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What Happens If You Initialize Your Ps4

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Malfunction: Blinking blue indicator light. Eight years down the line, the Blue Line of Death remains the most crippling of all problems on the PS4. Taking a cue from the Xbox 360s Red Ring of Death, the pulsing blue line indicates a technical problem that could mean your console is no longer functional.

How To Factory Reset Your Playstation 4

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If you plan on selling your PlayStation 4, heres how to reset it by deactivating your PSN account and deleting all of the files on the console to put it back into factory condition.

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There are only a couple of things you need to do in order to completely wipe your PlayStation 4. You first need to deactivate your PSN account from the console so that the new owner can login using his own account, and then youll need to completely wipe everything off the hard drive, which will put the software back into a state just like it was when you first pulled the PS4 out of the box for the first time.

First Deactivate Your Psn Account

First things first, deactivate your PSN Account. Dont freak out deactivating the PSN account doesnt mean completely disabling or deleting it completely. It will just remove any sort of relation associated with your PSN account and the PS4 it is logged in on. It is kind of similar to turning off Find my iPhone from your iPhone and logging off the iCloud before selling the iPhone.

To Deactivate Your PSN Account, follow the steps given below:

  • Turn on your PS4 if you havent already
  • Then, once you are on the main screen, press the up button on your controller to go to the notifications screen
  • Now, keep moving right by pressing the right button on your controller until you reach the settings option and then select it
  • Once the settings screen opens, scroll down and
  • Then, click on the option Activate as Your Primary PS4
  • Now, on the next screen, youll see two options Activate and Deactivate. You might notice that the Deactivate option is grayed out, that means that your account is already deactivated. However, to be completely sure, it is recommended to activate the account and then Deactivate it. Therefore, select the Activate option on the screen.
  • Once your account is activated, click OK
  • Now, go to the Activate as Your Primary PS4 option again
  • Now the Deactivate option wont be grayed out. Select the Deactivate option
  • This will take you to a prompt, the action
  • Now, the PS4 will restart. Click the PS button on the controller to go to the main screen
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    Lets Start Initialize Ps4

    Follow the instructions step by step if you miss any step youll not be able to restore the PS4 console. So, do concentrate and follow the instructions. One another important thing when you doing start Initializing PS4 never turns off your PS4 otherwise your PS4 gonna be destroyed.

    • Open a browser and go to choose your country/ region. Then hover the mouse cursor on the PS icon then select System Updates like on the image below.
    • Now, choose PS4 and youll be redirected to the page where you can download the PS4 system software for free.
    • When you come to this page click on AGREE AND DOWNLOAD NOW button for downloading the latest version of PS4 software. Or click here to download official PS4 System Software.

    One another thing is very much good for those users who dont have big space USB Pendrive. Its system software size going to be decreasing day by day and I think its wonderful. When you downloaded the software named PS4UPDATE.PUP must follow the instruction written in the image below.

    • Do safely remove the USB from the laptop otherwise, the software gonna be corrupt.
    • Then put it on the PS4 console USP port. After inserting the USB theres appear on the screen like this Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.20 or later.
    • Now click on the Yes button.

    Booting The Ps4 Into Safe Mode

    PS4: " Too Many USB Devices Connected"  Fixed By Experts ...

    To boot your PS4 into safe mode, just follow the steps below:

    1. Turn off your PS4 by pressing the power button on the front. It might take a few seconds before it turns off completely.

    2. Now press the power button again, but hold it down this time. Youll hear one beep on the initial press and youll hear a second beep about seven seconds later. You can release the power button after you hear the second beep.

    3. Once it boots up, connect your DualShock controller to the system using the provided USB cable and press the PS button. It wont connect wirelessly, so youll need to go find that cable, which is hopefully still sitting in the box.

    The safe mode screen should pop up at this point if you did everything correctly and you should see the following options:

    Lets go through the different options to see what they do and what data on your system gets affected.

    1. Restart the PS4 Like restarting your computer, this will restart the PS4 in normal mode. Turning off your PS4 and turning it back on is the same thing as restarting, so if that didnt fix your problem, lets move down.

    2. Change Resolution This is useful if you connected your PS4 to an older monitor that doesnt support high resolutions and you end up with a blank or black screen. Choosing this option will restart the PS4 in 480p resolution.

    3. Update System Software You can use this option to update the PS4 software via Internet, USB or disc.

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    Can A Ps4 Run Without A Hard Drive

    You can use any external HDD that has a USB 3.0 connection. The PS4 and PS4 Pro will address up to 8 TB of storage. If a drive that has been previously formatted for external storage on the console is connected, it will not format a second drive and will not recognize a previously formatted second drive.

    Ps4 Blinking Red Light

    If youre getting a blinking red light instead of the normal white light, this indicates the PS4 is overheating. The system is not getting enough airflow or its simply too hot in the current location. Try moving the system to a more open space if it happens to be stuffed inside something.

