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How To Disassemble Ps4 Controller

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Cleaning Your Ps4 Controller

PS4 DualShock 4 Controller – How to disassemble and reassemble

If you are sure that your controller has no internal damages, then the next thing you can do is to give it a blow-dry clean from the outside. Simply follow the steps given below to make your controller neat and clean:

  • Disconnect your Dualshock 4 and rub it thoroughly with a microfibre towel.
  • Use compressed air to spray through the junctures in the along stick to remove any dirt particles that may have accumulated over time.
  • Use a cotton swab to eliminate debris around the analog sticks.

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Time For A Brand New Dualshock

If you have tried cleaning your controller out and replacing the parts, and it still doesn’t work, it might be time to replace it. Use this as an opportunity to get yourself a brand new controller. It allows you to see what other options are out there. There are tons of different controller styles, and you can often pick up a black one for as low as $46.

Pull Out The Flexible Flat Cable

At this point, the two halves of the chassis are held together only by the Flexible Flat Cable connecting the mainboard to a daughterboard that houses the USB charging port. Make a note of the cables orientation, because theres no mechanism preventing you from inserting it the wrong way during reassembly.

The blue pull tab should face away from the battery. You also want to grip the same rigid tab while removing and reinserting the FFC for better leverage. Pushing the cable in by itself runs the risk of bending and damaging internal copper traces.

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Perform A Deep Cleansing

You can also perform a deep cleansing of your PS4 controller, but I would advise that you just avoid that unless you do not have any experience in handling delicate electrical components.

All you have to do is open up your PS4 controller and then clean it out thoroughly with a cotton swab and take out all the dust accumulated inside.

Note: Just dont disconnect anything except the battery and do not use pressurized air on the internals of the controller.

What If This Doesnt Work

Take Apart Ps4 Controller To Clean

There are a few options you can use if this method doesnt work. The first is to take apart your PS4 controller and clean it, removing any bits of debris while youre at it. This can get a little bit fiddly, though, but if youre wanting to save yourself from buying a new controller, it might be worth a try. You can check out a handy video tutorial down below:

If thats not something youre interested in trying for yourself, and we wouldnt blame you, it might be worth reaching out to Sony if your controller is less than 12 months old. If it is, it should technically still be within warranty, and as long as the fault isnt as a result of accidental damage, Sony should replace it for you.

Thats all you need to know to fix the analog stick drift issue on PS4 controllers. For more tips, tricks, and guides for everything video games, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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Ps4 Controller Repair Go To Troubleshoot Dualshock 4 Controller

You need to connect a PS4 controller to PC, TV, or other devices properly before you can play games with it. Three common ways to connect a controller to PC are: wired connection, wireless connection, and Bluetooth connection. After that, you should pair and sync the controller on PS4.

Well, a lot of people said they came across various PS4 controller problems while trying to connect, pair, and use the DualShock 4 controller on PC. Therefore, its necessary to list some useful solutions on this MiniTool page to deal with PS4 controller repair.

Some common PS4 controller issues are summarized in the following content. Meanwhile, the corresponding fixes are provided. When you find your PS4 controller not working, please resort to the following methods ASAP!


Replace Battery Tray And Rubber Reset Button

After replacing the circuit board securely back into the controller, the next step is to replace the battery tray and rubber reset button. To replace the tray, you can line up the tray with the three screw slots on the controller. This is indicated by three red circles. After you have aligned the battery tray, securely press down so that the tray clicks back into place on the circuit board. After the tray is securely back in place, the rubber reset button can be placed back where it was originally. This is indicated by the red square.

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What To Do When Your Ps4 Regulator Doesnt Charge

Test your USB link on one more gadget to affirm that its working.

Attach your USB link into the DualShock and give it an investigation with the lightest touch.

On the off chance that your USB link feels free or, in any case, not secure, you should supplant either the USB link or the DualShock itself. At the point when you eliminate the link from your DualShock regulator, give it a decent review. Utilize the electric lamp on your telephone and sparkle it into the charging port. On the off chance that the metal inside looks bowed or twisted, you can either endeavor to turn it back into shape yourself, call upon an expert to do it for you, or supplant the whole regulator. We dont prescribe attempting to twist the metal once again into the right spot yourself, as it may break the guarantee of your gadget. Whether or not or not the metal within your charging port looks OK, it very well may be messy. In case you see a bit of residue or grime development, follow these subsequent stages.

Get a container of compacted air.

While the spout is a few inches away from the charging port, shoot air inside in short blasts to thump the residue-free.

Put forth a valiant effort to take the entirety of the residue out of the DualShock, and dont simply thump it free. When the residue is out, utilize a microfiber fabric to tidy up the build-up.

How To Fix Ps4 Controller Analog Stick Drift


Ensure your controller is turned off, and then follow the steps below until it is working properly.

After trying each fix, test the analog sticks by moving them around in circles and clicking the L3 and R3 buttons .

