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Why Wont My Ps4 Connect To Wifi

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Give A Call To Your Isp

How To Fix PS4 Wifi Not Working Issue | Won’t Connect

Alternatively, you can also call your ISP to ask for their guidance. Theyll have access to data you wont be able to see on your connection and may help you pinpoint whats been going wrong.

Most of the time, theyll be able to perform a reset on their side to give your connection a fresh start, or they can also send in a professional if nothing else seems to work.

If youve had no connection problems in the past and are just experiencing them out of the blue, check out PSN servers status. A server maintenance or an outage may prevent you from connecting to PSN Network, meaning trying to fix your Wi-Fi wont be necessary since youll need to wait for PSN servers to come back online.

S To Change The Ip Address On Ps4

  • Go to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
  • Note down or take a picture of the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and go back to the previous menu.
  • Go to Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi
  • Choose Custom > Manual
  • Enter the first three numbers of your IP address and pick any number from 2 to 255 as your last number .
  • Enter the Default Gateway and Subnet Mask that we asked you to note down in Step 2.
  • Choose Automatic for MTU settings.
  • Choose Do Not Use for Proxy Server.
  • Test your internet connection and try using the Wi-Fi now.
  • Use A Wired Lan Cable

    If you still cannot connect to the wifi and access your internet via wifi connection then the better alternative will be a LAN connection cable. A LAN cable is a far more suitable and better alternative to wifi as it will give you a better internet connection and less lag while playing PlayStation 4 games than a wifi connection. Also using ethernet cable can increase your download speed drastically so using a Lan cable can be a good substitute if your PS4 wont connect to WiFi.

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    Fix : Check Playstation Server Status

    We often have seen the Playstation server down for maintenance. Users are not able to play games or watching any Youtube videos on it. Therefore, people are not connected to the Playstation server.

    They think that PS4 wont connect to Wifi, and the Router has a problem. Hence, My recommendation is always to check the Playstation server status if you face any bug on PlayStation.

    Moreover, People can check the Twitter account of PlayStation, where you will find a known issue of PlayStation.

    Go to Network Setting -> View status of PlayStation Network Services.

    Determine If Other Devices Can Connect To The Internet

    How to fix PS4 won

    If your PS4 is having trouble connecting to the internet, you might want to narrow down where the problem is right away by determining if the issue is with your PS4 or with your Wi-Fi network.

    • See if other devices are working: Check to see if other devices on your home network, like computers and tablets, are connecting to the internet.
    • Check your connection type: You should also make sure that devices on the same kind of connection are working for example, if your PS4 is connected to the router with a wired Ethernet cable, then plug a computer into the router as well. If the PS4 is using Wi-Fi, connect to Wi-Fi with your phone and see if it works.
    • Reboot your modem and router: If your other devices can’t connect either, it’s time to power off your modem and router, wait several minutes, and turn them back on. For extra measure, reboot your PS4 after rebooting your router and modem. That means fully powering it down and turning it back on.

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    What Is The Difference 24ghz Vs 5ghz Speed

    2.4GHz and 5GHz have many differences. 5GHz WiFi is much faster than 2.4GHz at closer distances, meaning if you want to use 5GHz for long distances, it wont work as well.

    2.4GHz is considerably slower, however, its primary advantage is that it covers longer distances.

    So one of the major downsides of 5GHz WiFi is the limited range of its coverage. Even though 5GHz is faster and seems better, the 2.4GHz WiFi is more popular among the users.

    Another thing that differentiates 2.4GHz and 5GHz is that there are fewer people choosing to use 5GHz than there are using 2.4GHz. However, the number of people using 5GHz has been rapidly increasing these days.

    As mentioned previously, the 2.4GHz WiFi allows you to gain access to the access point at further distances, meaning you can fill big areas with an uninterrupted WiFi connection. When using 5GHz you need to have more access points to achieve the same coverage.

    Currently, many devices are compatible with 5GHz WiFi channels. The situation with the popularity of 5GHz is constantly changing. The reason people are using the 5GHz channels to connect is that they arent very crowded.

    It means that users are able to use the WiFi connections with less interference. This affects the connection speed as well.

    Another important thing to mention about 2.4GHz and 5GHz is that a 2.4GHz connection can transmit through walls and other hard objects.

    So, the 5GHz is a great option if you need the speed for better experiences.

    What To Do If That Doesnt Work: Time To Hardwire

    If youre definitely sure that the WiFi connection you are using isnt to blame for the PS4 Error NW-31456-9 error, then we have one more option to try.

    If you are using a WiFi network and the error is not disappearing, you can try using an Ethernet cable instead to resolve the issue.

    Its well-known that cable connections are usually more stable than wireless connections. So we recommend that you try connecting an ethernet cable into the port at the back of your console and connecting it to your router that way.

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    Close The Application And Open It Again

    It may sound too simple, but sometimes properly closing the game and opening it again may fix the connection issue. For example, if you are experiencing the Wi-Fi bug while playing GTA V, hit the home button and once the home screen opens, press the options button on your controller, and a menu will open up, select close the game option and start the game again.

