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How To Put Ps4 In Rest Mode

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PS4: How to Enter Rest Mode / Turn Off PS4 / Restart PS4 from Quick Menu

Before diving into any troubleshooting steps, make sure that your console is set as your primary console. Go to Settings > PSN > Set as Primary PS4.

Also, make sure to start the update download process before putting your console in Rest Mode.

Third, keep in mind that your PS4 console only checks for updates once every 24h. So, if no updates have been downloaded, maybe your console has yet to check for updates.

Four, it is worth mentioning that the PS4 checks for game updates only for the games that you recently played. It doesnt usually check for updates for the titles sitting at the end of your dashboard.

What Is Your Ps4’s Rest Mode

To get everyone up to speed, your PS4’s rest mode is like a computer’s sleep mode. If you set your PS4 to rest mode, you’re putting it in a low-power state where it can still carry out some really useful functions .

In fact, rest mode is the first power option you get when you’re looking to power down your PS4: it’s clear that Sony meant this to be the default setting for your PS4 instead of completely turning it off.

Despite being in an active state, your PS4’s rest mode shouldn’t give you a huge electricity bill. While your price will vary depending on what electricity plan you have in place, rest mode should only add a few dollars to your bill each year.

You can put your PS4 in rest mode in three different ways:

  • From the home screen, select Power, then Enter Rest Mode.
  • Hold the PS button on your controller to bring up the Quick Menu, head to Power, and select Enter Rest Mode.
  • Tap the Power button on your PS4 until it beeps once.
  • My Controller Wont Connect Using Safe Mode Whats The Deal

    Many users have expressed issues with Safe Mode and the controllers. Of course, you need to plug your controller into one of the USB ports on the console after booting in Safe Mode, as stated above. Essentially, this pairing process happens because the USB connection sends information from the controller to the console, telling it to work.

    Assuming your controller charges , its likely that the cable youre using is the cause. For example, if you still have the USB cable that came with your console, use that one. But, if youre using a third-party one, try a different one. You may have to try several cables, but you need a data transfer cable and not just a charging cable.

    It can be a little challenging to tell which cable is a data transfer cable, but comparing two side-by-side, the sheathing on a transfer cable is generally thicker than that of a standard charging cable.

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    Download Game Patches And Software Updates

    Similar to the ability to download games remotely, your PS4 can automatically download software updates while in rest mode for both the system and PS4 games.

    And, like the size of games, update files can be massive, and it can be a pain to wait for them to download while you’re using your PS4. This can be especially egregious of games shortly after their launch, where the patches keep on coming, or multiplayer games, where the map packs keep on coming.

    So, even though you shouldn’t buy games at launch, if you end up doing so or the game you’re playing has regular updates, things will be way more convenient if you keep your PS4 in rest mode and let it automatically update your game.

    Related: However, while you can automatically download software updates to your PS4 while it’s in rest mode for free, you’ll need to be a PS Plus member if you want your PS4 to automatically download game updates while in rest mode.

    Using Auto Shutdown On The Ps4

    Can Your PS4 Install Games While In Rest Mode?

    A great option for saving power with your PS4 console is to enable auto shutdown. You can change the shutdown timer so that it goes off at different times depending on what sort of activity youre doing.

    To set your auto shutdown settings:

  • Go to your PS4s home screen. Press up on the D-pad, scroll to the right and enter Settings.
  • Go to Power Save Settings > Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off.
  • You can then choose to set different times for either General or Media Playback. The first option will use the timer when youre in a game or other application, and the second will set it for when youre streaming media such as on Netflix.

    You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours of idle time before the PS4 shuts itself down. You can also choose to shut down after 20 minutes or just Do Not Turn Off for the General option.

    InPower Save settings you can also choose how much idle time you want there to be before your controller shuts off. You can change this under Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off. You can choose from 10, 30, or 60 minutes, or Do Not Turn Off.

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    How To Wake Up A Playstation 4 With Your Phone

    Sony has expanded its horizons by allowing us to now use our phones as a controller for the PlayStation 4. The process is super simple and extremely convenient. If your controller has died and you really don’t feel like getting up to put your PlayStation into rest mode before going to bed, you can have your phone do it. This also works for waking up your PlayStation if it went into rest mode while you are in a blanket fort you don’t want to leave!

