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How To Get Dust Out Of Ps4

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How To Clean Dust Out Of Your PS4 | PS4 Loud Fan Cleaning (Easy)

It does not matter what type of PS4 you havethe regular, the Slim, or the Proyou should regularly keep it clean. If your console is incredibly loud or is overheating when you are trying to play your games, it most likely means the fan and the heat sink are working harder than they should be due to grime buildup.

The heat sink is the element in the console that is meant to cool the heat produced inside the PS4s interior. If the heat sink does not work properly:

  • The consoles fan will need to work extra hard to try to keep the console cool
  • The heat sink can stop working if the fan stops working
  • The PS4 can shut down for good if both cooling elements stop working

You can vacuum the interior of a PS4 so that the fan and heat sink work properly. This can prevent the console from overheating during gameplay. Preventing dust from getting inside the console is key, so carefully opening the device and then using a vacuum to clean out dust and dirt will help maintain its performance.

Preventing your PS4 from overheating is as simple as keeping it clean. Otherwise, you will end up having to replace the heatsink and fan, which can be expensive over time. Using a vacuum to intermittently clean the device can help avoid these overheating problems as long you use a vacuum properly and carefully.

Remove The Ps4’s Cover

Now that you’ve removed the screws holding the cover in place, you can pop it off. Start at the back and lightly pull up on the edges. Don’t use a ton of force as you work your way around the PS4, the cover should come free. Tug it up and remove it.

At this point, you can look at the cover you just removed and clean any dust inside. Your compressed air will make short work of it this is also a good place to use a cotton ball to dab any remaining debris out. After cleaning the cover, set it aside for now.

Back on the system, you can now see the PS4’s fan, which acts as a good indicator of how dusty your system is overall. However, there’s one more component to remove first.

How To Properly Clean The Outside Of Your Playstation 4

Let us start with the easiest part of the Sony PlayStation 4 unit to clean: its exterior. According to an article by Business Insider, what you will need to clean the outside of your PS4 properly is a dry microfiber cloth and a can of compressed air.

To clean the exterior of your PlayStation 4, all you have to do is to, first, blow all the dust off your console. This is where the can of compressed air comes in. Once all the dust has been blown off, wipe down the surface using the dry microfiber cloth.

An article by Lifewire also recommends using compressed air to clean the ports found around the console as well as the vents on the side. It is recommended that you use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to help you clean out the areas that are not easily accessible to the dry microfiber cloth.

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How Do You Take A Playstation 4 Apart To Clean It

1:076:19PS4 Pro Proper Cleaning – Vents, Fan and Heatsink Cleaning TipsYouTubeInício do clipe sugeridoFinal do clipe sugeridoSo what you’re going to want to do is pull up over here pull up over here there’s some clips in theMoreSo what you’re going to want to do is pull up over here pull up over here there’s some clips in the middle as long as well as some clips along the side.

Remove The Back Stickers And Screws

How To Clean The Dust Out Of A PS4: The Complete Guide

Now that you’ve got your PS4 ready to work, turn it around so the back is facing you, then flip it upside-down. You’ll see three stickers along the “top” that you must remove.

Note that if you have the slightly revised model of the original PS4, you’ll only see one sticker and screw here in the middle.

The middle one has a special warranty sticker that damages itself when you remove it. The other two are a bit thicker and might require a bit of extra work to peel off. Use your knife or another pointed tool to peel back a corner of the stickers, then they should come off easily. Be careful not to scratch your system while you remove them.

Set them aside if you want to re-apply them later, or throw them out if you don’t care. Once you’ve removed the stickers, use your TR9 screwdriver to remove the screws underneath. They’re short, so they shouldn’t require much effort. Take care not to strip them, and set them aside in a safe place.

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Perform A Ps4 Database Rebuild

Now you can replace your PS4 and plug all your cables back in.

One last step isn’t strictly necessary, but since you’ve just cleaned out your PS4’s hardware, it’s a good time to optimize its software performance too.

The PS4 includes a utility called Rebuild Database that optimizes all the data on your drive. It’s essentially like defragmenting your computer. If you’ve had your PS4 long enough to build up significant dust, chances are it could benefit from this operation too.

To access it, shut down your PS4 . Once it’s off, press and hold the Power button on the front of the console . You’ll hear one beep right away continue holding it until you hear a second beep. This boots the PS4 into Safe Mode.

Connect your controller to the PS4 with a micro-USB cable, then press the PlayStation button to sync it. Select the Rebuild Database option and confirm the operation. Your PS4 will then perform the process.

