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How Much Is A Ps5 On Black Friday

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Ps5 Cyber Monday Game Deals

How To Buy a PS5 or Xbox on Black Friday 2021 (All Retailer Plans)

Thankfully, PS5 exclusives such as Demon’s Souls and Returnal have been gradually getting cheaper since their release. If you’re a Tesco Clubcard holder, you can currently pick up Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for only £25. Other popular PS5 games such as Resident Evil: Village, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6 were also significantly reduced in the lead up to Black Friday.

It’s also worth noting that there are also many publishers offering free PS5 upgrades to existing PS4 games. For many, all you need to do is put your PS4 game disc into the PS5 and an upgraded digital version will be granted to your account for no cost. You can use that to make a saving on some older PS4 games. Check carefully before shelling out extra for a PS5 version of a game because some retailers are selling PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game at different prices despite the free upgrades.

Here are some of the best PS5 game deals available now:

Black Friday Ps5 Deals: Controllers

Sony took its sweet time, but you can finally get the DualSense PS5 controller in some new colors. In addition to the basic white one, it’s now available in Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

And as things stand, these are the only controllers that will work for PS5 games. Older models will work for PS4 games, but there aren’t any third-party options yet for the PS5 itself. This could of course change by the time Black Friday comes along though. We’re looking at you, Nacon and Razer. For now though, here are the best prices for the Sony DualSense.

Ps5 Black Friday 2021 Deals: Where To Buy And Prices

The PlayStation 5 is looking to be popular this Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly approaching and many shoppers will no doubt be keeping an eye out for the coveted PS5.

PS5 fans have been anxiously awaiting news of restocks since the console arrived in the UK last November.

After pre-orders sold out in minutes and shoppers were met with website glitches, many were left wondering if and when the device would ever come back into stock.

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Restocks have taken place throughout the year, but with Black Friday on the horizon, shoppers could be in with the chance of getting hold of the PS5.

The shortage of the PS5 is due to high demand during the pandemic, a global shortage of microchip processors and even the Suez Canal being blocked by the Ever Given cargo ship earlier in the year, reports the Mirror.

It has proven so difficult to buy a PS5 that dedicated Twitter accounts exist to give updates on when shops might restock the console.

John Lewis is rumoured to be stocking the PS5 in time for Christmas, according to the Twitter account PS5 Stock UK.

How much is the PS5?

It will cost you around £449 for the full console, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359.

The PS5 has an 8-core AMD Zen 2-based CPU at 3.5GHz, 16GB of GGDR6 RAM and 825GB of internal storage.

It is meant to be 100 times faster than the previous PlayStation PS4, so games will load at super-fast speeds.

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What Were The Best Black Friday Deals From Last Year

Looking at gaming more widely, Black Friday 2020 saw Argos reduce the Xbox one S 1TB from £250 to £230, while Currys applied the same discount to a Nintendo Switch lite bundle that included Minecraft and Animal Crossing.

PlayStation fans were treated to the price of a 12-month Plus membership falling from £46.86 to £37.49 . While, Marvels Avengers for PS4 was cut from £49.99 to £24.99 at Smyths and Argos reduced The Last of Us Part 2 from £49.99 to £24.99 .

Black Friday Is The Best Time To Buy A Ps5 But Shop Early Deals

Playstation PS5 Black Friday 2021 Sale

Consider this a stern warning: You do not want to wait to get a PS5 this year. If youre hoping youll find one in stores a week before Christmas, a harsh reality check is coming your way. Black Friday could be your last opportunity to secure one and you should treat it as such.

Last is the key word here. If you can get a PS5 before the rush, you should. Theres no guarantee itll arrive in time for the holidays if you order on Black Friday , so the earlier you can get it, the better. Youll want to keep your eye on retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, who tend to put new stock up in waves. If you want to wait for Black Friday deals, consider it an emergency option if all else fails.

The important thing here is not to be too precious about finding the best savings. Considering that the console is one year old and still as hot as ever, discounts arent very likely. No matter where you go, itll cost you $500 , so we dont recommend waiting to see if that price tag will go down. Gaming consoles dont tend to get big discounts in general, so youll pay the same amount whenever you get it.

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Is The Ps5 Be Currently In Stock For Black Friday

This is something we can’t guarantee, and we urge gamers to stay realistic in their expectations of bagging a PS5 this Black Friday.

Of course, Sony will want to ship as many consoles to as many suppliers across the globe as possible – this is the number one sales event of the year, after all.

Back in May, we even reported that Sony is redesigning the PS5, with the new version of the console being less reliant on these scarce components.

