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Who Is The Best Ps4 Fortnite Player

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Best Fortnite Game Settings For Controllers

This is the best PS4 Fortnite player ever

Almost everyone has their preference when it comes to Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Some prefer the smaller PS controller as makes the Claw grip easier to use, but others prefer the diagonal stick placement of the Xbox controller.

No matter which controller you use to play Fortnite, these settings will be perfect for either. To change these settings, go to the Game tab in your Fortnite settings menu.


  • Hold To Swap Pickup: Off
  • Toggle Targeting: Off
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons: Off
  • Preferred Item Slots: Personal Preference
  • Auto Sort Consumables to Right: Off


  • Confirm Edit on Release: On

Best Fortnite Editing Settings

Unbound Circle/BJump X/A

The Fortnite editing settings we recommend are not too different from the default, but we have fiddled with it to replicate the same controls of shooting for greater ease.

While you can select a square and then confirm it with L2/LT, we recommend that you enable edit on release in settings so that you can simply edit as soon as you let go of the select button, which saves you an input and precious time.

Likewise, we go with R3/RS to reset as it allows for very quick resetting when used in combination with L3/LS to initially edit.

Again, jump into Creative and try some editing courses before you rock these new Fortnite settings. Heres a whole bunch of codes for you to practice in.

Who Are The Best Fortnite Players By Platform

PS4 owners are the best Fortnite players in solo mode in Battle Royale right now, while Xbox One players dominate Duos and PS4 players lead the way in Squad play.

It looks like that apparent advantage that PC players have with a keyboard and mouse simply doesnt exist when it comes to being the best on Fortnite.

So, lets break this down. The stats are taken from the most kills in each Fortnite game mode from the top 100 players.

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Pro Streamers To Watch

  • twitch


    Bugha is known for being the teenager that won the Fortnite World Cup. His skill at the game is evident and watching him play and evaluating it against your own style could help you pick up tricks and tips that will improve your skill over time.

  • twitch


    Ninja is known as one of the most popular Fortnite streamers online. While he wont have time to answer specific questions, you will be able to notice things about his gameplay that you can replicate to become a better player.

Best Fortnite Control Options

So I 1v1

Frees up L3 for editing, as we mentioned earlier.

Sprint cancels reloading: off

Allows you to get into chests more smoothly.

Toggle targeting: off

Reset building choice: onYou need this on because otherwise if you had just used a pyramid and need to throw up a wall, thats going to set you back.

Aim assist: onYou should never have this off. You will have a bad time otherwise.

Edit mode aim assist: offA personal thing, here, but we find that having aim assist off with out high sens allows us to get through edits much quicker. Fiddle with it and see what you think.

Turbo building: onAllows you to build ramps/walls etc without having to constantly tap the button.

Auto material change: onVital, saves you an input of swapping mats.

Controller auto-run: onThis is now on by default and you have pretty much no reason to turn it off.

Allow cross platform parties: onBasically turns on cross-play. May take you much longer to find a match with this turned off.

Auto open doors: offUnless you want to randomly get shot through a door, keep this turned off.

Auto pick up weapons: offSounds good on paper, but can really make a mess of your inventory. Leave it off.

Auto sort consumables to right: onMakes your life a lot easier.

Controller edit hold time: 0.145Weve turned this one right down, but have not turned it to 0 as L3 can be rather sensitive. 0.145 gives us plenty of wiggle room.

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Dmitri Mitr0 Van De Vrie

The player Mitro, part of Team Atlantis, hails from the Netherlands and is well known in the Fortnite community. As a duo player, he has won online tournaments alongside K1nzell, Magin, Svennoss, and Mongraal.

Mitro and Khuna finished fifth at the ESL Katowice Royale 2019 in a LAN environment. The two players became an unstoppable force after they connected with fellow European, Mongraal.

Best Fortnite Preferred Item Slots

Really, this is your own personal preference, but we do have some suggestions on how you should organize your inventory:

  • Slot 1: Shotgun
  • Slot 3: Sniper Rifle / SMG
  • Slot 4: Explosives / Deployable Items
  • Slot 5: Consumables

If you watch professional Fortnite controller players, you will notice that they always have their shotgun in their first slot. This is because if you press Pickaxe > Build > Switch Weapon, it always defaults to your 1 slot, no matter which weapon you were holding to start the sequence.

This might sound a bit complicated, but its a very common sequence in Fortnite. We just described the input of taking someones wall. If you keep your AR in your first slot, as many players do, youll need to switch weapons twice to get to your shotgun costing you precious time.

The new setup will take a bit of getting used to, but its as simple as moving your entire inventory to the right, once. Youll also need to disable Auto-Sort Consumables to the left if you have it enabled.

Give these controller settings a try in Fortnite, and youll be building and shooting like the pros in no time.

You can also check out the best Fortnite PC settings to maximize frames per second.

Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite update 21.40 is set to follow suit, introducing a brand-new crossover and is expected to come with a host of fixes too. But when does the update go live?

