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How To Play Claw Ps4

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How To Play Claw (XBOX & PS4)

If you came here hoping for tips on how to win a sun-bleached PS Vita in a New Jersey boardwalk arcade, you’re going to be disappointed. In this post we’re going to talk all about how one YouTuber’s video changed our brains.;

Hailing from down unda’ , Flea is a total content rock star, and not too shabby of a Fortnite player either. After discovering that he loves KontrolFreek as much as we love his content,;we knew we had to work with him.

We initially found Flea when looking up tips and tricks for how to play games using “claw” style hand positioning – or just “playing claw”. Playing claw specifically involves adjusting your hands so that your middle finger rests on the shoulder buttons and your pointer finger rests curled over the face buttons.;

We kept hearing people rave about how playing claw is a more advantageous way to utilize the button layout of the standard controller, but weren’t sold on it. Once we stumbled upon Flea’s video though something clicked and we finally got it. We definitely see it as the gold standard for control tutorials on YouTube, and we love it when creators introduce us to unique and new playstyles.;

If you haven’t checked it out already we’ll put it right below here:;

How To Play Claw In Fortnite Ps4

;To play claw in Fortnite on the PS4, you need to position your hands so your right index finger rest against square and triangle, and the other against top and right of the D-pad. It is possible on a Dualshock because of the low position of the sticks. It is this symmetrical layout that makes this hand-grip possible on the PS4.

Do Pro Players Use Claw Grip

Yes, pro players do use claws. Famous Fortnite players like Ghost Aydan uses claw on his controller. He explains here how exactly he holds his controller.

Although the two controllers are vastly different, the claw grip is dependent on your preference. I personally find the claw grip awkward no matter what controller. However, players have found success using both kinds of grips. ;

PlayStation controllers have a downward angle when holding the controller naturally, allowing players to comfortably put their index fingers on the button.

Also, Xbox buttons bulge out more which may be harder to hit when playing claw. Again, its all personal preference and how big your hands are.

The best grip is based on your preference and hand durability. If you have a hard time bending your fingers to play claw grip on the console, stick to the traditional regular grip.

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What Is Playing Claw In Fortnite

Playing claw in Fortnite is a way to hold the controller which gives you better access. It can give you better control over all of your inputs in a game without using a special controller. These are the basics:

  • You hold the controller with your index fingers over the top left of the D-Pad and top Right of the face buttons. This way you get access to edits, jump and build, all without removing your fingers from the thumbs or triggers at any time.
  • Your fingers need to rest over inside of the buttons on each side. This allows them to actually sit comfortably. Dont try to leave your index finger in the center of the buttons, as this gets uncomfortable.
  • Rotate your wrist slightly to allow your finger to hit the bottom buttons on each side.

What Happens To Your Hands When You Play Claw On Controller Every Day

Why You SHOULDNT Play Claw

When it comes to gaming controllers, research has found that;ease of use is key. Each console generation introduces new controller variants, leaving players to try and determine the most optimal hand positions to get as much out of gaming as possible.

Most gamers are familiar with the “standard” grip, which involves placing the index fingers on the left and right trigger buttons while your thumbs move back and forth between directional pads and thumbsticks. However, for some, this causes a bit of an issue if your thumb is on the thumbstick and your index finger is on the trigger, you have no usable fingers free for all those directional buttons on the top right of your controller. So, they’ve figured out a solution that has become as natural for some players as it is uncomfortable for others.

The “claw” grip adds another finger into the equation. Your thumbs remain on the thumbsticks, while your most agile finger, the index finger, is reserved for the directional buttons. Your middle finger is drafted into action to play the trigger buttons.

But what happens when you use this non-standard grip every day?

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What Are The Different Types Of Grips

What Are the Three Types of Grip?

  • Crush Grip This is type of grip that is used for shaking hands, or crushing a soda can.
  • Pinch Grip Your grip that is used between the fingers and the thumb is called pinch grip.
  • Support Grip When you have to hold onto something for long periods of time you will use your support grip.

How To Play Claw Grip On Console Controllers

Gamers have found that claw grip is more beneficial because of the precise movements between fingers. With the regular grip, players must move their right thumb off the analog stick to hit a button on the right side of the controller.

To play claw grip on PS4 & Xbox One, position your hand as you normally would on the controller. Next, put both of your thumbs on the joysticks; this is where theyll remain.

The right index finger will then be used to tap all of the buttons on the right side of the controller. The middle finger and ring finger on the right hand will be used to hit the top buttons and triggers.

Claw grip allows users to keep their thumb on the right analog stick and hit buttons on the right side while still using the middle and ring finger triggers.

In shooting-style games, players typically look around with the right analog stick. Now players can jump or slide with their index finger and still shoot/throw items with their middle finger.

