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How To Data Transfer Ps4 To Ps5

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How To Transfer Ps4 Games And Save File Data To Ps5


There are several different ways you can transfer save data from one console to another:

  • Through PlayStation Plus cloud storage
  • Through a LAN connection
  • Through a USB storage device

The easiest method is probably with PlayStation Plus subscription. If you dont have one, there are other ways to save your files.

How to Transfer PS4 Save Files Through Online Storage

With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can easily upload your game data from your PS4 console to your PS5. All you have to do is select the saved data in system storage and upload it to cloud storage.

  • Select the PS4 game you want to upload.
  • Press the Options Button on your PS4 Dualsense controller.
  • Select Upload/Download Save Data.
  • On the next screen, select Upload All to transfer your game saves to the cloud.
  • Obviously, you will need the same game installed on both consoles. With a PS Plus subscription, all uploaded game data will be instantly available the moment you log in. Bear in mind that first-generation PS4 consoles often had bad Wi-Fi cards.

    If you have an original PS4, consider connecting to your network with a LAN cable. It will provide a more stable connection and higher speeds while youre uploading all your saves.

    After youve uploaded your data, you need to download it from cloud storage to the PlayStation 5.

  • Select the PlayStation 5 installation of the game and then press the Options Button on your DualShock.
  • Select Upload/Download Sava Data.
  • Select beside Cloud Storage.
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    How To Transfer Your Data After Initial Setup

  • 1Sign in to the same account on both your PS4 and PS5. You’re likely already signed in on your PS4, so simply use the same PlayStation Network account to sign in on your new PS5.
  • 2Update the PS4 system software to the latest version. If you use your PS4 regularly, it is likely already updated. If you haven’t used your PS4 in a while, go to your Settings, indicated by a toolbox towards the end of your main menu, and select “System Software Update” to ensure you have the latest software.
  • If you are not prompted to download and install a new update after clicking on “System Software Update,” your PS4 already has the latest software.
  • 3Synchronize your trophy information on your PS4. PlayStation can recover most of your data automatically, but you’ll want to ensure that your most up-to-date trophy info has been synchronized with the PlayStation Network. Press the Options button on your controller while viewing the Trophies page, indicated by a trophy icon, on your PS4. This will pull up a menu select “Sync with PlayStation Network.”
  • 4Connect both consoles to the same network. You can either connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi Network, or set up a wired connection using LAN cables. Ensure that both consoles are connected to a power source and an HDMI output as well.
  • If you only have one LAN cable, you can connect both consoles wirelessly, and then run the LAN cable from one console to the other. Doing so is optional, but it will help speed up the data transfer.
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    How To Transfer Data From Ps4 To Ps5

    Here’s how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5 so you don’t lose progress in your favorite games

    Unless the PS5 is your first PlayStation, you’ll need to know how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5.

    With the PS5, Sony has learned one of the main lessons of the PS4 era: people like their older games, especially in the first years of a new console, when big releases are thin on the ground. The PS5 supports backwards compatibility with almost every PS4 game, and thats an absolute triumph you’ll find our guide to how to play PS4 games on PS5 here.

    But the functionality isnt that great if you have to start all your games from scratch. Fortunately, Sony makes it easy to transfer data from PS4 to PS5, so you can pick up right where you left off but with faster load times and better performance.

    There are two ways to transfer your PS4 saved data to PS5. If you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription , you can use Sonys cloud storage to transfer data. If not, you can do it the old fashioned way, by physically copying your saves on to a USB stick or drive. Below, well show you how to do both.

    How To Transfer Ps4 Data To Ps5 Using Cloud Storage


    First, ensure that the data you wish to transfer is stored on the Cloud by going to this path Settings > System > System Storage > Save Data.

    1. On the PS4, go to Settings and navigate to Application Saved Data Management.

    2. Click on Saved Data in System Storage in the saved data management menu.

    3. Next, choose Upload to Online Storage and select the game data you wish to upload to Cloud.

    4. Now, on your PS5, go to Settings and navigate to Saved Data and Game Settings.

    5. In the saved data and game settings, navigate to Save Data and Cloud Storage.

    6. Select the data you want to download to your PS5 and hit the download button.

    There you have it, two methods to transfer your PS4 data to your PS5 with a wired connection and wirelessly via the Cloud. Meanwhile, if youve previously downloaded any free games on your PS4 and have deleted them, you do not need to download them on the PS4 again and transfer them to the PS5 you can download them on the PS5.

