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Why Does My Ps4 Turn Off By Itself

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Check Other Connected Devices

PS4 turns off by itself / FIXED

Multi-connectors are becoming used quite commonly to connect multiple devices. This may be why your ps4 turns on then off. A solution is to connect your PS4 directly instead of using connectors.

Also, if you have USB devices connected to the front port, remove them as weak internal connectivity from the console coupled with any activity from the port can cause the PS4 console to shut down.

Also, isolate your TV and PS4 console.

Remove The Multiple Connectors

Multi-connectors are becoming more widespread these days. These allow the PS4 to be connected to other devices that also require an HDMI connector.

When the PS4 is still functioning, any activity from the other module could trigger it to turn.

  • If the problem persists, try directly plugging the PS4 instead of utilizing connections.
  • Isolate the PS4 from the screen/TV as well.
  • If you have a USB cable attached to the front port, you should remove it.
  • If the PS4s internal communication is poor, any activity from the port might sometimes cause the console to go down.
  • Check if PS4 keep Turning Off isue is solved or not.

Fix#: Check Ventilation And Fan

  • Make sure that the PS4 is placed in a well ventilated area. It will help in dissipate heat and hence your PS4 will not overheat and prevent it from turning off randomly.
  • Carefully Inspect the Fan area and make sure that the fan is not getting blocked by some debris. Fan should be working to keep the PS4 cool and avoid overheating.
  • Take a compressed air can, and use it to power flow air into the PS4 to remove any dust or debris partcles from inside it.
  • Repeat it until you are sure that all dust and debris are removed and air flow has now blockage.
  • Make sure that the PlayStation cooling fan is working and spinning. Sometimes fan can burn out and hence stop spinning, causing them to overheat and randomly shuts off issue.
  • Please check out the video below for a solution as well.We hope that the above fixes will help you in resolving the issue. If your XBOX randomly turns off, then we also have a solution for it here. Please comment with your questions and suggestions and we will be happy to answer them.

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    Fix : Troubleshoot The Problematic Game Software

    If your PS4 only had this problem with a specific game, it could be the game files being corrupted. If you havent updated the game for a long time, check to see if there are any updates available.

    But if youve just updated the game and your PS4 starts to shut off whenever you run it, chances are the update is not compatible with your device. In this case, youll need to reinstall game updates.

    Option 1 Update the game

    To check for game updates, follow these steps:

    1) On the PS4 home screen, highlight the game/application that needs to update.

    2) Press the Options button on your PS4 controller, then select Check for Update.

    3) Follow the wizard to download and install any available updates.

    4) Restart your PS4 and try to play the game to see if this resolved the issue,

    Option 2 Reinstall the problematic game

    1) Go to PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management.

    2) Select Saved Data in System Storage if you want to save it in your PS4 system, or you can select Saved Data on USB Storage Device in you have inserted the USB drive into your PS4.

    3) Follow the instructions on your screen to finish.

    4) After that, go to PS4 Settings > System Storage Management > Applications.

    5) Find the game that occurs the problem and highlight it.

    6) Press the Options button and select Delete.

    7) Restart your PS4 and reinstall the games.

    Look Into Power Connection Issues

    Why does my PS4 Pro want to kill itself when playing the new Modern ...

    Heres how to do it

  • Turn off your PS4 console by holding down the power button for 7 seconds. It will give off two beeps to indicate that it is off.
  • Unplug the power cable of your PS4 console from the electrical outlet.
  • Now check the power cords or ports to see where the problem lies. Spare ones can also be used to check.
  • NOTE: avoid connecting too many devices to the power outlet while the PS4 is connected.

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    Fix : Switch To Cable Network

    In some cases, the PS4 shutting off on its own issue is caused by the consoles Wi-Fi modules. To see if thats the problem for you, try switching to a cable network,

    Hopefully, this post helped in resolving the PS4 shutting off randomly issue. Enjoy your games! And if you feel like updating your PS4 library, dont miss the top coupons from the best game key selling sites.

    Reinsert/replace Ps4 Cmos Battery

    When the PS4 CMOS data is damaged, it can result in a variety of issues, including the PS4 shutting off by itself. Despite the strong link, many people would not relate the PS4 incessant shutting off with CMOS data. We recommend re-inserting or replacing it.

    Note: Because this procedure entails disassembling the gadget, you should proceed with caution.

    1. Switch off the PlayStation 4 and remove the PS4 from the power supply.

    2. By opening the PS4enclosure, locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard.

    Note: The battery is a CR2032 coin-sized battery.

    3. With a tiny flathead screwdriver, remove the pin that holds the battery in place. Carefully remove theCMOS battery.

    4. After a few minutes, reinsert theCMOS battery.

    5. Connect the PS4 to a power outlet, flip the switch on, then wait 5-10 minutes before turning it on.

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    Fixing A Ps4 That Keeps On Randomly Restarting

    Random reboot on the PS4 can be fixed on a users level. Learn what you need to do to fix it below.