    Another thing you can try is to stand it upright rather than laying it flat. Seems like the Xbox One fixed this infamous problem they had on the Xbox 360, but its not eradicated on the PS4 just yet.

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    Why Do You Need To Prepare Ps4 Before Selling

    Since PS5 and Xbox Series are released for a period, many players start to consider selling their PS4 to purchase PS5 for a better playing experience. Or some people may just want to give away their old PS4. No matter what kind of motive makes you want to do the trade, there is a necessary operation you need to doâerase all personal data.

    Before you hand over your PS4, the most important thing you need to finish is to make sure all your personal data is cleaned, and weâre not just talking about deleting something, but thoroughly wipe all on your PS4 hard drive to protect your privacy from any possibility of leaking away.

    Ps4 Causing Issues Factory Reset Might Help

    How to Factory Reset a PS4 (Initialize, Delete All Data)

    When it comes to fulfilling our gaming obsession, theres no other name apart from PlayStation that strikes our mind. PlayStation has always been our all-time favorite gaming destination with which we can gladly spend hours and hours being entertained. Out of all the gaming consoles, PS4 has always been our first pick and is loved by a majority of gamers worldwide.

    But just like every other gadget, PS4 can catch troubles too! So, is your PS4 console performing slow lately? Is it not new-like anymore? Well, factory reset can help you overcome these issues. Once you decide to factory reset your PS4, it will give you a chance to start from scratch and will bring your console to its original settings wiping off all the saved data.

    So, if youre comfortable with starting afresh heres a quick guide on how to factory reset PS4 to bring back its lost glory!

    Lets get started.

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    How To Factory Reset A Ps4

    Technology isnt perfect, including our gaming systems. Its always terrible to get really into a game, only to have it freeze right before you hit that checkpoint. Recently, it seems these problems have been amplified by the age of the system. These frustrating experiences happen to many PlayStation 4 users, and theres a relatively simple way to fix them: A complete factory reset.

    Factory Reset Your Ps4

    It is important to factory reset or format your PS4 before you sell it. This will ensure all your data like your PlayStation account, linked social accounts, games, etc. will be deleted. After the process, the PS4 will boot up like a brand-new console. The process is similar to factory resetting your smartphone. So, ensure you have backed up your games and save files as mentioned above.

    To factory reset your PS4, go into settings, then Initialization then select Initialize PS4. After this, you will be presented with 2 options. To do a quick format or a full format. The full format will take longer, but ensure none of your data is recoverable from the storage.

    On a PS4 Pro that we initialized, the process took almost 2 hours. So, ensure you have that much time on hand.

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    Guide: What Does Initialize Ps4 Do

    John-Paul Jones / October 25, 2020

    What Does Initialize PS4 Do? A lot of PS4 owners have been wondering what initalize PS4 actually does. Used to help with PS4 troubleshooting, heres exactly what initialize ps4 does:

    • Initialisation of your PS4 system removes all of the data contained in your PS4 system storage this process is often referred to as a factory or hard reset.
    • Initialisation also deletes all users and their data from the system. PS4 Safe Mode option 7 will also replace all firmware on the system.
    • Selecting either of these options should be considered as the last step when troubleshooting.

    We hope you found this guide useful!

    How Do I Initialize My Ps4 And Prepare It For Selling/disposal

    What to do if PS4 Freezes (How to Series)

    Ok, so youve decided that initializing your PS4 is the right thing for you. Good choice! In the following section, Ill run you through exactly how to initialize your PS4. Dont worry, its really not that hard.

    The process is split up into two major sections:

  • Deactivation of your PSN account on your PS4
  • The initialization process
  • Lets start with the former

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    How To Ps4 Initialize Fixed

    The first thing you must know what is PS4 Initialize? or Reinstall System Software on PS4? It means when you initialize your PS4, the PS4 system erased all data from it HDD. All settings will be the default and you find your PS4 console new as when you buy it the first time.

  • FAQs on How to PS4 Initialize?
  • What Happens When I Initialize My Ps4

    The first, and most obvious question that quivers on both our mouths is probably what actually happens when you initialize a PS4?

    Now, when I think of initialization, I conjure images of James Bond villains initializing a rocket launch to destroy the world.

    Fortunately, initialization on the PS4 isnt anywhere near as dramatic or destructive.

    Basically, PS4 initialization removes all the data from your PS4. That includes game data, game saves, media, passwords, everything basically.

    Usually, throughout the world of electronics, this initialization process is called factory resetting. Trust Sony to make it sound frightening and complicated!

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    Ultimate Guide To Troubleshooting Ps4

    Plus how to boot into safe mode

    Unfortunately, if youre reading this page, youre probably having some trouble with your Playstation 4 system. As with any new hardware, there are always kinks to be worked out. Luckily, the PS4 has a built-in safe mode option that lets you try and fix your system.