It’s not impossible that if retailers received stock in the last few months, they will release some for the Black Friday period.

Our advice is to bookmark this page and keep coming back to it, during Black Friday today and until the end of Cyber Monday – we’ll be keeping it up-to-date with all the latest PS5 deals that appear.

Will There Be Any Ps5 Deals This Black Friday Weekend

The Black Friday weekend is here, but we’re still in limbo on this one. Whether or not the PS5 will actually be discounted remains to be seen. It’s very unlikely in terms of demand, but some retailers may consider offering discounted PS5 consoles in order to attract attention to their sites and away from competitors.

Basically, it’s going to be tough to get a PS5 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021 so getting a discounted one isn’t too likely. However, if stock becomes available, there may be a chance to get a bundle including a console, an extra controller and a selection of games. That could be good value overall.

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Will There Be A Ps5 Restock On Black Friday

The odds of a PS5 restock over the course of the Black Friday weekend seem fairly high. Last year retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop all had a restock to mark the sales event, and earlier this year Amazon held a drop to celebrate Prime Day. Don’t be surprised if retailers use the allure of a PS5 restock to draw thousands of customers to their online stores over the Black Friday period.

At least one retailer has confirmed it will have a PS5 restock the week of Black Friday. As part of Walmart Black Friday deals, the mega-retailer will be holding a PS5 restock on Monday, November 22. Alongside this, we also expect other retailers to hold stock drops over the sales period.

Unfortunately, often retailers hold PS5 restocks with no prior warning. At the very least we expect to hear some whispers in the next few days leading up to the sales event. Watch this space for updates.

In the meantime, we have a range of PS5 buying advice that can help you score a console before the holidays. Plus, it’s worth becoming a Prime member as Amazon is now offering early access to restocks for premium subscribers. Also, bookmark our PS5 restock guide which is updated daily with the latest restock information as we get it.

Walmart’s Black Friday Sales: Ps5

MASSIVE PSN Black Friday 2021 Sale TOMORROW! TONS of PlayStation Black Friday PS4/PS5 DEALS SOON!

Now, headlining the retailers that have confirmed to have stocks of the PS5 on Black Friday is Walmart. According to the retailer, the PS5 will only be offered online, so players should not line up outside their local Walmart, given that none of their stores will have one in stock. According to Walmart, the PS5 will drop on its website on Wednesday, November 25th, at 6 PM PST. The retailer confirmed that it would have both the PS5 disc and digital versions on the aforementioned date.

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Black Friday Ps5 Deals: Internal Ssd

Now that the PS5’s internal SSD expansion bay has been unlocked by Sony, you’ll be able to increase the internal storage capacity. This is better than using external storage solutions, as you’ll be able to run PS5 titles directly from these SSDs. They’re pretty expensive, so any discount at all is much appreciated. Be wary, though, as some do not come with a heatsink attached. You’ll need to add one yourself . One is a reliable option â it’s the one I’m using right now.

Will The Playstation 5 Be On Sale For Black Friday

Unfortunately, despite major retailers offering tons of amazing gaming deals this Black Friday, it is guaranteed that the PS5 will not go on sale this holiday season. This doesn’t come as a surprise given that the console stocks can’t even keep up with demand, and it is unlikely that Sony will permit retailers to offer it lower than MSRP. Players could also try third-party sites if desperate to get one, but resellers often offer the PS5 for much more than the suggested retail price. It’s a better guarantee of getting one, even on Black Friday, but the price hike is ridiculous. Not to mention that purchasing from scalpers only encourages it more.

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Top Tips For Finding Ps5 Deals Over Black Friday

The vast majority of last year’s Black Friday deals came in the form of cheap PS5 games. That wasn’t just current-gen releases, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Marvel’s Spider-Man, but also a number of PS4 games that had been given free PS5 upgrades. Expect to see these return this year, as well as reductions on more first-party PS5 games that have launched over the last 12 months.

In terms of accessories, we did see some cash shaved off the price of the DualSense PS5 controller and headsets. Look out for cuts on the new color variations of these peripherals as the latest Midnight Black iterations launched earlier this year.

Where To Buy Ps5/how To Get A Ps5

Black Friday PS5 deals â what to expect and the best sales

Nearly every type of popular product has been plagued by shortages recently. This includes the ever-popular Sony PlayStation 5. What does this mean for you if youre hoping to buy a PS5? You might need to check more than one retailer to find a PlayStation 5 in the United States.

We recommend starting with popular stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop and as you look for a PS5 for sale. Because its difficult enough to find a console at the regular price, PlayStation 5 deals are even harder to come by throughout the year. As a result, you should be ready to pay full price.

