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How To Connect A Ps4 Controller To Ps4

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How To Personalize Your Controller With Ds4windows

How To Connect PS4 Controller To PS4

Now that you have your PS4 controller connected, you can also personalize your controller depending on your preferences. All you have to do is head over to the Profiles tab in the DS4Windows application.

Unlike personalizing your PS4 controller on Steam, you can do a whole lot customization with DS4Windows application, such as:

  • Naming your controller

How To Connect With A Sony Wireless Adapter

Although we arent huge fans of this particular method, we recognize that Sony has stopped manufacturing the Sony Wireless Adapter. GameStop has even gone as far as to list the telltale price at the terminated item price of 97 cents. Weve stumbled across these listings, which are still floating around online . If you want to take this route when trying to connect your PS4 controller, we say go for it. Below are a few simple steps that can help you when youre ready to connect using a wireless adapter.

Step 1: Plug the Sony Wireless Adapter into your PC.

Step 2: Plug the other end of the cord into your DualShock 4 controller. The two will pair automatically.

Because of the canceled adapter, this process isnt the best overall. However, its still the simplest means of establishing a link between your PS4 controller and PC. Make sure to free up some space for this 2-inch adapter, which is an extra expense for effortless connectivity. All that being said, you still have many other options when it comes to connecting your controller if you cant seem to find this discontinued adapter.

Use A Different Usb Cable

Attach your PS4 controller to your machine via USB. Make sure the cable youre using is in good working order. If you have a second micro USB cable, use it.

Try using a different USB cable or a different USB port on your Windows 10 PC to check whether your controller works regularly. It is frequently used to charge a variety of mobile phones. Check to see if that solves the problem.

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How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Ps4

Although the PS4 has formed a reliable reputation but, issues can appear since your console remains to age into last-gen status. In fact, new difficulties are being found every day.

PS4 or PS4 Pro buyers, connecting your PS4 DualShock controllers should not be a problem, but we are here to remove any ambiguity. We will run down all the frequent PS4 controller problems, so you can focus on deciding what games to play.

This article will explain how to connect ps4 controller to ps4, identified as the DualShock 4, to the console wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Note: You can only connect controllers explicitly made for the PS4 you cannot connect a PS3 or PS2 controller with a PS4 console. You can, however, use a PS4 controller with the PS3.

Before you begin, you will require certain things:

  • A PlayStation 4 Slim/Pro/Standard
  • The controller you want to connect
  • The included USB cable .

How To Charge A Ps4 Controller

Connect a PS4 controller to a PC or Laptop (USB ...

1. To check the current charge level on your controller, press and hold the controller’s PSbutton, and the controller’s charging progress will appear on your screen.

2.To charge a PlayStation 4 controller, simply connect it to the PS4 console using the USB cable provided with the system.

3. As long as the PS4 is switched on , the controller will begin charging. You can charge up to two controllers at once.

Quick tip: A complete charge takes about two hours. You should be sure to let the battery run out, and then fully charge your PS4 controllers several times a year, to ensure their battery life doesn’t shorten.

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Connect Your New Ps4 Controller To Ps4 With Micro

If you are using a wired PS4 controller, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start the power button on your PS4 console to turn it on.

Step 2: Plug the other point of your PS4 controller wire into the USB port of your console.

Step 3: Start the PS button of your controller and press it down for around 3 seconds.

Step 4: Your wired PS4 controller should be connected to the console.

How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Pc

The choice between console and PC gaming is what causes a rift in the gaming community. On the one hand, you have incredibly accurate and sensitive reactions on your PCs mouse and keyboard. While on the other, you have the naturally fitting analogs with comfort on a Dual Shock 4 controller for PS4.

However loyal you are to the keyboard and mouse, nothing beats the experience of a DS4 controller in games like Uncharted IV and Final Fantasy.

However loyal you are to the keyboard and mouse, nothing beats the experience of a DS4 controller in games like Uncharted IV and Final Fantasy VII. But if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds in gaming, youll be delighted to know you can connect a DS4 controller to your PC.

Are you switching to a PC for playing games because your PS4 is overheating? Read our article to find a quick fix for the problem and revive your old gaming experience on the PS4 console!

Connecting your PS4 Dual Shock controller to a PC is simple but requires installing software as a prerequisite. You can do this either viaSteam or DS4Windows . Once youve installed either of the two software on your PC, you can then connect PS4 controller to PC in one of the following ways.

Already have a Steam account but cant download or install new games? Read our article to learn how to fix the Steam Disk Write Error.

