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How To Transfer From Ps4 To Ps4 Pro

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How To Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps4 Pro With External Hard Drive

How to Transfer Data from a PlayStation 4 to a PS4 PRO

If you are not a member of PS Plus or you are going to give current PS4 to its buyer while your new PS4 Pro is on the way, there is a traditional stupid way for you to transfer PS4 data to PS4 Pro. You can firstly backup your data from old PS4 to an external hard drive , and then when your new PS4 Pro arrives, restore the data to it from the external storage device.

Take Your Trophies With You

This step is pretty important, as trophies must be manually synced to your account so that they transfer to your new PlayStation. Even if you have synced them before, you need to re-sync them again to ensure all of your updated trophies are connected to your account.

  • Go to Trophies from the main menu.
  • On the top left, it will show it auto-syncing to the PlayStation Network.
  • If it does not press the Options button on your DualShock controller.
  • Select the Sync to PlayStation Network option.
  • Full Guide On Transferring Data From Old Ps4 To Ps4 Pro

    If you’re upgrading from a PS4 to PS4 Pro, and want to keep your games, save files, themes, and user settings with you when you make the leap to the new system, how to transfer data from your old PS4 to PS4 Pro is a problem to be solved immediately. Actually, you can do so through a very simple and fast data transfer process. And in this article, we will share the step-by-step guide how to transfer data from old PS4 to PS4 Pro with all you.

    Note: Before you begin, there’s one big thing you should take care of on your current PS4. Go to the trophies section of the dashboard and sync all your trophies to the PlayStation Network, because the data transfer process won’t keep any unsynced trophies. In addition, both consoles must have at least v4.0 of the PS4’s system software.

    It’s worth noting that the process copies data rather than moving it- the transfer doesn’t erase any data on your original console. However, anything that you’ve already saved to the second PS4 will be wiped in the transfer.

    Here are the steps in the process.

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    Transfer Data From Another Ps4

    You can transfer data saved on your current PS4 system storage to a new PS4 system.Transferring data to your new PS4 system initializes it, so you should transfer data before you begin using your new system. After the transfer, data also remains on your current PS4 system.You can transfer these types of data:

    • All Users and Their SettingsEither your current PS4 system or the new PS4 system can be registered as your primary PS4 system.
    • Games and Saved Data
    • Screenshots and Video Clips


    • When you transfer data, all data saved on your new PS4 system is deleted. This process cannot be undone, so be sure to back up the data to a USB storage device and sync your trophies with PlayStationNetwork servers in advance. For details, see âBack Up and Restoreâ.
    • Do not turn off either PS4 system while transferring data. Doing this might damage your system.
    • These types of data cannot be transferred:
    • Trophy information that is not synced with PlayStationNetwork
    • Applications installed in extended storage
  • When you transfer data from another PS4 system, family members who have never signed in to PlayStationNetwork are removed from your family. After transferring, the family manager must add deleted family members again.
  • High-resolution screenshots and video clips captured on your PlayStation®4 Pro console can be displayed using only a PlayStation®4 Pro console.
  • Choose The Data You Want To Transfer

    Transfer PS4 Data to New PS4 Pro Without Problems or Bugs ...

    Youll have a choice of what data you want to transfer you can pick which applications or games are moved across , as well as your game save data, screenshots and videos youve captured, themes and settings.

    Once youve chosen what data is going to be moved across, youll be shown how much free space will be left on the new consoles hard drive once the process is complete, and an estimate of how long the transfer will take.

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    How To Transfer Ps4 Saves To Ps5 Using Usb

    If you’re not a PS Plus subscriber, then the best method for transferring saves from PS4 to PS5 is with an old-fashioned USB stick. Sony makes the process pretty straightforward, all you need to do is plug your USB into an available slot on your PS4 or PS4 Pro, and navigate to Settings> Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data in System Storage> Copy to USB Storage Device. Select the files you want to move to your PS5, and wait for them to copy.

    Then, safely remove your USB stick from your PS4 or PS4 Pro and plug it into an available slot on your PS5. Navigate to Settings> Saved Data and Game/App Settings> Saved Data > USB Drive> Copy to Console Storage. Select the saves you want to copy to your PS5, and then wait for them to copy. Safely remove your USB stick from your console, and then continue playing your games.

    When All Else Fails: Back Up And Restore Your Ps4 Instead

    If the internet is not an option at all for you, or you keep receiving an error, fret not. There is another option for you to try! This process will take twice as long as each download will have to run separately instead of at the same time. But if it saves all those precious memories it’s worth it.