The system says this could take some time depending on how much data you have. However, in our case it didn’t take more than 15 minutes or so with nearly 2TB of data on our hard drive. Once it completes, you’ll be back at your home screen.

Once you’ve done this, you should hopefully notice your PS4 runs a bit smoother in the menus.

Cleaning A Ps4 The Easy Way

If you want a quick and easy way to clean your PS4, without using any tools or screwdrivers, you will need:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Rubbing alcohol works better than water because it evaporates almost instantly. It’s also safe for electronics than water. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, you can use water instead.

    To clean dust from the vents of a PS4, stand it up first. Use a soft bristle brush to gently shove the dust to the edge, making sure that the brush softly glides over the vents. Never brush the vents in a stabbing motion as this shoves the dust into the console, making the PS4 dirtier than before.

    You can repeat the process all the way around the PS4.

    If you have very dusty USB ports, or any of the ports on the back of the console, just brush them back and forth until you get most of the dust out. As your brush gets dirtier, remember to wipe it down with a towel to keep it clean, rather than recirculating the dust around the console.

    So once you’re done, you can repeat the entire cleaning process until you are happy with the results. Technically speaking, this is all you need to do clean your PS4 and improve your console’s performance.

    However, if you want to clean your PS4, you might as well clean it thoroughly, right?

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    Peel Off The Back Stickers

    Turn your console upside down and make sure that the back is facing you. You will see three stickers alongside with the port of the power cable. You need to peel them off. However, you need to remember that peeling off those stickers will make the consoles warranty void. The stickers are a bit thick, so you need to take extra effort to peel them off. You might also need a sharp tool or a utility knife to peel back the corner of the stickers. Be extra careful while using a knife as you might scratch your console or injure yourself.

    When Should I Clean My Ps4

    How to Properly Clean Dust Out of a PS4

    You should clean your PS4 when its out of warranty and is showing signs that its full of dust. This includes noise from the fan, overheating and eventual hardware failure. Thats why its important that you take time to give your PS4 some TLC every so often. Theres no specific guidance on how often to clean it, just as and when necessary. Although one clean should last at least a year.

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    Place Your Ps4 Fan In A Ventilated Area

    Theeasiest solution is to ensure that your PS4 has enough ventilation. Dontforget that the cooling vents of the PS4 are located on both its side and rearportions. The side vents are for air intake, and the rear vents are forexhaust. Make sure that these areas are free of any obstruction so that thecooling fan can get as much cool air circulated into the PS4 as possible.

    When you are using your PlayStation, the console tends to get heatedthats when the fan comes into play. If your controller gets too hot, the fans spin faster, thus creating a buzzing noise. Set aside the console for some time to cool down and check if it quietens. Just leave enough space around the back and sides of your PS4 for airflow.

    If you can, clear out the entire area around your PS4, so there is healthy circulation not just inside the console but also around it.

    Additionally, since the PS4 cooling fan is at the bottom, its might be a good idea to leave a bit more space underneath your console. That way, the fan will blow much more air through it and help cool down your PS4. This will also decrease the noise and the cooling fan will relax. As an elevation tool, you can use almost everything. Of course, this works as long as it doesnt cover the fan that you want to lift from the primary surface.

    Removing The Heat Sink And Applying Thermal Paste

    If you live in a humid environment, with pets, or do a lot of greasy cooking, you may want to further disassemble your PS4 in order to fully clean the heat sink and/or add some fresh thermal paste. Once again, this will void your warranty and should only be done in extreme cases where cleaning the fan didnt help with overheating issues or you have an extremely old and dirty PS4.

    Youll definitely have to do a bit more work to reach the heat sink, as youll need to enter from the bottom of the console, disassembling the PS4 piece by piece. Its not for the faint of heart, but if youre feeling up to the challenge, TronicsFix has a great step-by-step video on YouTube detailing the entire disassembly process.

    Now that you know how to fully clean and maintain your PS4, you may want to consider selling the console in the Swappa marketplace. The average price for a PS4 Pro sold on Swappa is around $378, while the PS4 Slim is fetching around $257. Gaming is a hot ticket item on Swappa, so theres never been a better time to sell your PS4 and make some extra cash. Hit the button below to get started.

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    Clean The Fan And Other Interior Components With

    How to Properly Clean Dust Out of a PS4

    After ensuring that all the internal components are exposed, use the compressed air carefully by hovering over each part and avoiding spraying moisture. The fan is the most likely component to require cleaning, so if necessary, start with that. You can get the dirt off the fan while holding the can upright with at least 13 to 15 cm between the nozzle and the fan.

