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How To Cancel Subscriptions On Ps4

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End Your Subscription With The Game Streaming Service Before It Renews


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  • Log in to your account on the PS4 and select the Settings icon .
  • In the Settings menu, select Account Management. Choose Account Information> PlayStation Subscriptions.
  • Select PlayStation Now Subscription. Choose Turn Off Auto-Renew.

This article explains how to cancel your PlayStation Now subscription on a PS4. It also covers canceling PlayStation Now on a PS3 or web browser.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On Ps4

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now are great packages appreciated by all PS gamers because the offerings are undoubtedly great. Yet you might sometimes just need a break from gaming or paying for gaming. This is why we are going to show you how you can cancel PlayStation subscriptions on PS4, PS3, computers, and smartphones. You can now cancel your subscription via a call to the PlayStation helpline.

We will guide you about the cancellation process, discuss what happens when you cancel your subscriptions, help you check your eligibility for a refund, and how you can apply for it if you are eligible. If you are taking a temporary break, well also answer your questions about recovering your data. So stick by the end of this article.

Can You Cancel Ps Plus And Get A Refund

Yes, you can cancel the subscription youve purchased and request a refund, but theres a catch. Youll need to send a refund request within 14 days of the purchase date. If you forgot to cancel the subscription before the automatic renewal, make sure to point to that fact when you contact Sonys customer support.

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How To Sign Out / Log Out Of Netflix On A Playstation Device

Signing out of Netflix may be simple, but when it comes to a Playstation device, even the good ones have a hard time navigating, so here are the steps that will help you log out of Netflix on PS4:

  • Launch the Netflix application on your Gaming Console.
  • On your controller, click on O.
  • Now tap on the gear icon.
  • Find the Sign Out option. And click on it.
  • You are officially signed out of Netflix on PlayStation.
  • How To Cancel Playstation Plus Subscription

    PS4 PS PLUS How to Cancel Subscription Auto Renewal Credit ...

    Another fantastic subscription service is PS plus, which allows you to play multiplayer PS games online, two free games monthly and gives you plenty of discounts on different games.

    PS plus is similar to PS now in monthly or yearly payments via your debit card. Besides, you can cancel the subscription anytime. If you have no clue how to turn off subscriptions, fear not this guide will cover both how to cancel PS now and PS plus subscriptions.

    We suggest you read this article thoroughly, making it easier for you to cancel PS now on PC, smartphone, PS3, PS4 etc.

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    Donotpays Virtual Credit Card Wards Off Unsolicited Subscription Fees

    Our Free Trial Card was developed with a single aimto prevent an auto-renewed subscription fee after the trial period ends, even if you forgot to cancel the service.

    Heres how our card works:

    • Creates random credit card information
    • Gets approved on free trial pages
    • Gets denied on subscription pages

    DoNotPays virtual credit card isnt linked to any bank account but generates credit card details that look like any other card issued by the bank. You can use it to sign up for a free trial without fearing it will result in a hefty fee after the complimentary trial period expires.

    To Cancel Playstation Now Subscription On Ps4 App

    For all the PS 4 app users dont get disappointed. We also have a way to help you out in canceling PlayStation subscription.

    • Go to the PlayStation store.
    • Choose the profile option and select purchase history.
    • From the list choose PlayStation Now option.
    • Now select the cancel automatic renewal option.

    And Bravo! Finally, you have got your PS Now subscription canceled from your device.

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    How To Refund Ps Plus Subscription

    Fortunately, you can refund your PS Plus within fourteen days of purchase according to the policy. If you have not applied for a refund in the first fourteen days, you cannot get a refund from Sony. And the amount that will be refunded to you could be reduced based on your usage of the subscription service.

    You can request a refund at the PlayStation Support page and by chatting to a refund chatbot. After answering a few questions, you get to talk to a support agent who decides whether to give you a refund or not.

    How To Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscriptions: A Step

    How to CANCEL PS Plus Subscription on PS4

    Fortnite Crew is a new subscription service that Epic Games came out with recently. With this subscription, players get V-bucks and a free outfit each month which they get to keep.

    #FortniteSeason5 is here and with it, the Fortnite Crew subscription offer is now available Get the Battle Pass for the Season, the exclusive Galaxia Crew Pack and 1,000 V-Bucks each month. Next months Crew Pack will be revealed later this month!

    There is a high chance that players might not want to continue paying for the subscription and want to opt-out of the service. But sometimes opting out can be confusing. Here’s how players can opt-out of the service.

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    How Do I Change My Subscription On Ps4

    On the PS4 home screen, press Up on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to access the function area. Go to the left, and select the PlayStation Plus icon > Manage Membership > Subscription > then select Turn Off Auto-Renew. Confirm by selecting Yes. You may also change the auto renewal settings on the web.

    Can I Still Play Playstation Now Games After Canceling

    Depending on when you cancel your PlayStation Now subscription, you should still be able to play through the games for a small amount of time. Your PlayStation Now subscription officially ends on the day that a new payment was set to process. If you wish to spend some time finishing up a game before canceling, it might be beneficial to cancel your subscription early in your final month. This way, you still have access to the games until the service ends.

