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How To Restart Your Playstation 4

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How To Reinstall System Software On A Ps4

How to factory reset your PS4 – Playstation 4

If nothing else has worked and you want to completely start fresh, you can reinstall your PlayStation 4’s software. You’ll need an external hard drive or USB flash drive with at least double the storage space of your console. You’ll also need access to a computer or laptop. If you still want to try this method, here’s how to hard reset a PS4:

  • Use your Windows⢠PC, MacBook®, or other laptop computer to search and download the latest system software from
  • Once the download is complete, connect the external hard drive or flash drive to your laptop, then create a folder on the drive named âPS4â and a subfolder named âUPDATEâ in all caps.
  • Move the PlayStation 4 firmware into the UPDATE folder. Make sure it’s labeled, âPS4UPDATE.PUPâ when you save it.
  • On your PS4, press the power button and hold it until you hear two beepsâit should take about 8 seconds. Wait until it starts in Safe Mode.
  • Scroll to Initialize PS4 then press Enter. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the external device to your PS4 and reinstall the operating system on your console.
  • Once you install the files on your PS4, it will be reset to its factory settings.

    If you’ve tried these steps and still need a little help, we’re right around the corner. Stop by the nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions⢠store for a free device diagnosis and faster repairs than anyone else.

    Reinstall The Ps4 System Software

    One way to reset your PS4 is to install the system firmware on it. In most cases, you dont need to do this as the methods above should fully reset your console.

    However, if you have certain issues that wont go away despite resetting the console, you can try installing the latest firmware version, and that should, hopefully, fix your issues and reset the console.

    This requires that you have a computer and a USB flash drive. Your flash drive should have at least 2GB of space in order to store the PS4 firmware file.

    Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open a browser on your computer and head over to the PS4 firmware site.
  • Download the firmware file from the reinstallation section. This will be the full version of the software for your PlayStation 4.
  • Grab a USB flash drive and format it in FAT32 .
  • Create a folder named PS4 on your flash drive.
  • Create another folder inside the PS4 folder and name it UPDATE.
  • Move the PS4 firmware you downloaded over to this UPDATE folder.
  • Make sure the downloaded file uses PS4UPDATE.PUP as its name. If not, change the name to this one.
  • Connect your flash drive to your PS4 console.
  • Boot your PS4 into safe mode by pressing and holding down the Power button until it beeps twice.
  • Select Initialize PS4 .
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device followed by OK.
  • Wait for your console to reinstall the system software.
  • When its done, your PS4 should be back to the factory settings with the stock firmware.

    What To Do If Your Ps4 Crashes Or Freezes Up

    It’s frustrating to watch your PlayStation stop working, but there are a couple ways to fix it. You can try restarting your console, or you can run a complete factory resetâthis option will wipe all the data from your system’s hard drive, so it should be a last resort.

    Before we show you how to reset a PS4, be sure to back up everything on your machineâsaved games, images, videos, and trophies. If you don’t have a PlayStation Plus account or aren’t able to access it to upload your save data to the cloud, here’s how to back up your information on an external hard drive or flash drive.

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    How To Fix Infinite Restart Loop On The Playstation 4

    There are few ways to fix an endless restart loop on the PlayStation 4, like:

    • The console should be Power Cycled
    • Ensure that the power cord is in good working order by inspecting or replacing it
    • Check that the hard drive is operational
    • Initialize to its original settings

    The Console Should Be Power Cycled

    First, disconnect all of the wires from the back of your console and wait for it to cool down. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before turning it on in safe mode. By holding the power button on your PS4 for 10 seconds and then by turning it on you can trigger safe mode.

    Ensure That the Power Cord Is Working

    Make sure the insulator in the power cable has no noticeable signs of damage. Attempt to scrub the power cable of any debris, lint, or foreign objects. If you need to replace the power cord, get an original cable.

    Check That the Playstation Hard Drive Is Operationalto Fix Infinite Restart Loop

    Youll need to remove the hard drive and restart the console without it. This is one of the most successful methods for determining whether or not there is a hard drive problem. If the hard drive has been disabled, try booting the console normally to see if it works. Reinstall the hard drive and search for the problem again if it boots up without a delay.

    Factory Reset to Its Original Settings

    Try These Before Resetting The Ps4 Controller

    How to factory reset your PS4

    Before resetting the PS4 controller, carry out all the following actions:

  • Turn off the PS4 and unplug it from the power socket for 3 minutes.
  • Change the PS4 USB port through which you connect the controller.
  • Remove the PS4 controllers battery then put it back in place.
  • Connect the PS4 controller to a computer and check whether its healthy or not. If it works fine, that means you have a problem with the PS4 itself not the controller.
  • If none has worked for you, you may now be sure that your PS4 controller must be reset.