  • Reset your PS4 controller. Resetting the DualShock 4 can solve a lot of issues that suddenly pop up. If a soft reset doesn’t work, try a hard reset.

  • Clean your PS4 controller. Gently wipe around the crevices of the analog stick with a dry microfiber cloth. To get rid of grime, use a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. If you see dirt that you can’t reach, you can use pressurized air to dislodge it.

    Cleaning your controller every few months prevents build-up that can cause problems with the DualShock 4.

  • Get your PS4 controller repaired or replaced by Sony. If your controller is relatively new, it may still be under warranty. Go to the PlayStation Repair & Replace page, choose DualShock 4, then follow the prompts to see if you qualify for a free repair or replacement.

  • Disassemble your PS4 controller to clean the analog stick. To deep clean the controller inputs, you must remove the outer casing and lift the battery to access the motherboard. Use a cotton swab and a mix of water and isopropyl alcohol. Do not use pressurized air on the interior parts.

    When taking apart your PS4 controller, be very careful not to disconnect anything other than the motherboard’s battery.

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    How To Resync A Ps4 Controller

    Controller giving you problems by not syncing up to your PlayStation correctly? Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt another attempt to resync. Charge up your controllers without taking up that precious USB space on your console.This guide will show you how to take apart a Dualshock 3 controller in order to repair any damage or replace broken components. Take your time taking this apart and keep all of the pieces on a white piece of cloth so you do not lose them. There are 2 springs behind the L2 and R2 trigger buttons.Using the DuaShock 4 controller to type or browse the web can be cumbersome, so a PS4 keyboard and mouse makes navigation a little easier. First up, lets take a look at the simplest of solutions and how to set up your phone as a keyboard for Sonys console. 1. Download the PlayStation App.How to take apart a PS4 Controller YouTube. 5 days ago Feb 07, 2015 · Here I show you how to disassemble a PS4 controller, change the shell, buttons, and reseal the controller.

    What To Do When Your Ps4 Controller Doesn’t Connect

  • First, try plugging your DualShock 4 into the PS4 using your USB cable.

  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt the controller to resync.
  • If your DualShock still isn’t connecting to your PS4, try these steps instead.

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to a USB cable that is connected to your PS4.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt the controller to resync at startup.
  • If neither of those options works, you’ll need to reset your controller entirely.

  • Look on the rear of the controller for a tiny hole located next to the L2 button.

  • Get a pin, paperclip, or some other type of thin poking device to jam in there.
  • Push the button on the inside for a couple of seconds and then release.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to a USB cable that is connected to your PlayStation 4.

  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the center of your controller. This will prompt another attempt to resync.
  • Sometimes, during the PS4 controller troubleshooting process, it just fails to sync with the console. It’s worth noting that the PS4 uses a standard Bluetooth connection, so if you use your controller with multiple devices such as your PC, smartphone, or tablet you’ll want to make sure it’s not connected to anything else while you’re trying to connect it to your PS4.

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    Replace The Ps4 Controller Battery

    The PS4 controller uses Lithium-ion cell battery. These batteries have limited number of charge cycles. Once the limit is reached, these batteries run out of all the juice. If youre an extreme PS4 gamer and continuously charge the controller, then it is the root cause for your PS4 controller not charging anymore. The battery is dead and you must replace it with a new one to continue using the PS4 controller.

    Thermally Isolate The Structural Joints

    Disassembling DualShock 4 Motherboard Assembly

    Only four soldered joints stand between you and success, but these are nearly impossible to solder unless you have access to high-wattage JBC, Pace, or Hakko soldering stations.

    These are structural joints meant to securely anchor the analog stick to the PCB. This has the unfortunate side-effect of introducing the tremendous thermal mass of the metal casing housing the gimbal assembly.

    These joints act like massive heatsinks, so regular soldering irons cannot supply enough power to maintain the minimum tip temperature necessary to melt solder. This necessitates inordinately long dwell times which, in turn, increases the risk of PCB delamination and/or lifted pads.

    If the solder doesnt melt within three to four seconds, flip over the PCB and use sturdy flush cutters to sever these leads from the metal body from the opposite side. This will significantly reduce their thermal mass and make soldering easier.

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    Solution : Compressed Air

    This technique works to remove debris from inside the Controller without having to disassemble it. For this, youd require a compressed air can, which translates to concentrated blasts of compressed air into the Controller to get rid of dirt and debris from inside that is causing the drift.

    So how does this work?

    This is probably one of the easiest methods where you start with a can of compressed air, targeting the bottom of the analog sticks. Make sure that your Controller is powered off.

    Spray bursts that last five to eight seconds only, and then repeat again after an interval of a few minutes in between each burst. In about 3-4 bursts, you shall have all the debris removed. Keep moving the analog stick in different directions simultaneously while blowing compressed air into the stick where it slots with the Controller. This ensures that the air hits all internal parts where there could be debris, disrupting the internal working of the Controller.

