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What Is Playstation 5 Coming Out

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What Is Being Released And When Can You Buy It


Two editions of PlayStation 5 launch on Nov. 12 a $500 console with a disc drive that can play games and media and a $400 option without the drive. Technical specs are otherwise identical, with promising graphics that heighten the believability of game universes by emphasizing a greater fidelity with lighting and shadows.

Those who own 4K televisions, especially sets with high refresh rates and HDR compatibility, will experience the greatest boost, one that boasts significant smoothness and sharpness.

Unlike Microsofts approach with the new Xbox, in which the company is releasing two consoles on Nov. 10 with different capabilities in the hopes of selling people on its subscription service and setting them on a regular upgrade path, Sony is taking a more old-fashioned route. Sony is betting people want a new console that looks and feels significantly different than the prior generation and also comes with some nifty tricks in the hopes of increasing immersion.

Ps5 Stock: When And Where To Buy Playstation 5 In September 2021

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Which shops have PS5 stock for ? Where can you currently buy a new PlayStation 5 console? Demand for the PS5 has exceeded supply, leaving many unable to purchase a next-gen console. Sony has suggested that it will be making more units in 2021, having secured additional component inventory from some of its key manufacturing partners. However, it’s warned that there’s no quick fix to the current stock situation, due to an overall shortage in semiconductors.

Nevertheless, as part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain which stores have PS5s in stock right now, when you can expect new supply to become available, and what times those product pages will go live. Please keep in mind that stores have been quite random with stock availability, although we’re endeavouring to ensure this page is accurate as possible.

As such, if you’re looking to buy a PS5, bookmark this article and check back for updates on when and where you can get one. You can also learn How to Get PS5 Stock Notifications through the link.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

What Features Does The Ps5 Have

While Sony has released the PS5 specs in all their technical glory, theyve also gone into detail how this will translate to better gameplay.

The key features of the PS5 are:

  • Ultra-high-speed SSD
  • Custom AMD GPU- with ray tracing
  • 3D audio

What the ultra-high-speed SSD and integrated custom I/O system together delivers much faster loading and pace when moving through the game. There are shorter load times in larger worlds which means new games can be developed with richer detail and fewer limitations on size or scale.

When it comes to the custom AMD GPU with ray tracing, PlayStation claims the extra GPU power will boost gaming resolution during play. The ray tracing, on the other hand, will enhance how light moves on the screen and across characters, meaning elements like water and glass will look ultra-realistic.

The 3D audio has been designed to immerse players in the action, hearing elements in different places including even behind you even without high-end speakers.

What the combination of these features will ultimately mean, according to the PlayStation 5 site, is that developers will be able to start, building expansive worlds and new play experiences in the games they design, without the same scale limitations as previous models. This should provide a much richer and more panoramic gaming experience overall.

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Ps5 Or Ps5 Digital Edition

It’s been more than seven years since the last PlayStation console, the PS4, and the world has been eagerly awaiting a more advanced model. Which is exactly what Sony has delivered. The PS5 repeates a huge leap in gaming, and there are a host of amazing games for the platform.

So which should you buy, the standard or digital edition. There are pros and cons for the latter. First, you save a cool $100 and you also don’t need to get the physical games, instead downloading them digitally. But then, some people love the physical games, and they retain a certain value, which you can sell off later. In the end, it’s a matter of taste. In all other respects, you’re getting the same amazing console.

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How Can I Get A Ps5 From Playstation Direct

PlayStation 5 Release Window Could Be in 2020

The store with the most frequent PS5 restocks is Sony’s official store,;PlayStation Direct. Drops usually happen at 2 p.m. PT during the middle of the week . What Sony has done lately is give a lucky few email invites for exclusive access to the store, which typically starts at 12 p.m. PT .;

To get one of these special invites, you not only need luck, you also need a PSN account. You can sign up for one on the PSN website and it’s free. While signing up,;check that you have opted in to all promotional emails;in the settings on your PlayStation account.;From here, it’s a matter of being patient and having a little luck on your side. It appears priority access emails are sent randomly, but you will need to partake in one of the queues on PlayStation Direct in order to be considered.;

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The Hardware: Its Fast And Its Huge

Sony, from the very beginning, has said the PS5 is about speed. But until you experience it, its hard to convey just how big of a difference speed can make.

loads in seconds and once youre in the game, youll never experience a load screen of any sort, even when you take the subway. Want hints and tips for the game? Youll have to find them somewhere else.

That optimization is also apparent in other Sony-made titles. It adds tremendously to the immersion factor of games, and it positively impacts the flow of the story in narrative titles. Jumping into games quickly is just as satisfying.

Its interesting to note this perceived difference in performance stems from software, rather than hardware. Technically, Microsofts Xbox Series X is the more powerful console, though the PlayStation 5 has an edge in storage performance. The Xbox lacks a launch title, however, and relatively few last-gen games take full advantage of the new consoles capabilities. This gives the PlayStation 5 a big advantage at launch.

