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How To See Screenshots On Ps4

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Horizon Forbidden West Gets First Screenshots On Ps4 Version

How to view Saved SCREENSHOTS on PS4 using Capture Gallery App (Playstation Tutorial)

Developer Guerrilla Games has unveiled the first screenshots of the Playstation 4 version of Horizon Forbidden West, the upcoming sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. We get a closer look at what it will look like running on the last-gen platform. While the game is coming to PS5, its interesting to see how the game will look and handle on PS4. The new screenshots show images captured in-game on a PS4.

Weve showed you a lot of footage of #HorizonForbiddenWest on PS5 so far, but the game also looks and plays stunning on the PlayStation 4!


The game still looks quite stunning on the last-gen console, however it doesnt show whether this is on the PS4 Pro or base models. The proof will be in the pudding when we see some gameplay on PS4 to see how smoothly it will handle the open-world title. Of course, there will be some experience differences between the consoles such as PS5 gaining haptic feedback which utilises the DualSense wireless controller features, and the use of adaptive triggers. Then theres the virtually no loading screens that the PS5 will have and course 60 fps in performance mode.

Previously Guerrilla shared new details about tools, weapons and climbing mechanics that are coming with Forbidden West. A new tool called the Pullcaster will allow players to grapple launch themselves and a Shieldwing, a glider type device will allow for some gliding in style.

Horizon Forbidden West is due out for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18 th 2022.

The Easy Screenshots Mode

You can optimize your console for easy screenshots by changing the control type of the button. Tap on the button to display the menu and then tap on the Options button. Head to > and select Easy Screenshots.

– Tap once on the button to take a screenshot.- Long Press on the button to open the menu.- Double tap on the button to record a video clip.

How To Use Ps4 Second Screen

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Did you know that you can use your mobile phone as a second screen for your PS4. The Second Screen app on Android and iOS devices allows you to use your mobile phone to navigate the dynamic menu and type text using your mobile phone. This wikiHow teaches you how to use the PS4 Second Screen app on your mobile device.

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How To Connect Ps4 To Discord The Step

If you are new to this, Discord on PS4 browser may seem impossible to you. But its not like that you can easily connect Discord and PS4 and share your gameplay with others. The answer to the question of how to connect PS4 to Discord mobileis almost the same as the desktop.

So, now lets see the steps you will have to follow carefully for connecting PS4 to Discord:

Use The Share Menu To Take A Screenshot On The Ps4

How to Screenshot on PS4

The Share menu is another way to take a screenshot on the PS4. Unlike a single press of a button, this method requires you to choose an option from a list to capture the screenshot.

You can access this option as follows:

  • Access the screen that you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Press the button on your controller.
  • Select the option that says Save Screenshot.
  • Your PS4 will capture and save your screenshot.
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    How Do You Join A Ps4 Party On Pc 2021

    How to JOIN a PS4 Party Chat from your PC

  • Visit the official PlayStation Remote Play page and download the Windows 10 desktop client for your PC.
  • Once downloaded, install and launch the application on your PC.
  • Make sure that your PlayStation 4 console is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that youre using on the PC.
  • How To Customize Your Screenshot Settings On Ps4

    If you want to be able to take many screengrabs quickly, however, you can reprogram the share button’s functionality.

    To do so, go to the settings menu and scroll down and click “Sharing and Broadcasts.”

    Then, select “SHARE Button Control Type” and scroll down to select “Easy Screenshot.”

    Now a single fast click on the share button will take a screenshot, while holding it down will open the share menu.

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    Brag About Your Gaming Skills With Ps4 Screenshots

    You can use your PS4 screenshots in many different ways. You can, of course, use them to brag about your skills, and then you can use them to show your friends something new youve found in a game.

    The PS4 offers many features including the ability to take screenshots, copy data to USB drives, and even host gaming parties with your gaming buddies.

    Accessing Your Saved Ps4 Screenshots

    How to view your videos/screenshots PS4 Tutorial

    Your PS4 saves all your screenshots in a single app, and that makes it easier to view them all at once.

    You can open the screenshots gallery as follows on your console:

  • Go to the main screen on your PS4 and select Library.
  • Select Capture Gallery on the following screen.
  • Select Start and then choose All.
  • Youll see all the screenshots that youve ever captured on your PS4.
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    Playstation 4 Wiki Guide

    The PS4 can upload screenshots from both within and outside of games. To capture and upload a screenshot, press the Share button on the DualShock 4. This takes a snapshot and opens a menu. You may alternatively hold the Share button down for one second to take a picture without the menu prompt. Select Upload Screenshot, then select the appropriate image.