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Ps5 Has Some Awesome Games Available Right Now

Of course, having an incredible gaming system is only the first step, which Sony has achieved. Step two is offering a comprehensive lineup of games that will appeal to the masses, as well as hardcore gamers.

With titles like , , and Demons Soulsplus backwards compatibility with more than 4,000 PS4 titlestheres no shortage of gaming experiences and challenges to be had. In fact, unlimited access to many of the PlayStations biggest hits are available as part of a PlayStation Plus membership.

How To Buy A Ps5 On Black Friday

While sheer luck, timing, and speed do indeed help when it comes to those fleeting PS5 restocks, there are now some established tricks and tactics that can definitely help you. These mostly come down to preparation that can help expedite you through from seeing stock to checking out successfully. Any of these will help a little, and all of them will help a bit, so they’re worth a look when working out how to buy a PS5 on Black Friday.

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The Most Popular Black Friday 2021 Console Was Not The Ps5


If you were trying to find a video game console this Black Friday, chances are you had no better luck, if not worse luck, than at any point during the rest of the year. The PS5 was shattering all sales records until it was hard supply locked to fall behind the PS4. Similar problems are affecting the Switch OLED and the Xbox Series X.

So, all these factors came together to make the most popular video game console this Black Friday a still-attractive, cheaper option, and importantly, one that people could actually find.

That would be the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S


Adobe measured over one trillion visits to U.S. retail sites and deduced that the Xbox Series S was not only the most popular video game console this Black Friday, but one of the most popular items purchased period. Why the Series S? A few reasons.

First and most obviously, supply. Microsoft has managed to produce a ton of these and they have been more widely available than either the Series X or PS5. So clearly people are more likely to pick up a console they can actually manage to purchase.

Don’t Forget Your Peripherals And Accessories


Even if it all goes to crap in a crap bag, and picking up a PS5 itself proves to be just as difficult, we wholeheartedly recommend investigating what else you can buy in order to enhance your PS5 setup when you do get the console.

Extras like headsets, external hard drives or internal SSDs, games, and the range of official accessories should all see some form of discounts and deals over the Black Friday period, and will likely come down to some record low prices too. That makes them very worthwhile additions to keep your collection warm while you stay on PS5 restocks and news.

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Ps5 Cyber Monday Accessory Deals

Much like PS5 consoles, some accessories are also in hot demand including the DualSense Charging Station and Pulse 3D Headset.

Other most-wanted PS5 accessories include external hard drives to store PS5 and PS4 games. With the limited capacity of the console’s internal storage, that’s best saved for PS5 games. That said, the PS5’s September update means you can now upgrade your storage with an SSD, and the experts at Digital Foundry have gathered a list of all compatible PS5 SSDsto choose from.

We’ll be looking out for any new stock and potential offers on all these as we enter the busy sales period. For now, you can grab a small discount on new PS5 controllers and Pulse 3D headsets from the links below.

How To Get A Ps5 Or Xbox At Walmart On Cyber Monday

To help your chances of getting either a PS5 or an Xbox when they become available today at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT, you need to be a paid Walmart+ member. Not does this give you a jump on the consoles, but you get early access to ALL Walmart’s Cyber Monday deals. In other words, if you want to increase your chances, you need to sign up for a month of Walmart+ membership.

Last Monday, Walmart had Black Friday PS5 and Xbox consoles available, with Walmart+ members having priority. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but the consoles were long gone before non-members had a chance to get any.

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How To Buy A Ps5 On Black Friday This Year

ByRob Dwiarpublished 26 November 21

Knowing how to buy a PS5 on Black Friday this year will be the most important thing of all for some people

With millions of people wanting to know how to buy a PS5 now that Black Friday is now well and truly here, we’re holding out hope that retailers are going to spring some surprises today and unleash some PS5 stock drops to a captive audience.

And November has been pretty good for stock levels so this could bode well for being able to buy a PS5 on Black Friday this year. We’ve been hoping that retailers will have an eye on the sales period when everyone is ready to spend on gaming gear, to then unleash stock on us during this year’s Black Friday PS5 deals. Hopefully.

We did hope for a similar situation during summer’s Amazon Prime Day and the windfall of stock didn’t exactly happen then. Perhaps the more traditional sales will encourage retailers to make PS5 available, as shoppers and gamers will already be very much in the mood for picking up tech and spending cash.

So how do you buy a PS5 on Black Friday? Well, with a bit of luck, good cheer, and patience. And of course, by regularly checking stock at retailers like these ones below.

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