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How To View Playstation Clips On Phone

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How Do I Save My Ps4 Screenshots To My Iphone

How to Find Capture Gallery on PlayStation App for PS5 Clips & Screenshots (Easy Method)

If youre like most people, you probably take a lot of screenshots on your PlayStation 4 gaming console. But how do you save them so that you can look back on them later?

There are a few different ways to save screenshots on your PS4, but the easiest way is to use the PlayStation 4s built-in screenshot function.

To take a screenshot using the PlayStation 4s built-in screenshot function, first make sure that the Screenshot option is enabled in the Settings menu. Then, when you want to take a screenshot, press and hold down the PS4 controller grip button and simultaneously press the DualShock 4 button. The screenshot will be automatically saved to your PlayStation 4s hard drive.

If youd rather not use the PlayStation 4s built-in screenshot function, you can also save screenshots using an iPhone or iPad. First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your PS4 system via an appropriate cable. Then, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, and find the System Settings category. Under System Settings, find the Screenshots tab and select it. From here, you can select which images to save as screenshots

How Do I Get Ps4 Gallery On My Phone

If youve been waiting for a way to see all of your PlayStation 4 screenshots and videos on your phone, well, here it is! Ps4 Gallery is now available as a free app on the App Store.

The app lets you view all of your screenshots and videos in a gallery format, or you can watch them as theyre being uploaded to your PlayStation account. You can also share your screenshots and videos with friends and family via social media.

So whether youre looking for a way to show off your gaming skills or just want to keep track of what youre doing on your PlayStation 4, Ps4 Gallery is the perfect app for you.

How To Find Your Screenshots And Video Clips On Ps5

How to find and use videos and screenshots in the PS5 Media Gallery

To find your PS5 screenshots and video clips, you need to check out the PlayStation 5 Media Gallery, where all these special documented moments are kept. Whether it was a great story moment, earning a trophy, or a fantastic gameplay feat you want to immortalise and share with the world, that’s where all those good moments are kept.

It’s not easily found though, with the PS5 Media Gallery being quite well hidden within the menus, so check out our guide below and we’ll explain exactly how you can navigate to it.

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Sony Is Rolling Out A Way To Share Ps5 Clips From The Ps App

Sony is gradually rolling out an option to let PS5 players access captured screenshots and clips from the PS App on iOS and Android. The company started testing the feature in Canada and Japan in October.

At the outset, players in the Americas will be able to view and share their PS5 captures on the mobile app. Folks in the US, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay should gain access in the coming days.

Sony will expand the feature to more territories next month. Some people outside of Canada and Japan had access to the feature as of late January, according to reports, which hinted that a broader rollout was imminent.

Were gradually rolling out the ability to share your PS5 game captures through PS App in more regions! Americas are first up, with more countries next month. Details:


To use the feature, you’ll need to switch it on manually on PS5 by going to the Captures tab of the settings menu and enabling Auto-Upload. On the PS App, you’ll need to enable the Captures option under Library. You’ll then be able to download the clips and screenshots to your phone or tablet.

Playstation App Captures Not Showing Up Playstation 4 mobile phone smart clips: Video Games

Fixes and workarounds for the PS App not showing captured images.On your PS5, go into Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures and turn on Auto-Upload. Next, youll need to activate the apps captures.

Go to the Library > Captures and then press on Enable. It is important to note that you will only be able to view your recorded clips once you have enabled auto-uploading. There will be no uploads of previous captures.

Before we begin, its important to emphasize that none of them are guaranteed fixes. One or two of these may not even work out for you at all! In the absence of an official remedy, you are free to try these approaches.

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A Key Missing Feature On An Otherwise Great App

The new update introduced a tremendous amount of new features to help better connect users to their PS5. While those things are great, one feature I would love to see implemented since the creation of this app is allowing multiple account log ins in the app. Many of us have multiple accounts thanks to Sonys inability to allow accounts to change regions, causing constant inconveniences and multiple log in sessions. This app is meant to conveniently log you in to your account on the playstation, but how can one do that on a one by one account basis. Thanks to Sonys terms and conditions, players who joined PSN in its early days, before many countries were added to the service, have multiple accounts. One to add monthly games on their PS plus account, another to talk to friends and game on their gaming account, etc. The new log in feature here using an app that only allows one account log ins would be useless in these instances. However, I do hope, despite for waiting so long, that this feature would be added soon. Currently as is, despite being great, switching between accounts is a major inconvenient that ruins my own personal user experience.