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    How To Get Your Ps4 Saves Ready For Ps5

    1. On your PS4, select Settings from the top row of icons on the home screen.

    2. Select Application Saved Data Management.

    3. Select Saved Data in System Storage to transfer any saves you want to bring to PS5.

    4. Choose either Upload to Online Storage or Copy to USB Storage Device.

    5. Select the game data you want to transfer to the cloud or your USB drive.

    If you’re using cloud saves, we recommend you turn on Auto Upload so you can get to your online saves even quicker. To do this, select Settings > Application Data Management > Auto-Upload and select Enable Automatic Uploads.

    Transfer Ps4 Data To Ps5 Via A Usb Drive

    How to transfer PS4 data to a PS4 Pro

    Here is the last way about PS4 to PS5 transfer. In this way, what you need to do is below:


    Step 1: Prepare a blank USB drive and connect it to your PS4.

    Step 2: Go to the path on your PS4: Settings> Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device.

    Step 3: Select all games you wish to play on your PS5 and choose all the save files you need.

    Step 4: Choose the Copy option to let your PS4 start copy the selected files to the USB drive.

    Step 5: Disconnect the USB drive from your PS4 until the copy process finishes.

    Step 6: Connect the USB drive to your PS5.

    Step 7: Go to the path on your PS5: Settings> Saved Data and Game/App Settings> Saved Data > USB Drive> Copy to Console Storage.

    Step 8: Wait for the copy process to complete.

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    Prepare Your Old Ps4 Console

    Turn your old PS4 on when prompted to do so, then hit Next. You don’t need to connect a display unless you really want to. Once your new console detects the old one, you’ll be prompted to press the power button on the old console for one second until you here a “beep” sound.

    At this point, connect both consoles together using your Ethernet cable. If you’re using a wired network already, you won’t need to do anything. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the old PS4 to reboot. If you have a display connected to the old console, you’ll see a message on-screen about a pending transfer.

    Can You Play The Same Game On Two Ps4

    Theres no limit to the number of consoles you can download a game on, but only two games can be played concurrently one on your primary system, one on a secondary console, which you must be logged into. Sony has also revealed youll be able to change which PS4 is your primary system if you need to.26-Oct-2013

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    Why Need To Transfer Ps4 To Ps4 Pro

    In some situations, you have to transfer data from your PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 Pro edition. When you get a new PS4 Pro and plan to upgrade to PS4 Pro from your current PS4 or PS4 Slimmer.

    PS4 Pro adopts the most advanced technology among the already existing PlayStation versions. It gets more processing power to display games in ultra-sharp 4K resolution with high-dynamic range on newer TV sets that supports those features.

    Even if you are still with a regular 1080p TV monitor, with the extra horsepower of PS4 Professional, your games can still look much better as well as performance. Yet, that is true only for the upcoming high-resolution games instead of the old ones.

    Pack Away That Old System

    PS4 Pro: how to transfer data from your old PS4 or SSD to ...

    When the data is transferred to your new console, the old device will power down. That older console is still usable, though Consider donating it, saving it, or recycling it. If you decide youd like to sell it or gift it, be sure to reformat the console. If not, the device will recall and save all your former games, files, and profiles as you last left them.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    Here’s What Will Be Transferred From Ps4 To Ps4 Pro

    • All game data,including downloaded games from the PS Store, installed data from disc games and all saved game data.
    • Any folders which have been set up.
    • Any screenshots and videos which have been saved.
    • All synced trophy data.
    • All messages which have been sent and received to your PSN friends.
    • Profile data of any other user accounts that have signed in to the original PS4 with a PSN ID.

    Option : Use Data Transfer During Setup

    Update to the latest system update on your PS4 so it’s ready for data transfer, and sign in to the same user account that you plan to use on PS5. Connect your PS4 to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS5, and connect the two consoles via an ethernet cable to speed up the transfer process.

    Follow the onscreen instructions and your apps, games and saves will move over from your PS4 to the PS5. You can even continuing using the PS5 while this process takes place.

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    How To Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps4 Pro Saves Games Settings And More

    PlayStation 4 Pro is already on sale, and if you have bought one, you are probably wondering how to transfer the data from your PS4 to the new PS4 Pro.

    Well, it is relatively easy to do it if you know the steps you must take. Its actually identical to the transfer process between two standard PS4s, so weve put together everything you need to do the job. transfer to PS4 Pro, as explained on the PlayStation Blog.

