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How To Eject Disc Ps4

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How Do I Insert A Disc Into Ps4

Get a Stuck Disc Out of Your PS4 – Manual Eject

There are a few ways to insert a disc into PS4. One way is to use the included tool. To use the included tool, first remove the two screws that hold the PlayStation 4 system together. Then remove thedisc tray from the system. Look for a white plastic clip that has a black dot on it. Place the clip on top of the disc and push down until it pops out.

Eject Button Not Working On Ps4 And Ps5

PlayStation consoles let you play digitally, but you may prefer a physical library. You own a physical disc forever, so you may be able to use it. So, lets fix the eject button not working on PS4 and PS5.

Even if the game is on your digital library, a portion of the title may still be on a disc. So, when the disc drive malfunctions, it wont take or eject old or new disks.

The problem may arise on either the PS4 or the PS5. Its not a permanent issue, but it may be difficult to solve. Thats because the culprit is often physical, hardware damage.

With some luck, you can make it work again by hard or soft reset the PlayStation, among other options.

Why Wont My Ps4 Read Any Discs

There are a few reasons why your PlayStation 4 may not be able to read any discs. One reason could be that the disc is not properly formatted or that it has been damaged in some way. Another reason could be that the PlayStation 4 is not compatible with certain discs. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

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Contact Sony Customer Services Or A Professional

If none of these tips have helped, then its time to call a professional for help. If you PlayStation 4 is still in warranty, we would urge you to contact Sony to get a repair or a replacement. However, outside of this window, we would say go to a local electronic repair shop that has dealt with the issue before to get a better deal.

How To Tighten The Manual Eject Screw

PS4 Fat 500GB console + 3 Controllers + 2 games (faulty disc eject ...

Note: This requires you to unplug every cable from your PS4.

No matter what model console you’re playing on, be it the original PS4, the PS4 Slim, or a PS4 Pro, each has a manual eject screw associated with the disc drive should problems arise and your disc gets stuck. Sony thankfully has diagrams showing exactly how to tighten this screw, which conveniently also tends to solve the issue of your PS4 not accepting a disc to begin with.

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When Was The Original Ps4 Discontinued

When was the original PS4 discontinued? This is an important question for people to consider when deciding whether to purchase a new PS4. As with all technology, the lifespan of a product is always changing.

Although itâs possible that Sony could release a new model of the original PS4 in the future, itâs unlikely that they would do so before 2020. That being said, this doesnât mean that you shouldnât buy a new PS4 if you plan on doing so soon. Just be sure to shop around and compare prices.

The price of new consoles can vary greatly depending on the store you purchase from, as well as other factors.Another factor to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a new PS4 is how long you plan on keeping it. If you donât plan on keeping your console more than two years, then buying a new one may not be worth the investment.

However, if you are planning on keeping your console for longer than two years, then it may be worth the money to purchase a newer model with many more features and better performance.

Ps4 Manual Screw Won’t Work Below Are The Most Effective Solutions For You

Reports regarding PS4 eject button not working issues never seem to stop since its release. After users press the eject button, it just beeps 3 times and nothing happens. According to Sony’s official site, if a disc won’t eject from your PS4, you can manually eject it. Things will be much easier if it does work. Unfortunately, “I’ve tried to turn screw to eject manually but that doesn’t seem to work” is more often the case.

How to fix PS4 manual disc eject not working issue and remove the disc from PS4? Try the fixes below. Games aside, if you’re watching DVD movies/TV shows on PS4, you’re suggested to rip and convert the DVD to digital to avoid any ejecting errors once and for all. If you have other PS4 DVD problems, check here> >

Note: PS5 is coming to play game, video and movies with lightning fast loading experience thanks to the ultra-high speed SSD, adaptive triggers and 3D audio and more. But the manual disc eject option is still malfunctional sometimes just like what PS4 does. The following PS4 disc ejecting troubleshooting steps are available for you if you have the same issue with PS5.

How to Fix PS4 won’t Eject Disc? Once and for All Solution

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How To Eject Ps4 Disk Manually Blue

If the disk is stuck inside the console, then there are a couple of ways to eject it:One way is to use a paper clip. Simply insert the paper clip into the slot and push it in. Then pull out gently and repeat until the disc comes out.

Another method is to use a screwdriver to pry off the back cover. Once you have successfully removed the cover, you can use your fingernail to pull out the disc.There are other ways to do this as well, so make sure you know how to get your disc out!

How To Insert Disc Ps4

How to Manually Eject PS4 Disc that is stuck! (Games & Movies)

Pressing the eject button will allow you to open the disc drive that is located on the front of the PS4.

Insert the disc into the drive with the label towards the top of the machine.

Simply clicking the eject button a second time will close the disc drive.