How Do I Download Clips From Playstation App

If you want to see clips from PlayStation App on your phone, you first need to download the app. You can find the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you have the app installed, you will need to open it. You can do this by clicking on the icon on your phone or by going to Settings and selecting PlayStation from the list of options.

Next, you will need to select Clips from the menu on the left side of the screen. This will display all of your saved clips. You can then select any clip that you would like to view on your phone.

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How To Access Your Ps5 Media Gallery

The first way to access your PS5 Media Gallery is to tap the Create Button, which will display the create controls under the standard button set up. Scroll left to the image of your latest capture, then press X to browse your recent screenshots and videos. This will also bring up the option to Go to Media Gallery, so select that to go to your full PS5 Media Gallery area.

The other way to access your PS5 Media Gallery is to go to the Home screen, then scroll all the way to the right of your recent games to select the Game Library icon. Next, press R1 to move to the Installed tab, then scroll to the end of the Console storage section at the top where you’ll see the icon for Media Gallery. Select this, then follow the Open prompt on the next screen to access the full PS5 Media Gallery area. Using this route has the added bonus of adding the Media Gallery icon to your recently used games banner on the Home screen, so you can get there more quickly in future.

How To Send Ps4 Clips To Iphone With Or Without Usb

How to Save PS5 Clips to Phone using PlayStation App Capture Gallery (Best Tutorial)
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How to send PS4 clips to iPhone for sharing or editing?

  • Q1, Does anyone know how to transfer videos from PS4 to iPhone?
  • Q2, Please tell me How to get videos from my ps4 to my iPhone?
  • Q3, I want to upload PS4 clips to iPhone and edit them. Is there any way I can do it?

PS4 game players are passionate about gameplay sharing. The desire to screen record our best moves and trophy-winning moments on PS4 and then show them off on TikTok and Instagram or directly send them to our gaming friends via WhatsApp is built in our nature. However, the native share feature of PlayStation 4 Capture Gallery is limited to YouTube and Twitter. What if you want to share these PS4 clips on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, or you want to transfer them to your friends directly? Sending PS4 clips to iPhone is the answer. In this post, we are going to show you how to send ps4 clips to iPhone in 2 easy ways. So after reading, you’ll know how to transfer videos from ps4 to iphone with or without USB.

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How To View Ps5 Screenshots & Videos On Ps App

For this to work, link your PS5 to the PS App on your smartphone. Also, make sure the Stay Connected to the Internet setting for Rest Mode is turned on. After this, youll need to enable the feature on your console and on the app, so keep both of them handy.

  • In the PlayStation app, tap on the Game Library icon.
  • Go to Captures and select Enable.
  • On your PS5, open the Media Gallery and accept the pop-up invite.
  • If you accepted the invite, skip to Step 7. Otherwise, go to Settings on your PS5 and follow the next steps:
  • Select Captures and Broadcasts and then select Captures.
  • Now, enable Auto-upload.
  • To view your PS5 captures on the app, open the Game Library again and select Captures.
  • When viewing a captured image or video on the PS App, you can download, share, or check out more details about it.

    How To Transfer Clips From Ps4 To Iphone Without Usb: Via Youtube

    Now, let’s get into how to transfer clips from PS4 to iPhone without USB or a computer. The good things is, this is not any rocket science as you can utilize the share feature in the Capture Gallery of PlayStation 4 to upload PS4 clips to YouTube and then save the clip on iPhone via the YouTube download feature. Here’s how:

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    Ps App: How Automatic Capture Sharing Works

    While you’re playing a game, take a screenshot. Your PS5 will alert you that this will be automatically uploaded and viewable in the PS App.

