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Will Sons Of The Forest Be On Ps4

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Sons Of The Forest Se Deja Ver En Un Nuevo Y Espeluznante Triler: Superviencia Terror Mundo Abierto Y Extraos Mutantes En Un Bosque

Sons of the Forest – Official Gameplay Trailer

Amantes de los juegos de supervivencia en mundo abierto y con elementos de terror, atentos: tenemos nuevo tráiler de Sons of the Forest y lo cierto es que luce realmente bien. Endnight Games, además, ha confirmado que todo lo mostrado en este vídeo ha sido capturado en tiempo real directamente de la última build que tienen entre manos.

Echadle un vistazo al tráiler:

Sons of the Forest es la secuela de The Forest. No hay demasiada información sobre esta nueva entrega por el momento, pero si nos guiamos por la propuesta de la primera y por lo que hemos podido ver en el tráiler, seguramente deberemos explorar un bosque al que hemos ido a parar tras un accidente, recolectar materiales , construir nuestro propio campamento, crear armas y trampas y luchar contra unos mutantes caníbales que pintan realmente grotescos. Un survival horror en toda regla, vamos.

Si os ha gustado el vídeo y no teníais al The Forest original bajo el radar, en estos momentos está rebajado a mitad de precio tanto en Steam como en PS4, las dos plataformas en las que está disponible: lo tenéis a 8,39 euros para PC y a 8,49 euros en consola, donde es compatible con PS5.

Compartir Sons of the Forest se deja ver en un nuevo y espeluznante tráiler: superviencia, terror, mundo abierto y extraños mutantes en un bosque

What Will Gameplay Be Like In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest looks to be reviving many of the gameplay elements that worked in The Forest, judging from the trailer and comments made by the developer. Players will have to survive the wilderness and the constant threat of attack by crafting different items and finding shelter. In addition to the day and night cycle from the first game, Sons of the Forest will feature new weather mechanics that are sure to add a bit of challenge. According to the developers, the terrain can freeze and become covered in snow, making traversal more difficult. It remains to be seen how these elemental changes might affect the players’ weapons and items.

Speaking of weapons, fans of the first game have taken note of the guns seen in the trailer. Ben Falcone explained that although guns can be used, ammo is extremely scarce. This means players will still have to rely heavily on melee combat, as well as all-new traps and defenses that can be built using supplies found on the island.

The Forest 2 Release Date Ps4

The release date of this game is not fixed. The possibility of the release of this game is in 2021, it will be released in 2021. The Forest 2 game will be released on Steam and XBOX in 2021. Once this game will be available to download, you can enjoy playing it on your desired platforms.

The expected release date of this game in the US is . The expected release date of The Forest 2 game is Dec 31, 2021. Endnight Games is the developer as well as publisher of this game. This game comes under the action, horror, and survival horror genre. 1 to 60 players can play this game and have fun in this game. This game is available on different platforms, you can play this game on any of the gaming platforms as per your choice. In this game, the player can enjoy the HUD display.

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Sons of The Forest supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can play this game solo or with other players. This game is full of fun and joy. This game offers stunning graphics that will catch your attention. If you love horror games then you will surely love playing this game. You will not explore any set of missions in this game. There are a lot of things to explore in this game such as;furs, a compass, skins, herbs, a map,;as well as flowers.

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Sons Of The Forest Release Date Trailer Platforms And Story

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to Endnight‘s terrifying survival horror game;The Forest, which was released back in 2018. The Forest was a pretty big success, receiving positive reviews;and selling over five million copies;over the course of four years. That’s no easy feat for a new horror title that isn’t a sequel of some kind to an earlier game.;

While there haven’t been a ton of specific details revealed regarding;Sons of the Forest just yet, we have a few ideas of what to expect from the new installment.;More importantly, we have seen a trailer for the game that gives a great feel for the tone of the game, as well as some of the threats we’ll be facing when;Sons of the Forest;debuts. Let’s return to the forest and take a look at this haunting new game from Endnight. Make sure to bring a flashlight.

The Forest 2 Official Trailer

The Forest Sequel Sons of the Forest, Announced

Before discussing The Forest 2 Release Date PS4 for different platforms, we would like to show you the official trailer of this game.

Here, we have embedded the official trailer of this game so that you can get a glimpse of this game. This trailer will help you to explore more about this game.

Here, we have embedded the official tweet of this game regarding;The Forest 2 Release Date PS4.

Hey Everyone,

Today we are debuting our next trailer for Sons Of The Forest Everything you will see is recorded in real-time from our latest build.

The team at Endnight

Endnight Games

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What Will The Ai Be Like In Sons Of The Forest

In January 2021, The Escapist caught up with Endnight’s Ben Falcone and Rod Green to discuss the game’s most recent trailer. Falcone and Green revealed that the A.I. in Sons of the Forest goes beyond anything seen in the previous game. For the new game, Endnight programmed a new A.I. tool called V.A.I.L., which “allows for the creation of some extremely complex behavior, and characters can now become afraid, tired, angry, hungry, thirsty, tired, etc., and these influence their decisions.”

