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your PC with a USB cable.
  • Accept Sonys data collection policies.
  • Log into your PSN account on the Remote Play app.
  • If your PS4 is on, you need to wait for it to sync with your PC through the internet.
  • Youll notice your PS4s home screen on the Remote Play app when both devices have synced.
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    Setting Up Your Stream

    Finally, you can close the settings. Now, its time to set up your stream. Youll need to add your capture card input as a source in OBS, which you can do by clicking the plus button under the area. There are a handful of settings you can tinker with when it comes to new sources, but leaving everything as default should be fine.

    There are a variety of ways you can improve your overall streaming experience if you find yourself wanting more. One thing you can do is try using different sources and scenes to enhance your enjoyment. OBS allows users to scale and move sources around the streaming window however they please. With this freedom, you can easily implement cool features such as overlays, webcams, and comment tickers in your stream. Thats not all you can also use the Scenes section to sprinkle overlays into the starting portions of your stream as well as throughout your transitions.

    How To Stream On Twitch From Ps4

    There are various devices and consoles available that can be used for streaming on twitch. It can help the players to have some different experiences as compared to regular streaming. Most of the twitch users may live-streaming their gameplay and sometimes Ustream their services of videos. Users usually share their gameplay by pressing on the share button available in-game and select the broadcast gameplay. People can link their PS4 with the twitch account or Ustream their accounts and share the video instantly.

    Twitch users can also opt for the PlayStation Eye along with the Ustream feature. It will help you to get an option whether to enable the feature or disable it. There are various options available in the menu bar which provides to activate or mute the mic on PS4. It helps the users to make any commentary, mute the game in between, send links automatically on Facebook or twitter, make comments visible, etc. You should know about how to stream on twitch from PS4.

    Streaming via PS4 can help you have a new experience of the twitch live games, and you can enhance your further knowledge about streaming via various consoles.

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    How To Livestream From Your Ps4 To Twitch

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    Do you want to stream a game you’re playing with your audience? This wikiHow will teach you how to Live Stream your PS4 on Twitch. First, you’ll need a Twitch account, then set up Two-Factor Authentication, and finally broadcast your gameplay.

    Can I Stream A Ps4 To Pc With An Hdmi Cord

    How to Stream from PS4 to Facebook!

    Unfortunately, theres no way to stream from a PS4 to a PC using an HDMI cable. Many modern laptops have an HDMI port, but this port is an HDMI Out port. It doesnt accept HDMI inputs at all.

    What this means is that even if you connect your PS4 to your laptop with an HDMI cord, you wont be able to stream your games at all. If you want to stream your games to your PC, youre better off using PS4 Remote Play or a capture card.

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    Connecting Your Ps Vita Or Ps Tv With Ps4

    If you own a PS Vita or PS TV devices, you can use them to play PS4 games remotely. Heres what you have to do to set it up:

  • Turn your PS TV or Vita device on and update it to the latest version.
  • Connect the device to the PlayStation Network.
  • Tap the PS4 Link button on your device and let the system search for your PS4 on the network. PS Vita allows you to connect to a PS4 even if you are using it on a separate network, but youll have to sync the two devices first.
  • If the process cant find your PS4 on the network, you have to look for it manually. Go to your PS4 and find the Add Device Screen feature. Youll see a code you have to enter on the other device. Its enough to do that only once to sync the two devices.
  • When you get that done, you only need an internet connection to access your PS4 remotely.
  • More Playstation 4 Guides:

    How To Stream Ps4 Gameplay With An Elgato Capture Card

    If you have an Elgato capture card, you can connect it to your PC for higher-quality streaming. Elgatos capture cards are the industrys standard, and many successful streamers use them to stream their games or capture gameplay for videos.

    The PS4 has an HDMI out port, making it possible for anyone with a capture card to stream their gameplay.

    To stream with an Elgato capture card, youll need:

    • Elgato capture card

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    How To Stream Your Ps4 Gameplay Without A Capture Card

  • Start with downloading Remote Play client for Windows or MAC and install it:

  • 2. Select a path fror installation and proceed:

    3. Let the system check for the updates:

    4. Connect your DUALSHOCK 4 controller over USB to your PC, then click Start:

    5. Familiarize yourself with Sony data collection policies and continue:

    6. Log in to your PSN account you have set up on your PlayStation 4:

    7. If both PC and PlayStation 4 are connected to the Internet, you will have to wait for a minute for them to sync:

    8. You will see your PlayStation screen in a window on your PC.

    9. This window can be used as a source in any encoder, OBS for instance:

    10. Name the source to make it clear what it is, and confirm it’s addition:

    11. Select the proper window for the window capture source – it’s called RemotePlay.exe:

    12. You now have your PlayStation 4 screen inside your encoder, and you can start streaming:

    Note: If you have a wireless connection between ps4 and pc you may have bad video quality. For the best experience connect both devices with Ethernet cables.