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    Too Much Cached Data And Database Problems

    So how do we deal with Cached data and Database Problems? Well, lets say we can deal with both at the same time. The PlayStation consoles are infamous for its frequent Database errors. What does a Database system do? Lets say it allows the apps and the games that you run on the console to get access to the required data to continue running. If they cannot have that access they would probably just crash leaving you nothing but a complex looking Error Code like CE-34878-0.

    PlayStation :

    This is how we deal with Cached data on PS4 and PS5 :

    • Unplug the power plug from the console and leave it turned off for like 2-3 minutes. This is pretty much done for your PS4. The Cached Data will automatically be removed.
    • Now hold the power button for like 8-9 secs until you hear 2 beeps. Let go on the 2nd beep sound and the console will boot up in Safe Mode.
    • Connect the controller with the USB port and press the PS button
    • Select the option Rebuild Database for PS4. This will take a while depending on your storage. For PS5 however, select Clear Cached Data and Rebuild Database. You will get two more options Clear Cached Data & Rebuild Database. Select both for your PS5.

    Rebuilding the Database basically is like Defragmenting your hard drive. Arranging data in a way that it is easily accessible to all the app and games that you run on your PlayStation console.

    Xbox :

    This is how we deal with Cached data on the Xbox consoles :

    Make Sure Your Ps4 Is Fully Updated

    For this process to even work in the first place, make sure your PS4 is fully updated to the most recent firmware update. Both systems need to support the file transfer process, have the same PSN account, and connect to the internet for it to work, so make sure both of your systems are up to date before you attempt a file transfer.

    If your systems and save files are good to go, it’s time to start the actual data transfer, which is detailed in the video below and the rest of this article.

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    How Do I Transfer Ps4 Data To Ps5 After Setup

    Whether youre looking to transfer all PS4 data or specific games and apps, the process is nearly identical. The PS5 has a Data Transfer option in its Settings menu to allow you to import files from any PS4 on your network.

    Before you begin, youll need:

    • Powered PS4 with an internet connection.
    • Powered PS5 with an internet connection.
    • A TV or monitor hooked up to each console .

    For faster transfer speeds, make sure you have both consoles connected to the internet with a wired connection. If a Wi-Fi connection is your only option, you can still connect the consoles with a LAN cable to increase transfer speeds.

    To avoid potential issues, make sure both the PS4 and PS5 have the latest system software before beginning any data transfers.

  • Turn on your PS5, sign into your profile, and navigate to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer.

  • Read the warnings and click Continue.

  • Turn on your PS4 and sign into the same profile.

  • Your PS5 will begin searching for your PS4. If it cant be located, check that both consoles are connected to the same network and restart your PS4.

  • Once the PS4 is located, Press the PS4s power button for 1 second until it beeps. Youll have 5 minutes to do this before the process resets.

  • After the PS4 restarts, you should see a list of the consoles save files displayed on your PS5. Select the data you want to transfer by checking off individual files . When finished, click Next.

  • Select any games or apps you wish to transfer and click Next.

  • Transferring Using Connection Method

    How to Transfer Data From Your PS4 to PS5

    With the same internet network, connect your PS4 and PS5 consoles. You may use LAN cables, which are available commercially, or you can connect both your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

    After you finish your first setup of the PS5, the option for a full data transfer may emerge. You can then follow the steps indicated on your console.

    But, if you ignored it at the time, go to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer to locate it again.

    You’ll be asked to turn on both consoles and connect to the internet at this point.

    If your existing setup is merely using Wi-Fi, it is strongly advised that you attach a LAN cable between the two consoles for higher transfer speeds.

    Connect both of the consoles to the same PSN account you are using.

    Then, continue with the transfer process until you’re advised to press the Power button on the PS4 for one second until you hear a beep. This will restart the PS4, and it will begin to prepare for the data transfer after it has been reset.

    During this time, avoid touching any console or any LAN cables that may be connected.