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How To Connect A Ps4 Controller To An Android Phone Or Tablet

  • Perform the initial instructions listed under How to connect a PS4 controller to other devices, above, to put the controller into pairing mode.
  • On your Android device, go into Settings -> Bluetooth. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Look for Wireless Controller appearing under the list of available devices.
  • How To Reset The Ps4 Controller

    How To Connect Your PS4 Controller To A PC
  • When it is not connecting, then you have to reset the PS4 controller.
  • You have to turn off the PS4 properly.
  • You can unplug the wireless router to remove the internet connection.
  • It would be best if you found the reset button. To do that, you can see the rear of the controller for the reset button. You can note a small hole that is present near the screw beside the L2 button.
  • You should poke the slot carefully. You can do that by inserting a small pin or something similar to that. You have to push the reset button for a few seconds and then release it.
  • You have to connect the DS4 controller to the PS4 through the USB cable. You can use the PS4 and then press the PS4 button. You have to press it until you can hear a beep.
  • Now, you have to press the reset button.
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    How To Use Two Controllers On Ps4

    If you have a second controller then its pretty easy to connect a second or multiple controllers to your PlayStation 4 so you dont have to play on your own anymore!

    Now, What if I want to play multiplayer games on ps4 with two ps4 controllers, Can we do that too without any extra equipment? Great question! And the answer is Yes as well. You will need some third-party hardware like Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U and PC which allows you to use wireless controller on the console with ease.

    This adapter uses the wireless dongle from the original controller so it doesnt need a Bluetooth connection to the console. It is also one of the cheapest PS4 Gamecube adapters you can find on e-commerce sites like Amazon and other retailers.

    Alternative: How To Go Usb

    Its also possible to skip over the Bluetooth wireless connection and play with your DualShock 4 as a wired controller, with a USB-enabled connection. Thats obviously not ideal when you could potentially play wirelessly, but its a potential workaround when connectivity and signal issues persist. You can set a controller to only communicate with the PS4 via USB when its plugged in by changing the controller settings in the Devices menu, as noted above. Under Devices, navigate to Controllers, and then set any controllers to only communicate via USB when theyre plugged in. That way, signal issues or Bluetooth problems shouldnt affect the controller, so long as youve got a wired connection.

    Thinking about upgrading to the new PS5? Take a look at our guide to see how the PS4 and PS5 compare.

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    How To Use A Ps4 Controller On Steam

    If you already own a PS4, it’s well worth knowing how to use a PS4 controller on Steam too.

    Back in 2018, Valve officially introduced support for the PS4s DualShock 4 pad to Steam and its actually impressively customizable.

    Not only will it just plug and play with gamepad supported games , but you can make it so that the touchpad controls your mouse quite a trip in Windows or that camera movements are done by tilts of the gamepad.

    However, learning how to use a PS4 controller on Steam isn’t quite as simple as plugging in an Xbox One pad and jumping into your game of choice especially if you want to use it wirelessly.

    But we’re here to help, so heres our guide for how to use a PS4 controller on Steam.

    Reset The Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

    Various ways to Connect a PS4 Controller &  Fix Pairing ...
  • Turn off and unplug your PS4.

  • Locate the small reset button on the back of the controller near the L2 shoulder button.

  • Use a small tool to push the button inside the tiny hole. Hold the button down for roughly 3-5 seconds.

  • Connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable and press the PS button.

  • If the light bar turns blue, the controller has paired.

  • If the controller is unresponsive or is able to connect to a different USB port or another system, please visit the Fix & Replace diagnostic tool to check if your hardware is eligible for an under-warranty repair.

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    How To Install Ps4 Controller On Pc

    • Start the DS4Windows program. Add a Bluetooth Device by right-clicking on Bluetooth Device in the system tray.
    • Connect your Bluetooth dongle to your DualShock4 controller. For three seconds, hold down the Share and PlayStation buttons. Until the top of the controllers light bar reveals a double blinking pattern.
    • To pair your PS4 controller, go to Wireless Controller. Use your laptops built-in Bluetooth device or a wireless USB dongle.
    • Verify that the PS4 controller is plugged in. Check the top of the controller for a light bar that should be lit up.

    Connect Your Wireless Controllers To Ps4 Without A Usb Cable

    If you want to add second or more wireless controllers to your PS4 console, but you do not have the USB cable, you still can connect them without the USB cable. Here is how to do it:

    Step 1: On your PS4 dashboard, go to Settings, then, Devices then, Bluetooth Devices, through a media remote for your PS4 or a connected PS4 controller.

    Step 2: On your PS4 controller, the one you want to connect, press down the SHARE button and the PS button for around 5 seconds.

    Step 3: Your PS4 controller should then show up on the Bluetooth Devices screen. Choose it.

    Step 4: Your PS4 controller should then be connected to your console now. Enjoy your games.

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    How To Connect Another Ps4 Controller

    1. Using your synced controller, go into your PS4 Settings, located above the home menu.

    2. Choose Devices.

    3. Select Bluetooth Devices.

    4. Press and hold the PSbutton and the on the controller you want to pair for five seconds.

    5. When the controller has been paired, you’ll see it appear on the list of devices on your screen.

    Note: You can connect and use up to four PS4 controllers at once.

    If it’s not working and you have to troubleshoot, check out our article on what to do if your controller won’t connect to your PS4.

