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Why Is My Ps4 Controller Light Red

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How Do You Change The Colour Of Your Ps4 Controller

TUTORIAL-How To Fix & Diagnose The Red Light Issues On Any PS4 Controller EASY GUIDE!

As previously stated, the different colours of the PS4 controller indicate the order of connection of the players. However, you can change the colour of your PS4 controller by following these steps below:

  • To begin, you must create four distinct profiles on your PS4.
  • Then, log in as one user and switch to another without logging out of this profile, so you have the desired colour.
  • You can keep logging into other user profiles until you get the desired colour.

It is understandable to be concerned about your PS4 controller, especially if it has begun flashing red, which is usually not a good sign.

Console Indicator Lights Meaning

  • The Blinking Orange light represents the system is entering rest mode after a few seconds, it turns solid orange. Rest mode means the PS4 can charge controllers, download and install the content.
  • The Blue light represents connectivity initiating, and you should see the PlayStation® logo on screen after a few seconds.
  • The White light indicates the system is on and working correctly.
  • The red light indicates the system is overheating.

Ps4 Controller Yellow/orange And Red Light

The light indicator that displays several colors in your PS4 controller is not changing its colors. It remains Yellow or Orange, but it does not change the color into Blue or White? Do you want to see it flashing in different colors again? Keep reading, and you will get more out of this guide.

This guide will highlight the reasons behind the bug that assigned your PS4 controller yellow, orange, or red light. Lets dig deeper into the troubleshooting of the issue:

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What Does Red Light On Ps4 Controller Mean


. Keeping this in view, what does red on the ps4 controller mean?

In depends on the game. In Killzone it means youhave low health and in Flower it means you hit one of theseelectric towers in level 5. Boards. PlayStation 4. PS4controller light glowing red.

Similarly, what does blue light on ps4 controller mean? If you see a blinking blue light on the PS4controller, it means that the controller istrying to pair itself with the console.

Furthermore, what do the colors on the PlayStation 4 controller mean?

When you press the PS button, the light bar will glow ina uniquely assigned colour. The colour that isassigned depends on the order in which each user presses the PSbutton. The first controller to connect is blue, the secondis red, the third is green, and the fourth is pink.

Why is my ps4 controller flashing red and blue?

There appears to be at least two causes for thisbehavior, and one viable solution effective in some cases. If yousee the power indicator light atop the PS4 change fromblue to flashing red, the console is overheating.Shut it down, let it rest, and return to the machine once it’scooled.

What Is A Ps4 Controller

PS4 Controller Red Light of death

A PlayStation 4 controller is a video game controller designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment for use with the PS4 home video game console.

The DualShock 4, the controller for the PlayStation 4, was announced at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, on August 20, 2013.

Formerly codenamed Project Morpheus, it features a touchpad that supports optional touch input and a Share button to upload gameplay videos and screenshots to social networks.

It also supports motion sensing via its three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer. The PS4 controller is a state-of-the-art piece of hardware that delivers a fantastic gaming experience.

The controller has many features that are designed to give gamers an edge over their competition.

Most people have heard of it, but not many know what it is or how it works. Thats because its a pretty complex piece of technology that has a lot going on inside.

The PS4 controller had seen a few upgrades since the original PS1 release back in 1994, and each advancement has made some dramatic changes to everything from button placement to face buttons.

The controller can also be used with a PC via Bluetooth and is an excellent way to play your favorite games.

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Why Is The Light On My Playstation 5 Controller Red

If Your ps5 controller turns red, this means that your Dualsense controller is about to run out of battery and that red glow is the system informing the user that they better plug in their control fast. Your Dualsense controller can also turn red to indicate that you are player 2 in a multiplayer game.

How Did The Ps4 Controller Get Its Colors

Every gamer knows that the PS4 controller is black and blue. Thats because the PlayStation was originally designed in Japan, so it made sense to create a controller with colors usually associated with Japanese culture.

But how did they get their colors?

The Controllers Four Colors The PS4 Controller has light grey, dark grey, blue, and red. Each color has its special meaning in Japanese design.

PlayStation 4 controllers have two different colors. The top part is black, while the bottom half is grey. This design choice makes them easy to distinguish from other controllers.

The PlayStation 4 controllers colors were inspired by the DualShock 2, a bright blue and silver. The PlayStation 4 controller is now a brilliant blue and matte black.

The inspiration came from Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshidas daughter, who asked him, Why cant you make it more colorful?

If you look at the colors of the controller, youll notice that there are two different shades of blue on each side.

One is slightly darker than the other. This makes perfect sense because light reflects differently depending on the direction it comes from.

