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Why Do My Ps4 Controllers Keep Disconnecting

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How to FIX PS4 Controller Disconnecting Randomly (3 Ways and More!)

If nothing seems to be working on getting that controller connected and staying connected to the PS4, the controller or the system may be the issue. Grab your backup controller or borrow one from a friend and connect it to your system use the PS button resync method above to get your PS4 to recognize this controller. Take a little time playing as you usually do to see if the disconnection issues continue. If all seems well, the problem is probably with your controller with the easy fixes not working, a replacement may be in order. Use this as an excuse to pick up a controller you’ve always wanted.

Should it come down to replacing your controller, at least you get something new and fun out of all this trouble. And if a simple resync or reset worked, you save yourself some cash. That’s a win-win in my book.

If the controller disconnections continue happening no matter which controller you use, the issue is most likely with the console. It’s time to call customer support hopefully, your system is still under warranty, and they will be able to fix it up for you to get your wireless controllers working once more. You can visit the Fix & Replacement page, contact PlayStation’s Twitter @askPlayStation, or call 1-800-345-7669 for more assistance.

Missing Dualshock 4 Software

PS4 controllers are not meant to be connected to computers, so they will need some tinkering to work correctly. As a result, we propose that you download and install the DualShock 4 software.

Check to see which one causes your controller to disconnect from your pc. You wont be able to play any games on your PC until you fix this issue.

Solutions To Fix Bluetooth Ds4 Controller Disconnecting From Pc

When you connect your Wireless DS4 controller to the PC for the first time, it might connect successfully but if the Bluetooth drivers are not installed properly or outdated then the controller will disconnect suddenly.

So, the solution to fix this issue is to correctly install the updated Bluetooth drivers on your PC and then connect the Controller to check if its working properly. We have mentioned how to do this below and we are assuming that you have Windows 10.

1. If the controller is connected to the PC, Open the Start Menu and click on Settings. Inside the Settings click on the Devices option. Inside Devices, youll find your Controller listed. Right-click on your PS4 controller and click Remove Device.

2. If the controller is not connected to the PC, open Settings, then Devices, click on Bluetooth & other devices and click on More Bluetooth options. Now, click on Add Bluetooth Device, then press the PlayStation button and the button together on your controller for a few seconds to switch on the Bluetooth Pairing mode. Youll notice a light flashing on the controller which is when your PC will detect the controller. Dont click on the Next button on your PC.

3. When the PC detects your controller, youll find it listed in the Devices section. Right-click on the controller and then click on Properties. A dialog box will pop up. Select the checkbox Drivers for keyboard, mice, controller, then click on Apply and finally click on OK.

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Use An Ethernet Cable To Connect:

When your PS4 Wi-Fi signal is too weak or wont function at all, one or more of the above solutions might hopefully assist, although a cable connection is always preferable. The use of an Ethernet cable to connect your PS4 to your router will result in a more reliable connection with faster data speeds.

To connect your PS4 to the internet, experts recommend using a network cable if at all available. Even if you wont be able to do so in the long run, try connecting via Ethernet connection and checking for PS4 system upgrades, which may resolve your Wi-Fi issue.

If this isnt an option for you, consider using power line adapters, which run an Ethernet connection over your homes power lines. Simply connect one device to the wall near your router and the other to the console.

When your PS4 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, you now know what to do. Hopefully, youll be able to fix it with a few adjustments and be able to play online once again. If everything else fails, you may need to do a factory reset on your PS4, although this is the last solution. You may enjoy the PlayStation Networks powerful functions once your PS4 is back online.

Checking Controller Battery Level

(5 Easy Fixes)

If you use the controller via Bluetooth then it could also be possible that a low battery charge could be the cause of automatic disconnections. Charge the PS4 with the included USB cord and then once fully charged it should be working normally.

Final Words

If at all none of the above methods have actually worked for you, then the best bet is to take it to an authorized service center whether it is in warranty or not. Also, in any case do not disassemble the PS4 controller on your own as this may void the warranty and the service center might refuse to work on your controller as well. If any of the above methods prevented the PS4 controller from disconnecting from your Windows 10 PC then do let us know below in the comment section.

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Close The Application And Open It Again

It may sound too simple, but sometimes properly closing the game and opening it again may fix the connection issue. For example, if you are experiencing the Wi-Fi bug while playing GTA V, hit the home button and once the home screen opens, press the options button on your controller, and a menu will open up, select close the game option and start the game again.

