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How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Without Remote Play

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How Do I Know If My Laptop Has An Hdmi Input Or Output

How to connect ps4 to laptop screen without remote play

HDMI input on computers is scarce to find because of the complexities of getting it right. Laptops get built in a very particular way regarding their video input. They cannot receive a video signal from any other source other than the motherboard.

All laptops have output only when it comes to video, HDMI, or VGA. Simply because the only input the laptop display has, is connected to the chipset of your laptop. Unless you take your computer apart and connect the screen directly, your laptop will be output-based only, as far as its connectors are concerned. Therefore, not many laptops have HDMI input, but most have an HDMI output.

Turn On Ps4 From Network

Your laptop should be on Rest Mode by default. If it isnt, you can always adjust the settings. Go to Power Saving Settings and modify the settings to set your computer to Rest Mode. This mode will save power, as the PS4 wont stay on unnecessarily when its not being used.

At the same time, however, you want to be able to connect to your PS4 from your laptop when its on Rest Mode. Active Enable Turning on PS4 from Network to make this possible.

How To Play Ps4 Games On Pc And Laptop Without Owning A Ps4 Console

You can play PS4 games on PC and laptop without remote play and without owning a PS4 console by following the below steps:

  • Create a PlayStation Network account and set up your subscription
  • Connect a DualShock 4 controller via USB port

And thats all there is to playing PS4 games on PC and laptop without remote play which requires you to own a PS4 console.

Not every PS4 exclusive will be available via PS Now, but as of writing is available until July 7th 2020.

Theres also Bloodborne and others, and you can even enjoy games that were exclusive to the PS3 such as the original inFamous and its incredible sequel.

You should know in advance that a PS Now subscription costs either £49.99 for 12-months, £22.99 for three months, or £8.99 for one month. And you surely dont need us to tell you that the full year is the better and cheaper option.

The minimum and recommended specs listed by Sony can be found below:


  • Windows 7 , 8.1 or 10
  • Core i3 2.0 GHz
  • 300 MB of available storage
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 , 8.1 or 10
  • 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
  • 300 MB or more of available storage
  • 2 GB or more of RAM
  • Sound card USB port

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How To Use Playstation 4 Remote Play To Stream Your Ps4 Game On Discord

The following method takes advantage of PS4 Remote Play. As such, many of the steps apply to streaming to Discord too. The main advantage of this method is that you dont need to have a Twitch account to stream to Discord.

For this method, youll need PS4 Remote Play. If you dont already have PS4 Remote Play, you may want to download and install it before setting up your PS4. The process is more streamlined, and you save some time. Heres how to do it.

  • Download and install PS4 Remote Play on your Windows PC.
  • Use a USB cable to connect a DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your PC.
  • Log into your PSN account on the Remote Play app.
  • Agree to Sonys policies on data collection and more.
  • Turn on your PS4 and log into your profile if you havent already, then wait for it to sync with Remote Play.
  • When both the PS4 and PC become synced, Remote Play displays your PS4s home screen.
  • Launch Discord on your PC.
  • Select a server to use for your stream.
  • Join a voice chat channel.
  • SelectShare to share your screen.
  • Select PS Remote Play to be the shared window. Before going live, ensure youre streaming at the exact resolution as PS4 Remote Play.
  • Now, anyone who joins the Discord voice channel can watch your gameplay.

    The above method is easier on your internet since youre only streaming on one platform, and its also an excellent option if you dont have a strong internet connection but still want to stream.

    How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop With Remote Play

    How To Play PS4 On Laptop Without Remote Play

    This is a special tool that comes with your PS4 device which enables you to play the PS4 games even on your laptop. Though this method does not use an HDMI cable, it is one of the most common ways to play your PS4 on your laptop. These are the things youd need for this method:

    • A high-speed broadband internet connection
    • A PlayStation Network account
    • DUALSHOCK 4 USB wireless adaptor or a USB cable
    • The free app- PS Remote Play
    • DualSense controller or a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller

    Once you have all these at hand, move on to setting it all up. Follow the simple steps below to game away on your laptop in no time!

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    How To Play Ps4 On The Laptop Without Remote Play

    In late 2018, Sony announced the Remote Play feature for Windows 10. However, it comes with a lot of pre-requisites like a faster Wi-Fi network with a minimum download speed of 15 Mbps. And to top that, the sluggish response time with the PS4 controller. All of these could be eliminated by using a capture card like Elgato HD60s and directly game on your laptop without remote play.So, lets see how to play PS4 on the laptop without remote play.

    How Do I Connect My Ps4 To My Laptop Wired

    What you need to do is a bridge connection. Connect your PS4 to the laptop via ethernet, connect the laptop to the internet via wifi. Open Network and Sharing Center. Click Change Adapter Settings on the left. Select the WIFI adapter and LAN adapter together. Right click on either and select Bridge Connection.

