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How To Shut Off Ps4 Controller

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How To Reset Ps4 Controller Soft Reset

PS4 Controller: How to Turn Off Without PS4 Console (10 Seconds)

In this section, we will show you how to soft reset the PS4 controller. A soft reset generally refers to turning a device or a computer off and then on again, which can flush out memory and correct many issues. In order to perform a PS4 controller reset, you need to reset the connection between the controller and the console. But to do this, you need to prepare a working PS4 controller. If not, you need to navigate to the hard reset part.

Now, we will show you how to soft reset a PS4 controller.

1. Login in your working PS4 controller and navigate to the Settings.

2. Then choose Device from the drop-down menu.

3. Next, select Bluetooth Devices.

4. Then you can see that all your PS4 controllers are listed here. Choose the abnormal one.

5. Then press Options button on your controller, at the front to the touchpad.

6. In the pop-up window, choose Forget device.

7. After that, you have forgotten the malfunctioning PS4 controller. Then you can choose to turn off PS4.

8. Use a USB cable to connect the inactive PS4 controller to your PC.

9. Then turn on it and wait for it to boot up.

10. Then log in it.

Once all steps are finished, you have reset the PS4 controller and some system issues may be resolved.

Fix Shut Down Issues With Ps4 Safe Mode

If you want to troubleshoot your PS4 for any reason, such as your screen being frozen and your controller not working, you may want to try and enter Safe Mode. Youll first have to force your PS4 to shut down by unplugging the console. This is not a recommended method of turning it off, but if your PS4 isnt working properly it may help fix it.

Also make sure your controller is connected via USB to allow you to control your PS4.

To boot up in Safe Mode:

  • When the PS4 is completely off, plug the console back in and press and hold the power button for 7 seconds, until you hear two beeps.
  • The PS4 should boot up in Safe Mode. From here, youll have multiple options to reconfigure and restart the console.
  • Choosing Restart will simply try to restart the console, which could be helpful if you were unable to turn it off before.

    Change Resolution will make your PS4 restart in a different resolution to help speed it up to fix any issues you might be having.

    Update System Software will allow you to update the console if it is needed, which could help fix problems with outdated software. You can avoid this with automatic updates.

    Restore Default Settings will put your PS4 back into its factory settings while keeping the data you have stored. But always back up your PS4 data to the cloud to prevent any loss.

    Rebuild Database will restructure the PS4s drive to possibly fix issues.

    Initialize PS4 will wipe all your data and put it back to its original factory settings.

    Benefits & Reasons Why To Turn Off Ps4

    Are you wondering: Should I turn off my PS4 every day?

    To turn off or leave your game console running has been up for debate for as long as the PlayStation console has been around. Many people leave their PS4 on for days or even weeks at a time, but is that really a smart choice? There are many benefits to turning off your PS4 every day, lets take a look at a few.

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    The Method On How To Turn Off The Ps4 Controller Through The Ps Button

    The easiest, quickest, and most effective way to turn off your PS4 controller is by using the PS button thats situated between the analog sticks.

    Just press and hold the button for few seconds, approximately near about 10seconds. After that, let go after it has turned down. It may happen that you dont want to use your PS4, as you may want to rest the controller, but forget to do so. If this kind of incident sounds familiar to you, then simply set the controller to automatically shut down after being inactive for some period of time.

    There is a list of menu in Play Station that can help you to adjust this option. Automatically turning it off means that your controller will be shut down automatically, when it is left unused for a certain amount of time.

    The unused time that you have already adjusted within the system will initiate a process of shutting down.

    Use The Consoles Power Button To Turn It Off

    How to Turn Off PS4 Controller: An Easy Guide for PS4 and ...

    If you dont have access to your controller for whatever reason but still want to turn off your console or put it into the rest mode, theres still a way to do it. Depending on the PS4 model you own, youll find the Power button in a different place.

    On the original PS4, it will be at the center on the front of the console. On the PS4 Pro, youll find it on the bottom left side. And on the PS4 Slim, youll see it near the left side next to the disc eject button.

    To turn off the PS4, press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds until you hear it beep twice. You should see a white light before the console shuts off entirely.

    To enter the PS4 into Rest Mode, press and hold the button until you hear one beep. An orange light should turn on to indicate that the console is in the Rest Mode.

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    If Ps4 Controller Wont Turn Off

    It happens sometimes that the PS4 controller wont turn off, then that means the PS button is not working properly, or the PS4 system has troubles responding to the signals coming from the controller.

    That might occur because the PS4 database is corrupted and must be rebuilt. To learn how to rebuild the PS4 database, please visit this article.

