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How Do Playstation Trophy Levels Work

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How Psn Trophy Level Calculated In The Old System

PlayStation Trophy Levels Explained | How It Works

At first we have to talk about how many points each type of Playstation trophy gives.

Bronze 15 points

Silver 30 points

Gold 90 points

Platinum 180 points

So for example, if you have 122 Bronzes trophies, 12 Silver trophies, 5 Gold trophies and 2 Platinum Trophies, this means that you have 1830+360+450+360=3000 points. Now we have to convert points to levels which is a little bit harder because of the system is not linear. In the old PSN trophy system, the trophy level range is from 1 to 100 and you start from level 1. The number of trophy points you need to reach the next level is:

Playstation Trophy Level

Ps4 Trophy Level Increase

Many PlayStation fans have noticed a PS4 Trophy level increase on their PSN profiles. Nobodys complaining, but whats the deal? With Sony making changes to the PlayStation Trophy system ahead of the PS5 launch this November, get the latest on the new PlayStation Trophy leveling system in this guide.

Playstation Is Making Major Changes To How Trophies Work

15:48, 07 October 2020 BST| Last updated 16:51, 07 October 2020 BST

Sony has confirmed that it’s making some key changes to the way PlayStation Trophies work on PS5, but don’t be alarmed. While you don’t need to stress about losing any of the progress you’ve made collecting Platinum Trophies on PS4, there are still a few important tweaks to the system that you’ll want to make a note of.

Luckily, I’m here to talk you through everything. The biggest change by far is that PlayStation has adjusted the scale of Trophy levels. It used to be that you’d go from level 1 to level 100 by earning trophies – with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and ultimately Platinum all counting progressively to your overall level. However, the new system sees progression from level 1 all the way to level 999, which obviously means the various Trophy ranks now have different weighting.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment director of product management Toshimasa Aoki explained the change. It was also confirmed that those of us in the UK can expect an update on our PS4s tomorrow that will automatically remap our trophy progress to account for this new range.

If your trophy level is currently 12, your new level will be somewhere around 200 – although your score may be higher than expected if you’re well into hunting Platinums, which are now far more valuable than they were before.

You can take a look at the new system below.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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How Can I Fix My Trophies Without Unlocking

A possible solution to try is manually syncing trophies. More info on how to do that here. If that does not resolve the issue then a potential workaround is to create a manual save with your current progress, load a backup save and unlock the trophy again, finally, reload the manual save you created.

How To Earn Trophies

How do PSN levels work?

To begin earning trophies in your current PlayStation 5 game, all you need to do is play the game as you normally would. Youll see trophies eventually pop up in , for instance, just for completing the story. In Demons Souls, youll gain trophies for defeating the games bosses, as well as for finishing the game.

These dont require any sort of research, but in order to really boost your trophy count, youre going to want to look up games trophy lists in advance. From the PlayStation 5s home screen, scroll over to the right and select your profile image. Then, a small menu will appear with the Trophies sub-menu. Click on this and youll find a list of your games, as well as your earned trophies and those you have yet to unlock. This section will also contain information on trophy rarity, so you can see what percentage of players have managed to unlock them giving you an indication of just how tough a certain trophy is.

Select the game youre currently playing, and youll see not just the trophy names, but also the requirements for unlocking these. The majority of these requirements will be written out, but a few will be hidden in order to preserve an in-game secret, such as a story spoiler. If you click on the trophy and press Square, youll see these hidden details directly on your console. If you prefer to research in your web browser first, the website PlayStation Trophies has a comprehensive list of trophies for PlayStation 5 games, including hidden trophies.

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Sony Announces Playstation Trophy Level Revamp Just In Time For Ps5

Today Sony announced a substantial change in the way your PlayStation Trophy level is calculated just in time for PS5.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a substantial change in the way your PlayStation Trophy level is calculated just in time for PS5.

The level range will be changed from 1-100 to 1-999, which means that when the change will go through, your level will be dramatically increased.

For instance, if youre level 12 now, your new rank will be over 200. This will happen tonight in North America and Tomorrow in Europe. You dont need to do anything as itll happen server-side.

We of course, we also hear that trophies will all carry over to the PS5, but this isnt too surprising.

Below you can read the full extent of the changes.

Reach The Platinum Plateau: Everything You Need To Know About Ps4 Trophies

Since video games were in their infancy, players have bragged about their achievements to their friends. Some of these were fabricated, such as unlocking a secret boss after Bowser in Super MarioBros., but skilled players needed a way to prove their genuine victories. On PlayStation 5 , they can do that with trophies, virtual rewards given for beating games, finding collectibles, or completing certain tasks. But just how do PS5 trophies work, and how can you earn them? Here is everything you need to know about PS5 trophies.