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    Points To Remember While Using The Ps4 Remote Play Application

    There are some restrictions of using the Remote Play application and those restrictions are:

    • Some of the games might not support the Remote Play
    • The virtual reality mode will not work on the Remote Play
    • You cannot play music on the Spotify while using the Remote Play
    • Using the Remote Play, you cannot share screen or broadcast your gameplay

    How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Via Remote Play

    How to PLAY PS4 on PC/Laptop (EASY METHOD) (PS4 Remote Play)

    Remote Play is Sonys brand new feature, which allows you to play PlayStation 4 on compatible devices. With it, you can play PS4 on your laptop. But you should make sure first that your devices meet the following requirements:

  • The PS4 system software version should be 7.00 or later.
  • The laptop should use either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system.
  • The laptop should use Intel Core i5-560M 2.67 GHz / Intel Core i5-2450M 2.50 GHz or faster CPU, 2 GB or more of RAM, and 1024 × 768 or higher display resolution.
  • The laptop should also have 100 MB or more of available storage, a sound card, and a USB port.
  • If your devices meet the above requirements, you can then following the steps below to install Remote Play:

    Step 1: Download the Sony Remote Play from the official website of Sony. Please note that Remote Play offers two options: Mac and Windows PC. You should select the appropriate operating system for your computer.

    Step 2: Run the downloaded installation file and this will open a new dialog box. The box shows the instructions to install and set up correctly. In the dialog box, check the appropriate options to download the additional features.

    Step 3: After Remote Play is installed, please configure the PS4 console.

    After you configure the PS4 console, you can play PS4 on laptop.

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    How To Play Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi Cable

    Enjoying your favorite PS4 games is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax after a long days work. But what if your TV suddenly starts to act up?

    If you have an expensive laptop with a sharp display, you can play your PS4 games by hooking it up to your laptop using an HDMI cable. While it sounds pretty simple, I wish it was that simple.

    If youre willing to dedicate some time and money to get the necessary equipment and set them up, you can certainly enjoy your PS4 games on your laptop.

    But, how to play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI? Well, below Ive mentioned 2 ways that will help you step-by-step to play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI.

    Before getting into those 2 ways, let me take you through the equipment that youll need throughout the whole procedure.

    Can You Play Ps4 On A Monitor

    There are no officially supported ways to play PS4 on a monitor as the PS4 is designed to be used with a game controller, but several solutions can be used to try and achieve this. Some people have been able to set up a secondary PS4 as a media server and use an external display to view games, while others have found ways to use third-party software or hardware to circumvent the consoles native limitations.

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    Capture Ps4 Game By Built

    You may capture the PS4 game by its own built-in recording function when the gameplay saves to laptops system.

    Start whatever game you want to record and enter the share page by pressing the share button on the controller.

    Go to the share setting and then to broadcast setting on advanced setting and checked off the include microphone audio in the broadcast, record your voice for recording gameplay.

    Now start the game that you have to choose to record.

    This technique of playing PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI without a video capture card will prove quite beneficial as well as cheaper.

    Does The Ps4 Run On A Laptop Smoothly

    How To Connect PS4 To Laptop with and without TV

    First, you cannot play ps4 games through your laptop unless you use it as the monitor. To use your laptop as a gaming monitor requires you to use either an HDMI or video capture card.

    That means you can technically play your PS4 “on” your laptop by installing PlayStation Remote Play and connecting it to your PS4. That gives you access to your PS4 games through your pc, the same as PS Vita. Bear in mind that this process requires a strong internet connection to reduce or eliminate the overall lag between the controller and your laptop.

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    Can I Plug My Ps4 Into My Laptop Hdmi

    An HDMI or video capture device is necessary to use your notebook as a monitor. That is, by enabling Ps Remote Play and linking it to your PlayStation 4, you can potentially play your PlayStation 4 on your laptop. As with the PS Vita, it enables remote access to your PlayStation 4 games via your desktop.7 days ago.

    Get All The Settings Right

    Before gaming on your laptop, there are necessary modifications you should make to get you an immersive gaming experience. The settings option at the top left corner of the app will enable you to set gameplay-enhancing mechanics like video resolution and frame rate.

    For the best experience, set the gaming resolution to 720p. 720p strikes the perfect balance between good quality and low internet consumption. Since your laptop is probably running on battery power, a 720p resolution will also help conserve battery life.

    For frame rate, you should probably avoid going over 60fps. If youre playing at the superfine 1080p resolution, you may be unable to go up to that frame rate anyway.

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    Can You Use Hdmi To Play Ps4 On Laptop

    An HDMI or video capture device is necessary to use your notebook as a monitor. That is, by enabling Ps Remote Play and linking it to your PlayStation 4, you can potentially play your PlayStation 4 on your laptop. As with the PS Vita, it enables remote access to your PlayStation 4 games via your desktop.