    Totally Disconnect Ps4 From Power

    How to Connect PS4 Controllers to a PlayStation 4 Pro Console

    When you have any hardware issue with the PS4, such as this one, the very first thing you have to try is to turn off the PS4 completely, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, wait almost 1-3 minutes before plugging it to power again then turn it on.

    This technique has proved remarkable efficiency not only in PS4 systems, but almost all electronic devices, including computers.

    But why would it work in the first place?

    You might be surprised to learn that when you turn off your PS4 , they dont completely shut down. All the component/pieces are just in a very low powered on state.

    It means that if your PS4 has a hiccup/glitch that locks up a piece of hardware , that glitch can still linger on because of that low power state. Many PS4 problems can be simply fixed by pulling the power plug, wait 1-3 minutes and plugging it back in again, because of all the above.

    So, what you have to do here is:

  • Turn off the PS4
  • If the DualShock 4 controller is turned on, turn it off by holding down the PS button for 10 seconds
  • Disconnect all USB peripherals from the PS4, including the controller.
  • Wait 1-3 minutes then connect the controller to the PS4 via USB connection.
  • Dont connect any other USB device to the PS4 at this point.
  • Plug the PS4 cable into the power outlet while the DualShock 4 controller is connecting to the PS4 through the USB cable.
  • Turn on the PS4 and see whether it works or not.
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    Go For Wired Connection

    In case the Bluetooth device in the PS4 controller is defective, or the PS4 controllers battery is failing, you can simply connect the controller to PS4 wirily. That will help you figure out where the problem really is. If the controller connects flawlessly to the PS4 without any hassle, it means either the Bluetooth device or the battery must be repaired/replaced.

    Common Reasons Your Ps4 Controller Is Not Working

    Not sure why your DualShock® 4 controller isn’t working? Here are some possible causes, according to Asurion Experts:

    • The controller’s battery is dead.
    • The controller was recently paired with another device, like a different PS4 or PC.
    • The controller is too far from your PlayStation and is no longer connected via Bluetooth®.
    • The Micro-USB cable that connects your controller to the console is faulty or disconnected.
    • The controller turned off due to the PlayStation’s Power Save settings.
    • One or more buttons on the controller are malfunctioning or broken.

    If you’re dealing with one of these issues, here are the steps you should follow to solve it.

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    Hard Reset The Ps4 Controller

    When the PS4 controller is malfunctioning for any reason, you have to make resetting it a priority. There are two types of PS4 controller reset: soft reset and hard reset. A soft reset is used when the PS4 controller is actually working but with errors. On the other hand, if the issue is major and the PS4 controller is not connecting in the first place, you have to perform a hard reset to it.

    In order to hard-reset the PS4 controller, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off and unplug your PS4.
  • Locate the small reset button on the back of the controller near the L2 shoulder button.
  • Use a small tool to push the button inside the tiny hole. Hold the button down for roughly 3-5 seconds.
  • Connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable and press the PS button.
  • If the light bar turns blue, the controller has paired.
  • If the controller is unresponsive, yet youre sure its in a healthy state , that might mean the PS4 USB port is defective, or the PS4 CMOS data is corrupted and you need to clear it .

    The Comprehensive Way: Ds4windows

    How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS4

    DS4Windows is a freeware program that tricks your PC into thinking an Xbox 360 controller is connected, instead of a DualShock 4. Follow these steps to get it to work.

  • Download DS4Windows and unzip it to a directory.

  • Open DS4Windows.exe in the directory you just unzipped.

  • Follow the steps in the driver installer. This installs a multipurpose gamepad driver to your system that DS4Windows uses to get the DualShock 4 to work.

  • Connect your DualShock 4 to your PC.

  • The controller should show up under the Controllers tab. Wait a minute to make sure all of the necessary drivers show up. Once Windows pops up a message saying it has connected a new Xbox 360 controller, you’re ready to play!

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    Causes Of Ps4 Controller Not Working On Pc

    You may be having trouble connecting your PS4 controller to your Windows PC. One of the following factors likely is to blame.

    Interference with Bluetooth signals

    Signal interference is one of wireless technologys flaws. Youre using a PS4 controller thats wireless. Ensure there are no additional Bluetooth devices in the vicinity that could interfere with the signal.

    The USB cord or port is defective

    Youre utilizing a wired connection. Its conceivable that this is the cause of your PS4 controller not working on your computer. A faulty USB cable or a broken USB port could be the source of the problem.

    The PS4 controller is turned off or has a low battery

    Your computer is unable to locate or recognize that you are attempting to connect your PS4 controller wirelessly. Make sure the controller isnt turned off. Its turned on, but its not visible in the Windows Bluetooth settings. It may be caused by due to a low battery level.

    There are problems with the drivers on your computer

    When using a PS4 controller, sure gamers may have trouble connecting. Its because of an out-of-date or incompatible driver. Right-click each item under Human Interface Devices in the Device Manager.

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