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Ps4 Loud When Playing Games

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Consider Replacing The Thermal Paste

Is your Playstation fan noise loud? Here’s Why

Inside every PS4 is a small globule of thermal conductive material called thermal paste. This stuff, in short, helps keep your console cool by efficiently transferring heat, and relieves some of the workload from the cooling systems. After years of use, thermal paste can wear down. Replacing it can ease the pressure on those cooling systems thereby reducing how loud your console is at max power but its a precarious process.

More often than not, thermal paste comes with anything needed for application. Sometimes, as with Arctics popular MX-4, theyre sold in hospital-like vials for easy injection. So you neednt worry about tools on that front. All the other stuff you need needle-nose pliers, a security screwdriver, possibly a small pick and probe set likely already exists in your toolbox.

As far as how to replace the paste, theres no shortage of guides on YouTube and various tech websites. But be careful in choosing whose instructions to follow. The guts of PS4 consoles vary from model to model a walkthrough for a PS4 Pro wont be exactly the same as one for a PS4 Slim. Dont choose the wrong one. For video walkthroughs, read the comments. Make sure theyre all largely positive. With text-based guides, dont trust anything without a thorough, step-by-step photo component. You dont want to wing this. All in all, just be careful and exercise liberal common sense.

The Ps4/ps4 Pro Needs A Cooling Stand

Because the Consoles cooling fan is located on the bottom, elevating your PS4 or PS4 Pro will help enhance airflow. The fan will be quieter due to having to work less complicated.

Alternatively, you can purchase a cooling stand to prevent the Console from overheating and extend its useful life by elevating it with any random object.

Consider a cooling stand like the OIVO cooling stand, which will keep your Console upright and minimize noise by 50 dB. The Console will stay excellent thanks to the metal bottom, plus it has 12 slots for games and a charging station for two controllers, so its a great deal.

How To Clean Ps4 Fan

Remember the vacuum cleaning method I described? Well, Ive got something much better and certainly more effective.

Once you open your console, you can clean out all the dust using an air compressor or canned air. They are both very effective and significantly improve your consoles performance.

Whatever you use, make sure you dont blow air into the Disc Drive, because fast airflow can damage this sensitive part.

Heres one small note for those who plan to use canned air instead of the air compressor. Keep the can in the upright position while cleaning, otherwise, it can expel some liquid on the PS4 and cause more damage.

When you finish the cleaning, what is left is to close the console. Place the plastic cover back on its place and screw it.

This method is rather simple, and besides the instruction I gave you here, if you still feel insecure about how its done, check out some videos on YouTube.

After all, if you dont feel like risking, there are many licensed PS4 services where the issue can be fixed.

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Use A Can Of Compress Air

Have you ever cleaned any small machine part in your life? If you havent done anything yet then I suggest you dont do it the above way.

Because cleaning any small mechanical part that can break easily is a very difficult thing. If anything goes wrong with it then it will cost you more.

This work needs more focus and a hands-free experience. But if you cant do that then you can also use a can of compressed air and spray.

That will easily blow up all the dirt and dust from inside. You need to touch anything inside your PS4.

All you need to do is shake the can and focus on the part that wants to clean.

Then it will automatically clean it and make your PS4 quieter so that you can easily play your favorite game.

Wait, if you are thinking of using a vacuum cleaner then you shouldnt do that. Because it will damage it and you will not retain it anymore.

Best Solution

  • You can use a spray gun for this work.
  • Make sure to do that in an easy way otherwise small parts get broken.
  • You may see your pet hair then carefully remove it.

Improve The Consoles Ventilation

How to Fix Loud PS4 Fan Noise

When stowing your console, keep the vents as open as possible. In case you dont know where to find these, check both sides and the rear part of your console. The vents on the side are for air intake, while the rear ones let out hot air from the internal components. When not obstructed, both types of vents combine to allow the fan to draw in cold air and dump out hot air.

A common mistake many PS4 owners make is placing their console in a cabinet. While you may be doing this to protect it from being knocked over, its a sure-fire way to overheat your PS4especially if you stow it that way when in use.

Keep in mind that placing bags, books, clothes, or any other items within 10cm of your PS4 will also compromise its ventilation. While they might not be directly blocking the vents, clumping items near your console allows the hot air released by the console to build up around it, which causes overheating.