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Ps4 Trophy System Changes Coming Today: Playstation Outline New Features Ahead Of Ps5 Release

Sony is making a few “enhancements”.

PlayStation and the trophy system have a very symbiotic relationship. It’s quite hard to think of one without the other, ever since they were first introduced back on the PS3.

The same can be said for Xbox consoles and Gamerscore.

But today Sony has announced that they’re shaking up how the PlayStation Trophies system works, with some “enhancements” rolling out to users as early as tonight.

Fundamentally there are three key features set to be released on PS4 consoles, arguably with changes in mind ahead of the launch of PS5 in November.

That said, Sony was also keen to stress that “trophies that youve earned on previous PlayStation systems will come with you to PlayStation 5”.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at those new features.

How Do Playstation Trophy Levels Work

How Trophies Are Changing For PS4 and PS5

As you earn trophies, youll see an increase in your trophy level. This is a ranking determined by both the number of trophies youve earned as well as the points associated with particular types of trophies: You earn 15 points for a bronze trophy, 30 for silver, 90 for gold, and 300 for platinum (platinum trophies 29-Mar-2021


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Every Playstation Trophy Change: What’s Different & Why

Hardcore PlayStation fans have used the Trophy system since its debut back on the PS3, and some exciting changes are coming to Trophies with the PS5.

Sony has announced a few big changes coming to the PlayStation Trophy system with the launch of the PS5. Although fans obviously won’t be waiting on the edge of their seats to see these changes, like they would to play a brand new PS5 game, revamping the PlayStation Trophy system may nonetheless go a long way in keeping everything feeling fresh for old players.

The Trophy system has long been one of PlayStation’s most gamer-friendly features. Ever since Trophies were first introduced with the PlayStation 3, certain completionist fans have spent hundreds of hours trying to collect as many as they can. When the Trophy system traveled over from the PS3 to the PS4, there were no significant changes made to the system. However, now that it’s traveling from PS4 to PS5, Sony seems to have finally decided that implementing some new features to the old, fan-favorite system is a much-needed refresh.

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Psn Trophy Level Calculator

Use our free online Playstation Trophy Level Calculator to find out your current PSN Trophy Level based on your trophies. Our calculator also tells you how many points or trophies needed for leveling up. Our PSN Trophy Level Caclulatror works according to the old and the new levelling system introduced on October 8, 2020.

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It’s Not The Grandest Change In The World But It Does Alter How Trophy Levels Work

While we have to wait another month to get our hands on the PlayStation 5, Sony has decided to release a minor overhaul to their Trophies system today. In an article over on the PlayStation Blog, Toshimasa Aoki, director of Product Management at SIE, detailed the changes that are being made to Trophies.

Playstation Trophy Level Changes Are Coming Here’s How They Work

The PlayStation trophy system is changing

PlayStation Trophy changes are coming in the leadup to PS5, but don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your hard-won progress.

The biggest change in the new system is the scale of PlayStation Trophy levels. You used to work your way up level 1 to 100 by collecting Trophies – with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies contributing progressively more to your level – but now the level scale will be more granular with progression all the way from 1 to 999.

Your current score will translate over automatically in the new system: in a PlayStation Blog post explaining the change, product management director Toshimasa Aoki gave the example that if your current level is 12, your new level should fall somewhere in the low 200s. Your score may be even higher than you expect if you’re a dedicated Platinum hunter, since Sony has increased how much Platinum trophies contribute to your overall score to better reflect the effort they require.

The new level ranges will be accompanied by icons that you can proudly bear on your PSN profile: they range from Bronze to Platinum, and they even accrue extra flourishes to show how close you are to reaching the next rank from Bronze to Gold.

These PlayStation Trophy changes will go live starting tonight in the US, and they’ll be reflected on all supported consoles. Sony also confirmed that your existing PlayStation Trophy and new level will come along with you to PS5, just like how they made the jump from the PS3 era to PS4.

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What Happens If You Get A Platinum Trophy On Ps4

Earning the platinum in some games, like Bloodborne for example, gives you an exclusive PS4 theme and there are other games like this! Aside from pure bragging rights, earning a platinum can be fun. It can give you much more mileage when you play games, encouraging you to play in a way you might not have otherwise.

A Number Of Playstation Owners Have Been Reporting A New Ps4 Trophy Level Glitch Which Completely Alters Their Trophy Levels Scroll On To Learn All About It

Sony is bringing some major changes to its PlayStation Trophy system, which was first seen on its PS3 console. The new trophy system has been made for the launch of the upcoming PS5 console and the changes are already live for many PSN profiles. With the old system, the PSN Trophy level was capped at 100. This made it quite difficult for players to observe much progress as the number would slowly increase for every trophy earned.