There is no lag time between each button input and allows the gamer to be more precise.

We cant stress enough how hard it is to adapt to claw grip, especially if youve played a regular grip your whole life. If youre able to master it, youll be of the select few who can master the button inputs and be on target.

Here is a live look at Luke TheNotable on youtube, playing with the Claw Grip:

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Is Warzone A Ps4 Or Ps5 Game

That came with its perks the gigantic Battle Royale FPS could be transferred to an external hard drive but you always knew it was just a PS4 game in the back of your mind. Thats all about to change, however, as Activision has finally confirmed a native PS5 version of Call of Duty: Warzone is now in development.

Is Claw Better For Call Of Duty

How To Play Claw On PS4 (Claw Cam)

Since pro-gaming is extremely competitive, these skills only better a players chances of fighting others in line for the spot. One of those important skills is playing on claw controls. Call Of Duty requires excellent instincts and reflexes. Further to that, thumb gaming is considered extremely slow for the pro scene.

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What About The Shoulder Buttons

Something else that Flea says pretty frequently is that much of;what goes in to playing claw is up to personal preference and what is comfortable for you. For instance when it comes to the shoulder buttons, you have a decision to make.;

Middle finger, ring finger, or both?;

This is a very important decision to make since;whichever finger you’re using will ultimately be the one pulling the trigger.;

What do you think FreekNation? Is playing claw worth it? We certainly think it is! Make sure to go check out Flea’s YouTube channel for more tutorials and gaming awesomeness!;

You Are What You Eat And Drink

Do not underestimate the absolutely invaluable aspect of nutrition. Eating unhealthy foods or consuming unhealthy beverages will simply make your body unhealthy. Check out our page describing our favorite healthy gamer snacks for better snack options during your gaming sessions.

To learn more about nutrition, in general, check out our pages on the basics of nutrition and how to read nutrition labels.

Also, drink plenty of water. Generally, the recommendation for fluid intake is half your body weight in fluid ounces per day. So, if you weigh 120lbs, you should drink 60 fl. oz. If you weigh 160lbs, you should drink 80 fl. oz, and so on.

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Take Breaks While Gaming

As previously mentioned, researchers found that a 10-minute rest period helped to normalize muscle function including contractile velocity and maximum voluntary contraction . Do yourself a favor, and take breaks between matches. Additionally, schedule longer breaks intermittently during long hours of gaming.

If youve read through our page outlining habits of healthy gaming, youll know that stretching is important but not until your entire session is over. DO NOT stretch your muscles during these intermittent breaks! To stay loose, repeat some of the exercises and movements in the warm-up. Stretching mid-session may decrease your performance and will not effectively aid in injury prevention.

Mechanism Of Fatigue And Pain

Lets discuss the pros and cons of playing with The Claw ...

While gaming with a claw grip for controller, you will need to maintain prolonged, isometric contractions of the FDI muscle throughout the duration of your match. These prolonged contractions will lead to fatigue.

Intense, acute muscle fatigue most often presents as a burning sensation. This is the same sensation you may experience during bouts of high-intensity exercise such as sprinting or weight lifting. This occurs due to lactic acid building up from prolonged, static contraction and/or rapid, repetitive contractionswhich will both occur while using claw grip for controller.

Fatigue also leads to a decrease in contractile velocity in the FDI which controls how fast you can tap the buttons on your controller. One research study reported alterations in post-fatigue muscle firing of the FDI, but also reported a return-to-normal contractile velocity following a 10-minute rest period.

In other words, take breaks between matches, and schedule longer breaks within your long gaming or streaming grinds to prevent chronic fatigue and limit muscle firing alterations!

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Difference Between The Controller Holding Techniques

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Thumb control refers to holding the controller with both hands but using only the thumbs for majority of actions.

Except maybe for the paddles or L1,L2 and R1,R2, all other major front panel interfacing is carried out by the thumbs in this hold. As it suggests, this hold is extremely slow. It uses only two fingers which contributes to slower reaction times.

Claw control on controller is considered the professional hold. Claw control uses upto five of six fingers while playing. There are different types of claw hold that gamers use according to their comfort and requirement. The five and six finger claw holds are the most common ones.

Basically, what claw control does is, it does not take the players thumb off the movement stick. This allows the player to move while doing other actions. Such as shooting and crouching, jumping and sliding, sliding and shooting, etc. These combo movements help a player to actively incorporate with enemy strategies and tactics. For example an SMG player running in straight into a captured Hardpoint and stopping to shoot is an easy kill. Therefore that player needs to be fast, smoke the entry, slide in and shoot his enemies. A claw player will perform every action without stopping for a second.