    Ps5 Standby Mode And What You Can Do In Ps5 Rest Mode

    While PS5 standby mode, or PS5 rest mode, is the suspended state you can leave a PS5 in, you can actually do a lot while your PlayStation is sleeping. Standby mode is different to turning off a PS5 completely and in this state it’ll draw a little power in the background to do some admin, downloads, patches and so on. That means you can use the PS5 standby mode to take the pain out of a lot of takes by getting rest mode to take care of it while you’re away. You’ll never have to worry about charging a pad, for example, if you know what you’re doing.

    So here are all the benefits of opting for PS5 Rest Mode over turning it off entirely.

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    Updating Games Behind The Scenes

    One of the things that has always driven me up the wall with modern gaming is that there’s usually always a patch to download before you can play anything. However, like the PS4 before it, the PS5 can automatically download and install game updates and other content while it’s in rest mode. That means you should always be able to jump straight into your games the moment you turn your PS5 on as it’s been beavering away in the background. Of course, having top tier Wi-Fi 6 connectivity will also help.

    How Much Power Does Rest Mode Use

    How to put your PS4 into rest mode

    When playing a game your PS4 will use89 watts per hourand in rest mode, your PS4 will use around 10w per hour meaning rest mode uses 8.9 times less energy than playing a game.

    Even when its powered off but still connected to the mains your PS4 will use 0.3 W because it needs to understand the input from your controller which turns it on.

    Keeping your PS4 on standby will cost you around $10/annually which isnt too much but if youre using standby only to charge your controllers remember they can be charged with ANY standard android charging devoid for only $0.5/annually which is 20 times cheaper!

    However, there are ways to sharply reduce your PS4s energy consumption which will be discussed now.

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    How Much Energy Does Rest Mode Use

    In Rest Mode, your PS4 reportedly uses about 10W of power with the default settings. When its powered off, it uses about 0.3W insteadit needs some power so it can listen for the controller input that powers it on.

    So lets say you left your PS4 on in rest mode for an entire year without ever touching it, and it was using 10W of power the whole time. How much does that cost you? The exact cost depends on the electricity rates in your area, but heres how to calculate it.

    Electricity rates are given in cents per Kilowatthour, or kWh. First, well figure out how much electricity 10W is in terms of kWh. This is how much electricity a PlayStation 4 in Rest Mode will use in an hour.

    10W / 1000 = 0.01kWh

    Next, we multiply this by the number of hours in a day and the number of days in a year . This shows us how many kWh Rest Mode mode uses over an entire year:

    0.01kWh * 24 * 365 = 87.6kWh

    Multiply that number by the cost of electricity in your area to find out how much that will cost you. Well use 12.15 cents per kWh here, as thats the average cost of electricity across the US in February 2016, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Check your electric companys website or your electricity bill to find the rate in your area.

    87.6kWh * 12.15 = 1064.34 cents

    Now all we have to do is convert that figure to dollars by moving the decimal point over two places:

    1064.34 cents / 100 = $10.64

    How To Put Ps4 In Rest Mode

    It is very easy to enter the PS4 rest mode. Here are two options for you.

    Option 1

    Press and hold the PS button on the controller, and then choose the Enter Rest Mode option on the pop-up menu. Then your PS4 will enter the rest mode immediately.


    Option 2

    When the PS4 is on, just tap the Power button on the console. Remember not to hold the button. Then the console should beep and shut-down into rest mode. You will see the orange light.

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    What Is Rest Mode Ps5

    If you are a fan of video games, you should not miss PS5, short for PlayStation 5. It is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive, released on November 12, 2020.

    As the successor of PS4 , PS5 is designed with a whole new architecture, faster storage device, and superior resolution support. Generally speaking, the performance of PS5 has been improved a lot compared with PS4. For more differences about PS4 and PS5, you can check our previous post: PS4 vs PS5: What’s the Difference and Which One to Select.

    Similar to PS4, PS5 also has a Rest Mode. PS5 Rest Mode allows you to keep the console in a paused state instead of turning it off when you need to leave your console for a while.

    In the PS5 Rest Mode, your console can consume less power, and tasks such as game downloading or installing can run in the background. When you come back, you can wake up your console and run a game in a few seconds. PS5 Rest Mode can also be used to set up auto-downloads and updates for PS5 system software and games.

    Reasons To Set Your Ps4 On Rest Mode

    The PS4

    1. Now you may be wondering why you would want to put your PS4 in rest mode there are numerous reasons, like downloading games to your PS4 can take a long time for various reasons. Who has the time to wait for so long?

    Because this generation has given us games that include two discs and a staggering 99 GB of good storage and is estimated to take very few minutes to install, it all depends on the availability of your wifi speed or any internet connection you may have.