The PlayStation 5s physical design can be a problem. Its a honking big piece of hardware, and if you opt to place it horizontally, the stand does not lock onto the back panels. As a result, you will have to worry about slippage if youre adjusting the cables. You wont want to put anything on top of it, either. Should you choose vertical positioning, youll have a mini-skyscraper near your TV, which, depending on your room layout, could be jarring.

Sony Announces Psvr 20 Headset

On 24 February 2021, Sony finally confirmed the rumours of a PSVR 2.0 headset. No image has been revealed, and Sony stopped short of offering a release date outside of saying it won’t come in 2021. Many of the rumours were confirmed, however. The upcoming headset is said to offer:

  • A higher resolution
  • New controllers with Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers
  • Only one cable connecting the device to the PS5 .

With details so thin on the ground at the time of writing, we won’t speculate further. However, Sony said in the announcement that as of January 2021 over five million PSVR headsets had been sold.

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Why Is The Ps5 So Tough To Find

There are three big reasons why you’re still struggling to get a PS5. The first is the most obvious: The system is really popular. Sony says the PS5 is its best-selling console and has already sold 10 million units since launch.;

The second reason is the current;chip shortage impacting most of the world’s electronics. Sony did say it has secured enough chips to meet its goal of 14.8 million consoles for the fiscal year.;

As for the last reason, it comes down to bots. Resellers are using software to purchase a massive number of PS5s at once, leaving only a few for actual humans to buy. Retailers added various bot protections during PS5 restocks, but these restrictions only hamper resellers so much.

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 Is Reportedly A Playstation 5 Exclusive Will Feature Co

PlayStation 5 is SELLING OUT! Here is Where to Pre-order (ALL GAMES COMING)

Guerrilla Games;is working on a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, which may be a PS5 exclusive and feature co-op gameplay. Multiple unnamed sources reportedly informed Video Games Chronicle that the developer started working on Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 soon after the release of the original, and that the new game will feature a larger game world and more freedom to explore. The game is also likely to have a co-op mode, a feature that was meant to be on the original, but was cut due to feasibility.

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Essential Playstation 5 Games Coming Out In 2022

PlayStation users have been treated to quite a hearty basket of exclusives this year, with plenty more announced for the pile next year. And while the vast majority are still wrapping their heads around the new specs embedded within the next-gen hardware, devs are lightyears ahead, already mapping out an entire pipeline of new IPs and sequels.

2022 will see in another huge batch of games for both PS4 and PS5, with a whole lot more ready to be unveiled as the seasons unravel into 2023. As it stands today, however, there are five in specific that have continued to keep us on tenterhooks since being announced. So, keep your eyes peeled and your wallets on standby because these are absolutely essential purchases for 2022. Its time to get the pre-orders in! Lets go!

Ps5 Restock Latest Update: Check Stock At Amazon Gamestop Walmart And More

Get the latest PS5 restock updates and check inventory here.

As we inch closer to the holiday season–the second holiday season after the PS5’s launch–it remains difficult to find the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital. Restocks at major retailers tend to sell out in minutes , and consoles are made available so sporadically that it’s hard to get a read on when the next big restock will happen. It’s been more than 10 months since the PS5 launched, but hopefully stock will begin to stabilize in the coming months. It does seem unlikely that consoles will be readily available throughout the holiday season, though. In any case, our PS5 restock guide includes links to all major retailer listings as well as tips for securing a console.

At this point, you’re probably familiar with the Twitter culture that has sprung up around PS5 restocks–as frustrating as it can be to click through only to find the console already sold out, this still remains one of the best ways to successfully buy a PS5, especially if you have notifications turned on. Checking the store listings every day is a good idea as well, as you’ll sometimes see the PS5 pop up without notice at Walmart or Best Buy. In the meantime, you can check availability at major retailers here, and read on for the latest PS5 updates for specific stores, our best tips for securing a PS5, and more.

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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Publisher: Paradox InteractiveRelease date: TBC

Looking for a game with a bit of extra bite?Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 puts you in the seedy underbelly of Seattle, which should suit you just fine as a vampire ready to test out your new fangs. Turned as an act of vampire terrorism during the ‘Mass Embrace’, you’ll soon get caught up in vampire faction politics, where you’re still just trying to deal with your new way of life. This is an RPG at its core too, filled with player choices, a strong narrative, and branching dialogue options too.;

What Is Suspended Gameplay And How Is It Helping Climate Change

PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Sony has long been partnered with Playing for the Planet, an initiative charged with aligning video gaming with the goals of the UN Environment committee. As part of that, Sony has been working first on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, and now with the PS5, to implement hardware that can reduce power consumption.

