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How To Buy Games On Ps4

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Hunt Even More Monsters

How To Buy A Game On The PS4

I will never stop evangelizing the virtues of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. This game is right up there with Breath of the Wild as an example of an open-world game that really does justice to its source material, setting, and tone.

Explore a vast world as Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster hunter for hire. Its a dirty, thankless job, but someone has to do it. Youll face off against all kinds of mythical creatures, and get involved in sociopolitical strife–or do whatever you can to avoid getting dragged into fights that dont have anything to do with you. Better yet, your choices in this game have a big impact on the way the story plays out.

Wolfenstein : The New Colossus

Doubling down on all the intelligence, uncompromising emotional grit, and giddy, hilariously brutal Nazi killing that made its predecessor such a special game, Wolfenstein 2 has an even lesser tolerance for messing about. Transposing BJ Blazkowicz’s intensely personal war to an alternative ’60s America twisted into an ugly parody of itself by Nazi rule, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus brings the same aggressive focus on combat and character, alongside a newfound relevance and indignation. Not that it’s all seriousness and soul-searching. Wolfenstein’s kinetic, high-risk, high-reward combat is even better tuned up, with customizable dual-wielding laying on even more strategic carnage, just as hatchets and exo abilities blow up the stealth. Brainy, brawny, big, brash, and beautiful, MachineGames’ new wave of Wolfenstein remains some of the smartest and most unique FPS around.

How To Play Playstation 1 & 2 Games On Ps4

Here’s how gamers can play PlayStation 1 & PS2 games on their PS4 right now, and potentially going into the next-generation of consoles as well.

It’s possible to play PlayStation 1 and 2 games on the PS4, but it’s not really authorized. The PlayStation was Sonys first console, and during its generation it saw the birth of classic games such as Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, and countless others. Sony has confirmed its next-gen console, the PS5, will debut later this year.

But even though many gamers prepare themselves for the new PlayStation 5 consoles release, there are still many fans who wonder if and how its possible to play classic games on the PS4, particularly those designed for PlayStation 1 and the PS2. So, it is possible to play classic games on a PS4?

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The simple answer is no, at least, not officially. It would be easy enough to insert a disc from a classic game into the PS4 and get playing, but unfortunately the console is not compatible with discs built for PS2 and PS3. This is especially surprising considering that Microsoft offers backwards compatibility with the Xbox One, allowing gamers to play almost 500 Xbox 360 games. Players can either insert their own discs or purchase one through Microsofts online game store.

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Resident Evil : Biohazard

The original survival horror is back to reclaim its throne as one of PS4’s best scarefests with this first-person reboot. Resident Evil 7 is a complete reinvention for the series, drawing in the terror close with a new camera and a palette of fear that’s very much aware of modern horror films. The game follows Ethan as he searches for his missing wife in a Louisiana swamp, a trip that soon goes very wrong when the Baker family show up. This is a much more low-key, slow-burning sort of fear than the last couple of game’s action blowouts, focusing on a more slasher movie-style pursuit through a large, crumbling house. But, despite the overhaul, things like inventory management, puzzles, weapons, and items still feel unmissably Resi. It’s a great Resident Evil game, but more importantly, a great horror game in its own right.

The Witcher : Wild Hunt

PS4 Buying Guide &  BEST Games!

The White Wolf himself finally rides onto PS4 in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and brings with him one of the most diverse and challenging RPG worlds ever seen. Mesmerizing to look at and utterly engrossing to play, CD Projekt Reds farewell to Geralt is a new high for the genre. What really impresses are the genuinely entertaining missions, and the eclectic cast of characters that bring the world to life. While combat can be challenging at first, once you get into it, theres enough depth here to keep you interested for the duration. Not to mention it’s been further bolstered by the often-astonishing Blood and Wine expansion DLC. Essential in every way.

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Cheap Best Racing Games For Ps4

via: Pexels / Jaroslav Nymburský

Racing games have a reputation for getting discounted quickly, but the best racing games for ps4 often hold their prices steady for years. Now that they’re finally dropping, it’s the perfect time to scoop up a bargain on games with outstanding physics and graphics.

Here are the 4 cheap best racing games for ps4:

via: Amazon / Brand: Electronic Arts

12. Need for Speed: Rival

Go head to head in local or online competition in the legendary Need for Speed series. “Rivals” ups the ante on classic game mechanics while increasing the handling and in-depth physics the games are known for.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

You don’t need to have another CoD game on your PS4 to access Warzone, the franchise’s take on the battle royale genre. When you boot up the game and dive out of the plane into the game map, you’ll find yourself in a 150-player battle, on a huge island made of components taken from classic maps from the franchise. And when you take a fatal hit, you have a second chance in the form of the Gulag, a 1v1 match in a cramped environment against another player looking for a free rez.