Its called spectrum lighting and can be found in most high-end TVs nowadays.

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Reset The Ps4 Controller

The PS4 controller has its own software resetting the controller usually fixes all the glitches. Follow the steps to rest the controller:

  • On the back of the controller, find the reset button near the L2 button.
  • Press the reset button with a sim card ejector pin.
  • Connect the PS4 controller to the console with a USB cable.
  • Press the PS button on the controller to turn it on.
  • Why Is My Ps4 Controller Green And Not Working

    Why is My PS4 Blinking Red?

    You can reset the controller by holding the PS button and share down for a couple of seconds should reset paired devices. If not the I would power down the console using voice commands if possible and unplugging the PS4 for at least 5 minutes and then power back on using the trouble controller.21-Aug-2017

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    What Do The Colors On The Ps4 Controller Mean

    The light bar on the controller is used to identify the player in the game. Player 1 is blue, player 2 is red, player 3 is green, and player 4 is pink. For example, in Killzone: Shadow Fall, the light bar evolves into another color as the action heats up and the player takes damage, signifying that things are awry.

    How Can I Switch The Color

    You switch the color by signing in to another user without logging out. Heres how you can change the color.

  • Create four different user profiles. Each represents one colorBlue, red, green, or yellow.
  • Keep signing in to different users to change the color without signing out.
  • Do this until you reach the color your desire.
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    Reset Your Dualshock Controller

    Even after resetting the console, the PS4 Controller Red Light issue is not fixed, then try to reset your Controller.

  • On the back of your Controller, you will see a reset button placed next to the L2 button.
  • Use a thin needle, like a sim ejector pin, and press the reset button.
  • Connect both your PlayStation 4 Controller and DualShock 4 Controller via a USB cable.
  • Now, turn your console on by pressing the PS button on your PS4 Controller.
  • Check the Red Lights are still showing on your Controller or disappeared completely.

    • Step 5

    Check If Its Your Unique Player Color

    PS4 Controller Red Light of death

    PS4 allows users to play various amazing multiplayer games. Different players play with different PS4 controllers. Now each player is represented by a specific color depending on their player number. This helps to avoid any confusion while playing multiplayer games.

    The default colors are Blue for player 1, Red for player 2, Green for player 3, and Pink for player 4. Before trying to find the solution to fix the red light issue, check if its your unique player color. Many users make this mistake. PS4 does not provide you with an option to change the color of your specific player number.

    But if you want to change your controller color, you can switch between the users. To change the color of your PS4 controller, follow the steps given below:

    • First, you have to create four users and assign each profile to a different color: Red, Blue, Green, and Pink.
    • Change the color by signing in with various users.
    • You can repeat this process till you obtain the desired color.

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    How Do I Update My Ps5 Controller

    How to update PS5 controller firmware manually

  • Disable Connect to the Internet from the Settings menu. This can be found by navigating to Settings then Network.
  • Change the PS5s date to the following day. Go to Settings, then System, then select Date and Time.
  • Connect the PS5 controller to the PS5 via USB-C.
  • Restart the PS5.
  • Update the PS5 controller.
  • How Do I Know If My Ps4 Remote Is Charging

    The charge level of the battery appears on-screen when you press and hold the PS button. While the system is in rest mode, the light bar slowly blinks orange. When charging is complete, the light bar turns off. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge the controller when the battery has no remaining charge.

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    How To Fix Ps4 Controller Red Light

    The problems causing the PS4 controller to flash the red light are common problems that can occur to any PS4 user. You can fix these problems by yourself. The important thing here is to know the cause why your PS4 controller is flashing red light.

    Once you know the reason you can execute the solution for that specific problem. This will save your time and effort. Different solutions to fix the PS4 controller red light are mentioned below.

    Reset Your Ps4 Console To Default

    PS4 Controller turn Red/then Blue want connect
    • Press down the power button for 10 seconds to turn off your PS4 or go to the fast start screen.
    • Remove the PS4s power cord from the back.
    • Reconnect the power cord and switch on the PS4 after around 3-5 minutes.
    • Connect your controller to the PS4 through the USB charging cable.
    • To switch it on, click the PlayStation button on the Dualshock 4 remote.

    Turning off the TV to give it a rest, as suggested by your parents or grandparents, is actually good advice to obey!

    The old trick of turning it off and on again works more often than you think! Often, all that is needed is a simple restart of the PlayStation 4, and other times the controller will not function due to a hardware issue.

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    How Do You Turn On A Ps5 Controller

    To turn the controller on, press the PlayStation button located between the two analog sticks. Your console will automatically connect with your controller, meaning you can use it immediately. Once your console is set up, you can unplug the USB cord and the controller will still be synced with the PS5.