We have made substantial commitments and efforts to reduce the power consumption of the PS4 by utilizing efficient technologies such as System-on-a-Chip architecture, integrating a high-performance graphics processor, die shrink, power scaling, as well as energy saving modes such as Suspend-to-RAM.

Jim Ryan, Sony CEO

For the PS4 generation, Sony claims its efforts have reduced carbon emissions by over 16 million metric tonnes.

For the PlayStation 5, Sony has revealed that its new Suspended Gameplay feature will make the console even less power-hungry than the PS4. The company has not detailed how this feature will work, but it would be fair to assume that when a game is paused, the console will not stay running at full operational power, but will instead micro-sleep in some way.

Sony has said that for every 1,000,000 players that implement this feature, the equivalent carbon emissions of 1,000 homes will be saved. Considering it will also save players money, it would seem like a no-brainer.

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Wo Kann Ich Die Ps5 Kaufen

In Deutschland ist die PlayStation 5 unter anderem bei folgenden, offiziellen Händlern zu haben, sofern es denn überhaupt verfügbare Kontingente gibt:

  • Spielegrotte

*Die hier aufgeführten Angebote sind mit sogenannten Affiliate-Links versehen. Mit einem Kauf über einen dieser Links ünterstützt ihr GamePro: Ohne Auswirkung auf den Preis erhalten wir vom Anbieter eine kleine Provision.


Aktuell ist es jedoch schwierig an eine Konsole zu kommen, da sie ständig vergriffen ist. Viele Händler updaten unregelmäßig ihre Shopseiten und bieten die Konsole wieder an. Da ist es nicht einfach, alles im Blick zu behalten. In diesem Artikel halten wir euch aber stetig auf dem Laufenden:

Kann ich die PS5 auch im Laden kaufen? Jein, denn so langsam scheint die Vorgabe von Sony, die Konsole im Laden zu verkaufen, zu fallen. Jedoch könnt ihr nicht einfach in den nächsten Handel gehen und dort die Konsole kaufen. Einige Händler haben aber Vorbestellerlisten gestartet auf denen ihr euch eintragen könnt und dann bei einer neuen Lieferung eure Konsole bevorzugt bekommt.

Eas Upcoming Games Will Feature A Free Upgrade For Next

Electronic Arts COO Blake Jorgensen confirmed in a recent investors call that the publishers upcoming titles will feature a free upgrade to next-gen consoles. This year, the phasing includes the effect of revenue recognition from the games we are launching for the current generation of consoles that can also be upgraded free for the next generation, he said.

It is as yet unclear if this will be achieved through the PS5 and Xbox Series Xs backwards compatibility features, or through a proprietary EA tool. More details regarding this feature should be unveiled at EAs upcoming Play Live event on June 11/12.

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Streaming Video Services And Other Apps

Of course, game consoles can do more than just provide your thumbs with something to do – modern consoles are also full-on streaming video players. ;

Right now, you’ll find over a dozen supported streaming services on the PS5 including most major services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock and Apple TV, as well as a few more niche services like Twitch, Funimation, NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN, Vudu, Tubi, WWE Network and Crunchyroll.;

The selection here isn’t as big as you’d find on, say, a Roku streaming player, but it should be enough for most folks.

The bad news is that not all of these apps will be available to stream in 4K/HDR: Netflix and Amazon Prime are, at the very least, but it doesn’t appear that Disney Plus or Apple TV offer 4K/HDR streaming quite yet.

The worse news is that, as it stands, there’s no support anywhere on the console for Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. We thought we might see them appear on launch day, but neither materialized and Sony appears to be shunning the popular HDR and audio formats for now.

What that means, unfortunately, is that the PS5 is really only a middling media player – it can’t best dedicated streamers like the Nvidia Shield, , Apple TV 4K or the new Roku Ultra, and isn’t the console we’d recommend to our cinephile friends looking to host movie night with the highest fidelity films.

Report: Playstation 5 Will Receive Storage Expansion This Summer

Top 5 New PlayStation Games Coming Out In 2020!

PlayStation 5 users who have already all but tapped out the internal SSD storage on their new next-generation console can now breathe easier knowing that relief is now in sight, but it appears as though they will still have to hang in there for at least a few more months, according to Bloomberg. The website is reporting that Sony will open up the PS5 to support third-party M.2 SSD expansion cards via its already built-in and easily accessible expansion slot, ultimately providing gamers with the ability to push the consoles storage capacity beyond the 667GB currently available out of the box. With next-generation versions of games like demanding 133GB of installation space alone and most games requiring approximately 40GB of space, a modular storage solution cant come soon enough.

The PS5s SSD Expansion Bay is still waiting for a Sony-approved dance partner. Image Source: PlayStation

It has also been reported that the long-awaited SSD expansion update will boost the speed of the consoles internal fan, in order to compensate for the additional heat that an M.2 SSD card will most certainly generate when installed. Its unknown at this time if the fan-speed increase will result in more fan noise.

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