With this new A.I. engine, it seems it will be up to the player to keep their companions fed and comfortable. Perhaps that will be the key to maintaining a friendship with the mysterious Virginia mutant?

Endnight has also said that V.A.I.L. will enable enemies to carry out “much more coordinated attacks” on the player, which has led to fans on Reddit debating the possible applications of V.A.I.L.;One fan theorized that it could be possible for the mutants to adapt to different traps, rendering them useless against a particular enemy class or group. Of course, this has yet to be confirmed, as Endnight was characteristically vague when discussing the exact usage of V.A.I.L.

Sons Of The Forest Release Date

Sons Of The Forest or Forest 2 is aiming to release before 2021 ends. A specific release date is yet to come. It is surely coming this year but most of the part its secret. Even at E3 2021, where many fans of video games were waiting for their favorite video games and sequels to announce. Everyone counted Sons Of The Forest to be among them but the game didnt show up at all. Thus leaving the long-awaiting fans of The Forest disappointed with no further update on its arrival.

From The Reveal Trailer Of Sons Of The Forest

Another disappointment, we have to address is at the moment Sons Of The Forest might be only focusing on the PC version. So whatever this new game and features are all about they are limited to the PC version only. So a release on other platforms such as ;PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, alongside Xbox One and Xbox series S/X is a big question mark. Coming to the first game, as in The Forest, it was at least available on PlayStation 4. Even Endnight Games creators may agree, for further success they need the other platforms as well. So fingers crossed for the Son Of The Forest to trickle down to other gaming platforms and release soon.

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Sons Of The Forest Gets A Brand New Gameplay Trailer Coming In 2021

A new gameplay trailer from Sons of The Forest shows its haunting atmosphere and new, eerie types of cannibals.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

Sons of The Forest is the sequel to Endnight Games The Forest that was originally revealed back in 2019. The new trailer shares some first-time-ever gameplay footage and confirms that it will be launched in 2021.

Similar to the original game, in Sons of The Forest you will find yourself in a remote island after being lucky enough to survive a plane crash. While at first, it just looks like you have to deal with the brutality of the nature in the island, soon you find out that there are some other creatures living in the island that dont look so friendly.

The same as The Forest, in Sons of The Forest you have to fight against zombie-like Cannibals and build yourself a safe and sturdy home to survive. However, the island has so much secrets that need to be discovered. Similar to the original game, the sequel will allow you to follow various paths in the island and find out the mysteries.

As shown in the trailer, despite being populated by some disgusting cannibals, there are some strong signs of human living in the island as the player discovers some modern houses.

Currently, there is no clue which platforms will be a target for Sons of The Forest, but apparently it will be available on PC as the original game hit Steam earlier than other platforms.

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Does The Forest Supports Crossplay Between Ps4 And Ps5

SONS OF THE FOREST – Official Gameplay Trailer (4K 60FPS)

Yes, The Forest is cross-platform for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Thus, PS4 players can play with PS5 players, too. It works excellent with multiplayer, as Ive tried it myself.

Even though The Forest was originally released on PS4, you can purchase it on PS5 just fine. If you had previously played on the PS4, your saved games would also be transferred.

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The Forest: Crossplay Entre Ps4 Y Pc Una Funcin Deseada Por Todos

The Forest, videojuego independiente de Endnight Games, nos transporta a una isla repleta de peligros para sobrevivir solo o acompañado de nuestro grupo de leales amigos. El multijugador es una de las características más resaltables del videojuego, y muchos usuarios se preguntan si existe la posibilidad de activar el crossplay entre PS4 y PC.

Con mucho ingenio, The Forest fusiona elementos de survival horror con el clásico sistema de supervivencia -uso de crafteo de herramientas, medidores de estamina o vida- para lograr una aventura que se desarrolla con mucha tensión y que depende enteramente de las destrezas del jugador para salir delante de situaciones realmente complicadas.

Es Posible Activar El Crossplay Entre Ps4 Y Pc

Pero una de las características más usadas de The Forest es el multijugador, disponible tanto en PC como PlayStation 4, y que permite a los jugadores conectarse con sus amigos en un servidor para sobrevivir en comunidad, mientras otros usuarios se acercan de manera amistosa -para colaborar en la partida- o con malas intenciones -destruir todo su progreso-, porque además de los NPC enemigos, en el videojuego de Endnight Games debemos estar atentos a otras personas, de las cuales desconoceremos siempre sus intenciones.

La disponibilidad de multijugador cooperativo llevó a que muchos jugadores se pregunten si es posible activar el crossplay entre las versiones de PS4 y PC de The Forest. Lastimosamente, el juego cruzado nunca se integró al videojuego, así que es imposible que los usuarios de consolas y PC puedan fusionar sus partidas en pos de un progreso comunitario.

