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How To Eject Disc From Ps4

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During Installation Of Games

How to: Manually Eject Disc On PS4

During the instillation of certain games there have been reported issues with freezing. If this is the case, try holding down the power button for 7 seconds and then rebooting the system and restarting the instillation. In some rare cases, issues with the disc may cause this problem and if this is the case, contact the store you purchased it from.

Why Wont My Ps4 Eject The Disc

Method One: The Easy No-Take-Apart Way Turn off your PS4 by holding the power button until the system shuts off completely. Unplug all of the cords that are connected to your PS4 from the system directly. Place the PS4 vertically. The disc usually gets stuck when the console is horizontally resting.

How To Eject A Ps4 Disc

ByIain Wilson18 December 2019

Having a little trouble? It’s OK, we did too. But you can find the answer to your disc-ejecting questions right here

When you get hold of some new tech, there’s always a learning period as you get to grips with how everything works. After picking up the latest PlayStation, you’ll want to know how to adjust all the settings, download your apps, and of course how to eject a PS4 disc. Now, that last part may sound far too obvious, but believe us when we say it’s not as straightforward as you’d expect. When we first got our PS4 an embarrassing situation happened, after we’d put a disc in the console and had a good few hours of enjoyment playing one of the best PS4 games. All well and good, but when we wanted to eject the thing afterwards we were completely lost. To save anyone else from a similar embarrassment, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to eject a PS4 disc, and to get started we’ve highlighted that invisible eject button on the original PS4 in the image below.

There it is. All you need to do is press that button. That tiny, tiny button. The one right below the disc drive, and in the crack. See it? Easy right?

It’s the same story with the PS4 Pro. Look along the glowing line down from the power button and you’ll see the tiny icon. It’s a little hidden and annoying to press, but it’s there alright.

Is your eject still not working? Then we suggest going here.

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Tighten The Manual Eject Screw

The PlayStation 4 console has its particular ways of ejecting the disc, one of the reason is maybe the button wont work or the hardware wont power up. The culprit behind this is the form of a manual eject screw.

This can sometimes come loose, which the PS4 will interpret as a technician trying to get a disc out of the system. You rectify this issue all by yourself, no need to call in an expert.

Just need to remove the glossy panel on your PS4. Now, unplug your PS4 console for safety and set it on a table or a clean surface in front of yourself so that the ejection button is on the left and the glossy surface in the top where you can see it correctly.

Hold the glossy panel with your hands and palms firmly, apply pressure onto your palms to remove the glossy panel up and away from you using your entire hand after you have done this, lift the panel up and set it aside.

Locate the screw now, once you have found it, use a screwdriver to tighten the screw. Rotate your screw in a clockwise direction to tighten the screw. Congratulations you have successfully tightened your ejection screw, so put back the glossy panel to its place, plugin everything just the way they were, and power on your PS4 console.

Doing this may fix your problem for some while, but this is also not a permanent solution. As the same forces can force your screw in the ejection part to get loose again as it was before.

Grab Your Tools And Set Up A Workspace

How to Manually Eject PS4 Disc that is stuck! (Games ...

It will make it a lot easier to work through the next few steps if you find a well lit, flat area where you can place the console. The proper workspace will help you find and fix the stuck game in your PS4 with ease, and it doesnt require much. All youll need is a small Phillips-head screwdriver to open up the console. A flashlight is optional, but extremely helpful in case you find you need a little extra light. Place the PS4 and your tools down in your designated workshop, and lets get ready to work!

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Check The Disc For Scratches And Dirt

  • Clean a scratched or dirty disc using a lint-free cleaning cloth made specifically for cleaning Blu-ray Discs or DVDs. These cloths are sold at computer software stores.
  • Clean the disc by wiping from the innermost circle out towards the edge in a straight line.
  • Using other materials such as a paper towel or T-shirt may scratch the disc and cause it not to function properly.

How To Eject Ps4 Disk From Controller

You have never been a big video game fan. However, a good offer found online and the fact that you have recently moved house, prompted you to buy a PlayStation 4 and place it in the living room, in order to make your evenings spent in the company of friends more fun.

Now you are trying your hand at some titles that you have purchased with the console but, when it is time to switch games, you have noticed that the position in which you have placed the PS4 prevents you from comfortably reaching the disc eject button. So you would like to know how to eject a disc from the PS4 from the controller , without having to move the console every time or having to do various ups and downs with the arm.