    If the PS4 controller still wont turn off, you may want to reset it. To learn how to reset the PS4 controller, please .

    Otherwise, if none worked, you can turn off the PS4 controller by removing the battery. Once that done, it will turn off immediately, and it may resolve this issue and youll be able to turn it off normally next time.

    Customize Your Controllers Shut

    If you are using your PS4 controller outside of gaming like when you are watching movies, you dont need your DualShock 4 powered all the time. You can preserve the battery life by shortening the shut-off time when it is not in use.

    To adjust the shut-off time, go to Settings > Power Save Settings. Under Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off, you will see the options After 10 Minutes, After 30 Minutes, After 60 Minutes and Do Not Turn Off. The lowest setting could greatly minimize the drain of your battery.

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    Did You Know There’s An Easy Way To Turn Off Your Ps4 Controller

    • 453

    This week may have all been about the PlayStation 5s new DualSense controller, but even as the PlayStation 4 nears the end of its life, were still learning new things about it. For example, did you know that if you hold down the DualShock 4s PlayStation button for 10 seconds itll turn off? Its true try it for yourself.

    We only learned about this after reading a popular Reddit post earlier in the week, and it seems the majority of users were equally flabbergasted to learn about the fascinating tidbit. We wonder what other hidden secrets the PS4 harbours? Let us know if you were aware of this controller shutdown shortcut in the comments section below.

    How Do I Put My Ps5 To Sleep

    PS4: How to Turn Off 2 Ways (With & Without Controller)

    Shutting down the Switch is even easier: press and hold the home button, and the menu that appears already has the sleep mode option selected, requiring just one more button press to turn the system off. Turning off the PS5 is just one of many other frustrating issues Ive experienced with the consoles UI.

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    How To Turn Off Gyro On Ps4 Controller Using Your Ps4

    How to turn off gyro on PS4 is a common question that game consoles of all brands are asking.

    The simple answer would be to get a PSP plug in to the wall. The PSP has its own proprietary port that is exclusive for it.

    If you have a home theater system or a cable box, then you can use your TVs HDMI port to plug in the PSP.

    If not, then youll need to use a USB to PSP adapter that connects to the PSP using a USB to ENC port and also has its own power cable.

    For those who dont like having to move their hands to play the games, the wireless option is a great option.

    But, if you use the gyro option in the games, then youll have to physically move your hands to play. This can cause discomfort or even cause injuries.

    So, how to turn off gyro on PS4?

    One option is to go into the settings and change the resolution. This might not be an option for everyone because everyone is going to have different settings for the resolution.

    You could also turn off the auto-updating features on the console.

    These features constantly update yourself and when you turn it off, it stops updating.

    You could also just turn the gyro off. This will make the controller less powerful.

    If youre not sure if you want to do this, you can always keep it on so that it doesnt ever deplete itself. But, youll never have as many games with a powerful gyro.

    You can also check out forums where you can learn from people who have been in the same situation.

    Use Your Controller To Turn Off Your Ps4

    Make sure youre on the PS4 home screen. You can press the PlayStation button at any time in any game or app to return to the home screen.

  • Press up on the controllers D-pad to go into the Function screen.
  • Scroll all the way to the right. Select Power> Power Options.
  • Select Turn Off PS4.
  • There is another option here as well for putting your PS4 into Rest Mode, which will allow the console to charge the controller, continue downloads, and other functions while preserving power.

    Another way to easily turn off your PS4 using the controller is with the PlaySstation button:

  • Press and hold on the controllers PlayStation Button until the Quick Menu appears.
  • Select Turn Off PS4.
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    How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller With Console

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    You may want to use your PS4 console to turn off the controller when you haven’t been using it for a while. To do so, follow these steps below:

    Step 1. Open Settings on your PS4, then pick Save Settings on Battery.

    Step 2. Pick the Set Time Before Controllers Switch Off in Power Saving Settings.

    Step 3. Pick the moment the console flips off the controller after. Instead, when nobody is using it, the button will automatically turn off.

    5. How to Turn Off PS4 Controller by Setting Timer

    Image from

    This configuration causes the controller to turn off automatically for x number of minutes when it is left idle. Follow these steps to determine the time span the controller is left idle to cause a shutdown:

    Step 1. Go to Configurations

    Step 2. Press X to pick the Power Saving setting option.

    Step 3. By pressing X, pick ‘Set time before the controller shuts off.’

    You need to remember that this option will not be available when you plug the controller into the PS4 through the USB.

    Turning Ps4 Controller On Again

    How to Turn Off PS4 Controller?

    Now, lets learn how to turn on the PS4 controller after turning it off.