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Best Fortnite Players Faq

There are a lot of Fortnite players, but defining which are professional is difficult. There are hundreds of thousands of people who try to make money as a professional Fortnite player. However, the numbers are a little lower if we limit to just those who are successful as professional Fortnite players, and therefore a professional. This number is lower, around 1000. These are about the number of players who compete on the top level at tournaments, across every region. Having so many regions helps to thicken this number out a bit for Fortnite. The game gives away a lot of prize money, but not enough to make a full-time job for more than this many players.

At the moment, Elemental Ray has the record for the most solo kills in a game. This is 48 kills that he managed to rack up by massacring players peacefully watching an event. As you can probably gather, this doesnt exactly mean hes the best, just someone who seized an opportunity to ruin an event for a lot of people! Live events dont work this way anymore, so players hoping to beat Elemental ray would have to actually kill half a lobby in an active game.

The Fortnite player with the most earnings is probably Ninja. However, it can be difficult to measure this. If youre just counting winnings from official tournaments, Bugha is the answer. His prize money from the World Cup is much higher than everything Epics offered otherwise.

Promotional Modes And Elements

Ranking The Top 10 Best CONSOLE Fortnite Players! (Fortnite PS4/PS5 Xbox)

Shortly after the launch of the film Avengers: Infinity War, Epic ran a Marvel-sponsored event that featured the Infinity Gauntlet that randomly spawned on the map any player that equipped it became Thanos with added abilities. A second Avengers-based mode was released upon release of Avengers: Endgame, where players are randomly split between Avenger and Chitauri armies, seeking out the Infinity Stones or the Infinity Gauntlet. Since then, other promotional content from other commercial properties, including cosmetic items and map features, has been available for limited periods in Fortnite, typically around the time of premieres or first broadcasts for these works. These commercial properties have included Ralph Breaks the Internet,John Wick,Stranger Things,Star Wars,Birds of Prey,The Matrix,Cobra Kai, and several others.

Non-gameplay related promotional events have included:

Epic started a regular Fortnite Spotlight in-game concert event series in September 2020 using the “Party Royale” game mode, with such concerts from various musicians planned on a weekly basis and free for any player of Fortnite to watch. The musician will perform their set in a special studio set up by Epic that will be digitized in game. According to Nate Nanzer, Epic Games head of global partnerships, “We’re creating this platform to work with artists â big artists and up-and-coming artists.”

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When Should You Get A Fortnite Coach

There are several reasons why you may want to get a coach while youre playing Fortnite:

  • linegraph


    If you have reached a plateau and cant seem to improve your game, a coach may be able to point out simple things you can work on to improve.

  • sad

    Bad Habits

    Playing with the same squad over and over could create some bad habits if you get used to a specific style of game or shot-calling. A coach may be able to point out these habits to make you more aware of them so that you can replace them with good habits to build and make it to the end game more often.

  • presentation

    Improve Specifics

    If you struggle with a specific aspect of the game , you can look for a coach who specializes in it. Learning any new skill can be a difficult task and some coaching sessions could prevent a drop in rank.

  • trophy

    Professional Aspirations

    If you are looking to become a pro esports athlete, regularly working with a professional coach will help you improve your game as well as learn how to find and join a sponsored team. Most coaches who have previously played at an elite level have industry connections.

Fortnite Old School Preset

Season 1 veterans will remember Old School as the default option. Do not choose this preset: its too slow and awkward.

The poor mans Builder Pro, Quick Builder works alright, but Builder Pro is just your better option.

A great preset for the aggressive and frag-minded player, though it is a little strange to use when it comes to building.

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Fortnite 2140 Update Dragon Ball Crossover

The marquee addition of Fortnite update 21.40 is the long-rumored collaboration with the popular anime Dragon Ball. Its unclear ahead of release exactly what will be included, but players can expect some new skins of beloved characters and new POIs on the map.

Leakers have hinted that there will be four Dragon Ball skins included in the collaboration, including Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and an unknown fourth character, with many hoping for Broly or Trunks.

Well be sure to update this section as soon as the patch goes live and we can see everything the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover has to offer.

Goku, Vegeta & Beerus are confirmed as skins in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collab. The 4th skin is most likely a female, any guesses on who it could be?


What Is The Best Way To Play Fortnite On A Samsung Galaxy A21

Fortnite Update Adds Split
  • 1 To access your applications, swipe up on your home screen.
  • 2 Go to Galaxy Store and tap it.
  • 3 The search icon should be tapped.
  • 4 In the search field, type Epic Games.
  • 5 Press and hold the search icon.
  • 6 Next to the Epic Games app, tap the download symbol.
  • 7 To access the Epic Games app once it has been downloaded, touch the play button.
  • 8 Press the Fortnite button.
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    Best Fortnite Sensitivity Settings

    Linear or Exponential? Not too long ago, Epic introduced a dramatic change to sensitivity settings for Fortnite in terms of the look input curve: Linear and exponential.

    Linear utilises raw stick input, which essentially means that your movement on the sticks is closer to the default sensitivity of your controller. Exponential, meanwhile, allows for far more pronounced movement based on the amount of force you apply to the stick, meaning that smaller flicks will be more noticeable.