Solution 1: Change Usb Cable And Monitor Usb Ports

Most of the time when this sort of issue arises, the reason behind it may be a faulty or damaged wire. The best solution, in this case, is to completely examine the wire from head to tail. If it is damaged at any point, then replace it with a new one and see if the issue still persists.

It may also happen that if you were using the same USB port to connect external devices for a long time then it mightve been loosened or stopped working. In this case, try connecting controllers to some other USB ports. Also, make sure that you keep connections tight at both ends.


If none of the aforementioned methods worked for you then there might be a fault in controllers. To check whether the controllers are faulty, try using controllers on someone elses PS4. If controllers work fine there, then your PS4 is faulty or broken otherwise your controllers are damaged. Get them repaired or replace them with a new one as this is the sole solution to this ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from the pc steam problem.

Hopefully, the aforementioned fixes will help you resolve the error completely but if the issue still persists you may Contact Us here.

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Check The Controllers Battery

The battery of your controller gets exhausted if we dont charge it fully, and thus, it will disconnect from the computer. Presently, if you are facing this PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting from PC error? Then once check its battery.

If the battery is low and unable to make a connection with the PC, then quickly charge it. In case if there is any issue with your battery, then purchase a new branded battery and replace it.

Ps4 Keeps Disconnecting From Wi

My Ps4 Controller Randomly Disconnects While I Play The Game! Need Help…

Its incredibly annoying to have Wi-Fi problems on your PlayStation 4. Its tough to play online games or get updates if your PS4 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. You wont be able to join friends at a party or browse the PlayStation Store if your system isnt connected at all.

PS4 connectivity problems are common, and identifying whats causing the problem can be difficult at times. This article will explain why your PS4 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi and what to do if your PS4 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

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Disconnection Of Ps4 Controller

You can now detach the USB cable and use your controller wirelessly as usual after repairing it. Until you pair the controller with another device in the future, your PS4 will remember it. Keep in mind that you can only have four DualShock 4 controllers connected to your PS4 at any given time. If you already have four controllers attached, you’ll need to unplug one to free up space for more.

Ps: Pair Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

  • Turn on your PS4, connect the controller using a micro USB cable, and then press the PS button on the controller.

  • Once the controller light turns on, you can remove the cable and use the controller wirelessly.

  • You can use up to 4 controllers at the same time. When you press the PS button, a color is assigned to the user.

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    Reset The Ps4 Controller

    If your PS4 controller is still not connecting, you may as well try to fix the problem by resetting PS4 controller.

    How to reset a PS4 controller:

  • Turn off your PS4 properly.
  • Cut off the internet by unplugging the Ethernet cable or wireless router.
  • Turn over the controller to the rear and look for the reset button, which is a tiny hole located next to the screw beside the L2 button.
  • Insert a thin pin, paperclip, or something you can poke into the slot carefully.
  • Push the reset button inside the hole for a few seconds and then release it.
  • Connect the DS4 controller to PS4 via the USB cable.
  • Turn on the PS4 and press the PS4 button on the center of the controller to resync until you hear a beep sound.
  • Hard Reset Your Controller

    [Solution] PS4 Keeps Disconnecting While Playing On PC ...

    If removing and re-pairing the controller didn’t work, you can next try the full reset procedure for the DualShock 4. You’ll need a small pointed object, like a bent paper clip or a SIM card ejection tool, to do this.

    Turn off your PS4, then flip your controller over. You’ll see a small hole next to the screw by the L2 button . Use your pointed tool to press and hold the button inside this hole for roughly five seconds.

    Once you’ve done this, connect your controller to your PS4 again via USB cable and see if it pairs successfully.

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    Reinstall Your Game Again

    Some people only experience the internet connection issue while playing certain games, for, e.g. Modern ware or COD. If you have manages to identify which games are causing the issue for you, you can either permanently remove it or uninstall and reinstall it.

    Heres how to do it.

    • Go over to a game in the menu and highlight your game of choice
    • Now press options, and a menu will pop up. Click delete. Then press confirm. The game will be deleted.

    Once this is done, you may reinstall it from the app store.

    Solution : Install Ds4windows

  • In order to solve this issue, you must install ds4 Windows with the latest version of drivers.
  • Click here to download and install the program by following the on-screen instructions. Installing DS4 on Windows
  • Connect your controllers via this program and check if the PS4 controller keeps disconnecting issue is resolved.
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    Use The Controller In Wired Mode

    Before you give up on the controller, you should try playing with it permanently connected via a USB cable. However, keep in mind that this only works for the revised model of PS4 controllers. You’ll know you have this model if there’s a light bar inside the touchpad on the front of your controller. If not, you can’t force wired communication.