    Two: Rule Out Common Network Problems

    FIX PS4 not connecting to WIFI and Network Issues | (6 Steps and More!)

    Assuming PS4 services are working as normal, your next step is to diagnose your home WiFi network. This should be relatively easy: You need to make sure that your WiFi is up and running, and that your PlayStation 4 is within signal range. You also need to make sure that youve correctly entered the password for your WiFi network.

    If your phone or PC is working on your home WiFi, your network is probably fine. Similarly, if your PS4 was able to connect through WiFi previously, you can assume that the consoles placement in your home is not to blame. However, if youve recently moved the system, or placed any new gadgets or decorations between your PS4 and WiFi router, its worth trying to place the console somewhere else. Even if the system connects successfully, you may run into .

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    Playstation Network Services Are Down

    If youre having trouble connecting to an online game, like when you cant join a multiplayer session, or cant access game servers at all, its likely that the issue is with the PlayStation Network servers. At the time of this writing, many PS4 gamers may find that their downloads are slower than normal or delayed because Sony has intentionally slowed down their services as they work with Internet Service Providers in reducing internet traffic. There can be different reasons why theres PSN servers issue although the common ones include outages or maintenance.

    Change The Dns Settings On Your Ps4 Console

    If your PS4 keeps disconnecting from the server, changing the DNS may help solve the issue.

    Follow these steps to change the DNS.

    • Open PS4 settings > mnetwrok > setup internet connection.
    • Select Wi-Fi
    • Now select Do Not Specify for DHCP hostname.
    • Under DNS settings, select manual.
    • Enter as primary and as secondary DNS.
    • Choose automatic for MTU settings.
    • Under proxy server, click Do Not Use.

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    How To Fix Ps4 Losing Connection To Wifi

    If your PS4 keeps disconnecting from WiFi, then it is important to understand the cause of the issue and then tackle it respectively. One of the most common issues is the frequency band issue. The solution in such cases is to tackle this issue. If this is not the issue with your PS4 dropping wifi, then you can try other solutions given below.

    Keep trying them one by one to see which one works for you.

    S To Delete A Game From Ps4

    How to Fix It When PS4 Won
  • Navigate to the game in the Menu and highlight the desired game.
  • Press the options button on the PS4 controller.
  • Now select Delete from the menu, hit confirm, and the game will be deleted.
  • Once the game is uninstalled, you can install it again by using the physical disc, or if you have purchased it from the PlayStation Store, you can download it again.

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    Reinstall Your Game Again

    Some people only experience the internet connection issue while playing certain games, for, e.g. Modern ware or COD. If you have manages to identify which games are causing the issue for you, you can either permanently remove it or uninstall and reinstall it.

    Heres how to do it.

    • Go over to a game in the menu and highlight your game of choice
    • Now press options, and a menu will pop up. Click delete. Then press confirm. The game will be deleted.

    Once this is done, you may reinstall it from the app store.

    Move Your Ps5 And Router Closer Together

    If youre trying to connect Wi-Fi in a room too far away from your router, then moving them closer can help you fix the issue. Even if your other devices successfully connect to Wi-Fi from the same room, remember that theyll have different Wi-Fi chips.

    As you move them closer, your PS5 should receive stronger signals, which will ensure a better connection overall.

    If moving them closer isnt possible in your household, then you can make up for the signal power difference by investing in a more robust router. A more powerful router can dish out stronger signals and will have a broader range around your house, allowing your PS5 to pick up stronger signals.

    Alongside or instead of a router, you can also get yourself a Wi-Fi extender, which is great for increasing your signal quality. Your overall internet may speed may suffer if you connect to Wi-Fi via extenders, but the signal strength will be more than good enough to make it worth it.

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    Check The Status Of The Playstation Network

    If PSN is offline, its not going to matter whether the console can connect to Wi-Fi. So, check its status as an initial step. Gamers often misdiagnose PSN outages as a problem with their network connectivity, which can cause unnecessary confusion.

    You can go to the PSN Network Status Page on another device to see if the status is green. If its down, you might just need to wait a while for the issue to be fixed.

    Rebuild Database On Ps4

    PS4 WON’T Connect To Wi-Fi? NOT Connecting? [Network Issues FIX 2021]

    Rebuilding the PS4 database is a well known solution for fixing software related bugs. It may take 15 minutes to 1 hour to complete the process, but in most cases, its worth trying this method if other solutions are not working for you.

  • Turn your PS4 off.
  • Press and hold the power button for 8-10 seconds .
  • Connect the Dualshock 4 controller to the PS4 .
  • Press the PlayStation button on the controller.
  • Go down and select Rebuild Database using the X button on the controller.
  • Wait until the process is done, and your PS4 will boot up automatically.
  • Sign in to PlayStation Network, connect Wi-Fi, and check if you still face the connection issue while gaming.
  • Note: After rebuilding the database, if you find any of your games missing from the game menu. You can restore them from Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses and hit the Restore button.

