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How To Buy Playstation Plus

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How Much Is Playstation Plus

How to Buy PlayStation Plus Membership

The price of a PS Plus depends on the type of subscription you choose to purchase: one month of PlayStation Plus costs $9.99 at retail price, meanwhile a three-month subscription costs $24.99 and the annual PS Plus price is $59.99. However, third-party retailers sell PlayStation Plus subscriptions at significantly cheaper prices due to lower monetary value.

Playstation Plus 3 Month Membership

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Join a global community of online players and enjoy exclusive features and benefits when you become a PS Plus member, including:

  • Online multiplayer – Join millions of players in PS4 multiplayer battles, explore new worlds with friends and share incredible adventures together.
  • Monthly games – Get two hand-picked PS4 games each month to download and play as long as you’re a member.
  • Exclusive discounts – Make big savings at PlayStation Store with deals that are only available to PS Plus members.
  • 100GB of cloud storage – Save your PS4 game progress to the cloud, so your adventures are ready to pick up where you left off, wherever you sign-in whether that’s a friends console, or a second PS4 or PS4 Pro in your home
PlayStation Plus 3 Month Membership Terms and Conditions

What Is Playstation Plus Membership Gift Card

With Playstation Plus subscription you will be able to get the most out of your PS4 experience.Access multiplayer gaming, store up to 100gb to the cloud, download up to 2 games for free monthly.You will also be able to access your own game from different console.Compare now all subscriptions available from official merchants .Search activation region filters to find the country and currency that will suit you most.

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The Cheapest Playstation Plus Deals In December 2021

ByJames Pickardlast updated 3 December 21

Get your PlayStation Plus membership for the best price

PS Plus deals can save you plenty of cash on your PlayStation Plus membership. However, you do sometimes have to know where to look. That’s why we’re bringing you all the cheapest PS Plus prices from around the web – so you never get stung by an auto-renew again.

A PS Plus membership will set you back $59.99 / £49.99 for a full 12-month subscription when bought at full price. However, there are plenty of PS Plus deals offering discounted rates across the web and we saw the best one yet during Black Friday. We saw prices fall as low as $39.99 in the US, while in the best UK PS Plus deal you could get a subscription for under £30. It’s unlikely those discounts will return until next year and Sony’s Days of Play event.

Of course, a PS Plus membership is a necessity if you’re play PS4 and PS5 games online. However, with free monthly games, access to a wide range of PS4 games on PS5 and exclusive discounts in the PS Store there’s plenty of value in here.

You’ll find all the latest PlayStation Plus deals just below, with the best prices from around the web all compared here. We’re also rounding up the latest Xbox Live Gold deals if you prefer Microsoft as well.

Best Ps Plus Deals For December 2021

Buy PlayStation Plus for Cheap: How to Get a 12 Month PS ...

Youll need an active PS Plus subscription if you want to enjoy PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games to the fullest and take part in some online multiplayer fun! PlayStation Plus members will also be able to take advantage of exclusive deals on the PlayStation Store. Lastly, you can get the best of PlayStation deals: free games to download every month that youll be able to keep playing as long as you keep your PS Plus subscription active. The free games alone make PlayStation Plus worth the cost of admission, but why pay full price? Below, weve got the latest PS Plus sales and prices available right now, so you can save money if you want to play online, while also enjoying free games on the cheap.

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How Does It Work

All you have to do is purchase a PS Plus subscription, and youre good to go. You can purchase a PS Plus membership directly through the PlayStation Store, or you can enter a voucher code if you purchase a subscription card from Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

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To activate the subscription, you just need to enter the code into the official Sony PlayStation website or on the PlayStation Store on your console. Both are quick and easy.

Once your membership is activated, youll have access to the free monthly games available and can download them immediately. Youll also have access to exclusive discounts and all other benefits right away.