The game will begin without any intervention from the player.

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How Do You Manually Eject A Disc From A Ps4 Pro

There are a few ways to manually eject a disc from a PS4 Pro. First, you can unplug the disc from the console, and then push it out of the tray. Or, you can hold the Options button on the controller and press the Eject button at the same time.

Eventually, youll want to go under Settings > Power Save and enable Standby mode. Then, when you want to play a game or watch a movie, just press the power button on your PS4 Pro controller for about 5 seconds until it blinks orange. This will turn your PS4 Pro off, but leave the disc in place.

Pressing the power button again will cause it to start up again.

Why Wont My Ps4 Let Me Put A Disc In

Theres a possibility that theres already a disc inside. Make sure to check for it. If you use the eject button and nothing comes out, use the physical method. Undo the screws of the PS4 and check inside the disc panel. It wont void the warranty, so you can go ahead and give it a try. The solution is available on the official website.

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The Need To Eject Disc On Ps4 Stuck Disk

But then there comes another error. Maybe some kid that visited you decided to stick another disk while you werent looking. Perhaps your friend played a prank of sticking a second CD in the PS4. That will lead to the eject button getting stuck.

Thats where you will have to try other methods. Even the menu button might not work. So, you will have to open the PS4 manually.

Would that impact the warranty and guarantees by Sony? Thankfully, not. You will need a long Phillips screwdriver for the task, but the company supports the method.

So, lets learn about every known method:

Eject The Disc Manually

Ps4 eject screw wont tighten. How to save your PS4 from the auto eject ...

Theres a manual way to eject a disc if the bottom doesnt work. Both consoles have a screw you can unscrew to do the job. Its easy, but it varies according to your PlayStation model.

Its the option you can use if the disc doesnt come out via the UI or if the Eject button doesnt work after a reset.

On the PS5, herere the steps:

  • Turn off the console.
  • Use a cross-headed screwdriver to take out the drives screw.
  • Turn the screw clockwise until the disc comes out.
  • You dont need to move the screw, but if you put a disc and move the screw anti-clockwise, the disc will go in.
  • Put the top lid back in its place.
  • Once there, you can take time to clean up dirt and dust from the PS5s insides.

    The PS4 features a similar screw but varies according to the model. In other words, its not in the same place on the PS4 Slim, the PS4 Pro, or the various models of the PS4 Fat.

    On PS4 Fat

    Heres how to do it on the PS4 Fat:

  • Turn off the PS4.
  • Unplug all of its cables.
  • Remove the HDD cover. Just slide it out to remove it.
  • Find the eject screw. Its hidden within the air vents.
  • Use a Phillips head screwdriver, or a small cross-head screwdriver, to take it out. Do it in a counter-clockwise manner. Do it until the disc goes out.
  • Put the HDD lid back.
  • On PS4 Slim

  • Turn off the PS4 Slim.
  • Unplug all of its cables.
  • Turn it upside down. The PlayStation logo is now facing up.
  • Find the eject screw. The whole is right underneath the disc tray.
  • Move the screw counter-clockwise until the disc goes out.
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    Physical Buttons To Eject The Disc

    The first thing you notice when you open your brand new shiny PlayStation 4 is how tiny the buttons on the front are. Don’t even get me started on how they just about blend in with the machine while they’re at it. Well, if you’ve found yourself confused by which button is the power and which is the disc ejector, look no further.

    Every PlayStation console has a different set-up for where the power button is compared to the disc ejection button. Here are the examples of where the buttons are for each! Be sure to get your reading glasses on, they’re pretty small.

    PlayStation 4 Pro

    The power button is on the left and the eject disc button is on the right. The buttons are on the same bar on the front of your machine. This bar is located on the bottom of the front center section of your console.

    PlayStation 4 Slim

    The power button is on the left and the eject disc button is on the right. They’re incredibly close together which makes it a hassle to deal with so just keep in mind the power button is long and square, while the eject button is small and circular.

    PlayStation 4 Standard Model

    The power button is on the top and the eject button is on the bottom of the front panel.

    Eject A Disc Using The Controller

    You can also use the menu option in the PS4 to eject a disc. For this, you will need a PS4 controller. It is also known as the DualShock 4 controller. So go ahead and:

    • Open The Main Menu of the Sony PlayStation 4.
    • Go to the Game or Disc Item option.
    • Upon accessing it, you will come across the eject option.
    • Please select it and wait for the disc to eject.

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    Fix Three: Rip Off The Rubber Foot

    Hey, dont do this if it makes you uncomfortable, but from what we can tell this procedure is one of the more permanent fixes for the ejecting disc problem without having to ship your console off to Sony. That does not mean it will fix it for you. If doing this kind of surgery on your PS4 sounds awful, you should probably just go ahead and send your machine in to get fixed.