Overall, there’s plenty that this member of the best free PS4 games guide offers, enough to maybe convince a Fortnite or PUBG fan to try a different game for once.

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Activate Your Ps4 As Your Primary Ps4

Next, select Activate as Your Primary PS4, then select Activate. Your console should now be your Primary PS4, if it isn’t already.

Your primary PS4 caches your licenses, so you won’t need to be online for Sony to verify them. In other words, you can now play your digital PS4 games offline!

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How To Play What You Bought With Your Original Account

How to Purchase PS4 Games | PS4 FAQs

Even though the game is in your new account, you can still play it with your original account, regardless of the latters location not being in the US.

But, of course, youll need to follow a few steps. Nothing too hard, though on the contrary, its pretty easy.

To access the games you just bought, but with your original account, youll need to set your PS4 as the primary PS4 of your new US account.

With the US account logged in, head over to Settings and then PlayStation Network. From there, activate your PS4 as that accounts primary one.

Now, switch back to your original account and there you go: you can play the games from the US account with your original account.

Trophies and multiplayer work normally, which means youll play just as if the games were bought with that account. For this reason, you can freely check out some neat multiplayer games to get for your PS4.

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What About Game Subscriptions

While not directly gifting a game, you do also have the option of buying your friend a subscription service like PlayStation Plus. Anyone subscribed to PlayStation Plus gets free monthly games that they can keep forever, with premium titles often offered, so PS5 owners have access to plenty of games. In addition, they’ll also get instant access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, a selection of PS4 games accessible for PS5 users who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Primary Ps4’s Features

Now that you know how to play digital games offline on your PS4, go ahead and enjoy all of your digital purchases without worrying that they’ll suddenly lock if your internet goes down or if there’s a PSN issue.

Your primary PS4 gives you some useful benefits. It can automatically download pre-ordered content or content you’ve purchased using the PlayStation App. You should set your PS4 as your primary console, even if you aren’t looking to play your digital games offline.

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Buy Playstation Games At Cheap Price

PlayStation games are usually quite expensive, especially if you buy them from a store. Here at, you can avail the very same PlayStation games in the least high priced. These cheap playstation games are not only exceptional in their quality but also some of the best combinations of Chroma, sounds, animation and an absolute dose of fun. The PlayStation games are one escape reality. Teens and adults alike enjoy playing these games, and these are one of the most precious teen memories. Even after work, these games provide the kind of relief that you wouldnt gain otherwise. So, opt for today and change the way you look at things around you. In low price enjoy the value of high-quality content, only at

Playing A Downloaded Game

PlayStation 4 Games ONLY $4.99 at Best Buy (Reg. up to $29 ...

You can buy and download games and game add-ons from PlayStationStore â the online store for PlayStationNetwork. Some games have free trial versions for you to try before you buy, and some games are free to play.You play a downloaded game the same way you play a game on a disc. It’s possible to start playing a game before the entire game has completely downloaded. The remaining data will be downloaded in the background as you play the game. To download a game, follow these steps:

from the content area.
Select the content you want to download, and then select .
Select , and then select .You must add funds to your wallet to purchase content. For details, see âAccount Informationâ.
Select .Games that you download appear in the content area. When appears, you can start the game.

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Playstation Now Gift Cards

Give access to the huge on-demand game library as a gift with a selection of PS Now gift cards, available from online or high street retailers.

PlayStationNow subscription only available to account holders of PlayStation Network who are aged 18 and over with access to PlayStation®Store and high-speed internet .

PS Store and PS Now subject to terms of use and country and language restrictions. Service availability is not guaranteed. For PS Now on PC, minimum system requirements apply and can be found at PS Now games may differ from or lack some of the features that can be found in downloaded or disc-based games. Games included in PS Now are subject to change at any time. Approved payment method details required. PS Now subscription is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged every month .

1If eligible for a trial and you do not cancel your PlayStation Now trial prior to the end of your trial it will automatically roll into a paid-for ongoing subscription on that basis. Current and/or previous PS Now subscribers/trialists are not eligible for a trial. PS Now trials not available to current and/or previous PS Now subscribers/trialists and only 1 trial is available per user. Full terms apply: PSN Terms of Service at For further important information about PS Now go to .