Thats exactly how it is, isnt it? Then know that today is your lucky day, not only because this operation is feasible, but also because it is very easy to complete and because today I am here to explain, step by step, how to implement it. It doesnt matter if you consider yourself a wimp with technology and / or if youve never used a PlayStation before: take two minutes and you will have learned everything there is to do. Enjoy the reading!

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How To Manually Eject A Disc From Ps4 And Ps4 Pro

Manually ejecting a disc from the 2016 Slim Model and PS4 Pro is incredibly simple. The only tool you will need is a slender Phillips-head screwdriver and a clean surface for your PS4.

Make sure your PS4 or PS4 Pro is powered off completely and unplugged from all cables. With your clean flat surface, place the console upside down.

Above the PlayStation Symbol on the bottom is a small hole. Put the Phillips-head screwdriver inside the manual disc eject hole and rotate .

Rotating and releasing the screwdriver should eject the stuck disc and you may now reconnect and power on your console. If the disc did not release after using the manual eject method, you may have to contact PlayStation Support for further Assistance.

How To Stop A Ps4 From Ejecting Your Discs

How to eject disc in ps4 using controller

If you’re experiencing problems where your PS4 is ejecting discs when it shouldn’t, beeping, or providing an error message about not being able to read discs, follow this troubleshooting procedure.

  • Check your disc for damage. If your game disc, DVD, or Blu-ray disc is scratched or dirty, the PS4 will display an error message and may eject the disc or make a beeping sound. Clean the disc with a lint-free cloth by wiping from the center to the outer edge in straight lines.

  • Try a different disc. If you notice any scratches or imperfections on your disc after cleaning it, try a different game disc, DVD, or Blu-ray. If the PS4 accepts some discs and rejects others, the ejected discs are probably too damaged for the PS4 to read.

  • Power cycle your PS4. Most issues where a PS4 keeps ejecting discs have to do with the eject button, and power cycling can sometimes help get the eject button back in line.

    To power cycle your PS4:

  • Turn your PS4 off.
  • Unplug the power, HDMI, and controller cables.
  • Press and hold the PS4 power button.
  • Wait until you hear two beeps.
  • After five minute, plug the power and HDMI cables back in.
  • Turn the PS4 on and try to insert a disc.
  • Install the latest PS4 updates. In rare cases, an issue with your PS4 system software may cause this issue. If that happens, you’ll have to install an update to fix the problem.

    To check for system software updates:

  • From the main menu, select Settings.
  • Select System Software Update.
  • If there is an update, install it.
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    Find Out How To Eject A Disc On Ps4 Its Pretty Simple

    If youve only just bought yourself a PS4 then you might still be learning about all of the ins and outs of using it. Its a natural and rather fun part of getting a new console.

    You might not know that you can turn on your console by holding the PlayStation button on your PS4 controller, for example.

    You might also not be sure of how to eject your discs from the console. Despite it seeming like an easy task, some of the PS4 variants arent very well marked.

    So, heres how to eject a PS4 disc and the multiple ways you can do it.

    How To Force Eject Ps4 Disc Without Opening 100% Working

    A CD game stuck into the machine and wont eject with the provided button. The issue can really be very irritating.

    This embarrassing, isnt it? And dont go for sending it at the repair services to take a couple of days if not months!

    Fortunately, the good news is that in this tutorial we will be showing you how to manually eject disc from most PlayStation consoles and we will be using the PS4 and PS3 in this experiment. All this without the trouble of dismantling the device- whether it is slim, super slim or fat. Its super easy and will not require your lots of equipment or time.

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    How To Eject An Xbox One Disc

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 50,638 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to eject a disc from an Xbox One by either pressing the eject button or by manually ejecting it using a paper clip.

    Performing A System Update

    Is the PS4 ejecting disc issues fixed in the new consoles ...
  • Get a USB Flash Drive with at least 400 MB free space. Format the flash drive and then create a folder named PS4 with a subfolder named UPDATE.
  • Download the latest PS4 update from here and copy it to the UPDATE folder on your flash drive.
  • Fully shut down the console by pressing the power button for at least 7 seconds, and then slot the USB drive into one of the PS4s USB ports.
  • Hold the power button for at least 7 seconds to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Plugin your DualShock 4 controller and then press the PS button to continue
  • In Safe Mode, select the third option, which is Update System Software
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device and then follow the directions with from there.
  • You can also choose to download the update directly from the internet by selecting the third option.