  • Power cycle the console.

    To check if the issue youre experiencing is temporary, make sure to reboot the console by shutting it all the way down. Turn it off by pressing and holding the Power button in front. Then, disconnect the power cable from the back for a few minutes. Afterwards, connect everything back in and see if the problem returns.

  • Check or replace the power cord.

    Make sure that the power cable that youre using is intact and theres no visible sign of damage to its insulator. Visit your local Sony store if you need to replace the power cord.Also, be sure to do a quick look at the power port on the back of the console. If theres dirt, lint, or foreign object inside, the power cable may be blocked when you insert it. Try to clean off the port if you need to.

  • Install software and game updates.

    In order to lower the chances of coding issues, make sure that you install updates for your games and software. You must do this especially if your console is not connected to the internet most of the time.

  • Fix : Disconnect Your Soundbar

    How to Fix PS4 Turns Off By Itself? [2022 Guide]

    PS4 turning off by itself issue might occur when an incompatible device is connected to the PS4 system. If you have a soundbar connected, try having it off when playing PS4 to see if thats the core issue.

    If your PS4 works smoothly after the soundbar is removed, console the support of the device manufacturer for assistance.

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    Clear The Dust In Your Ps4

    Dust issues can sometimes seriously interfere with your PS4. They can stop your game console from working properly. Cleaning the dust inside is a very effective method to resolve your problem. There are a few things you can try to dust your PS4. For example, you can try blowing into the vents or disk drive or doing some cleaning inside by opening the top plate of your PS4. After clearing the dust, you can start your console and see if this has helped you.

    Fix : Prevent Overheating

    If youve been using your PS4 continuously, it might get overheated and shut down randomly. This is the most common cause of PS4 shutting down on its own. To fix it, let your device cool down for 30 minutes before turning on it again.

    Make sure you place your PS4 in a well-ventilated area so it can release the heat it generates. Also, clean your PS4 regularly to prevent dust pile-up on the surface and interior as serious dust build-up is usually the culprit of PS4 overheating.

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    Solution 9 Check For Hardware Issues

    If the above-stated workarounds didnt help you out in solving the PS4 turns off by itself and wont turn on, then get the PlayStation4 checked for hardware issues.

    There can be several possibilities including a faulty PSU unit or the PS4 overheating. If your PlayStation4 is getting overheated because of defective joints in your system then it can lead to a thermal on-off switch to activate.

    Therefore, it is advised not to try checking the hardware for issues by yourself, as it can damage your console if you have no knowledge about it. In that case, get the best PS4 emulators and play the game with ease.

    How To Fix The Problem

    Why Does My Ps4 Keep Dropping Connection

    Sometimes doing something as simple as checking and installing the latest update can fix the issue. Rebuilding the database is also a well-known solution, but it may take hours if you have too much data. We have mentioned all the solutions below. Keep in mind that you may have to try multiple solutions to fix the issue.

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    Checking The Power Connection

  • Turn off the PS4 completely by pressing the power button for at least 7 seconds it will beep twice to indicate its been completely turned off.
  • Disconnect the power cable of the console from your electrical outlet.
  • Check the power words and all the other cords connected to see if there is anything unusual going on. If you have any spares, you can replace your cables to verify if the problem is indeed from the power connection. You can look into the various ports to see if theres anything clogged in there.
  • How To Prevent The Apu Problem

    Likely if your PS4 has the infamous Blue Light of death when your console blinks red or blue after its turned on these fixes will not solve the issue.

    This is caused by the APU not properly being attached to the motherboard, which cannot be fixed and the only way is to get a replacement unit from Sony. However, the APU gets unattached due to too excess heat. There are ways to prevent the PS4 from getting too hot

  • Make sure the PS4 is always well ventilated, remove any object surrounding the PS4 that could block your consoles air vents.
  • Provide extra cooling via a dedicated PS4 cooling fan such this one from Amazon and put your console into a vertical position for optimal airflow
  • Dont play your PS4 too long, always put it into rest mode or turn off your console to reduce heat.
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    Rebuild Ps4 Database In Safe Mode

    The PS4 database might be corrupt, leading the PS4 keeps turning off issues.

    1. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds. It will turn off after blinking a few times.

    2. Now again, press and hold the Power button and release it after hearing the second beep. After a few seconds, PS4 will start in Safe Mode.

    3. Connect your DualShock 4 controller to your PS4 system with a USB cable and press the PS4 button on your Dual Shock 4 controller.

    4. From your controller, press the X button.

    5. Next, select the Rebuild Database option shown highlighted below.

    6. Wait for the procedure to finish, and your PS4 will boot up right away.

    7. Connect to Wi-Fi, login into PlayStation Network, and enjoy gaming!

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    Troubleshoot Overheating Apu/gpu Problems

    How to stop your PS4 from shutting itself down.