    We strongly recommend that you fiddle with both settings and jump into Creative/Team Rumble to find which suits you best, everyone has a preference.

    We would, however, recommend that you turn on advanced options to allow for greater control over your sens options in Fortnite.

    Edit hold time: 0.200 seconds

    Look Sensitivity: 6

    Build Mode Sensitivity options: 2.5x

    Edit Mode Sensitivity options: 2.5x

    Look horizontal speed: 16%

    Turning boost ramp time: 0.20 seconds

    ADS look horizontal speed: 16%

    ADS look vertical speed: 16%

    ADS turning horizontal boost: 0%

    ADS turning vertical boost: 0%

    ADS turning boost ramp time: 0.20 seconds

    Move stick deadzone: 24%

    Look stick deadzone: 27%

    We cribbed our Fortnite sensitivity settings from pros before fiddling with them to be better reflect us personally.

    No two Fortnite players will have the exact same sensitivity settings, so its really a case of finding which suits you best.

    How Do You Train Like A Pro In Fortnite

    While there is no clear path to success one of the best ways to train like a pro is to rack up a lot of game time and surround yourself with other highly skilled players and invest in coaching services to improve your skillset. Watching professional Fortnite players on stream is also a great way to pick up tips and training methods.

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    Our Coaching Ranking Process

    When reviewing different coaches and platforms, we chose programs through a ranking process. We kept several qualifications in mind as we created this list and will share what we looked for in coaches with you. Heres the process:

    • bargraph


      You will want to find someone that has achieved a lot in Fortnite, both in personal gameplay and in coaching.

    • desktop

      Esports experience

      Look for a coach who has experience in the esports industry, especially if you are hoping to eventually join the pros. They will bring a different perspective than someone who is merely a high-ranking player-turned-coach.

    • calendar

      Coaching experience

      Just being a great player doesnt necessarily mean someone will be a good teacher. You will want to find someone who has coaching experience so that your time with them will be maximized.

    • wallet


      We understand that price is an important factor for many gamers. While the more experienced pros will charge more per hour, we will provide options that are affordable for most Fortnite fans.

    On Ps4 Who Is The Greatest Fortnite Player

    #1 XBOX Player vs. #1 PS4 Player! Best Fortnite Console Players 1v1! (PS4 vs XBOX)

    PC gamers have a number of advantages over console players in Fortnite. The Top Console Fortnite Players

    • 60fpswithadream. This guy may have one of the most obnoxious nicknames in the game, but hes also one of the top console Fortnite gamers.
    • RazorX. One of the most well-known Fortnite Console gamers is RazorX.
    • Nickmercs.

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    Best Fortnite Controller Settings: Sensitivity Building Preferred Item Slots

    If youre looking to build faster and shoot straighter in Fortnite Chapter 3, try out these controller settings and binds.

    If you want to win matches, having the best Fortnite controller settings is essential. Make sure youre getting the most from your Xbox or PlayStation gamepad with our guide to the best settings, layout, and more.

    Fortnite is a crossplay game, which means those who use controllers can face off against mouse and keyboard players regularly. For most shooting games, those using a mouse have a distinct advantage, but in Fortnite, the controller is king.

    Making sure you have the best controller settings is incredibly important, whether its sensitivity, dead zones, or setting up the right building layout. Thankfully, weve got everything you need to get an advantage over your opponents.


    Best Controller For Fortnite

    It’s often said that one of the main advantages of playing on a PC is that it’s so much easier to aim with a mouse and keyboard setup than it is to aim with a controller. That’s definitely true, if you’re used to it, but some people still prefer to use a controller for gaming and the beauty of gaming on a PC is that you can do just that if you want to.

    You might think that only ‘casuals’ opt for a controller, but that’s not really true. When looking at our analyzed professionals we can see that around three percent are using a controller despite playing on a gaming PC. That’s not that much, obviously, but it’s still a surprising little statistic.

    In this article we’ll go over the controllers that these professionals are using and give you a brief rundown of their features to help you select one for yourself, so whether you’re a console gamer looking for the best available device or a PC gamer who is more comfortable playing with the old thumbstick setup we’ve got you covered.

    The Top 5:
    5. Xbox Wireless Controller

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    The Best Fortnite Settings For Ps4

    Are you looking for the best PS4 settings to use for advantage? Well, find the top three settings here in this article.

    For medium to long-range battles, your ADS sensitivity will be your primary sensitivity, so make sure it’s set to something that lets you aim effectively without any jitters if you’re already able to do this. With your regular sensitivity, excellent!

    Just keep your ADS sensitivity at or near your average sensitivity level. If your sound sensitivity is set higher than you’re used to for aiming, you may want to drop your ADS sensitivity to compensate. The pros appear to agree with this, with 100% the most popular option: approximately a fifth of Fortnite pros have their targeting sens set to that value.

    Even if you don’t want your ADS sens to be as low as your ordinary sense, the specialists recommend utilizing 50% as the second most preferred value. Whatever you do, keep your sensitivity levels close together. Changing from high to low sensitivity will make switching between ADS and hip fire more challenging.

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