    2. Exact question: what will you do waiting for an hour and a half for a game to download? Thats something neither of us has that too, after a whole busy day, you want some relaxation.

    One of the suggestions is that you can also download games when youre not at home, which uses less power than just leaving the PS4 on before.

    3. Another possible explanation would be to check for instant updates with good internet access as previously mentioned, the 2.5 Playstation efforts to adapt tournaments continue to run while in rest mode, so your PS4 will randomly turn on and verify for notifications all of your games. Is it exciting or not? Yes, of course, it is which aids you in saving a lot of time and power.

    4. It also makes life easier because you shouldnt have to tell you how irritating it is to come home from work excited to play your favorite multiplayer game before realizing you still require a significant update. As mentioned earlier, no one wants it.

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    Find The Ps4 Pro’s Power Button

    The PS4 Pro is a behemoth of a console, and its power and eject buttons are quite unconventional. The Pro has three “layers” to its design, as opposed to the two layers of the standard PS4 and the Slim. On the bottom of the middle layer is a long power button notice that it is horizontal instead of vertical, like that of the standard PS4. Beneath it is a thin light strip that acts as the power indicator.

    Keep Your Controller Charged

    One of the great benefits of remembering to plug your pad back in before you left your PS5 drift off to sleep is that in rest mode, your PS5 will still supply power to your USB ports.

    You can adjust the length of time that the USB ports remain powered for in:

    Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode

    The options are ‘Always’, ‘Three Hours’, or ‘Off’. Three hours will be plenty to keep your pad topped up, but if you want to make sure it’s always fully charged when you come back to it, opt for the Always option.

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    Keep Your Ps5 Game Suspended

    Of course, a lot of the benefits of PS5 rest mode are just gaming housekeeping, but there’s also a tangible perk to keeping your console only half-asleep: keeping your game suspended. While the PS5 doesn’t quite have the Quick Resume functionality of the Xbox Series X, it can keep your game suspended in rest mode, allowing you to jump straight back in where you left off when you boot up your PS5.

    How To Disable Ps5 Rest Mode

    How to put your PS4 into rest Mode, Easy

    Now, lets see how to put your PS5 console out of Rest Mode. You just need to follow the steps below one by one.

    Step 1: Turn on your PS5 console and go to Settings.

    Step 2: Navigate to System> Power Saving> Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.

    Step 3: Now you can choose how long your PS5 can stay inactive before it automatically enters Rest Mode. To get out of the mode, you should select the Dont Put in Rest Mode option.

    Hope this post about Rest Mode PS5 can help you out of the problem you might encounter! For other PS5 Issues such as Error Code CE-108255-1, PS5 Not Turning on, and so on, you can refer to our previous posts.

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    Does Having Your Ps4 In Rest Mode Download Games Faster

    While theres no conclusive evidence, for as long as I can remember, its always been thought that putting your PS4 into rest mode will make games download quicker.I remember doing this way back on PS3 and Ive done it many times on PS4. This isnt fact, its more of a theory, however the logic behind it is pretty sound.Because the PS4 is in rest mode with low power consumption, it allows the console to focus on downloading and installing the game.Since youre not using any other applications or network features, both your hard drive write speed and network speed will be dedicated to downloading the game.Again, this is nothing more than a theory, but you should try it out yourself. If you see a significant increase in speeds, youll never download a game with the console turned on ever again.

    Ways To Turn Off A Ps4

    Makes it easy to shut down

    Its a good idea to turn off your PS4 whenever youre done playing. Not only does this help to save power, but itll also help you preserve the life of your console. PlayStation has made it easy to turn off the PS4 in different ways

    The easiest way is to use your controller to go into the main menu and turn off the PS4 from there. But sometimes, you might not have your controller or its run out of battery. So, theres also ways you can turn off the console without it, as well as set an auto shutdown if you forget to turn it off.

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    Other Ways To Speed Up Downloads

    The best way to speed up your downloads on your PlayStation is by using the ethernet cable instead of wifi. The difference between the Wi-Fi and the Ethernet speed is quite big in most places. Normally you can pull in 80-100mb of download speed on wifi, and ethernet can pull in 200-500 mb of speed on the exact same internet.

    If you use the Ethernet cable to download the game, you will see much faster results because the complete internet speed is being used in the downloading. When you use the wifi, there is a lot of splitting of the internet speed in multiple resources that goes on. When you use ethernet though, all the speed will be used for just one purpose which is downloading.

    When using an ethernet cord to speed up the PlayStation downloading with rest mode, you will notice a very big jump in how long it takes to download something.

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