    Choose either Twitter or Facebook for your upload. If this is your first upload to either service, an interface will open to collect your Twitter or Facebook login information. You may also select to send the picture within a message on the PlayStation Network to your friends.

    You may create a caption for your image. Twitter images may have up to 140 characters per caption. Facebook images may have up to 1000 characters per caption. Through the Facebook integration settings, it is also possible to setup the particular distribution list able to view your PS4 uploads. When tweeting a screenshot on Twitter, an automatic #PS4share hashtag will appear.

    Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder: How And Where To Retrieve In

    Genshin Impact can be played on various platforms, such as the PS4, Windows, and mobile. Players can screenshot in-game moments if they want to see some of their experiences from time to time.

    Another thing to consider is the scenery and artwork of characters available in Genshin Impact. These designs could be worthy of screenshots, especially if gamers can obtain rare weapons or 5-star characters.

    All things considered, this article lists how and where to retrieve players’ in-game screenshots from Genshin Impact.

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    Ghost Of Tsushima Screenshots That Showcase Ps4s Peak Graphics

    Ghost of Tsushima is an absolutely stunning game with visuals and graphics that make your heart go all fuzzy. Weve put together a few screenshots from the first few hours of the game that show just how beautiful it is.

    While Ghost of Tsushima has a rather extensive photo mode that easily enhances images, these particular screenshots have no graphical alterations other than occasionally moving Jin out of the way for a better angle.

    So, the screenshots youll be seeing are visuals you will normally be able to see within the game as you cruise around Tsushima.

    As these images come from in-game, there will be minor spoilers. However, none particularly spoil the story.

    Right at the start of the game, were already treated to some aesthetically pleasing samurai against the backdrop of smoke, darkness, and the moon.

    One of the reasons Ghost of Tsushima is so gorgeous is because of its very dynamic and realistic lighting. You only get treated to a little bit of it in this shot but its a great introduction to what the rest of the game will hold.

    The game isnt afraid to show you just how beautiful nature can be. Theres something so serene about nature and Ghost of Tsushima is able to capture this peace very easily with a gorgeous background and a beautiful red tree.

    The lighting in this game is so painfully dynamic and amazing that it will ruin playing literally any other game after this.

    How To Copy Screenshots And Videos To A Usb Drive

    Playstation 4

    To view your saved video clips and images, use the Capture Gallery application included with your PS4. If you dont see it on the main screen, you can scroll all the way to the right on the home screen, select Library, select Applications, and then select Capture Gallery.

    Using this application, you can either view all your saved screenshots and video clips, or select a specific game and view the saved media files associated with that game.

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    How To Take Screenshots And Record Videos On A Playstation 4

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Your PlayStation 4 is constantly recording your gameplay in the background, just in case you want to save or share a clip. You can also quickly create screenshots with a single button-press.

    Once youve captured video clips or screenshots, you can upload them immediately or copy them from your PS4s internal storage to a USB drive. Take that USB drive to a computer and you can do anything you want with the files.

    Viewing Your Saved Screenshots

    Select from the content area.Press the OPTIONS button to sort saved screenshots by name or date, and delete screenshots. You can also copy saved screenshots to a USB storage device.

    • FAT and exFAT formatted USB storage devices are supported.
    • Be sure to fully insert the USB storage device into the USB port. Some devices are not compatible due to shape or design.
    • You can use screenshots to customize the background of your home screen and function screen. Highlight a screenshot, press the OPTIONS button, and then select .

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    How To Take A Screenshot On Ps4

    Finally beat that insanely punishing Bloodborne boss or got that clutch first place finish in Warzone and want to brag to your friends? Or maybe youre just a beleaguered gaming writer on a deadline in need of image assets. Whatever the reason you might need to take a screenshot of your games on PlayStation 4, youre in luck, because capturing and sharing your play is integral to modern gaming, with easy functionality built right into the PS4 out of the box. Heres our quick guide on how to take a screenshot on PS4.

    How To View/share Your Ps4 Screenshots

    How to SEND PS4 Screenshots to PHONE (Best Method!)

    So, if you looking to access your PS4 screenshots and share them with your friends then you can do this by going to the Capture Gallery.