    Otherwise, once your PlayStation Now subscription ends, you won’t have access to those games unless you buy them or subscribe again to the service.


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    Outcomes Of Unsubscribing Ps Plus

    Now that you have learned how to cancel PS now or PS plus subscriptions, you must know what could be the possible consequences you might need to face

    • Until your subscription expires, PS plus remains accessible to you.
    • Games that you downloaded earlier monthly for free will not be accessible anymore.
    • You cannot access your online storage game progress anymore.
    • Games that you purchased earlier while the subscription was active will always be available for you.

    How To Cancel Playstation Now

    How to cancel a PlayStation Now subscription on a PS4 ...

    Cancelling your Playstation Now subscription is fairly straightforward – there are a few key steps you need to follow in order to cancel Playstation Now. It is important to note that you need to cancel your subscription at least 24hrs before the payment is due as you will still be charged if you leave it too late! Depending on the length of time your subscription is for, this can be a pretty hefty price to pay.

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    Canceling Playstation Plus On Ps5

    From the PlayStation 5 hub menu, click Settings on the top right of the screen. Click Users and Accounts, go to the Account tab, and select Payment and Subscriptions. Scroll all the way down and click Subscriptions to be taken to a screen where you can select your PlayStation Plus. Click it and youll be able to either extend your subscription or cancel it. Like on PS4, click Turn Off Auto-Renew and confirm that you want to cancel. Fast and easy steps:

    • Sign into PS5

    Canceling Playstation Plus Through Psn

    To cancel PlayStation Plus through the PSN browser, first sign into your account on a computer or the PlayStation app. Once youre on the Account Management page, click the Subscription tab on the left under PlayStation Network. Subscriptions Management will show you any active subscriptions you have along with the price of your next charge and renewal date. To cancel your PlayStation Plus, simply click Turn Off Auto-Renew and confirm that you actually want to cancel. Fast and easy steps:

    • Sign into your account on the PSN Browser
    • Go to Account Management

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    Youll still be able to use your PlayStation Plus subscription until its former renewal date , but it otherwise wont renew. For the extra cautious, feel free to remove your payment info under Payment Method on the left.

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    How To Cancel Playstation Now On Ps3

  • Select Playstation network
  • Select your Playstation Now subscription
  • Select Cancel Automatic Renewal
  • How To Cancel PlayStation Now Online

    Even if you dont have access to your Playstation, you can still cancel via your web browser. So no need to panic if you need to cancel and cannot access your Playstation

  • Click the link provided below
  • Then sign into your Playstation account.
  • Select subscription
  • If you are told you need to go to a new browser simply click on continue
  • A new tab should open in your browser where you can see your subscription management
  • Select the Playstation Now subscription then switch off the automatic subscription renewal option.
  • You need to select confirm, otherwise your changes will not be saved!
  • Its that simple!

    Thanks to Nova Money, you can keep an eye on all your subscriptions in one place. Nova will be there to monitor your bills, plan your goals and improve your spending habits. You can learn more here.

    How To Cancel Ps Plus Automatic Renewal Using Ps App Or Web Browser

    How to Cancel Game Subscriptions on PS4 & turn off Auto Renew (Fornite, Eso, FFXIV)

    PS Plus and PS Now are two services for PlayStation that offers tons of free content, latest game access and much more. Both are a paid with short free trial period. Anyone having a PS4 console can test features of PS Plus and PS Now but remember it also activates Auto-Renewal. If you fail to deactivate the settings, you will be charged with the paid subscription amount. In this guide, you learn the exact settings to turn off Auto-Renewal through different methods and prevent yourself from getting charged if you are not in a mood of continuing with the paid services.

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    How Do You Get A Refund On Ps4

    For this type of pre-order purchase, you can request a refund at any time up until the release date of the content. For this type of pre-order purchase, you can request a refund up to 14 days* after the date of purchase. To request a refund for this type of content, please fill in a refund request form.

    How To Cancel Ea Play On Xbox

    Heres how to cancel your EA Play subscription on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One Xbox players can even get a nice little refund:

    • Log into your account and go to its Services & subscriptions page.
    • Find EA Play, and select Manage.
    • Choose Cancel subscription or Turn off recurring billing.

    To see if youre eligible for a refund, choose Cancel subscription.

    If you see the options Dont charge me on next renewal date, and Cancel immediately and get a refund, that means youre eligible for a refund.

    But, if youre not eligible for a refund, all you can do is turn off recurring billing.

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    Are Ps Plus Games Free Forever

    Yes, but youll need to have the subscription active to install and play them. So, if youre wondering how to cancel PS Plus, consider whether youll continue enjoying your PlayStation console without the perks the active membership brings. You wont be able to access previously downloaded free content, and if you miss grabbing any freebies, theres no going back to them.

    How To Cancel Ps Now Subscription On Ps3

    Cancel Playstation Plus Subscription on PS4, PS3, PC, Mac ...