    How To Stream Playstation 4 Games On Pc Without A Capture Card

    How to stream from PS4 to Facebook live without PC

    It’s fairly easy to start streaming your PS4 gameplay to several platforms with Restream even if you don’t have a capture card. To do this you’ll need to capture Remote Play client on your computer, and stream it with any software, like OBS. It will allow you to add overlays to your stream, and also to stream to Restream to send your video to several platforms at once.

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    Who Wants To Watch Me Play

    The PS4 makes streaming games on Twitch, YouTube, or even Discord relatively simple. You dont even need a capture card, thanks to PS4 Remote Play. Nowadays, you can share your live gameplay with anyone in the world with the proper setup.

    What features do you hope Discord brings to the PS4? What games have you streamed from your PS4? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

    How To Stream Ps4 Gameplay With Twitch

    The primary platform gamers stream to is Twitch, and its no surprise that many streamers have developed a plethora of ways to stream. However, you dont need an elaborate setup to stream to this popular platform. Theres a way to stream to Twitch without the use of capture cards or extra HDMI cables. Before you start, youll need the following:

    • PS4
    • PS4 Remote Play
    • OBS or similar software

    When you have the right resources on hand, all you need is to set everything up. Dont worry the process doesnt take very long. Heres what you need to do:

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    Set Up Your Streaming Client

    Speaking of streaming clients, youll need a separate piece of software to stream when youre using a capture card. Most capture cards come with some form of streaming or editing software bundled in. We recommend OBS, however. Its open-source, easy to use, highly flexible, and, above all else, free.

    With it, you can set up multiple scenes, add transitions to them, and do picture-in-picture. Well leave the finer points of the software for you to discover on your own. For the purposes of this guide, well show you how to get your PS4 running. Before streaming, youll need to connect your accounts, which you can do following the steps below.

    • Open OBS and click Settings.
    • Select Stream.
    • Choose your streaming service and connect your account.

    OBS supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and just about every other streaming platform. You can connect your account by logging in through OBS, but you dont need to. All OBS requires is a stream key, which you can find in your account on Twitch, and the like.

    Still in the settings, youll need to adjust some video controls. Under the Advanced tab, make sure you set your process priority to High or Above normal. That way, OBS will take more resources to send your stream. If youre having a choppy experience, closing some background apps can help, too.

    Link Your Accounts To The Ps4

    How to Stream PS4 TO Facebook Live Using OBS Studio.

    1. Using your controller, select “Settings.”

    3. Select “Link with Other Services.”

    4. Choose the service you want to use either Twitch or YouTube.

    5. Follow the sign-in instructions. Both Twitch and YouTube make it easy to sign in with your existing account. However, you may need to use a computer or mobile device Twitch, for example, asks you to enter a code into a web browser to confirm your identity and connect your PS4.

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    Stream A Game On Your Ps4

    1. Start the game you want to stream.

    2. Press the Share button on your controller. Don’t hold the button down just tap it once.

    3. Select “Broadcast Gameplay.”

    4. On the Broadcast Gameplay page, choose the streaming service you want to stream to either Twitch or YouTube.

    5. Before you can start streaming, choose your video options. You can give the stream a title, for example, as well as choose your video quality. You can also scroll down to invite friends to the stream. If you have a PlayStation Camera installed, you can also include live video of yourself in the stream.

    6. Select “Start Broadcasting.”

    You’re now streaming video to the service you selected.

    Adjust Your Video Settings

    All thats left to do is launch a game. Once you do, youll be able to open the share overlay by clicking the you guessed it Share button on your controller. With this overlay, you can take a screenshot, share your gameplay with a friend, and more. For the purposes of this guide, click on Broadcast gameplay.

    Dont worry, you wont start streaming right away. Before sending you live, the PS4 will ask for your video stream settings, as well as the platform you want to stream to. There arent a ton of settings, but you can still adjust the video quality, give your stream a name, and choose if you want to broadcast your PlayStation Camera and microphone.

    Finally, hit Start broadcasting and youll be sent live. There are some advanced settings you can tinker with, but theyre not necessary for most people.

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    Streaming Directly From The Ps4 Limits Your Potential

    Streaming directly from your PS4 isnt an option you should consider thanks to its inability to provide an amazing viewing experience. When you attempt to stream directly from your PlayStation 4 you are only given a few options to choose through, when you are trying to create an immersive streaming experience this just isnt enough. You can get away with 720p 60fps but you really arent living up to your potential, and no overlays is going to seriously restrict your growth. What you can do instead is take the feed of your PS4 and transfer it to the computer so that can be streamed. Not only can you expect a better streaming experience playing-wise but it will also let you stream PS4 on twitch with overlay enabled.

    Play Your Favorite Games From Anywhere


    The Remote Play feature is loved by PS4 gamers all over the world. It allows you to play your favorite games on other PS devices, no matter where you are. If you own a PS Vita, you can travel and play games remotely. PS4 Pro versions offer the same features, but in full HD, while standard PS4s are limited to 720p.

    Did you ever try using Remote Play on PS4? What do you think about this feature? Tell us how you use it in the comment section below.

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