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    How To Clean The Ps4 Slim And Ps4 Pro

    To clean the fan on the PS4 Slim, you don’t need to remove the warranty sticker. It’s much easier to remove the cover, too. All you have to do is pull up on the left and right corners on the front of your system. Pull on the middle, then slide the cover back and it will come right off.

    From here, you’ll be able to see the fan even though it’s obstructed by a cover. If your fan doesn’t look too dirty , you can spray some canned air into it and probably call it a day. Remember to use a cotton swab to prevent the fan from spinning.

    For full cleaning, you’ll need to remove several screws from the cover and the power supply plate. Since we focused on the original PS4 here, please see the video below for PS4 Slim-specific instructions.

    The PS4 Pro is similar, but it’s even simpler. Simply pull up on the front left and right corners to loosen the cover, then slide it back. You can see the fan as soon as you remove this, making basic cleaning quite easy.

    Unfortunately, the heat sink is buried deep in the PS4 Pro, and accessing it requires disassembling almost the entire console. Thus, you should stick to just cleaning the fan if you have a PS4 Pro. Check the below video for more details.

    Clean Your Ps4’s Hdd Bay

    The PS4 has a separate compartment for the hard drive that may or may not have built up dust. It’s not vital to check, but it’s worth taking a moment while you have your system out.

    To access it, lightly press and slide the shiny part of your PS4 cover straight out to the left. This will remove the cover, allowing you to access the HDD bay.

    A simple Phillips head screw adorned with the PlayStation button icons holds it in place. You can remove this, then pull the HDD to make room to clean out any dust in this area. Then just slide the HDD back in, replace the screw, and slide the cover on.

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    Can I Clean A Ps4 Myself

    You absolutely can, but be aware that if your PS4 is still under warranty, you will void it by cleaning the internals. A PS4 shouldnt have gathered enough dust to require cleaning while its still under warranty, so contact customer service instead to get it looked at. If youre too nervous to clean your PS4 yourself, you can try asking local repair shops if theyre willing to do it for you.

    How To Keep Dust Out

    How to Properly Clean Dust Out of a PS4

    So thats how to do a clean of your PS5. But there are ways to try to reduce dust accumulation in the first place. You will always get dust gathering, but reducing this will help keep your PS5 in top condition.

    • Ensure you keep your PS5 in a suitable place, so on a table or cabinet, rather than on a carpet.
    • Regularly wiping the table or cabinet your PS5 sits on, to keep the surrounding areas dust free, is also useful.
    • The PS5 is designed specifically with some dust catchers which are designed to collect dust from your fans, so pay attention to these when you are cleaning.

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    Inspect And Identify Source Of Noise

    Before you apply any fixes to your noisy PS4, its critical to identify the source of the noise.

    If you hear a rattling noise, it indicates that there are some loose parts. A whining noise depicts problems with the hardware. You will know that the fans are making the noise if the noise is coming from that part and if the PS is overheating.

    Can You Vacuum Dust Out Of A Ps4

    If you do not touch the vacuum to your console or vacuum the outside of your PS4, you can vacuum your PS4. Dust from your PS4 can be vacuumed out and noise can be reduced by removing dust. However, it is not safe to vacuum the outside of your PS4 because it could damage the electrical components inside.

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    How To Prevent Dust From Getting Into Your Ps4

    If your PS4 is prone to collecting dust, then there are a couple accessories you can invest in to help prevent dust collection.

    PlayStation 4 Dust Cover

    The first accessory that can help stop dust from getting into your PS4 is the PlayStation 4 Dust Cover by Foamy Lizard. This is a great way to protect your PlayStation 4 from a multitude of things including:

    • Dust
    • Liquid spillage
    • UV

    How Do You Prevent Dust Buildup

    How to PROPERLY Clean Dust Out of a PS4

    I feel like it gets super dusty very quickly. I have to clean it off like once a week or every 2 weeks it seems.

    How do i prevent this?

    Change the air filters in your house. Keep your windows closed. Dust off your surfaces in your room. Don’t smoke around it.

    seal it in an airtight container or room? there’s really no way to prevent dust.

    Vented airbuble. If you can’t manage to get one of those, you’re out of luck. Dust been driving people mad since 10000000 yearc BC 😀

    I just keep around 10-15 cm’s of free space around it.

    There’s no way to prevent dust coming into your PS4.

    You’ll have to clean it yourself, just make sure that the room or where you put your PS4 is also clean.

    I only clean mine when I actually want to, not on a weekly basis. I would only open up my PS4 and clean the fans if its starting to overheat and it would just turn off by itself.

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