    Whats funny is the fact that Sony put a safe mode option in the PS4, but Microsoft does not have a comparable option for the Xbox one, even though everyone knows about safe mode from Windows. You can boot the Xbox one in a low resolution mode, but thats about it. There is no dedicated diagnostic mode for fixing problems.

    Whats The Difference Between Restore Default Settings And Initialize Ps4

    How to RESET your PS4 (Initialize) EASY NEW!

    Restore Default Settings: Restores the PS4 to the default factory settings. This is a useful step if you are looking to quickly refresh all of your systems settings to their original state. Initialize PS4: Deletes all user data on the hard disk drive and restores the PS4 as if it just came out of the box.

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    Heres The Ps4 Fix For Death Loop

    This is called the death loop, and there is a fix. If you want to know how to get your PS4 out of safe mode, follow option 6 and initialize your PS4. Youre going to lose data which youll have to download again, but at least your PS4 should be working again.

    Tip: Always turn off your console properly by accessing the power off option from the menu. If you turn it off by pressing the power button, youll automatically enter into Safe Mode the next time you boot up your PS4, and it can cause problems.

    How To Factory Reset Your Ps4

    A complete factory reset for the PlayStation 4 is a pretty straightforward process. This is usually done as a last resort to ensure the functionality of the system. Before factory resetting, its important to remember to back up any and all save data you may have before initiating the process. Factory resetting the PlayStation will erase all of your data from your system, and not backing up your save data will result in you having to start your games from scratch. PS Plus users are lucky in that they can upload their saves to the cloud, so backing up save data shouldnt be an issue for them. However, you can also use a flash drive to copy saves if you arent a PS Plus member.

    Below are step-by-step instructions to complete a factory reset on your PS4, whether youre rocking an original model, a Slim, or a Pro.

    Before we begin, you should know that a factory reset completely wipes the consoles hard drive and can even remove its system software. Its a last resort when a software glitch stops your PlayStation 4 dead in its tracks, particularly when booting up or when you want to make sure the console no longer has your data on it.

    You should back up any data you want to keep, such as images, saves, and video, to an external device or to the cloud. In order to back up data using the cloud, youll have to have a PlayStation Plus account, which gives you 100GB of storage space.

    Step 3: Sign back into your account and head back to the settings for the final steps.

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    How To Put Ps4 In Safe Mode

    To turn on your PlayStation 4 safely, first of all:

    • Make sure your console is turned off
    • Hold down the power button until you hear 2 beeps
    • When you see the Safe Mode screen, plug in your DualShock 4 controller via USB
    • Turn on your controller by pressing the PS Home button

    There are six PS4 Safe Mode options, so lets take a look at them and explain what they mean:

    1. Restart System Use this option to restart your machine to the normal operating system.

    2. Change resolution This will boot your console up in 480p resolution.

    3. Update System Software Your PS4 may not be working properly because you dont have the latest firmware update. This option will make sure system is updated to the latest firmware. As well as being able to download the latest patch via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, you can manually install an update via USB or disc.

    4. Restore Default Settings If corrupt files are causing issues, you can restore your console to its default settings. Youll lose all your game data and other items that youve downloaded. The only data it wont erase is your user data.

    5. Rebuild Database Similar to the defrag option on PCs, you can scan your hard drive to free up memory and space, and fix general issues. This option can take a few hours to complete and wont affect any installed games or features.

    6. Initialize PS4 Use this option to restore your console to its original default settings. This will erase all data from your PS4 or PS3 apart from the system software.

    Wipe Your Playstation 4

    Weirdness: So, What Happens When You Plug a PS4 into the ...

    Now that the first part is done i.e., Deactivation of the account, it is time for completely wiping off your Playstation. This means resetting your console to its factory condition. Keep in mind that this action will delete everything on your PS4, so if you want to save some data, it is recommended to make a backup on cloud or USB .

    To factory reset your PS4, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, when you are on the main menu, press the up button to go to notifications
  • Then keep pressing the right button, and then select the settings when you get there
  • Now, locate the Initialization option . Click it.
  • Then again select Initialize PS4.
  • Now, youll be given two options: Quick and Full. The Quick option isnt actually a full reset it only signs you out of your account along with deleting all the saved and user data. However, on the other hand, the Full option wipes all the data securely and prevents others from recovering it. Even Though the full option takes time, it is the most recommended one if you are willing to sell your PS4 or reset to remove any software bugs. Anyways, select the appropriate option.
  • Then click the Initialize button.
  • the action that is prompted and to start the reset
  • Now, your PS4 will reboot, and once it reboots, the reset routine will start. Be patient, as this might take a couple of hours.
  • Once the reset is complete, the setup guide will be displayed on the screen about connecting the controller to the console via USB cable
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