When this happens, the fan will have to spin faster to effectively cool it off. And since a fast-spinning fan is often the origin of noise in a console, clearing out the entire area near your PS4 might just be what you need to do to silence it.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Playstation 4

It is suggested that you clean your PlayStation 4 system once every three to six months, or anytime it gets obviously unclean, whichever comes first. Utilize a gentle cleaning solution or detergent, in conjunction with a soft cloth, for the greatest possible outcomes. Make it a point to keep any liquids from going inside the console, and steer clear of using any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Is The Playstation 4 Meant To Make A Sound

Due to the fact that every PlayStation 4 produces its own unique volume of sound, there is no one correct response to this inquiry. Though, in general, the PlayStation 4 is not designed to generate a great deal of noise if it is doing so, there may be something wrong with it. If it is producing more noise than typical, however, there is likely something wrong with it. If you are experiencing an abnormally high level of noise coming from your PlayStation 4, you should get in touch with Sonys customer care for help.

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Use A Compressed Air Canister

A can of compressed air is a significantly superior alternative to utilizing a vacuum cleaner. Take a hose and squirt it all over your Console.

It will clean the PS4 cooling fan and other parts of the system of pet hair and other debris. Youll see a significant improvement if you do this once a month.

Fixes & Guide: Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud For Certain Games

PS4 PRO Fan Noise FIX – Thermal paste & dust – Before/After TEST

The chances are that if you own a PS4, at some point youve wondered, why is my PS4 fan so loud? Certain games can make the console sound like its about to take off, and a loud fan noise can be concerning if it goes on for too long.

Well, in this article, Ill explain why the PS4 has such a loud fan. After explaining that, Ill suggest a PS4 loud fan fix or two that should, hopefully, quieten your console a little.

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Place Your Ps Console On Antivibration Pads

Your PlayStation 4 is noisy, and the fan is running at full speed? This can be annoying, especially if youre trying to play a game or watch a movie. Here are some tips to make your PS4 quieter.

The first thing you should do is check if your console is in a well-ventilated area. If its not, move it to a place with more airflow.

You can also try putting your PS4 on antivibration pads. These pads will help absorb some of the noise and vibration from the fan. You can find them online or at your local electronics store.

If all else fails, you may need to purchase a new fan for your PS4. There are many aftermarket fans available online, and most are very affordable.

Final Thoughts On Ps4 Loud Fan

Fixing a PS4 loud fan doesnt have to be an impossible task. Above are a few of the best methods you can implement right now for a quieter and smooth gaming experience.

In most cases, simple steps, such as the use of compressed air, will solve the problem. However, if it gets to the extreme ends, you may be forced to fix the problem from the inside of the console.

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The Impact Of Games On Heat Production And Loud Fan Noise

Computer games will typically be CPU or GPU intensive, but some will be a mix of both. If a game is GPU-bound, it has impressive graphics, resolutions, and framerates. If a game is CPU-bound, it generally has lower-quality graphics but a larger environment or more going on at once.

On a PC, its easier to figure out whether a game is CPU- or GPU-bound. If nothing else, you can check this by looking at the task manager. Of course, on a PS4, you dont have this luxury. That said, its not super important to know the difference. The important thing is that demanding games make the console work harder, in turn producing more heat.

Some examples of games thatll make your PS4s GPU work hard include:

  • The Witcher 3
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey and Origins
  • FF7 Remake
  • Uncharted 4

On the other hand, Minecraft is one of the best examples of a CPU-bound game. The graphics arent too intensive, but the game runs loads of functions and generates an almost infinite world. On a PC, Minecraft needs at least 8GB of RAM, which sounds like a lot when you look at the game. No Mans Sky is another good example of a CPU-bound game for the same reasons.

Loud Playstation Fan Noise Try This

What should I do when my PlayStation 4 Pro gets loud?

Why is my PS4 so loud when playing certain games?

There are a few reasons why your PS4 might be louder when playing certain games. One possibility is that the game is just more demanding and requires more processing power, which causes the fan to run at a higher speed. Another possibility is that there might be something wrong with your console or with the game itself, and you should try contacting Sony or the games developer for help.

How do I make my PS4 quieter while playing games?

There are a few things you can do to make your PS4 quieter while playing games. One is to adjust the audio settings in your PS4s settings menu. You can also try using headphones instead of the built-in speakers. If that doesnt work, you can try purchasing a gaming headset that has noise-cancelling features.

Why does my PS4 keep getting loud?