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    Your Last Resort Option: Initialize The Ps4

    Beware: This option will permanently delete all data and settings from your system.

  • On your computer on a USB drive, create a folder named PS4.

  • Inside that folder create another folder named UPDATE.

  • Connect the USB drive to one of the USB ports on your PlayStation.
  • Select Initialize PS4 from the menu options in safe mode.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and leave your PlayStation alone until all the updates are finished downloading.
  • This option will not only delete all user data, but it will also remove and replace the PS4 firmware. This will put your PlayStation back in the “fresh out of the box” state you received it in, so make sure you only do this as a completely last resort, and if you’re out of options entirely. If your PS4 is having an issue, there’s a good chance this will fix it. If it doesn’t, the problem is more serious, and then you’ll be able to fix it all by yourself. At that point, you need to send your console in for repairs or a replacement.

    Troubleshoot Ps4 Blinking Blue Light

    If your PS4 is not powering on correctly or turns off randomly and gets stuck with a blinking blue light instead of turning white, then you could have a problem with a piece of hardware. Here are a couple of things you can try:

    1. Check the power adapter and the power port on the back of the PS4. Make sure nothing is visibly damaged or bent. You can even use a power cord from the PS3 on the PS4.

    2. The second issue that can cause the blue light problem is if the hard drive bay is not connected properly or has become loose. You should turn off the console, detach any cables and then slide the HDD bay cover out in the direction the arrow is pointing.

    There is apparently one screw that holds the whole thing down, so if thats loose, then the hard drive may not be connected properly. You can remove that screw and take out the HDD and put it back in.

    3. Lastly, it could be an issue with the HDMI out port or a TV compatibility issue. Remove the HDMI cable and make sure there is no damage to the port on the PS4. Try a different HDMI cable, if possible. You should also try connecting the system to another TV to see if that solves the problem.

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    How To Reset The Playstation 4 Back To Factory Defaults

    There are numerous ways to return your PS4 back to factory defaults. However one of the simplest and quickest is to use the PS4 Safe Mode options. Within Safe Mode you will find two different options for resetting a PS4 back to factory defaults, Initialise PS4 and Initialise PS4 .

    Both options can be found on the PS4 Safe Mode screen, however this video looks at the quicker of the two options which is to Initialise PS4. The Initialise PS4 process will return the console to the same state it was in when it left the factory, it will:

    • delete all Sony Entertainment Network accounts,
    • delete all installed games,
    • delete all game saves data and media files.
    • Reset all console settings

    However, it will not:

    • revert your console to a previous firmware version.

    If you are experiencing problems with your console you would be better of selecting the Initialise PS4 option. This process will take longer to complete but will do the following:

    • it will delete all Sony Entertainment Network accounts,
    • delete all installed games,
    • delete all game saves data and media files.
    • Reset all console settings

    However, it will not:

    • revert your console to a previous firmware version.

    We recommend that before initialising the PS4 make sure you have backed up all your games saves to your PSN account.

    Tip: If after completing a factory reset on a PS4 you find that the console does not recognise the controller you will need to do the following:

    How Does Restarting Ps4 Fix Everything Wonderfully

    How To Restart Your PS4 To Safe Mode | Easy And Updated Steps | 2021!

    One big reason a restart will fix so many PS4 problems is that it will clear your Random Access Memory . While you are working on the PS4, you open and close many games/apps. There were many logs and temporary caches created in the background process which you do not know about. You do not realize that the footprints are left behind by the background processes. These leftovers hog the system resources and most of it is stored in RAM.

    When the RAM cannot take any more, it leads to a memory leak which causes slowdowns and various kind of errors. Each and every application stops when you restart the PS4 power cuts off and RAM gets cleared. This gives the PS4 system a clean slate and fresh start.

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    How To Put Ps4 Into The Safe Mode:

    The Safe Mode might sound not that familiar to you though, its easy to start your PS4 system to its Safe Mode. Just go on with these simple steps:

    1) If your PS4 system is on, please turn it off: press the Power button on the front panel of your console.

    2) After your PS4 system is off, press and hold the Power button. Once you hear its second beep release the button: When you press it you will hear the first beep and after around 7 seconds you will hear the second one.

    You should then see a message on your screen saying Connect DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable and then press the PS button.

    3) As the instruction says, please connect your DualShock 4 by USB cable with the console.

    4) Press the PS button on your controller.

    5) You should then see the Safe Mode menu screen.

    Were going to show you what each Safe Mode option does for you.