    Fix #: Enable Safe Mode

    Safe Mode starts the console with only the essential functions. From here you can perform several troubleshooting steps.

  • Press the Power Button present on the front panel of the PS4 to turn it off. The indicator will blink a few times.
  • When the PS4 is off, press and hold the Power Button. Continue to press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps. The first beep will usually be heard when you press it initially and the second beep when you keep pressing it .
  • After performing step 2 successfully, connect the PS4 controller with a USB cable and press the PlayStation button present on the controller. You are now successfully in Safe Mode.
  • Once you are in safe mode, select the 5th option Rebuild Database. This option will scan your entire drive and create a new database of the content. Wait until the process is complete . This option may erase all your data and configurations on your PlayStation 4. Remember to save your data correctly before you proceed with this solution.
  • Check if the PS4 controller flashing white issue still occurs.
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    Red Light On Ps4 Controller: Everything You Need To Know

    Ps4 controller has all sorts of different color bars like Orange, Blue, White, Yellow, etc. But many people get baffled when they see the red light. What people dont know is that red light doesnt mean that the controller is broken. But in some cases, it is a sign of broken controller hardware. If your controller is working fine and then also it is showing red light then there is nothing to worry about. Keep using your controller and it works fine. But if it constantly shows a Red light on ps4 controller and does not connect to ps4, there might be a problem. Here we have provided few solutions on how to fix Red light on ps4 controller. Hope you find solutions from one of the methods given below.

  • Green = Player 3.
  • Pink = Player4.
  • We know that it is very rigid. But while playing certain games the colour may change depending upon the game. For instance, Grand Theft Auto IV RockStar. In this game, the Dualshock 4 blink red and blue whenever you are being chased by police. People need more creativity like this.

    Ps4 Controller Red Light Bar During Gameplay:

    There might be instances when your controller turns red during playing and it is nothing to worry about. For example, if you play NFS as the illegal street racer the light bar turns red also when you die in a Killzone. So, its nothing to worry about if you are playing a game. And you see Red light on ps4 controller.

    How to fix if the light bar of Controller is fix on Red:

    Fix Ps4 Controller Red While Charging

    Ps4 Controller Color Meaning

    Anyone else notice the PS4 controller light bar changes ...

    So, what do the colors on the PS4 controller mean after all?

    We have learned that every user interface represents a different color. These colors are blue, red, yellow and pink.


    In some PlayStation games, the light turning red or blue indicated a particular event occurring in the gameplay.

    Additionally, the PS4 controller red light also indicates an overheated device. To prevent that, you should avoid using it against a wall or too close to a surface. You can keep it on a vertical stand to avoid overheating.

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    Remove Ps4 Controller From Other Connected Devices

    Since your controller is not working, download the Remote Play App. This will give you temporary control over your PS4. You can remove the PS4 controller from Bluetooth devices and reconnect it.

    We recommend you download the app on Android or IOS devices and avoid Mac OS/windows/ PS vista because they are slower. For android users for IOS users to download the Remote Play App.

    Heres how to do it.

    • Once the Remote Play app is installed, log into your account

    Note: make sure that the account is the same as the one you sign in to your PS4 console.

    • Now the app will display a start button. Press on it and wait until it connects to the console.
    • Using the touch D-pad, go to settings > devices> Bluetooth devices > select your DualShock controller.
    • Now select options > Forget device > ok
    • Finally, press on the PS button and Share button on your controller. It will flash a blue light. You should now be able to pair it and start using it again.

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    Resetting A Playstation 4 Controller Thats Flashing Blue Light

    Time Needed :1 minutes

    Below are the steps on how to reset your PlayStation 4 controller:

  • Turn off the controller.

    Press and hold the PS button for 10 seconds.

  • Press the reset button.

    Using a toothpick or bobby pin, press the reset button at the bottom of the left trigger. Try to press and hold this button for about 3 seconds. You might hear two beeps indicating that the reset is successful.

  • Once youve reset the PS4 controller, check for the flashing blue light issue after you charge it using the USB cable for about 30 minutes. You may also press and hold the power button to give the PS4 controller a soft reset.

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    Hard Reset Your Controller

    If removing and re-pairing the controller didn’t work, you can next try the full reset procedure for the DualShock 4. You’ll need a small pointed object, like a bent paper clip or a SIM card ejection tool, to do this.

    Turn off your PS4, then flip your controller over. You’ll see a small hole next to the screw by the L2 button . Use your pointed tool to press and hold the button inside this hole for roughly five seconds.

    Once you’ve done this, connect your controller to your PS4 again via USB cable and see if it pairs successfully.

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