Activating My Playstation Plus Membership

The activation process of a PS Plus subscription or any other voucher, like a PSN gift card, is relatively simple. You merely have to follow the steps provided below and the membership will be activated in just a few moments. There are two ways to activate your PlayStation Plus membership. The first activation method is through the Sony website:

  • Go to the Sony website and sign in to your account
  • Go to your dashboard and select Redeem code
  • Enter the code, which you should find in your email, then click Next and confirm one last time.

Another activation method is through your PlayStation 4 console:

  • Go to the Store option in the main menu on your PS4
  • Scroll down until you come across the Redeem code option
  • Enter the code, which you should find in your email, and click Confirm.

Despite what method you have chosen to use to activate your PS Plus membership, the subscription should have been successfully activated. Keep in mind that each PS Plus subscription lasts for a specific time, which varies from 14 days to 365 days! Once the membership expires, you can renew your subscription. So, find a great PS Plus deal, join the PS club and enjoy your fantastic PlayStation benefits to your hearts content!

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How To Download Ps Plus Games

There are two ways to download PS Plus games via your console.

The first is via the PS Plus section on your PlayStation 4. You open this section by selecting the PS Plus icon in the top left hand corner of the PlayStation Home screen.

Here you’ll be able to view and download the latest PS Plus games. This is also where find any previous PS Plus game you’ve redeemed, even if you’ve uninstalled them from your console.

The second way is through the PlayStation Network Store.

You open the PlayStation Network Store by selecting its icon from the main PlayStation menu.

Once the store loads, scroll down the menu on the left-hand side until you find ‘PS Plus.’ Here you’ll be able to find the games currently available through the PS Plus and download them if you wish.

What Are The Free Games Playstation Plus Gets Every Month


This will change from month to month. You have the whole month to claim them, as well. So if you dont grab them right away, not to worry. As you wont be rushed to claim your free games the moment they go live.

That being said, as long as you claim the title thats being given away each month, youll have access to it forever. Even if you cancel your subscription at any point in the future, the games never leave your library. You wont be able to play them however, unless your subscription is active.

Most months, Sony will give away at least three games. Usually one for PS5 and two others that are geared towards PS4, but can also be played on PS5. On particularly good months, Sony will give away more than three games. Though, this is less typical than the former.

You can read about the most recent games added to the service below.

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How To Buy Playstation Plus 1

With a great discount at the incoming Cyber Monday Sales , PlayStation Plus is offering an amazing deal to gamers.

This is a great way to get two free monthly games, and play online games at a massively reduced cost. Additionally, players will also get more good deals on the PS Store.

PS Plus Free Games for November 2021 ExplainedOn November 2, PS Plus subscribers will get access to 6 new games.#PSPlus#sonypsplus#psplusupdate#playstationplus#PlayStation5#PlayStation4

Few lucky PlayStation 5 owners will also get access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, which is a bundle of the 20 best PS4 games available to play on the PS5.

How Do The Deals Work

Some of the sales on the PlayStation Store are only available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Other sales offer a higher price for non-subscribers, but a cheaper price for subscribers. In this case, youll see two separate prices for an item on the PlayStation Store. The yellow price with a plus sign is the price for PlayStation Plus subscribers, while the white price is for non-subscribers.

Sony is often running some sale or another, but those sales arent always amazing. Bear in mind that you generally wont get a discount on big new games as soon as they come out. Discounts are typically available only on older big games, or perhaps newer small indie games.

Whatever you purchase through these sales is yours to keep, even after your subscription expires.

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How Do The Free Games Work

Every month, Sony offers several free games to PS Plus subscriberssometimes known as Instant Game Collection games. During the month these games are available, you can choose to buy them for free on the PlayStation 4. You can then download the game for free. You get to keep it, tooyou can download and play it a year from the day you purchase it, if youre a subscriber.

If you dont redeem the game while its free for a month, you dont get it for free. This means you wont get any of the previously free games when you subscribe to PlayStation Plus. It also means that, if you dont download your free games every month, youll miss some and wont get them for free. However, gamers who have been members of PS Plus for a long time may have a library full of hundreds of games they acquired for free.