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Playstation 5’s New Trophy Level Calculation & Icon System

To accommodate the PlayStation Trophy level changes, a whole new level calculation system is being added. According to Sony, the new calculation system is going to be “more optimized and rewarding.” When it comes to the early levels of the Trophy system, players will be able to progress much more quickly, and levels will increase on a more consistent basis.

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Perhaps the biggest change affecting this calculation system is being made to Platinum trophies. For anyone who spends any time collecting PlayStation trophies, the Platinum is the number-one prize. Each game only has one, and players can only earn it after earning every other trophy in the game. This means players will have to beat most games multiple times on the hardest difficulties in order to nab a Platinum. This new calculating system for PlayStation Trophies will reward those players who put in all that time and grueling effort to earn these rewards. Platinum trophies, going forward, will count for more points towards progression, so players who have multiple Platinum trophies will have a decided advantage over others.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12, 2020.

Playstation Trophies Will See Their Levels Redone And Your Existing Progress Will Carry Over To The Ps5

My PSN Trophy Collection. 94 Platinums, Level 28.

The largest change coming today to PlayStation Trophies is the extended leveling system, which is shifting from a 1-100 range to 1-999. Thats . . . quite a few new levels to grind. To compensate for the vastly larger leveling range the calculation structure has been redone to make the earlier levels faster to progress through, and Platinum Trophies now count more towards your level than before. Your current level will be converted over to the new system, so someone sitting at level 12 will likely find themselves in the low 200s.

The Trophy level icons have also been adjusted to fit the new 1-999 leveling curve, with Bronze featuring levels 1-299, Silver levels 300-599, Gold levels 600-998, and Platinum reserved for the cap of 999. Aoki clarified that your previously earned trophies from other PlayStation platforms will transfer over to the PlayStation 5, and you can check your progression on both the PS App and at My PlayStation.


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Trophy Percentages And Earning Platinum Trophies

Scroll through your list of PlayStation 5 games in the trophy sub-menu, and you will see a percentage listed to the right of each one this displays how much progress youve made toward total completion in a particular game. Once youve reached 100%, you will have unlocked every trophy in the game and be rewarded with a final platinum trophy.

However, these percentages can be deceiving, depending on when a game was initially released, and whether the meter includes post-launch content released for the game, which you may need to purchase to access. In , for instance, the percentage shown on this screen will be for the base game and all additional DLC thats added on or after the games launch.

If you click on the game, youll see the actual percentage for the base game alone, and this is what you need to complete in order to unlock a platinum trophy. Even if you purchase a game well after its launch and there are several expansions available, you do not have to complete them to unlock the platinum trophy.

Playstation Trophy Levelling System To Be Overhauled From Tonight

Sony has announced it is making some major changes to the PlayStation Trophy system, specifically the way levelling works and the number of ranks that will be shown. Currently, the trophy level range sits between 1-100 but with the new change that range will now become 1-999. This means the current trophy level you have will be reconfigured to match the new system. An example given by Sony states that a player with a Level 12 trophy score will be converted to a level in the low 200 range. This will be determined by your trophy level and quality of trophies you have unlocked in games.

Sony will also be introducing new Trophy Level Icons and these will come into effect on PS5 and the PlayStation companion app. At the moment the icon is the gold star but in the new system this will change to bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies. You can see what the icons will look like and the levels they apply to in the image below.

Other than these changes the trophy system will act as normal. Your trophy level will carry over to the PS5 just like it did between PS3, PS Vita and the PS4, so no need to worry about losing trophies you have unlocked already. The change with the system will begin tonight in North America and will roll out across the world over the next couple of days. The new system means players should be able to advance through levels at a faster pace, with earlier levels much easier to progress through.

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How Playstation Trophy Level Calculated In The New System

In 08.10. 2020 brought a major change in the Playstation trophy level calculation. At first, the Trophy level range is increased from 1-100 to 1-999 and following the update, the trophy level is automatically remapped to this new system. The new formula works as follows:

The exact new level will depend on the number and grades of trophies. In this new levelling system, the players will progress quicker through the early levels, and levels will increase more consistently.

The information below is based on the mentioned PSN Forum post and not confirmed by PlayStation but seems to be working perfectly:

The new Trophy Point Values :

Bronzetrophy 15 points

Silver trophy 30 points

Gold trophy 90 points

Platinumtrophy 300 points

The Playstation new trophy level calculation formula:


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