    If you don’t already have one, purchase a long cable so you can still enjoy gaming from the couch. The Ailun three-pack of 10-foot micro-USB cables is a good cost-effective option.

    To force your PS4 to connect controllers over USB, head to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method and choose Use USB Cable. This will prevent the DualShock 4 from using Bluetooth, even when connected via USB.

    Use Your Controller In Wired Mode

    Ps4 controller randomly disconnected and won’t reconnect at all (solution – very simple fix)

    Instead of using a wireless connection, it is several times better than using a wired connection. Compared to Bluetooth pairing, the users will face less issues when they connect the controller to the PC using a USB cable.

    So, immediately switch to a wired connection and avoid the occurrence of disconnections while using the PS4 controller on your computer.

    • Step 5

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    Ps4 Controller Not Working How To Fix The Most Common Issues

    If your PS4 controller won’t pair or keeps disconnecting, here are troubleshooting steps to fix these problems.

    Most of the time, your PlayStation 4 controller probably works fine. But when your DualShock 4 stops connecting or disconnects randomly, it’s frustrating.

    Let’s look at fixes for when your PS4 controller is not working, so you can get back to playing.

    Check Is The Wires Are Damaged

    If you have been using the controller with the cables plugged in and not buy Bluetooth then a cable inspection is what you should do. Check to see if the cable doesnt have any frayed ends or any cuts and slices in between. Also, if you store your cables by rolling them tightly, this can cause the internal wires to get damaged. If there are damages, use another cable and see if the controller works fine.

    If there is no issue with your cable, then there could a possible fault with your PCs USB ports. Check for any damages or connect other devices to see if the port is functioning as expected. If not, then there could a malfunctioning port and it would be best to plug into another USB port.

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    How To Reset The Ps4 Controller

    Resetting your Controller altogether brings all the settings that you have made to date back to default. If the resyncing method does not help you reconnect the Controller to the system, you may need to reset it. It is as easy as resyncing if you follow the given steps

  • For resetting your PS4 Controller, you need to turn your console off and unplug the Controller.
  • At the back of your Controller, near the L2 shoulder, there is a small reset button. Locate the button first.
  • The second step requires a small tool to push the tiny button into the hole.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds and then release.
  • Now, you can turn everything on and plug in the Controller to the console it is supposed to fix the issue.

    How Do I Update My Controller Firmware

    Why Does My Ps4 Keep Dropping Connection

    To update your controller firmware:

  • Connect a controller to your Xbox One with a USB cable.
  • Connect to Xbox Live.
  • Press the Menu.
  • Go to Settings > Devices & accessories.
  • Then select Update to download the new firmware to the controller attached via the USB cable, and the screen will show the Updating controller
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    Set Up A Static Ip Address For Ps4

    If you keep your IP settings on automatic, then you are probably using a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses change when your ISP decides to assign you a new address or when you reboot your router. But static IP addresses do not change thats why static IPs are usually more stable when it comes to connectivity. Keep in mind this method will change your local IP, not your public IP.

    How To Restart The Ps4 Controller

    Most of the time, you get your controller connection back by just resyncing but not 100% of the time. The other way you can fix this issue is challenging, though emotionally only because it demands you to restart the console and forget about your games progress.

    Now that you have decided to restart the console, follow the steps

  • Turn off your PS4 console.
  • Press the power button, here you hear two beep sounds, one on pressing the button while the second one after a few seconds.
  • Unplug your console from the primary power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Plug your console into the main power source, connect the PS4 Controller using the same USB cable to the system.
  • Restarting your console should solve the PS4 controller disconnection issue.

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    Solution : Reset Connections

  • First of all, make sure that your PS4 is turned ON and running fine.
  • After that, disconnect your controllers from Bluetooth and then press and hold the PS + Share buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds. Holding PS and Share Buttons Simultaneously
  • Release the buttons after some seconds and it will start searching for new connections.
  • Reconnect controllers via Bluetooth and see if the ps4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc Bluetooth windows 10 issue still persists.
  • Restart Your Ps4 Console Completely

    PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From Internet… How To Fix Rant!

    There may be corruption issues on your PS4 console that disconnect your controller. You can try restarting your PS4 console completely to see if this can fix the issue:

    1) Press the power button on your PS4 console and hold it until you hear the second beep. Then release the button.

    2) Unplug the power cable and the controller that wouldnt connect from the console.

    3) Leave your PS4 for 2-3 minutes.

    4) Plug the power cable and the controller back to the console.

    5) Turn your PS4 on. Check the controller to see if it works fine now.

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