    After you’ve finished your preparations, you’ll be led to a screen where you may choose from any full games or apps that have been saved on your PS4. Due to the large file sizes of some games, this may save time over re-downloading them via the internet on your new PS5, but it may still take a while.

    Depending on your setup, this should indicate how long your transfer could last.

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    Install Games And Date To The Ps5 From A Ps4 Disc

    Many PS4 discs are compatible with the PS5, and can be installed on the new system the same way they always have been. Just pop in your PS4 disc to install the game.

    You’re going to need the disc version of the PS5 rather than the digital version to use this method. But odds are you already had this in mind when you decided which system to buy.

    One thing to note here: If you have an external drive attached, there’s a default setting that will automatically install PS4 games to the external storage. That’s a win for me, but you can turn that option off in the settings if it’s not what you want.

    Thank heavens for free PS Plus games.

    Transfer Data Over Wifi

    Although this is an easy method and does not require any additional device, if you are transferring hundreds of GigaBytes of data, it can take a while to transfer. Still, this is the easiest method. You need to follow the steps below to proceed with data transfer:

  • Turn on Both the consoles and connect them to the same network.
  • Go to Settings and there you go to
  • Now go to System Software.
  • Open Data Transfer and Click the Continue on the next screen.
  • Here you might need to press the Power Button on your PS4 console to confirm the transfer.
  • The speed of transfer depends upon on the distance between the consoles, so keep them close to each other. Another very effective method to get faster transfer is the one below.

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    How To Transfer Ps Account Data From Ps4 To Ps5

    Retrieve your old game data and play PS4 games on your new PS5.

    The lucky ones whove managed to get their hands on a new and shining PS5, and own a PS4, too, will need to transfer their PS account data from PS4 to PS5 not to lose any progress. However, if the PS5 is your first console, you wont need to worry about transferring the data from a PS4 to a PS5.

    Interestingly, the PS5 supports backward compatibility with almost every PS4 game. However, you might find that the previous generation games wont run as smoothly on the new PS5. That said, whether you want to revisit the old PS4 games on your new PS5 or load all your saved PS4 data to your new PS5, this guide will show you how to transfer your PS account data from PS4 to PS5.

    What Is The Best Way To Shift Data And Why

    Can You Transfer Your Data From Ps4 To Ps5

    The best way to get the PS4 data on your PlayStation 5 console is to copy the data to an external storage device. Then you just plug in the device in your PS5 and make use of the data. It is the best way because it does not require any subscription and also you can save space on your PS5s SSD by keeping the data on the External storage.

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    Transferring Data Via Usb/hard Drive

    If youre experiencing a slow internet connection and do not own a PS Plus membership, this is the way to go. This also allows you to have a physical backup of your files if ever things go bad when you do it online.

    To transfer via USB:

  • Insert a recognized USB storage device into your PS4s ports.
  • Then, go to Settings, and continue until you go through Application Saved Data Management and Saved Data.
  • Next, select Copy To USB Device.
  • Select the files you wish to copy.
  • Once done, carefully remove your USB storage device from your PS4.
  • Copy all desired files and wait for the process to finish.
  • External HDDs need to be formatted for your consoles to recognize them, however, several external storage devices are PS4/PS5 ready.

    Transfer By Network Connection

    The easiest way to transfer data is over a Wi-Fi network. Connect your PS5 console and PS4 consoles to the same network from the console settings menu. You can either connect both consoles to the same Wi-Fi modem using LAN cables or connect wirelessly. When connecting your consoles to the same network wirelessly, you can use a LAN cable to connect your PS5 and PS4 consoles together for faster transfer speeds. If both consoles are connected to the network using LAN cables, you dont need to connect the PlayStation consoles with one.

    During the transfer, it helps if your TV has more than one HDMI port so that you can switch between inputs to monitor the progress on either console. If your TV only has one HDMI port, you could use a second display or simply leave both consoles on while unplugging their HDMI cords when you need to alternate.

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    When you first set up your PS5 console, there will be on-screen instructions for the data-transfer stage. If you skipped that initially, you can find the option by navigating to Settings> System> System Software> Data Transfer. Click Continue when you are ready to begin. During the data transfer, do not either console, as doing so may cause damage to the systems.

    Your PS5 console will automatically restart near the end of the data transfer. After the console restarts, youll find all the games and save files from your PS4 on your PS5.

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