    To confirm, visit the Media Gallery on your console. Here, any screenshots or videos uploaded and viewable in the PS App will feature a smart device icon in the top right corner. On the PS App, visit the Game Library and select Captures. You should see your new screenshots and clips in this section, divided by game.

    Did this article help you learn how to send PS5 screenshots to your phone? Browse our PS5 guide, and let us know in the comments section below.

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    How Do I Edit Ps4 Videos From My Phone

    Dobe PS4 Smart Clip Holder for Mobile Phone and Sony PlayStation Dual ...

    One of the great features of the PlayStation 4 is its ability to capture and share video clips with other players. However, sometimes you may want to edit or trim a PS4 video clip before you share it with others.

    To edit PS4 videos from your phone, follow these steps:

    1. Open the PS4 video that you want to edit.2. On the main menu of the PS4, select PlayStation Camera.3. Select Edit.4. On the Edit screen, you will see three options: Clips, Share, and Options.5. Select Clips.6. To trim a clip, select a part of the video that you want to keep and press down on the left stick .7. To delete a clip, select it and press down on the right stick .8. To add music or sound effects to a clip, select Options and then select Music & Sound.9. Select the music or sound file that you want to use and press OK.10

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    Get Ps4 Clips To Iphone From Youtube

    If you just upload the video in public, simply download it in your own channel and then press the “Download” button to save the PS4 clip to iPhone.

    If you share the video as private, you might need an extra tool like YouTube Studio and YT1S to download get the PS4 videos on your iPhone. And the steps to download PS4 from YouTube to iPhone via these online downloaders are similar.

    Step 1: Enter the official site on your browser.

    Step 2: Put the link of the PS4 video on YouTube to the blank bar.

    Step 3: Click on Convert and choose MP4 as the output format.

    Step 4: Hit Download to save PS4 clips to iPhone.

    Besides sending PS4 clips to iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager also allows you to transfer any video from computer to iPhone and iPad, so that you can enjoy movies, TV shows, home videos, and other content on the go. There is a plethora of online content you can grab, such as Vimeo videos, Twitch, Discord, and video content from popular streaming sites, you can also check out the tutorial here about saving JW player videos.

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    How To Access Ps5 Game Captures On Ps App

    Find out how to share your screenshots and game clips through PlayStation®App.

    This feature is available in countries/regions where PS App is available. PlayStation®5 console users in supported regions/countries can access it by downloading the latest PlayStation App update for iOS and Android.

    Game captures on PlayStation App

    • Gameplay videos under 3 minutes long that are non-4K.
    • Screenshots taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts.

    Youll be able to share captures with your PlayStationNetwork friends or parties from the app, save them to your device, or post them on social media platforms.

    How to enable PS5 game captures on PlayStation App

    In order for screenshots and videos to be auto-uploaded, make sure you have set up the following:

    • Your PS5 console needs to be linked to PlayStation App.
    • Your PS5 console needs to be left in rest mode and have the Stay Connected to the Internet setting enabled.
  • Open PlayStation App and select Library.

  • Go to Captures and select Enable.

  • View the pop up inviting you to enable.
  • Go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures.
  • Turn on Auto-Upload.
  • How to view PS5 game captures on PlayStation App

    Once you have enabled auto-upload, any supported screenshots and video clips captured on your PS5 console will be automatically uploaded. You can see them on PlayStation App by selecting Library > Captures. When viewing a capture on PlayStation App you can:

    Frequently asked questions

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    What Are Ps5 Screenshots And Gameplay Videos

    How to view PS4 video clips on Computer | (2 Ways and More!)

    When you’re playing a game on your PS5, you’ll know that pressing the Create button allows you to take a screenshot or record video footage from your gameplay. Capturing your gameplay via stills or videos is easy to achieve.

    A screenshot is simply a single frame captured from your game that could show an impressive moment of gameplay, or of you achieving your latest trophy. It’s a still image.

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    Gameplay videos capture several minutes of footage and act like any other recorded video. This means you can record gameplay and then show off your killstreak on Warzone or your awesome trick shot in Rocket League.

    So, now you know what these two features are, how do you get the content from your PS5 to your phone?

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