    Android Smartphones And Tablets

    How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Wirelessly – PlayStation 4 Remote Play PC & Mac

    Android devices running Android 7 or later can play PS Remote Play games using on-screen controls. Devices running Android 10 or higher can connect to a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller via Bluetooth4. The DualSense wireless controller is supported on Android devices running Android 12 or later5.

    To check what Android devices support DualSense and DUALSHOCK 4 controller drivers, please consult your device’s manufacturer.

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    Connect Ps4 To Laptop Through Remote Play

    One of the best and most convenient ways to use laptop as monitor for PS4 without using HDMI is by using the Remote Play feature. It is a free app that you can download from the PlayStation website.

    With this method, you dont need any extra hardware or cables. All you need is a good internet connection and youre all set. Simply follow these steps and youll be able to play your PS on the laptop in no time:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your PlayStation 4 console and choose Account Management. Enable Active as Primary PS4.
  • Update your consoles software to the latest version through System Software Update.
  • Go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings and turn it on. While using Remote Play on your laptop, your console must be kept on or in the rest mode.
  • Navigate to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode > Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.
  • Open the Remote Play file you got on your computer. Adjust the frame rate and resolution to best match your screens specs for optimum gameplay. Based on your system configuration you can set the higher or lower graphic settings.
  • Connect the PS4 controller to the laptop using a USB cable. You can also connect it wirelessly by pressing the PlayStation and buttons on your controller at the same time.
  • As soon as the LED on your controller begins to flash, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. It will take around 4 to 5 seconds for your controller to get paired.
  • How To Use Remote Play On Ps4

    If you own PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, Windows PC, Mac, or mobile device lying around the house, you have access to one of the coolest features currently available on the PS4. The aptly titled tool does exactly what it sounds like and allows you to play your PS4 games remotely using a Vita, PS TV, computer, or select mobile device.

    • PlayStation 4

    • PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, Windows PC, Mac, or mobile device

    The process is straightforward, but it does require some setup and configuration. Thankfully, weve put together this simple guide for those looking to take advantage of Remote Play, along with some basic tips to ensure the best possible experience.

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    Remote Play Really Does Remote

    For years, Sonys PS4 Remote Play service was superior to Microsofts Xbox solution in that gamers could stream their PlayStation 4 console from anywhere across the nation, not just within the house. They could use the PlayStation Vita handheld, the PS TV set-top box, the mobile apps, or the desktop software for Windows and MacOS.

    Xbox One owners werent quite so lucky. Before the recent arrival of Xbox Remote Play, they could only stream to a Windows PC using the Xbox app. Moreover, streaming was locked to the local network. On the plus side, this in-house lockdown guaranteed great performance.

    However, having a remote service introduces latency. At first glance, PS4 owners appear to simply stream their console across the local network. But even if the console is connected via an Ethernet cable, there are performance issues, making Microsofts local service a bit more stable.

    Sony wont reveal how its PS4 Remote Play service actually works, but the latency indicates that the stream first goes to Sonys cloud servers before arriving to the locally connected Vita, PS TV, or PC. Why? So the client devices can access the stream on any network. This assumption is backed by the Vita and PS TVs ability to directly connect with the PS4 and bypass the internet connection altogether.

    That said, here are a few general tips to get the best out of PS4 Remote Play:

    How To Stream Playstation 4 Games On Pc Without A Capture Card

    How To Play PS4 On Laptop Without Remote Play

    It’s fairly easy to start streaming your PS4 gameplay to several platforms with Restream even if you don’t have a capture card. To do this you’ll need to capture Remote Play client on your computer, and stream it with any software, like OBS. It will allow you to add overlays to your stream, and also to stream to Restream to send your video to several platforms at once.

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    How To Stream Ps4 Gameplay With An Elgato Capture Card

    If you have an Elgato capture card, you can connect it to your PC for higher-quality streaming. Elgatos capture cards are the industrys standard, and many successful streamers use them to stream their games or capture gameplay for videos.

    The PS4 has an HDMI out port, making it possible for anyone with a capture card to stream their gameplay.

    To stream with an Elgato capture card, youll need:

    • Elgato capture card
  • Before connecting the capture card, you must download and install Elgato Game Capture HD.
  • Connect your PS4 to the HDMI In capture card port.
  • Connect the Elgato capture card to the TV or monitor through the HDMI Out port.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the Elgato capture card to your PC.
  • Launch OBS Studio on your PC.
  • Set the source for the PS4 gameplay.
  • Once it appears in OBSs encoder, you can start streaming the games to Twitch or any other streaming platform you wish.
  • The above steps should also work with other capture cards, although they may not require you to download and install any accompanying software. It depends on the card.

    As long as a capture card connects the PS4 screen and your PC, streaming PS4 gameplay is possible. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection can prevent you from recording protected content, like movies and shows from Netflix and Hulu. Consequently, you may not stream some sections because HDCP becomes enabled with this method.

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