How To Create A New Psn Account

The PlayStation Store will show you products and prices from your registered region. In order to see the US store, youll need an account registered with the US as its location.

For that, you have to log out of your PSN account and start the creation process of a new account. Go to Power> Switch User> New User> Create a User on your PS4, or simply follow the steps on the PlayStation website.

When asked about an address, fill it with something random located in the US, preferably a residential area or a hotel. There are places online where you can randomly generate a US address.

After that, there will be a space for you to insert an email address. Keep in mind you cant insert a non-existent email as you will have to verify your address, nor an email that has already been registered for another PSN account, which means you cant use the same email of your original account. It takes two minutes to create a new Gmail, though.

With every other necessary information given and your account verified, youll have access to PS4 games and prices from the US. Still, you cant buy things with that account, yet.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The newest game to take social media by storm, this battle royale-style title doesn’t involve fighting directly, but rather platforming by way of running, jumping, diving and grabbing.

Each round takes you through your way to the end of one of several tricky obstacle courses. Make it to the end fast enough, or complete one of the other unique goals tied to different maps, and you’ll get to progress to the next round, until a victor is decided in a final free-for-all.

With up to 60 players a match each playing as a cute bean-shaped character, there’s a lot of visual appeal, particularly when you begin to unlock cosmetics to customize your avatar’s look and emotes. Sometimes you’ll be playing against all of the other players, but other times you will be split into teams for a more cooperative experience.

What Are The Best Cheap Ps4 Games

How to Buy PS4 Games from Other Countries

Before revealing our favorites, we’ve got to mention that none of these games are free to play. You can check out our other list for our best free PS4 games.

But as for the best cheap PS4 games, my personal pick of the bunch would be Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition. An enormous open world made even larger by the presence of all the available DLC in one package, this game has both interesting mechanics and an entertaining story, all for an amazingly cheap price.

The latest multiplayer craze is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a platforming game that you complete simultaneously with and against other players online. You can spend money to get fancy cosmetics, but the basic experience comes in under our $20 limit.

For co-op players, Cuphead is a great test of you and a partner’s skills. Platforming and shooting are challenging and often lethal, but the ability to quickly revive one another means with good communication, you’ll be able to make it through even the toughest of the game’s charmingly animated bosses.

If you’re after story and nothing else, Night in the Woods is the games you should check out. There is some platform puzzling to do as you navigate from plot beat to plot beat, but you get to spend lots of time with some of the most endearing characters in gaming.

You can also check out the best split screen PS4 games for multiplayer fare.

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Is There Another Option

If you dont want to buy a physical copy of the game or purchase the digital copy, you could try renting PS4 games instead. Many movie rental stores and kiosks also have games available for a variety of consoles. You wont be able to play the game on your PS4 once you return it to the rental venue, but youll be able to give it a test drive to see if its really something that you want to buy with your hard-earned money. If you find yourself wanting to rent a particular game again and again, its probably a good sign that you should buy it outright.

How do you buy your games? Disc, digital, or a little of both?

How Do I Find Out How Much Space A Game Needs

Check the back of the disc case if its a physical copy of the game. There should be information about various technical requirements, including the minimum hard drive space that you need to be able to play the game. Of course, the game may take up a bit more than that, especially once you start saving a lot of extra files related to it. For a digital copy, youll see the space information listed on your screen along with the rest of the games details.

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Where Can I See How Much Space Is Left On My Ps4 Hard Drive

Since each game takes up space, whether its disc or digital, its a good idea to check how much space you have left before you buy a game. From your home screen, go to Settings, then select Storage Management. Here, you should see Free Space, and youll be able to gauge how much room you have left on the PS4 hard drive. If youre more indulged with digital content, then you should consider upgrading your PS4 HDD.

How To Download Games On Your Ps4 From Your Ps4 Library

Cheap PS4 Games for budget gaming

If you’ve already purchased a game, but don’t have it installed, the game will appear in your PS4 Library. You’ll need to download the game from your Library before it can be played.

1. From your PS4’s Home screen, navigate to the Library app and press the X button to open it.

2. In the left sidebar, scroll down to “Purchased” and press X.

3. Navigate through the list of games until you’ve found the one you want to download. Press X.

4. Select “Download” and press X. Your game should begin downloading automatically.

Keep in mind that in both cases, you won’t be able to play the full game until it’s finished downloading and installing. Your download speed can be affected by various factors, such as your internet speed and the amount of memory the game requires bigger games will take longer.

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