    Controllers can typically be turned off by pressing the PlayStation button located between both analog sticks. Pressing this button will reactivate your controller whenever you need it.

    If the PS4 controller wont turn on, please visit this guide to resolve it.

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    How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller Automatically

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    Follow these steps below to turn off your PS4 controller automatically.

    Step 1. Press and hold the PS button on the controller for about 2 seconds, until the Quick Menu appears.

    Step 2. Click on “Sound / Devices.”

    Step 3. Choose “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off” and then select the time you want to wait-10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour.

    After making this decision, it automatically turns off until the controller is disabled for the chosen time. Some have criticized PS4 for its controller battery life, and you ought to make sure you take too much notice without losing it.

    Aside from turning off the PS4 controller, you can also turn off the vibration or decrease the brightness to prolong the battery life and ensure a pleasant gaming experience.

    7. How to Turn PS4 Controller Back On

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    Heres The Method Of How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller Automatically With The Help Of Some Easy Steps:

    • First of all, you have to press the PS button and hold it for a few seconds on your controller until the Quick Menu appears.
    • After that, choose the menu Sound/Devices by just clicking on it.
    • Next, select the Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off and choose one of the time period options for waiting. It can be 10 minutes, 1 hour, or half an hour.
    • After your selection of the option and applying the adjustable setting, your controller will shut off automatically as per the chosen period of time.

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    Turn Off Your Ps4 Controller: Quick Guide For Ps4 And Pc Gamers

    You may sometimes want to turn off your PS4 controller. You dont want to keep it on when it is not in use. You want to save the power of your controller and lengthen its life. And you may need your PS4 console do it automatically for you. Or you are using a PS4 controller on your Windows computer. And you may wonder if you can turn your controller off on PC.

    In fact, you can. It is very easy to turn off your PS4 controller whether you use it on your console or on your computer. The guides below shows you how to turn it off manually and automatically and how to turn it back on.

    An Alternative Method On How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller

    How to turn off PS4 Controller (2 Ways and More!)(Turn off Dualshock 4)

    A Rest Mode is available in Power Save Settings that can allow you to save its power.

    You can follow the steps to perform Rest Mode:

  • First, open the Settings menu.
  • Next select Power Save Settings.
  • After that, choose Set Features Available in Rest Mode
  • Then Supply Power to USB Ports.
  • Finally, select between the two options of 3 hours or Always Rest Mode.
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    How To Turn Off The Ps4

    You have two ways to switch off your PS4. One of the ways uses a controller, and the other does not require a PS4 controller.

    Lets see both of the methods one by one.

    IMPORTANT TIP After you switch off the PS4, check our step-by-step guide on how to clear cache memory on PS4 to improve its performance by 33%.

    How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller By Using Quick Menu

  • Press the PS button and hold it for a couple of seconds on your controller, until Quick Menu is shown.
  • Choose the menu Sound/Devices by clicking on it.
  • Choose Turn Off Device
  • Select your controller of Dual Shock when the shutting down screen appears.
  • Sometimes if you dont use your PS4 ,

    you want to rest the controller for a while but forget to do so.

    In case this scenario sounds familiar to you,

    just set the controller to automatically shut down after being inactive for some period.

    There is a set menu in Play Station that allows you to adjust this option.

    Automatically turned off means that your controller will be shut down,

    after being left idle for certain amounts of minutes.

    The unused time that you have adjusted within the system will trigger a shutting down process.

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    How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller: An Easy Guide For Ps4 And Pc Gamers – Did you know that there is an easy way on how to turn off PS4 controller?

    You may want to shut off your PS4 controller occasionally because you don’t want to keep it on when it isn’t in use. You may want to save your controller’s energy and extend its lifespan. And you may need your PS4 console to do it to you automatically. Or using a PS4 remote on your Windows PC. So, you wonder how to turn off PS4 controller.

    There are very simple steps on how to turn off PS4 controller whether you’re using it on your console or device. Here, Tripboba will give you a complete guide while keeping your PS4 up and running. Check the steps below about how to turn off PS4 controller manually and automatically also how to turn it back on.

    How To Turn Off Ps4 Controller Without Console

    How to Turn Off PS4 Controller in Easy Steps Using Manual ...

    To turn off your controller when not in use, there are a few steps to follow.

  • With the PS4 console on and controller connected via a USB cable, navigate to Settings Devices Bluetooth Devices.
  • Select Controller to view the information regarding current battery life .
  • Press Triangle button on your controller for 10 seconds or hold down D-pad shaking motion. The front LED light will turn from bluish/white to red/blue.
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