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When Is Ark Survival Evolved Coming To Ps4

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Ark: Survival Evolved Ps4 Release Finally Announced

ARK: Survival Evolved Release Coming to PS4 Next Week! Exclusive Content

Its been a long time coming, but it looks like PS4 owners will finally get to play ARK: Survival Evolved. PlayStation 4 players have been waiting quite some time for ARK to arrive on their platform of choice. Initially released on PC back in June 2015, its been nearly a year since the game made its way onto Xbox One.

The term released is used loosely there, as ARK is still in Early Access on Steam. Last we heard, the game was delayed past its original June 2016 release date, with the developers at Studio Wildcard saying that they were plotting a holiday 2016 launch. December 6 is the release date for ARK on PS4, but theres been no indication that the game will exit Early Access on PC before the end of the year.

In any case, PS4 owners will get at least most of the content released thus far. ARK: Survival Evolved will be launching in both the US and Europe. In the US, the game will cost $54.99 a high price when compared to the PC versions $29.99 price tag, but thats because the game comes bundled with its first expansion pack, Scorched Earth.

In Europe, the package will cost 49.99, though European consumers have the option of buying ARK and Scorched Earth separately for 34.99 and 19.99 respectively. US players have no other option but to purchase the bundle for now, as Studio Wildcard says it cant offer them separately until Spring 2017.

Ark Survival Evolved Update

Studio Wildcard have released their new update today.

At the time of writing PC users can jump in and enjoy everything new with the game, including the much anticipated Crystal Isles launch and the games Anniversary Event.

PS4 and Xbox One players should see the update launch in just under two hours, but as a reminder, the Crystal Isles features are strictly limited to PC players for the time being.

However, the anniversary event sounds like a good laugh. Here’s what the developer has revealed in the games latest blog post to mark the occasion:

Anniversary Event

We couldnt let our fifth anniversary pass without an in-game event to accompany it! Bring out your party hats, because from , ARK will be celebrating the memories weve made along the way. In addition to Tropeognathus making its grand debut, well be introducing 5 new chibis to collect. Looking to complete your chibi collection? A brand new feature for this event allows you to trade 4 for a new one in the forge.

Throw a surprise party for your tribe-mates with the new pop-out birthday cake structure and have a get-together with your tribe wearing party hat skins from prior events!

  • Party Dodo


  • Pop Out Birthday Cake Structure

Ark 2 Launches Exclusively For Pc And Xbox What About Playstation


ARK 2 was recently announced by Studio Wildcard and will launch exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X | S in 2022. But what about PlayStation players?

Thats going on:Studio Wildcard announced ARK 2 on December 10th during The Game Awards Show. While the trailer was running, it was not yet known which platforms ARK 2 would run on. Lead Community Manager Cedric then confirmed via Twitter that ARK 2 will be released exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X | S.

Heads up: I’m seeing some confusion on this. ARK 2 will be launching on PC and exclusively on Xbox.

Looking forward to sharing more info in due time.

Cedric “CeddyBear”

Now the official Xbox News site Xbox Wire has published more details in an article. Accordingly, it is an Xbox Series X | S and PC Launch Exclusive title.

They go into it further and emphasize that ARK and Microsoft have a long history, like ARK: Survival Evolved Launch Exclusively appeared first on the Xbox in the preview after the EA release. PS4 players were only allowed to enter dinosaur survival a year later.

More about ARK 2:

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Playing Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay How To Play On Ps5 Ps4 Pc Nintendo Switch And Xbox

ARK: Survival Evolved is garnering much attention in the gaming world of late. The credit for that mainly goes to the addition of the new Arcadia server which many people consider to be the second coming of Rusts Egoland.

Interest in the open-world, fantasy survival game was already huge, to begin with. But the addition of this new server, created by Spanish content creators, has even brought lapsed fans back into the product.

Twitch and YouTube have been buzzing, with videos being posted by streamers of their escapades in this inhospitable fantasy world.

Due to all the recent hype, we felt compelled to let you know about all the requirements for playing ARK: Survival Evolved cross-platform.

So lets dive straight into it!

How To Enable Ark Split Screen On Ps4/xbox One

ARK: Survival Evolved Finally Coming to PS4 Early Next ...

ARK supports 2-player local co-op and 4-player online co-op. If your friend visits you, you can play ARK with him/her with just one device. In this part, I mainly show you how to enable ARK split screen on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

How to enable the ARK split screen mode on PS4:

  • Connect all controllers to your console.
  • Start the first controller and launch the game with the first controller.
  • Choose Host/Local> Play Single Player and create the character for Player 1.
  • Click Create New Survivor if you have set name and other parameters about the first character.
  • Hit the options button on the second controller and the split screen will be enable automatically. Then, you need to create the second character.