El añadido de multijugador con crossplay podría ser una característica muy bien recibida por los usuarios, sin embargo, el equipo de desarrollo se encuentra trabajando en la secuela del videojuego, Sons of the Forest, que planea un lanzamiento para plataformas PC, PlayStation y Xbox en una fecha a confirmar. Por lo que es probable que el foco del estudio esté en el nuevo proyecto.

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What Platforms Will You Be Able To Play Sons Of The Forest On

While we don’t currently have an official word on;Sons of the Forest’‘s platforms, we can make some decent assumptions based on the first game.;The Forest;was released on PC, followed by a PlayStation 4 port. It should be safe to assume that we’ll see the sequel on both of those platforms. However, hopefully it’ll make it to more platforms, considering how well-liked the original game was.

We’ll keep an eye out for an official platform announcement.

Games To Play While You Wait

Get Lost in the Woods When The Forest Launches on PS4 in ...

Sons of the Forest is nearing its 2021 release. However, many survival horror lovers who played the first game are growing impatient while waiting for this much-anticipated game. All we could do now is either wait for further information on the game. But, other survival Horror titles that the fans try while they wait are Stranded Deep, Dying Light, Soma, and more. They are all worthy of your time while you wait for Sons of the Forest.

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Sons Of The Forest: Everything We Know So Far

It feels like a lifetime ago when The Forest came out back in 2018. An unexpected hit from the Endnight Games. We were expecting more DLCs to join in but instead, we are getting a brand new game altogether. The sequel is called Sons Of The Forest or The Forest 2.; The game is turning into the franchise and continuing the story of Peninsula. If that isnt enough, the first trailer revealed in 2019 hyped us a lot. But thats it, we had another trailer but we dont have much of a release date or additional information on Sons Of The Forest. So here we are breaking down for you.

Sons Of The Forest so far has been a no-show but we have gathered all the reliable information which may come from the official site of creators, trailers, their breakdowns, and revelations about the game. There are also many speculations that the Sons Of The Forest might not find a way to every platform out there. So lets address those rumors too while we also observe what the trailer says. Also, does the story of Sons Of The Forest connect with its prequel or not.

Sons Of The Forest Receives New Trailer Release Confirmed For 2021

Michael Harradence / December 24, 2020

Endnight Gameshas announced that Sons of the Forest will launch in 2021, and has pumped out a new trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The game was originally announced a year ago at The Game Awards 2019 and has remained pretty silent until now. Check out the trailer below.

Sadly we dont have an awful lot of info about Sons of the Forest right now, as Endnight hasnt even shared details on what platforms the game will be released on. Presumably PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S is a safe bet, though.

The original game, The Forest, was released for the PS4 and PC back in 2018, and takes the form of a survival horror game where players find themselves stranded in the titular location after a plane crash. Here, players must battle against mutated cannibals while scavenging for supplies to craft weapons, a shelter, and other essential items.

Sons of the Forest is scheduled for release in 2021.

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Sons Of The Forest Confirma Su Ventana De Lanzamiento

El video podemos apreciar un poco las mecánicas jugables por ejemplo y como te lo decía, se trata de un juego de supervivencia y eso lo podemos apreciar al gestionar ciertos recursos de nuestro entorno, sin embargo, lo interesante viene al momento de encontrarnos con alguna criatura monstruosa y como puedes apreciarlo, se nota que no lo vamos a pasar especialmente a gusto.

El nuevo tráiler al final solamente confirma como ventana de lanzamiento el 2021 sin un mes o fecha específica, de este modo, solamente nos quedara estar al tanto de nueva información. No hay ni siquiera plataformas confirmadas, pero podríamos deducir un lanzamiento seguro al menos en PC y por los gráficos, esperemos noticias para Xbox Series X y S. Te recomendamos seguir al pendiente de Generación Xbox para más novedades.

The Forest Ps4 Sequel Sons Of The Forest Announced

SONS OF THE FOREST: IL SEQUEL DI THE FOREST nuovo trailer game ps5 ps4 Xbox

John-Paul Jones / December 13, 2019

In among all the other announcements and surprises at the 2019 Game Awards was the reveal of Sons of the Forest a sequel to open world survival horror effort The Forest yknow, one of the most terrifying games *ever*.

Anyhow, while details are somewhat thin on the ground regarding Sons of the Forest we do have the very first trailer for the game that you can catch below:

And yep, it looks like that those gnarly, hard-to-look-at cannibal mutants are up to their old tricks again and, presumably, the player is no doubt given sufficient creative latitude and freedom to roam about the place, surviving, hunting and generally trying to keep their skin attached to their face.

We absolutely loved The Forest when it released on PS4 a few years back and to this day, it remains one of the most evocative and terrifying titles on the platform. Naturally then, were all in on Sons of the Forest and as soon as we here more about the game, well be sure to keep you all informed.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for The Forest PS4 sequel, and if so, what new features would you like to see in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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