    You can also experience this PS4 keeps turning off issue incessantly if the overheating of APU, GPU, CPU problems are not resolved, especially while youre playing a game. You must first figure out why the heat isnt being properly evacuated outside the PS4. To avoid this problem, the PS4 fan must be in perfect functioning condition.

    Likewise, if the Accelerated Processing Units of some PS4 consoles are not correctly soldered to the motherboard, this issue may arise. This is unfixable, and the only option is to request a replacement device from Sony. However, the only way the APU would fall off the motherboard is if it was overheating.

    1. An unclean or damaged fan is the most likely reason.

    Note: If the fan is shrieking, pay close attention to the sound it creates and get it fixed.

    2. Ascertain that the PS4 is in a well-ventilated environment to avoid overheating.

    3. Avoid using the console for lengthy periods of time. After many hours of heavy use, put it to sleep or shut it down.

    4. To chill the console, use a standing fan.

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    Ways To Fix Ps4 Keeps Turning Off

    Why did my PS4 turn off by itself and wont turn back on?

    Its critical to determine whats creating the PS4 keeps turning off issue. The causes for this issue are listed below:

    • Issues with Power Sources: One of the most prevalent causes of the PS4 keeps turning off problem is a power issue. If there are problems with the power cord or power supply, this problem may arise.
    • Failure of a Hard Drive: The PlayStation 4 system and game files are among the important items stored on the hard disk. If your hard drive fails, certain critical files may become damaged, causing the PS4 to switch off randomly.
    • Console Is Overheating: A thermal switch is engaged when the PlayStation 4 console overheats, and the system continues to turn off automatically. If your PS4 keeps going off without warning, you should inspect the console for damage.
    • Issues With The APU,CPU & GPU: If some APU components are not properly soldered, you may have the PS4 shutting off issue.
    • Virus-Infected Software: Another typical cause of PS4 difficulties, such as the blue screen of death , SU-41350-3, and CE-34788-0 error codes, is outdated or faulty system software.

    Now, follow the methods enlisted below carefully to fix PS4 turns off by itself problem.

    Preventing The Apu Problem

    Its very likely the cause of the Blue Light of Death is not caused by any of the fixes described above. As I said earlier, the Accelerated Processing Unit of some PS4 consoles has not been properly soldered to the motherboard. This cannot be fixed and the only thing that can be done is to get a replacement unit from Sony. However, the only sensible reason the APU would come off the motherboard is when theres too much heat. Here are a few tips to prevent the APU from coming off the motherboard.

  • Make sure your console is well ventilated. Remove any objects blocking the air vents of the PS4.
  • Provide extra cooling with a standing fan or an air conditioner at all times.
  • Avoid prolonged use of the console. Put it to sleep after hours of excessive use.
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    Power Cycle And Reset The Ps4

    Step 1: When the PS4 is off, unplug the power cable from the back of the unit and the main power outlet.

    Step 2: Press the power button on the PS4 2-3 times to ensure no charge is left.

    Step 3: Reconnect the power cable after 5 minutes.

    Step 4: Hold the PS4s power button until you hear the second beep.

    Step 5: Connect the DS4 controller to the PS4 with a USB cable.

    Step 6: Use the X button to select Initialize PS4.

    Note: Selecting Initialize PS4 will wipe all of your stored data, we recommend you to back up your PS4 Saves before you do this. If you want to do this without losing your data, you can select Restart PS4 instead of Initialize PS4.

    Updating The System In Safe Mode

    10 Problems and Solutions for the PS4

    Probably a bad update could be the cause of your problem. Installing a zero-day or day-one update can solve your problem.

  • Get a USB stick with at least 400 MB free space. The USB must be wiped and then create a folder called PS4 inside which youll create another folder called UPDATE.
  • Download the latest PS4 update from here and copy it over to the UPDATE folder on your flash drive.
  • Turn off the console complete, and then connect the USB stick to the PS4 through one of the forward-facing USB ports.
  • Hold the power button for at least 7 seconds, at this point the system will boot into Safe Mode.
  • In Safe Mode, select the third option which is Update System Software and youll be able to follow the directions with ease from there.
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    Update The Ps4 Software In Safe Mode

    The Issue is likely the result of a poor update. To fix the PS4 keep turning off issue, you can upgrade the system software in Safe Mode. One of the most prevalent causes of PS4 issues is defective or outdated system software. Heres a comprehensive guide for you.

    • Obtain a USB stick with a minimum of 400 MB of free space. The USB must be erased, and then a folder called PS4 must be created inside of which another folder called UPDATE must be created.
    • Download the PS4 update and save it to your flash drives UPDATE folder.
    • Connect the USB stick to the PS4 through USB ports after completely turning off the system.
    • Hold power down for ten seconds for the system to enter Safe Mode.
    • Select the third option in Safe Mode, Update System Software, and youll be able to easily follow the instructions from there.
    • Check if PS4 keep Turning Off isue is solved or not.

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