There are a few potential reasons why your PS4 might be getting loud. One possibility is that the fan is having trouble cooling the system down and is working harder as a result, making more noise in the process. Another possibility is that theres something obstructing the fan or causing it to vibrate, which can also lead to increased noise levels.

Is it bad if your PS4 fan is loud?How do I know if my PS4 fan is broken?Should a PS4 be horizontal or vertical?How long will a PS4 last?How do I cool down my PS4?How do you know if your PS4 is overheating?Can you put PS4 disc in PS5?How do you clean the inside of a PS4?Can dust affect your PS4?

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How To Disassemble Your Ps4

Note: This will result in voiding the Warranty of your Console. If your PS4 is new, you can send it to customer service as the professionals know better than you.

If all the tricks mentioned above fail to solve your issue, you must deep clean the Console, requiring you to open the Console.

Opening the Console is not a complicated process, but you must know that the PS4 does not use regular or standard screws. You will need a unique set of screwdrivers named T8 Torx Security Bit.

These screwdrivers consist of a simple dimple in the middle of them that matches the tiny protrusion on the middle of PS4 screws. You must make sure that the PS4 is shut down and disconnected from the power source before disassembling it.

Firstly, you must remove all the three screws which are in the bottom portion of the Console. Some screws are hidden behind the warranty stickers, so you must first remove those stickers to unscrew them. The act of removing these warranty stickers will result in voiding the warranty of your PS4.

After unscrewing all the screws, you need to turn down the PS4 in an upside-down manner. Then, you must remove the plastic bottom cowling. You must take care while removing the cover, and you must take it out very slowly without causing any damage to PS4.

Fix #: Put Your Ps4 In A Vertical Position

Usually, PS4s are positioned in a horizontal position since its designed that way. Although its said to offer the best gaming experience when laid down horizontally, theres no harm in trying to position it vertically.

Some users reportedly solved the PS4 loud fan issue by positioning their console vertically and away from objects and dusty areas. If this trick doesnt work, its safe to assume that your console has dust problems inside.

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How To Fix Noisy Ps4 Fan Without Opening It

If the fan is the only problematic thing concerning your PS4, consider yourself a lucky one, because this is the easiest issue to be solved.

But how to solve such complicated issue without having to take apart PS4 pro?

If dust causes the fan to be loud, a simple question comes to one’s mind- how to clean the dust? The only natural answer is- use the vacuum cleaner.

However, this unorthodox method is not the best one. I wouldn’t recommend this because it is risky.

When the dust is sucked out through the vent, the fast airflow could dismantle some sensitive inner parts of the console.

As I said, it’s not something that I would recommend wholeheartedly, but I decided to mention it if there are those among you looking for a really quick solution to the problem.

At the same time, this unconventional method might reduce PS4 noise so if you are dealing with a very small amount of noise, this could eliminate the noise or be a great temporary fix.

If the fan still sounds the same, then you opt for some other solutions such as cleaning the PS4 fan physically .

What Is Ps4 Fan So Loud

PS4 PRO Fan Noise FIX – Easy TRICK to Play in Silence – NO TOOLS

There are a few potential reasons why your PS4s fan might be running loudly. The most common reason is that the console is overworking itself trying to cool down. If youre playing a game that is particularly demanding, or if you have several applications open at once, your PS4 will have to work harder to keep everything running smoothly. This can cause the fan to run louder than usual in order to keep the console from overheating.

Another possibility is that there is something blocking the fans vents, preventing it from working properly. This could be dust buildup, or even something as simple as a loose screw. If you suspect this might be the case, try taking a look inside your console and seeing if you can spot anything blocking the fan.

Finally, its possible that your PS4s fan is simply defective and needs to be replaced. If youve ruled out all other potential causes, this is likely the problem. Fortunately, replacing the fan is a relatively simple process that you can do yourself with a few tools.

If your PS4s fan is loud and youre not sure why, dont panic. There are a few potential causes and solutions. With a little troubleshooting, you should be able to figure out whats causing the problem and get your console running quietly again in no time.

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Why Does My Playstation 4 Have The Sound Of A Jet Engine

There are a few potential explanations for why your PlayStation 4 makes the noise of an aeroplane propeller. One possibility is that the fan is operating at an excessively high speed and needs to have its settings modified. There is also the potential that something is obstructing the air vents, which would prevent the fan from effectively cooling the console. In the event that none of these techniques is successful in resolving the issue, it is possible that your PlayStation 4 is overheating and has to be serviced.

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