    Heres what you need to do:

  • Press the PS button on your controller and you can enter the Capture Gallery from the Home menu.
  • You will see a folder of screenshots and screenshots are organized as the latest one at the top.
  • Also if you are looking for an older screenshot you can its best you look to the folder corresponding to the game of which you took the screenshot.
  • You can view the screenshots by opening them and also can edit or zoom in or out them.
  • To share the screenshot you need to press the button on your controller.
  • Now press the Screenshot option and you will be given a number of options through which you want to share your images.
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    Capture Screenshots On Ps4

    If youve never fiddled with the screenshots settings on the PS4, you can capture screenshots using the SHARE button on the controller.

    Go ahead and Power ON your PS4 and grab the controller. Next, press and hold the SHARE button on the controller for at least 1 second to capture a screenshot, since a regular tap will just open the share menu.

    Once you take the screenshots, itll be saved in the screenshot folder of your PS4 , which you can either copy to the USB drive or share it on social media or sent it to other PS4 users.

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    How To Game Share On Ps4 And Play With A Friend On Another Console

    • Your PS4 offers two ways to share games by designating another console as the primary PS4, or by activating Share Play.
    • To give a friend access to your game library, sign in with your PSN account and set that console as your primary PS4.
    • Using Share Play, you can invite a friend to take control of a game remotely or even multiplay together for up to an hour.

    Want to share a game with friends or family members? Sony allows you to share your games with a player on a different PlayStation 4 which means you and a friend can play the same game together even if only one of you owns the game.

    PS4 supports both game sharing and Share Play but they’re slightly different features. By changing the settings on a friend’s PS4, that PS4 can use game sharing to access all the games on your PS4. Share Play, on the other hand, lets you invite a player on another PS4 to a local multiplayer game, even if that game doesn’t include online multiplayer.

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    Forgot To Hit The Share Button On Your Controller And Missed That Epic Screenshot Moment

    Have you ever been playing a game and some epic moment has occurred? Maybe you were playing a game like Assassins Creed Odyssey or Marvels Spiderman and you were so caught up in the moment that you forgot to enter photo mode and hit the Share button. Or maybe the game you were playing didnt have a photo mode and you had no time to react to press the Share button to grab that awesome screenshot for posting on Reddit or Twitter.

    Well, dont worry, there is a way you can still gett hat screenshot, even if you did forget to press the Share button in time, using the PlayStation 4s built-in Trim feature.

    Ps4 To Laptop Hdmi Through Capture Card


    If there is a problem in connecting your PS4 console to the computer monitor using Remote Play, there is still hope you can still play PS4 on laptop screen with HDMI using Capture Card. Heres what you need to set this up:

    • A wireless internet connection
    • Enabled File Sharing

    Now lets get down to business and set this thing up for you.

    Step #1

    Plug-in and install the Video Capture Card on your computer using a USB port. A high-quality VCC is recommended.

    Step #2

    Use an S-Video connection cable to connect the Video Capture Card to your PS4 console. Attach the HDMI-out to the console and the HDMI-in to the VCC.

    Step #3

    Turn the console on and run the Video Capture Card software on your computer. You will see your console appearing on the screen.

    Voila! You can now play PS4 on laptop with HDMI using the Video Capture Card. Its as simple as that.

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    Use The Share Button To Take A Screenshot On The Ps4

    The easiest way to take a screenshot on the PS4 is to use the Share button. This button is located on your PS4 controller, and one press of this button takes and saves a snap of your current screen.

    Heres how it works:

  • Go to the screen that you want to capture on your PS4.
  • Press and hold down the button on your controller for about two seconds.
  • An icon will appear on the left of the screen or monitor indicating your screenshot is captured.
  • Your screenshot has been saved in your gallery.

    How To Connect Ps4 To Discord

    Discord is a nice way of communicating with friends via video call, audio call, screen sharing, and normal chatting. It is an excellent platform for gamers to stream their gameplay in front of their fans and friends. If you are a PS4 user and want to show your gameplay and gaming skills, then Discord is the perfect platform for you.

    Having heard that, you might think about how to connect PS4 to Discord and stream the gaming session. Not to worry a bit, as following some basic steps will connect these two. But at first, the friends and fans with whom you want to share your gameplay must need to have a Discord account.


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    How To Share A Screenshot Directly To Twitter

    The prior steps cover the quickest way to take a screenshot on PS4, but not the quickest way to share a screenshot or move a screenshot to another device.

    Posting a screenshot to Twitter, and then saving that screenshot to your computer or another device, is often quicker than using the USB storage transfer method described above.

  • Quickly tap the button on the PlayStation 4 controller. Dont hold it down. This will open the PlayStation 4s menu on the left-hand side of your display.

  • Select Screenshot, which is the second option from the top.

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