    How To Transfer Your Ps4 Games And Saves To The Playstation 4 Pro

    How To Transfer PS4 Hard Drive Data To PS4 Pro

    Don’t lose your precious data while levelling up…

    Sonys upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro is out on 10 November, bringing a heap of visual enhancements for current and upcoming games. But what about the games and data you already have?

    Luckily, they can all come along for the ride if youre planning to make the leap from a standard PS4 to the PS4 Pro. All existing PS4 games are compatible, and so too are save files, saved replays, and other data you might have stored on your hard drive.

    How will you get all of that data on the new console? Dont worry: it should be a piece of cake. Here are three ways to transfer all of your data over to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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    How To Transfer Data From Your Old Ps4 To A New Ps4

    In this article, we walk you through the whole process of transferring data from your old PS4 to your new PS4.

    Whether you’re upgrading from your standard PlayStation 4 to a PS4 Pro or just switching to another standard PS4, you’ll want to transfer your data from your old console to your new console.

    This means you’ll need to copy your saves, user accounts, capture gallery, and application data over to your new PlayStation 4. Thankfully, this is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any proprietary cables and doesn’t take long, even if you have hundreds of gigabytes to move.

    Here’s the process for transferring data from your old PS4 to your new PS4.

    How To Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps5

    ByMichael Andronico, Alan Martin 24 May 2021

    Here’s how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5 so you don’t lose progress in your favorite games

    Unless the PS5 is your first PlayStation, you’ll need to know how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5.

    With the PS5, Sony has learned one of the main lessons of the PS4 era: people like their older games, especially in the first years of a new console, when big releases are thin on the ground. The PS5 supports backwards compatibility with almost every PS4 game, and thats an absolute triumph you’ll find our guide to how to play PS4 games on PS5 here.

    But the functionality isnt that great if you have to start all your games from scratch. Fortunately, Sony makes it easy to transfer data from PS4 to PS5, so you can pick up right where you left off but with faster load times and better performance.

    There are two ways to transfer your PS4 saved data to PS5. If you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription , you can use Sonys cloud storage to transfer data. If not, you can do it the old fashioned way, by physically copying your saves on to a USB stick or drive. Below, well show you how to do both.

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    Prepare Your Playstation 4 Pro For The Data Transfer

    Before you can begin the data transfer between the two machines, you have to run an initial setup on your PlayStation 4 Pro. Follow the on-screen instructions, pair your controller, and then connect your console to the internet in the same manner you did the original system.

    Once connected to the internet, your PlayStation 4 Pro should begin downloading the latest system software update. Let this process finish and wait for the console to then install the software and reboot. You must be signed into the same PlayStation Network account on both systems, so take the time to sign in your account before switching your attention to your other PlayStation 4.

    Choose Which Data You Would Like To Transfer


    To choose which data you would like transferred from PS4 to Pro, you can pick which applications or games are moved across , as well as game save data, screenshots, captured videos, themes and settings. Once the data you want transferred is chosen, PS4 Pro will show you the amount of free space which will be left on the consoles hard drive once the process is complete. It will also provide an estimate of how long the transfer will take.

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    How To Transfer Ps4 Saves To Ps5

    • 0

    How do you transfer PS4 saves to PS5? If you’re planning to continue playing your PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5 using backwards compatibility, you may want to move your progress from one console to the other. As part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain how you can transfer PS4 saves to PS5.

    Can I Transfer My Ps4 Hard Drive To Ps4 Pro

    When the new PS4 Pro detects the hard drive, youll be asked to format it, which means all your data will be deleted. You will need to transfer the data from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro using the PS4s Data Transfer functionality, but that means you wont be able to move the 2 TB drive to the PS4 Pro.11-Dec-2018

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    Can You Transfer Your Hard Drive From Your Ps4 To Ps4 Pro

    While you CAN transfer your hard drive from one PS4 to any other model, it is impossible to do so without first formating the hard drive. This means taking the hard drive and inserting it into a different PS4 will cause you to lose any data within that drive.

    It is important to make sure you back up any data you would like to save to the cloud or an external hard drive. To learn how to do so, head over to the How to Transfer Data and Saves from PS4 to PS4 Pro guide for support.

    How To Transfer Games From Ps4 To Seagate Game Drive

    How to Transfer PS4 Data to New PlayStation 4 Console | PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim | Guide

    Theres nothing quite like maximizing the full power of your PS4and with Seagate Game Drive youll gain the extra capacity and speed to take your gaming up a notch. By transferring your games onto your Game Drive, your boot and load times should shorten, and you can get to playing. Well show you how to make it happen!

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