How to enable the ARK split screen mode on Xbox One:

  • Connect all controllers to your console.
  • Start the first controller and launch the game with the first controller.
  • Choose Host/Local> Host Non-Dedicated Multiplayer Session to enter game.
  • Turn on the second controller and sig in with Player 2’s Xbox account. The split screen will be enable automatically and then you need to create the character of Player 2.

If your friend has something to do and he/she has to leave for a while, you can press the options/menu button his/her console and choose Leave Game. Then, when your friend comes back, he/she can continue to play the game without creating a new character.

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What Is Vin Diesel Doing In Ark 2 Anyway

Its always exciting to see a big-name actor involved in a video game, whether its Norman Reedus in Death Stranding or Dave Bautista in Gears 5. Perhaps Studio Wildcard working with Vin Diesel is simply a happy accident the actor is known to be a big nerd whos enjoyed videogames and a good game of DnD for years. According to Microsoft hes simply a fan of Ark, with a playtime of roundabout 1000 hours a median time for the community.

Vin Diesel will do more than act in Ark 2, though hes listed as Studio Wildcards President of Creative Convergence. This mouthful of a title is likely an amalgamation of the two roles Diesel fulfils for the studio. On one hand, hes the executive producer for Ark 2, but he also executive produces the upcoming Ark animated series.

“He understands the game intimately and is providing direct feedback to the development process,” Studio Wildcard says. Apparently, that also involveslogging bugs in Ark. Its not clear how heavily involved he is with the game, but its fair to say Vin Diesel is a game developer now.

Ark Survival Evolved Anniversary Event Release Times

Overnight the ARK: Survival Evolved official twitter account has confirmed when players can expect to see the new update arrive for PC and console players .

According to the developer, the new update will arrive on PC at 11am EDT and then on console at 4pm EDT.

For those in the United Kingdom, that means the update should arrive at 4pm BST in the afternoon on Thursday 11 June with the update hitting PS4 and Xbox One by 9pm BST in the evening.

To really confirm everything, the Twitter account also told users:

“Tropeognathus will also be available on all platforms and the stunning Crystal Isles will drop along with the event on PC at 11am EDT. Stay posted for the Community Crunch in the morning for more info!”

So now you know what the event is and when it’s coming, lets take a closer look at the new content, as shared by Studio Wildcard.

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Ark: Survival Of The Fittest Is Coming To Ps4

As many of you know, the open-world survival game with dinosaurs released its free-to-play multiplayer aspect on PC about a month ago under the title ARK: Survival of the Fittest.

Today Wildcard, the independent studio behind ARK, announced that the games spin-off will also be coming to Sonys console. It will do so specifically on July 19, bringing the Multiplayer Online Survival Arena genre to a console for the first time, as reported from the studio.

The PS4 version of the game will arrive with unique features such as split screen or LAN games. We are even thinking of introducing bots against which you can play offline to test you, practice or maybe just to explore the world in which ARK takes place, they explain from Wildcard.

Finally, the Survivor League will also arrive on PS4, with its corresponding cash prizes every month.

Ark Survival Evolved Anniversary Event Explained

Ark: Survival Evolved PS4 Is Coming To VR!!!!

To mark Ark’s 5th Anniversary, Studio Wildcard is celebrating with a special in-game event This involves a new dinosaur, and the first phase of a rollout for the games new “one-of-a-kind experience” in terms of the expansive ‘ISO: Crystal Isles’ map!

The Anniversary event is said to feature “Party Dodos, interactive cakes, new chibis & surprises, and dazzling unicorns frolicking on rainbow”.

PC players will also receive a new Crystal Isles map, but the same release on console won’t arrive until later this Summer.

There’s also a new Dinosaur in the form of the Tropeognathus, which comes to all platforms. More info on that further down.

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Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross

Yes, Ark is cross-platform compatible but it is not cross-platform for all the platforms. Ark is only cross-platform for iOS and Android players or Xbox and PC players. It’s not compatible with consoles like Playstation or Xbox One because of the restrictions of each console.

There are many benefits of cross-platform play, including:

  • One of the most significant advantages is that it helps to save on resources for a developer because they don’t have to make separate builds for their game in order to support multiple platforms and consoles .
  • The gameplay experience is also improved because the player count on each server is increased.
  • It’s easier to get new players and retain existing ones because more people can play with them.
  • Existing users of multiple platforms may start playing a game they were not playing before if it supports cross-platforming, which benefits the developer by getting more players.
  • It also reduces development time, which means fans are more likely to see new updates sooner than with games that focus on only one platform or console. This is why most of the gamers want Ark Survival Evolved to be cross-platform so that they can play with other players on different platforms without being at a disadvantage.

To get more information about what type of platforms Ark is cross-platform on, keep reading.