    Heres how to do it.

  • Unplug your PlayStation 4.
  • How To Eject A Ps4 Disc Using A Button

    How to FIX PS4 Ejecting Disc and Beeping (3 Tips and More!)

    The main way that most people will use to eject a disc on PS4 will be to use the button on their PS4. The thing is, it’s not always in the same place, and it depends entirely on what kind of PS4 you have.

    On an original PS4, the button is essentially invisible, but it’s the bottom vertical line on the front of your console. Push this and you’ll eject the disc.

    The slim version of the PS4 is on the lower of the two horizontal slits across the front of your PS4 on the right-hand side.

    The PS4 Pro has the button on the left-hand side at the front, and it’s a tiny little button next to the power one. At least it’s marked properly.

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    Check The Disc For Scratches And Dirt

    • Clean a scratched or dirty disc using a lint-free cleaning cloth made specifically for cleaning Blu-ray Discs or DVDs. These cloths are sold at computer software stores.
    • Clean the disc by wiping from the innermost circle out towards the edge in a straight line.
    • Using other materials such as a paper towel or T-shirt may scratch the disc and cause it not to function properly.

    What Happens When Manual Eject Doesnt Work On Ps4

    Manual eject is the process of physically removing the disc from the PlayStation 4 system. The same basic process is used to eject any disc, including Blu-ray discs and DVDs. However, manual ejecting a disc on PS4 Pro can be slightly more complicated because the console is equipped with a âLoad Discâ indicator that lights up when a disc is inserted or ejected.

    Press the PlayStation button to cycle through this indicator, which indicates that you have the right angle to manually eject the disc. Once you have found the right angle , simply press down on the PS button until you hear an audible click. Release your finger and then move away from the disc until it pops out.

    As simple as it sounds, manual ejecting a disc on PS4 Pro can be tricky if you arent familiar with how to do it correctly. If you feel like manual ejecting a disc isnt working for you, there are several things that could be causing issues. First, make sure that you are using the correct angle for manually ejecting a disc.

    Some people find that pressing down on their controllers helps them find the right angle for this process. Second, make sure that you are pressing down hard enough to physically remove the disc from each slot without damaging it in any way.

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    How To Eject Discs From Ps4 From Controller

    The procedure for ejecting a disc from the PS4 with the controller is disarming simplicity: to begin with, if you havent already done so, go to the main menu of the console by pressing the PS button on the DualShock.

    At this point, use the directional arrows or the left analog stick to highlight the box for the disc you want to eject and press the Options button on the controller.

    You should see a side menu appear on the right: use the directional arrows or the left analog stick to highlight the Remove disk option and press the X button on the controller on it to select it.

    Within moments, the PS4 should acknowledge the command and eject the disk in its optical drive. Clearly, the disc will remain halfway and will not be ejected completely from the console player .

    I recommend: before commanding the eject of the disc, make sure that there is enough space next to the PS4 to properly eject the disc . Otherwise, the media will be sent back forcibly into the consoles optical drive, with the risk of getting damaged, stuck and / or damaging the PS4 player.

    Finally, I would like to underline that the procedure described above applies to all types of disc: PS4 games, Blu-Ray videos and DVD videos. Clearly, in the case of Blu-Ray and DVD video, in the main menu of the PlayStation you will find a generic preview pane and not the disc poster, as is the case with games.

    By Using Phillips Screwdriver

    PS4 auto eject and beeping simple fix : PS4

    Interestingly, theres another manual way of ejecting a disc. You can call it a secret or hidden method. You will need a Phillips Long Screwdriver and your PS4.

    There have been different PS4 models, so we will try to cover each one. Thus, you will have to know the model number before following the step.

    We will keep it simple with PS4 Standard, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro versions. But, we will also provide you with the model numbers to keep things easy.

    Lets begin:

    CUH-2015 Series will also follow the same approach.

    CUH-1200 Series

    The CUH-1200 series has a little different approach. Once you lay it on the clean surface, you dont have to flip the console upside-down. Now, do you have to check the back of the console? Instead, you have to work with the front of the PlayStation.

    • The logo should be on your side and appear on the right side.
    • The top-left side of the panel is removable. You could call it an HDD bay cover.
    • Firmly apply pressure to slide it on the left side and reveal the internals.
    • There will be a screw with the Playstation Symbol on it. It holds the HDD. So, you will have to remove it.
    • Right below it, you will see the eject hole. You have to do the same thing as before, screw anti-clockwise.
    • Now place the HDD cover around 7 mm apart from the seam and then click or push it back.

    CUH-1000 And CUH-1110 Series

    You will need a flashlight for this one. It follows the same method in most cases.

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