You can only download and play these free games while you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. If your subscription lapses, you wont be able to play the games. If you restart your subscription, youll regain access to all those free games you previously acquired and you can play them once again

You can view the current free games for PS Plus subscribers on Sonys website, and a list of games Sony has previously given away on Wikipedia. As of August 2017, youll see quite a few indie games and older big-budget games. Dont expect the latest big-budget games on their release date, although you may see them for free several years after their release dates.

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How Can I Sign Up

Signing up for PlayStation Plus is relatively simple. You will need a PlayStation Network account first. So if you dont already have one of those, either go to the PlayStation website, or set up a PSN account through your PS4 or PS5 console.

Once youve got the PSN account set up, you simply need to pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription digital code, then redeem that code through your PSN account. The subscription will automatically attach to your PSN account and then youll have all of the PlayStation Plus member benefits right away.

Exclusive Discounts And Access

On top of the selection of free monthly games, PS+ subscribers will also get access to exclusive deals and discounts from the PlayStation online store. From full games to add-ons and DLC, subscribers will often times be able to grab more recent and popular titles at a reduced price that non-subscribers won’t see for some time. Beyond sales, PS+ users will also get exclusive early-access to new demos and betas, as well as unique in-game rewards, skins, and content.

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Online Storage For Your Save Games

On the PlayStation 4, PS Plus also allows you to use online storage for your save games. Your PS4 automatically uploads your save games to Sonys servers, and you can download that save data on another consoleor the same console, if youve deleted the save games.

This ensures you always have a copy of your save games, even if your PlayStation 4 console dies and needs to be repaired or replaced. Youll find this feature on the Settings > Application Saved Data Management screen. The yellow plus signs next to the Saved Data in Online Storage and Auto-Upload options means these features require PlayStation Plus.

You Can Get A Free Trial

How to Buy Instant Digital PlayStation Plus Membership & Redeem Voucher Code in PS5 Console?

You can get a fourteen-day free trial of PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Store. Some games, and the PlayStation 4 console itself, may also come with a printed PlayStation Plus trial code you can redeem on the Store.

When purchased from Sony, PS Plus costs $10 per month, $25 per three months , or $60 per year . If you know youll want PS Plus for a year, the yearly subscription is the best deal. However, you cant cancel it and get your money back if you change your mind after a few months. Thats the downside.

If you do opt for the free trial, be careful because it will automatically begin charging you for a monthly membership afterwards. You may want to cancel the subscription or switch to a yearly membership rather than pay $10 per month. You can also buy PS Plus time cards at retail stores, although theyll cost the same as a subscription through Sony unless you can find them on sale.

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There is actually way to play PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 4kind of. Its through Sonys PlayStation Now service, which requires a separate monthly fee. This service actually plays the games on Sonys servers and streams them to you. It gives you access to a separate library of games.

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What Are Some Of The Other Playstation Plus Member Benefits

In addition to special discounts, free games every month, and availability of online play, you also get a few more benefits with PlayStation Plus.

One of the more useful benefits is the increase in cloud storage for saved game data. If you subscribe to the service you have 100GB of cloud storage at your disposal for your game save data. That is a lot for just game save files.

But itll come in handy if you have both a PS4 and a PS5 and end up with hundreds of games and saves for all of them. You also get exclusive in-game content that you wouldnt normally get. Such as character skins and other loot. And theres also a feature called Share Play.

As the name suggests, Share Play lets you share your gaming experience with a friend. A good example of how this works is inviting your friend to play a game youre in with Share Play. You can then let them control the game. Which could be useful if you are stuck on a particularly challenging quest.

What Are The Free Ps Plus Games This Month

We’ve got you covered there. Each month we update the list of extensive freebies for the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. These games are free to download and play the entire time you are still within your PlayStation Plus membership. Why not bookmark the page below to make sure you never miss out?

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