    How To Reinstall System Software For Playstation 4 After Resetting

    If you opted for the option Initialize PS4 from the previous section, this means you have chosen for a fuller sort of wipe. That includes removing all the software from your console. Now, you need to reinstall the software back to the PS4, and this can be done through another device. Here is how to do that:

  • Youll need a PC for reinstalling the system software. Go to the official website of Sony PlayStation 4 and download the latest system software from there.
  • Now, youll need an external device such as a USB drive with 1.1GB free space. Grab that.
  • Make a folder inside that USB named UPDATE . Now, save the previously downloaded system software file in this folder. Make sure that the file is saved as PS4UPDATE.PUP.
  • Now, boot your PS4 console in safe mode as described above by holding the power button on the console until you hear two beeps.
  • Now choose the Initialize PS4 option and follow the on-screen directions. This will remove all the data and system software from the console if it is not done already. Then, it will prompt you to connect the USB drive with the updated firmware to reinstall the system software. When it is completed, your console will be back to factory settings.
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    Way : Update Your Ps4 System Software

    Here comes the last way. Updating the PS4 system software may also be helpful in terms of how to get PS4 out of Safe Mode.

    To do that, you should select Update System Software on Safe Mode menu and then select Update Using Internet. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

    If the Update System Software option fails to help you get out of PS4 Safe Mode, please select Initialise PS4 . Then you should also follow the on-screen instructions.

    Now, this article comes to an end. Hope all the mentioned ways can help you get out of PS4 Safe Mode Loop effectively.

    How Ps4 Safe Mode Works

    How to factory reset your ps4

    Once your PS4 has booted in Safe Mode, youll see a few options. Selecting Restart will make your PS4 boot normally , while Change Resolution will force your PS4 to boot up in 480p next time around. If youd like to update your firmware via a USB drive, the internet, or a disc, select Update System Software.

    Restore Default settings will put your PS4 back to its factory settings yet keep your data, while Rebuild Database will scan the drive and essentially re-index its contents. Initialize PS4 is by far the most drastic action, as this will wipe ALL of your data from the console and essentially roll it back to the day you took it out of the box.

    Safe Mode is beneficial if your device has an issue during an update. Rebooting your PS4 in Safe Mode should allow you to proceed, but it doesnt always work that way.

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    What Happens When The Ps4 Controller Fails

    When the PS4 controller begins to malfunction or about to fail, youll get troubles dealing with the PS4 system. A clear sign of PS4 controller defect is when PS4 suddenly freezes/halts during the gameplay. Sometimes it wont freeze, but the PS4 will go very slow, or just behaves eccentrically.

    In some cases none of these symptoms will appear, but the PS4 system wont respond to the controllers prompts. You can easily feel that the PS4 controller is not working at all, no matter how many times you press its buttons.

    On the other hand, the corrupted PS4 database can also hinder the system from responding to the controllers prompts. In this case, the PS4 controller is healthy and functioning perfectly, but the PS4 system cant properly render the signals coming from the controller due to the corruption in the database.

    Lastly, a failing PS4 hard drive can cause the system to not function properly, and thus not responding to the controllers signals. In this case, if youre a savvy/technician, youll have a technical sense and can quickly figure out where the problem is.

    Didnt Receive A Password Reset Email

    • The email may be in your spam folder. Check your email inbox for making sure to search for “PlayStation” in all mailboxes, including any spam or junk folders.
    • Your email address may be misspelled. Repeat the password reset steps and make sure the email address shown on the Forgot Your Password? page is the email address you use to sign in to your account.
    • Do you have a child account? Only the family manager can reset the password for your account.

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    How To Factory Reset Your Playstation 4

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    If you plan on selling your PlayStation 4, heres how to reset it by deactivating your PSN account and deleting all of the files on the console to put it back into factory condition.

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    There are only a couple of things you need to do in order to completely wipe your PlayStation 4. You first need to deactivate your PSN account from the console so that the new owner can login using his own account, and then youll need to completely wipe everything off the hard drive, which will put the software back into a state just like it was when you first pulled the PS4 out of the box for the first time.

    Do You Know What Is Ps4 Safe Mode

    How To Reset PS4 (PlayStation 4) Console To Factory Default Settings

    The Safe Mode allows you to start your PS4 system with the most basic functions active. When you cant power up your PS4 console, or when your PS4 system is getting problems, you can still use your console through its Safe Mode. The options in Safe Mode help you solve different problems with your PS4.

    Some Safe Mode options will cause data loss. So we highly recommend you always back up your PS4 system data to an external hard drive, USB storage device or online storage before trying an option from the Safe Mode menu. The official Sony website tells us that Safe Mode is designed to fix issues with PS4 firmware and should only be used when recommended by a PlayStation support article or Sony support staff member.

    Before we talked about the Safe Mode Option, lets figure out how to start your PS4 in Safe Mode.

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