‘ark’ Love Evolved 2 Ps4 Update Still Not Released Devs Hope It’s Coming Soon

ARK: Survival Evolved was updated on PC and Xbox Thursday evening to kick off the Love Evolved 2 Valentine’s Day event, but the presumed version 2.48 patch has yet to publish on PlayStation 4. Despite originally promising the update would deploy in the late evening hours, the content is still not live on Friday.

Following several hours of silence on behalf of the game’s development team at Studio Wildcard, Lead Community Manager Cedric Burkes has finally tweeted a small update on the situation. “Still playing the waiting game on the PlayStation build,” he told his 46,000 followers around 12:30 EST Friday afternoon. “You’ll know more when I do. I’m hopeful it will post today.”

Still playing the waiting game on the PlayStation build . You’ll know more when I do. I’m hopeful it will post today.


Thursday afternoon, Burkes tweeted that the Love Evolved 2 update for PS4 was expected to deploy alongside the Xbox build at 11 p.m. EST. The Xbox version did release around that hour as scheduled, but Burkes ominously said there would be “more news on PlayStation soon.” At 12:35 a.m. today, the game’s Project Manager added: “We’re working on publishing the client. Hopefully soon.” The team had previously been quiet up until Burkes’ most recent tweet.

We’ll offer more news on this PS4 update delay situation as it develops and will post the latest patch notes once the content is available.

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The New Ark Genesis Release Date Has Been Set For This Week And Will Be Coming To Ps4 Xbox One And Pc Survival Evolved Players On The Same Day

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A big ARK Survival Evolved update is going live this week, bringing with it the launch of the new ARK Genesis DLC. This was originally supposed to launch in December 2019 but was pushed back numerous times by the development team. A message from the Studio Wildcard team explains: We know things have been a bit quiet on Genesis news for the past few weeks, even though there is much more to show you, weve been deeply immersed in the pre-release development process.

Ark: Survivors Pack Bundle

Ark: Survival Evolved Update For PC Out Today, New Map ...

The game will come in a bundle the ARK: Survivors Pack and can be purchased in both North America and Europe. The bundle contains ARK: Survival evolved and the recently released ARK: Scorched Earth DLC. In addition, some special PS4-only content will be available: a Bionic Giganotosaurus Skin and an entire Manticore armor set for your character.

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What Does This Mean For Playstation 5 Users

What we think about it: Since ARK 2 is also a launch exclusive title, as with the first part, the Dino Survival will initially only appear on the PC and the Xbox Series X | S. Probably also in an early access version, which will also appear for the PlayStation 5 after its release, or a year later. A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version is probably excluded.

Microsoft and Studio Wildcard would lose a ton of money if they shut out the PlayStation community entirely. A time exclusivity sounds more sensible here.

But how it will ultimately be, only Studio Wildcard can tell us. We will definitely stay tuned for you and will inform you as soon as we know more.

Ark: Survival Evolved Finally Has A Ps4 Release Date

And it’s out next week.


Surprise! Ark: Survival Evolved comes out on PlayStation 4 on 6th December.

The open-ended dinosaur hit is already out on PC and Xbox One.

The Ark: Survivor’s Pack will be available to buy. This includes the base game and the desert-themed expansion, Scorched Earth.

The Survivor’s Pack adds extra PS4 content including a Bionic Giganotosaurus skin plus an entire Manticore armour set for male and female characters.

But you can get Ark: Survival Evolved as a standalone game for cheaper, and the expansion pack separately, too.

Developer Wildcard promised PS4 players plenty of updates. Expect new dinosaurs, weapons, armour, mechanics and lifestyle improvements, in “approximate tempo” with the other platforms, until the game releases as a final product in spring 2017.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our policy.

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What Was That About An Ark Animated Series

Ark: the Animated Series was announced together with Ark 2, and will release in 2022. Studio Wildcard co-created and produced the series together with director Jay Oliva . The animation studio behind the series is Lex + Otis, who are also working on an Army of the Dead spinoff anime with Zack Snyder. Ark composer Gareth Coker will also write the music for the show.

Not only that, but the animated series is also chockfull of A-list actors. Vin Diesel as Santiago will, of course, be there, but also the likes of Gerard Butler, Michelle Yeoh, David Tennant, Russel Crowe, Karl Urban, Elliot Page and many more, some of whom you can already hear in the trailer.

Ark: the Animated Series will have 14 30-minute episodes, and will tell an original story that will segue into or at least feature characters from Ark 2. This is the synopsis according to the official press release:

“ARK: The Animated Series chronicles the story of a mysterious primeval land populated by dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, where people from throughout human history have been resurrected. When 21st Century Australian palaeontologist Helena Walker awakes on the ARK after a tragedy, she must learn to survive and find new allies, or die again at the hands of ruthless warlords — all while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.”

For more of the new games of 2021 and beyond to get excited about, do check out our Big in 2021 features.

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