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  • How To Play Claw Today we go in depth on how to play claw on controllerCredits to Flea for the inspirationFollow Socials:Tik Tok: GlyzziTwitch: GlyzziInstagram: GlyzziTwitter: GlyzziMusic:Eric Love Story- You’re Never Around- Paradise- MoonIntro Why Claw What is Claw How to Claw Types of Claw Injuries? Outro
  • WARZONE CLAW CAM! Why I started playing ClawThis was a unique video for me, but I had a great time recording it! It was really interesting to see how the controller looks while playing claw in Warzone. I started playing “claw” during Black Ops 3 in 2016. Claw grip give you the ability for increased mobility, while maintaining control over the controller.In this gameplay I am playing with Smitty Barstool, Hank Lockwood and Chargers FB Gabe Nabers!MRags’ AUG and FFAR Loadout – to my channel here! Stream – – – Website/Blog – – Bullet Pod – APPLE – – #FFAR #ClawCam

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Muscles Of The Claw Grip

When you use the claw grip for controller , there are five muscles that may be involved. The fashion in which these muscles are engaged creates the potential for pain and injury riskspecifically, in your index finger.

In order to understand why the risk exists, it is important to first understand the anatomy of the hand and fingers.

How To Play Claw Grip In Fortnite

How to play claw on ps4

When you come to this page, you may want to know some information about the claw grip and how to play the claw grip in Fortnite. You are very lucky as here we are going to share some information about the claw grip. So, make sure that you will not go anywhere and staying on this page.


The claw grip is a unique grip that used by the gamers. The controller is rested in the palm like a normal controller. But, the player is going to use his index finger for the buttons, instead of the thumbs. It means that the player needs to swing the middle finger up and play all the top buttons and triggers with the middle finger. The players with bigger hands or players who have a hard time gripping the controller tend to find higher success with using this grip. In this case, if you have big hands and you do not want to use this grip, so we suggest you to purchase this anti-slip grip for PS4 or this thick grip add-on for Xbox.


There is really one game changing benefit to playing claw grip which is that you are goingto never have to take your hand off of the right thumbstick to hit a face button. This seems so simple, but it cannot be understated. This really creates the console games feel slightly more similar to the snappier control schemes that you are able to achieve on a PC.




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Does Claw Controller Grip Hurt Your Hands

Claw grip is not bad for your hands but may cause discomfort over time. Video game players often spend over 2+ hours at a time playing games like Call Of Duty or Fortnite. Having the wrist and fingers bent at an awkward angle may cause discomfort.

Players with longer fingers can reach all the buttons on the controller with the claw grip. Players with smaller hands are much better suited with a regular grip.

Claw grip, however, can feel awkward on the hands, and players have reported having issues playing claw over time. The controller was built by experienced engineers to be played in a certain way. Console companies have spent millions of dollars to perfect the design of the controller.

Companies like Microsoft and Sony design their controller, so youre able to play video games for hours. Using an unconventional grip such as a claw goes against what the manufactures of these controllers want.

When using an Xbox One controller or a PS4 controller, we always recommend sticking with the traditional way of holding a controller.

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Best Fortnite Players Who Use Claw Grip

Fortnite players are always striving to be the best in the game, and some players even experiment with their existing layouts to find new ways of playing. While casual controller players use the standard grip, many Fortnite pros who use a joystick use the complicated claw grip in their matches.

Claw grip is a technique for holding the controller to utilise the keys faster than a standard grip. This grip provides players with the ability to press a lot of buttons while keeping their aim stable. That is why many pros and content creators are shifting to this mode of holding the controller.

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While adapting to a new style might hurt or cause discomfort to newer players, it is the best style of holding the controller and performing like a beast. Don’t take our word for it? Here is a list of the five best controller players who dominate the Fortnite competitive scene with the claw grip.

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Claw Style Could Lead To Increased Finger Dexterity

Although publications like the Journal of Ergonomics have published research on the ways video game controllers have become more comfortable and ergonomic over the years, most of these studies have not looked at variances in grip. Yet, that doesn’t mean the gaming industry has failed to take notice of the claw. In fact, Scuf;Gaming‘s;Duncan Ironmonger has stated the company dew inspiration from the style when developing its under-controller paddles.

“Playing claw was really how a lot of the competitive players, especially in shooters like , were actually able to compete at a higher level,” Ironmonger told Kotaku. “If you take that general concept, two thumbs two fingers to control 20-plus functions on a controller, then I think we’ll all agree that by using more of your hands, theoretically, you could reduce that latency and you could become skillful and show more dexterity.”

That’s the concept behind Scuf controllers, which are often referenced when people talk about the claw grip. According to YouTube channel PlayStationGrenade, some gamers even call the claw grip the “free Scuf controller.”

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