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    A Paper Clip Won’t Work This Time You’ll Have To Pop Off The Outer Covers And Use A Screwdriver To Manually Eject A Disc

    Manually ejecting a disc on the PS5 is similar to the PS4 and PS4 Pro. You’ll need a screwdriver to turn a screw and push the disc out. Just like the base 2013 PS4, you’ll have to pop off part of the system’s covering.

    To get your disc out you’ll want to first lay the PS5 on its side with the disc drive facing up. Remove the face plate by slightly pressing left-to-right on the cover. The curved white collar should be on the left side as you push, and the bottom of the console on the right. The plate should pop right off.

    Once the plate is off, you’ll see something like this:

    The manual eject screw-turn is covered by a black stick-on dot. Move the sticker and you can slot in a screwdriver and eject the disc.

    Here’s more of our PS5 coverage, including some tricks and tips regarding saves:

    But Seriously Call Sony

    Your console is probably still covered for this kind of fix. If you want a professional to take a look and address the problem, hitting up Sony Computer Entertainments support website is your best bet. You can chat with a representative online, and theyll run you through how the official repair process works. Sure, you wont have a PS4 for a week or two, but at least Sony will give you some guarantees.

    Thats more than you get from a pair of needle-nose pliers.

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    Check The Power Cycle

    When you report this issue with Sony, unsurprisingly they will want to know whether you have tried turning PS4 on and off again.

    You need to turn off your PlayStation 4 and kill the power supply. Ensure that all your cords have been unplugged from your PS4 console. Hold down the power for 30 seconds, wait for more a couple of minutes.

    Now its time to plug everything cords correctly in their respective ports. After you are sure that everything is set, reboot your PS4 console. Be advised if this has fixed your issue, and it is a temporary one because this has given time to your rubber to get cold and return to its original size or other malfunctioning pieces to cool down.

    But you play games long, and those pieces will reheat and cause the same problem again.

    Why Does My Hard Drive Not Eject

    Get a Stuck Disc Out of Your PS4 – Manual Eject

    Recently, several colleagues have complained that they cant eject external hard drives on their Windows computers. There are several reasons for this, including outdated or malfunctioning USB drivers that are preventing the removal of the drive, or other processes accessing the contents of the drive.

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    How To Eject A Xbox Series X Disc

    If you’re looking at the console head-on when it is in a vertical orientation , draw your eyes to the little black button to the north of the disc drive. Pressing this button just the once is how to eject a Xbox Series X disc, so give it a little click and you should see your disc returned safely.

    There’s an alternative way to eject a Xbox Series X disc, should you want to avoid imprinting any fingerprints on the console. From the main Xbox Series X dashboard or in My Games and Apps, you can hover over the tile for your disc-based media and press the “X” button on your controller. This will eject an Xbox Series X disc, but you’ll still need to get up off your couch to retrieve it it’ll feed back into the drive automatically after a few seconds.

    And that’s it! Couldn’t be easier, once you know how. Microsoft’s new console has a wide-range of support for backwards compatible titles, so you may want to know what discs work in an Xbox Series X before you go trying to jam any old thing in its drive. If you’re wondering what the other buttons on the front of the console do, you’re likely looking at the pairing button. Not only does it conceal an IR blaster for universal remotes for Xbox, you’ll want to use that button to use your existing peripherals. The Xbox Series X controller and accessory compatibility is far-reaching, and if you’re struggling with anything it might be worth checking our guidance on how to pair an Xbox Series X controller.

    Rip Off The Rubber Foot

    The last thing you can do on your own is ripping off the rubber foot but stop immediately if you find it uncomfortable. This process is risky but more of a permanent fix for ejecting the disc issue without having you ship your PS4 console to Sony service centre.

    But if doing this experimental practice on your PS4 terrorizes you, then drop the idea and send your PS4 to Sony to get fixed. But if you are ready to take the risk and confident about the outcome, then you can try it.

    As usual and most crucial part of unplugging your PlayStation 4 console. Place the console upside down on a transparent surface or table, where you can perform this process with ease.

    Locate the rubber foot underneath the ejection button, which is shaped like a fin. When you have found the rubber foot, grasp it firmly using either your fingers or needle-nose pliers and rip the thing off.

    You did it, you ripped the rubber foot off, but why are we advising you to rip it off instead of setting the PS4 on its side? Well, there is no harm doing that, but it is likely the ejecting of the disc can happen again when it gets heated.

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