    Once youre done, dislodge the debris that surfaces before moving to another set of bursts. Make sure not to invert the can of air while spraying since that can liquefy the compressed air within. And, we all know how electric and liquid are a sinister match for any gadget .

    Now, turn on your console and your Controller to check if the drifting has been fixed.

    What Can Cause It

    There are a few reasons why you might be facing PS4 controller drift issues:

    • If you use your controllers aggressively, there is a chance that the analog stick or the potentiometer is damaged.
    • If your PS4 controller is dirty. There is a gap around the analog stick and dust could accumulate there if you do not clean it regularly. This can cause the analog stick drift.
    • An accidental fall might damage the internals of your PS4 controller causing these issues.

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    Let Ps4 Controller Cool Down

    If the PS4 controller is heated up due to excessive gaming, then you will face the PS4 controller not charging problem. Charging adds up more heat and most electronic devices are programmed not to function over a set temperature level. If your PS4 controller feels unusually hotter, then you can wrap your controller in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Take it out and try charging it. Make sure that you dont keep the PS4 controller longer than 15 minutes in the freezer as it can be damaging.

    Final Words

    Try out these methods to fix PS4 controller not charging issue and continue enjoying your PS4 gaming. If you know any alternative method to fix PS4 controller not charging error, then feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

    What To Do When Your Ps4 Controller Doesn’t Charge

    How to Reassemble PS4 CONTROLLER with EASE! (Best Method)
  • Test your USB cable on another device to confirm that it’s working.

  • Plug your USB cable into the DualShock and give it an inspection with the lightest touch.

  • If your USB cable feels loose or otherwise not secure, you will need to replace either the USB cable or the DualShock itself.
  • When you remove the cable from your DualShock controller, give it a good inspection. Use the flashlight on your phone and shine it into the charging port. If the metal inside looks bent or warped, you can either attempt to bend it back into shape yourself, call upon a professional to do it for you, or replace the entire controller. We do not recommend attempting to bend the metal back into place yourself, as it might break the warranty of your device.

    Regardless of whether or not the metal inside of your charging port looks OK, it might be dirty. If you are noticing a bit of dust or grime buildup, follow these next steps.

  • Get a can of compressed air.
  • While the nozzle is two to three inches away from the charging port, blast air inside in short bursts to knock the dust loose.
  • Do your best to knock all of the dust out of the DualShock, and don’t just knock it loose.

  • Once the dust is out, use a microfiber cloth to clean up the residue.
  • If there is grime inside your controller , continue cleaning.
  • Grab a toothpick or a different type of thin needle.

  • Wrap a very slightly damp paper towel around the toothpick. You only need a very small amount. Less than a 1-inch square should do you just fine.

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    Clean The Flux Residue Off The Pcb

    Although flux makes soldering easy, it also creates a sticky mess that promotes corrosion by trapping dust and moisture over time. In an increasing order of effectiveness, high-purity IPA, acetone, or specialized flux removers are best suited for the job.

    IPA and acetone are more effective if you use a blow dryer to heat up the PCB.

    Avoid spreading the flux everywhere on the PCB. Instead, place cleanroom wipes on the residue and dab it up with your flux cleaner of choice. You want the cloth to soak up the flux instead of smearing it around.

    Clean both sides of the PCB.

    Solution : Update Your Controllers Deadzone Settings Or Game Software

    It is also possible that the drifting is occurring in only one game, and in that case, it is possible, the culprit is the game software and not the PS4 Controller. Check to see if the drifting occurs on other games if not, update your game software that is facing the particular issue, and it shall hopefully solve the problem.

    You can also tweak your PS4 Controllers deadzone settings to get rid of drifting if the initial settings have somehow changed.

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    Solution : Reset Your Ps4 Controller

    Soft resetting is the first and the easiest fix to try controlling the drifting. To soft reset your PS4 Controller, follow these steps:

    • Log in with your second Controller and navigate to Settings.
    • Choose Devices, and then choose Bluetooth Devices.
    • Navigate to the PS4 Controller that is drifting from amongst the list.
    • Press the Options button on the controller and then select Forget Device.
    • Now, turn off the console.
    • Next, connect the malfunctioning Controller to your console using a USB cable.
    • Reboot your PS4. Press the PlayStation button and log in to PS4. The Controller that you connected with the USB will now be paired with the PlayStation. The soft reset is complete. Check to see if the issue persists.

    If soft-reset does not work, you can try hard-resetting the PS4 Controller. Here is how:

    • Power down your console.
    • Using a paperclip, press the hole near the left shoulder button of the Controller for about 5 seconds.
    • This will hard-reset your Controller. To connect it to your PS4 again, follow the last two steps mentioned above in soft-resetting. Youll notice a blue light that indicates that your hard-reset PS4 Controller has been paired with your console.

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