    You can easily cancel the PlayStation now subscription on PS3 similarly to PS4 and you will also have to remember to do it at least 24 hours before the renewal time. Just follow the below-given steps:

    • First of all, turn on your PS3 console with an appropriate broadband connection.
    • Select the settings and then scroll down to select Account Management.
    • Sign in if it asks you to sign in and then select Account information.
    • From the Account information, scroll down to navigate Service list and select it to see all of your currently active subscriptions on PS3.
    • You can cancel any subscription from the list by selecting it in our case, choose PS now, and you will see all the relevant details about PS now, even its expiry date.
    • Now, you have to turn off Automatic renewal from the list to cancel PS Now on PS3.

    This will end auto renewal and you will not be charged for the particular subscription anymore.

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    What Happens When You Cancel Your Playstation Plus Subscription

    When you cancel PlayStation Plus, you will have access to all PlayStation Plus subscription benefits until the end date of your paid subscription. Once that date passes, you will lose access to all benefits, including monthly games, online storage, and online multiplayer capabilities.

    When your PlayStation Plus subscription ends, you will no longer have access to free content that you downloaded as part of PlayStation Plus. If you choose to reactivate an expired PlayStation Plus subscription, you will regain access to this content. PlayStation Plus discounted purchases and any PlayStation Plus packs and avatars you’ve redeemed will still be available to you even after your subscription ends.

    How To Cancel Playstation Network

    Web browser

  • Sign in to account management.
  • Select from the menu on the left of the screen.
  • Select next to the subscription you would like to cancel.
  • PS4

  • Go to > > > .
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Select .
  • On the XMB Menu go to > > > .
  • Select the current subscription and press .
  • Select Cancel Automatic Renewal and press .
  • PS Vita/TV

  • Select > > .
  • Select the current subscription and tap Cancel Automatic Renewal.
  • Check out how to cancel

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    Donotpay Discontinues Your Playstation Plus Subscription For You

    Theres no need to fidget with the manual unsubscribe options of your PlayStation Plus. Instead, let DoNotPay take care of it for you.

    Heres how:

  • Open the DoNotPay app in any web browser
  • Go to Find Hidden Money
  • Enter Playstation as the name of the service you want to cancel
  • We will let you know as soon as weve canceled the subscription.

    Alternatively, you could connect your email or bank account to DoNotPay. This will allow us to quickly detect your dormant subscriptions and recommend that you cancel them.

    What Happens When You Cancel Your Ps Now Subscription

    How to Cancel PS4 Plus Subscription

    Similar to when you cancel a PlayStation Plus subscription, after you cancel your PlayStation Now subscription you’ll still have access to PS Now games until the end date of your paid subscription. For example, if you’ve previously paid through to the end of the month and you’ve cancelled on the 15th, you should still have a few weeks of gameplay before your subscription officially ends and you lose all benefits.

    Once your PS Now subscription ends , you’ll lose access to all PS Now games unless you purchase them separately or reactivate your subscription.

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    Canceling Playstation Plus On Ps4

    From the PlayStation 4 hub menu, go up to the taskbar and click on the PlayStation Plus icon. Go to the Manage Membership tab on the top right of the screen and click Subscription. Youll be taken to a menu where you can either Extend your PlayStation Plus or cancel it. Click on Turn Off Auto-Renew, confirm you actually want to cancel, and answer the feedback to cut off PS+ on PS4. Fast and easy steps:

    • Sign into your PS4
    • Confirm
    • Answer feedback

    You’ll need to answer a small survey as an extra step for cancelling on your PS4, but this takes no time at all and is arguably faster than cancelling PS Plus on your browser.

    How To Cancel Ps Now On The Phone

    One convenient way to cancel PS now is to do it from your phone. If you have using the PS4 app on your Ios or Android, you can easily cancel the subscription using the app.

    All you need to do is open the application on your phone, open the PlayStation Store and then select Profile. Next, you need to select Purchase and then History. Click on the games button. A new screen will appear where you will have to choose PS now and select Cancel Automatic Renewal. Clicking on this option ends your PS now subscription on your phone within a few seconds.

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    What Happens When You Cancel Ps Plus

    Like any other subscription service, PlayStation Plus is charged in advance and renewed at regular intervals. This can be either monthly, every three or six months, or annually. By canceling the subscription, youll disable the service from billing you any further, but youll still get all the benefits youve already paid for.

    A lot of gamers simply want to use this service for a certain amount of time. They purchase, say, one year of PlayStation Plus and, once the service is activated, immediately cancel it. That way, they still get to play multiplayer games and grab all the freebies while not having to worry about any future fees.

    Cancelling PlayStation Plus, therefore, doesnt have immediate consequences. You will still be able to claim all the free games, play online, and enjoy discounts until the date your membership expires, that is. After that, you wont be able to access any of the games you claimed for free when your subscription was active or see any ongoing PS Plus discounts, and whenever you try to access the online multiplayer, the system will prompt you to resubscribe. You wont completely lose your games, though, as youll be able to download and play them again as soon as you renew your subscription.

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