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    Check Your Ps4’s Dns Settings

    If none of the previous steps solved your problem, some users have found that changing the PS4’s DNS server settings which is like an address book that tells your PS4 how to find locations on the internet can fix connection issues.

    1. Using the PS4 controller, select “Settings.”

    2. Select “Network” and then select “Set Up Internet Connection.”

    3. Select either “Use Wi-Fi” or “Use a LAN Cable” depending upon how you’re connecting.

    4. Select “Custom.” If necessary, choose your Wi-Fi network from the list.

    5. Select “Automatic.” Then select “Do Not Specify” and then “Manual.”

    6. Select “Primary DNS” and then enter “”

    7. Select “Secondary DNS” and then enter “”

    8. Select “Next.”

    9. Select “Automatic.”

    10. Select “Do Not Use.”

    Now test your internet connection. If it’s still not working, you should contact Sony’s PS4 support for additional assistance.

    Make Sure That Its Only Your Ps5 That Cant Connect To Wi

    All routers come with various lights on them to indicate that theyre functioning correctly. Sometimes the lights will lose their meaning if you cant seem to connect to your router, though.

    If your PS5 is struggling to establish a connection, youll want to make sure that there arent any other devices suffering from the same issue. Pick up your phone or a laptop, and try connecting to Wi-Fi from the same room as your PS5.

    If youre struggling to connect with other devices as well, then the following troubleshooting methods may help you fix the problem.

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    Why Cant I Connect To My Server

    The most common reason for getting the message cant connect to server is because there is no connection to the internet. In order to verify this, try to open your browser and see if you do have internet connection. If you are not able to use your browser you are either in an area without coverage or you are not configured correctly in your phone.

    How To Fix Ps4 Wi

    PS4 issue ever since I updated to 7.02

    One of the biggest causes of this internet connection issue is related to frequency bands. In the next section, we have explained why frequency bands cause Wi-Fi problems with PS4 and how you can fix it if that does not work for you, we have mentioned other solutions too you may have to try multiple of them until one of them fixes the issue.

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    Fix : Restore Network Default Setting

    If Nothing Fix works above that I mentioned, then you can restore the network setting. Sometimes, users try to increase the speed of the internet and change the Internet setting on PlayStation.

    They set DNS setting Manual and fill the value in Primary and Secondary DNS. Finally, they test the internet connection after setting Proxy not to change.

    However, these things sometimes do not work, and your PS4 wont connect to Wifi.

    Therefore, Restore the default setting of the PlayStation, which includes the Internet connection, date and time, party, Power sets, languages, disc playback, and Internet Browser.

    Step 1: Go to Setting.

    Step 2: Click on Initialization at the bottom.

    Step 3: Now Open Restore default setting.

    Step 4: Finally, Click on the Restore button.

    How To Fix Ps4 Internet Connection Problems

    You may experience connection problems on your PS4 from time to time. Sometimes, the issue may be coming from the console itself while at other times, its entirely outside of it. In most cases, simple troubleshooting steps like checking network cables or restarting the console fix connection woes but at other times, the cause is deeper. This guide will show you the possible solutions that you can try if you have a connection problem when gaming on your PS4.

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    Why Ps4 Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

    PS4 not connecting to Wifi might be many reasons such as the Router is situated in another room, and the Console cannot get the proper signal. Here are the most common reasons

    • The Router is not closed to Console.
    • Internet connection set to Lan Cable
    • Wrong Manual Configuration.

    I think these are the factors behind the issue.

    Set Up A Static Ip Address For Ps4

    My PlayStation 4 Wont Connect to WiFi!

    If you keep your IP settings on automatic, then you are probably using a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses change when your ISP decides to assign you a new address or when you reboot your router. But static IP addresses do not change thats why static IPs are usually more stable when it comes to connectivity. Keep in mind this method will change your local IP, not your public IP.

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    Is 5ghz Wifi Better For Gaming

    Your WiFi network needs additional and enhanced speed for gaming. You should always choose 5GHz for your gaming needs since it offers the best possible speed on your internet connection and from your router.

    You can use 2.4GHz WiFi for light gaming and browsing, but if youre into online games that require extensive internet usage, you must choose 5GHz WiFi in your settings to get a seamless experience.

    Why Won’t My Ps4 Connect To Wifi

    There are multiple reasons why your PS4 gaming console can’t connect to WiFi, from not configuring the connection right to advanced proxy / DNS settings. As a first step, check that you’re connecting your PS4 to the right WiFi network and using the right password. If you’re on a hotel or public WiFi, you may be required to log in from a browser.

    If that doesn’t work, please have a look on the Playstation Support forums and run their online connection troubleshooter.

    Often times, PS4 consoles won’t connect to WiFi because the WiFi signal is too weak. Or even if they connect, the Internet speed will be very slow – you will get buffering and lag for games.

    One solution would be to get your PS4 or your WiFi router closer to one another. But when that’s not possible, you need to boost your WiFi signal to your PS4.

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