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How To Look At Clips On Ps4

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Secondly Transfer Ps4 Videos To Iphone Directly

How to view PS4 video clips on Computer | (2 Ways and More!)

Step 1 Preparation before Video Transfer

Insert your USB stick into PC, and then install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC and wait until its recognized. If the notice Trust This Computer pops up, simply click on Trust.

Step 2 Begin the PS4 Video Transfer

Go to MANAGE at the top, select Videos on the left of the opened panel, click on Import, go to the folder named PS4 in your USB, select the PS4 recording video you want to transfer and double-click on it. Wait for a few seconds before its finished. Now you can check the PS4 recording in the video App on your iPhone.

How to transfer PS4 videos to iPhone? Only 2 steps, I didnt lie, right? Free download this user-friendly iPhone transfer software to help to transfer PS4 video clips and screenshots to iPhone and iPad in the most convenient way!

How To Record Hd Gameplay On Your Ps4

Its very simple to record gameplay on your PS4. Firstly, tap the Share button once to open the sharing menu, and then press X on the Sharing and Broadcast Settings option.

Next, press X on the Video Clip Settings option. Make sure the Length of Video clip is set to 60 minutes and the Dimensions are set to 1920×1080. After that, you can back out and load the game youd like to play.

Once you are playing, you can start recording at any time by double tapping the Once you want to finish your recording, simply double tap the again.

Once you are ready to move your recordings over to your PC, plug your USB stick into one of the front USB ports of the PS4. After,return to the home screen and select the Capture Gallery option. Recordings will be sorted into different folders, so you can either select the folder for the game you played or just select all.

Once youve found the recording youd like to save, press the Options button when the recording is highlighted.On the new window that appears, scroll up and select the Copy to USB storage device option. The video file you had highlighted before will now be ticked.

If you have other video files, they can also be selected now. After that, navigate to the copy button on the bottom right and press X once it is highlighted.

Finally, press OK and the file or files will be copied over to your USB stick. Once the copying has completed, you can disconnect your USB stick and connect it to your PC.

How To Share Ps5 Game Clips And Screenshots Via Ps App

Once youve ensured that your firmware and app are up to date and both are linked, record a clip or take a screenshot of a game on your PS5 and then head over to the capture gallery. If the feature has begun rolling out in your region, youll get a pop-up that asks you if you want to automatically upload your game captures and view them on the PS App.

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How Do I Transfer Videos From My Phone To My Ps4 Via Usb

  • Connect an SD card to your computer, using an SD card adapter/ reader.
  • Check the format of your SD card. If it is in ExFAT or FAT32 format, youre good to go .
  • If your SD card is not formatted as ExFAT or FAT32, you will need to format it into either of these formats first.
  • Disconnect the SD card from the PC using the SD card adapter/ reader , and insert the SD card into your mobile phone.
  • Copy/ transfer all your preferred videos into the inserted SD card .
  • Connect the phone to the PS4 using a USB phone cable. The PS4 should now recognize your SD card inside the mobile phone, to transfer the intended videos into the console.
  • If Step 6 does not work, remove the SD card from the phone and insert it into the SD card adapter/ reader. Connect the adapter/ reader to the PS4 to transfer files normally.
  • Similar to all other transferring methods, the process of converting your external device into .FAT format is extremely important .

    Still, the PS4s SHAREfactory app was recently introduced to finally assist players in this regard.

    SimeoArts video above which explains the method required to import your videos into the PS4 using the app, without needing to format your external HDD or SD card:

    Want the fastest internet for your PS4? See my guide here on how to set that up.

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    Connect Your Phone To Pc

    How to record ps4 gameplay and upload to youtube ...

    Using your phone’s USB cable, connect your phone to the computer. UniConverter will load the phone’s driver files and install them for a smooth connection and transfer of data.

    Look out for the on-screen prompt on the program to switch on the USB debugging function on your Android device.

    Note: The enabling USB debugging for your Android devices varies from one model to another and from one operating system to another. So, make sure you follow the exact process for your device on the tool’s interface.

    If you’re using an Apple device, enter your device’s passcode to show that you authorized the connection.

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    How Do You Share A Video On Ps4

    Press the Share button while hovering over the image you want to share. You then have the option to share to Facebook, Twitter, or on your PS4 activities or messages. 2. Sharing Videos via YouTube or Social Media. Similarly, if you press the Share button on a video, you have the option to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

    How To Protect Your Ps4 Game Videos

    If you are investing so much of your time and money on PS4 games, it is wise to backup your game files to avoid any kind of data loss in future. So, regularly back up saved game videos to an external USB or hard drive.

    You can also use PS Plus for Cloud storage of PS4 files. As a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can save your games at cloud servers of Sony. The online storage can save up to 100GB of game save data of PS4 while it is 1 GB for PS3/Vita/TV.

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    How To Upload A Video On Ps4

    1 You can also use the Capture Gallery to share or upload a PS4 video. While at the Capture Gallery, select the video you wish to share and press the Share button. 2 You could also choose a video clip and edit it to add a comment and link the video clip to your Twitter account. 3 To restrict a video to the scene you like.

    How To Record Gameplay On Ps4

    How to WATCH SAVED CLIPS on PS4 Capture Gallery App (Fast Method!)

    This part is going to cover how to record PS4 gameplay with its native capture feature, which means you can directly record past gameplay, current gameplay, as well as how to take a screenshot on your PS4. And all the captures will be automatically saved in the PS4 Capture Gallery where you can view, make edits, and share your gameplay clips to social media platforms.

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    Edit Your Ps4 Gameplay Video

    You might want to edit your recording before sharing it with the world. You can do that on the PlayStation 4 itself.

    Go to the Capture Gallery and find the video you wish to edit.

    With it selected, press Options on your controller. You have two options here: Edit in SHAREfactory and Trim.

    If you simply want to crop the length of the video down, select Trim. Use the dropdown to select the editing intervals. Scroll across and press L2 to set the start point, R2 for the end point, then press OK once done.

    How To Record Ps4 Gameplay With Party Chat

    Many people love to play games online with their friends and mates. Actually, you can also include everyone’s voice in a party chat on a gameplay clip on PS4, so that you can save the best gaming moments or hilarious mistakes of your team. Now, follow the steps below.

    Step 1. You should have your headphone plugged into the controller at first.

    Step 2. Adjust the microphone level and headphone volume as previously stated.

    Step 3. Go to Settings at the main panel > Sharing and Broadcasts > Audio Sharing Audio Sharing Settings > select Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips and Share Party Audio.

    Step 4. Find Party at the main panel > Party Settings > Allow Your Voice to Be Shared > choose either Always Allow or Allow for Current Party. And you should make sure everybody in the party who wants the voice to be picked up has this setting on.

    Step 5. Begin a party chat and double-tap the Share button to record a game.

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    How To Edit And Share Clips On Ps4

    Once you’ve recorded a clip on your PS4, you may want to share it. Sony gives you an option to upload your clips to a few different social media sites, like and , and you can also trim your clips down before uploading if you like.

  • From the PS4 home screen, select Capture Gallery.

  • Select a specific game to view recorded clips, or All to view all of your clips.

  • Highlight the clip you want to edit or share, and press the Options button .

    If you want to share an unedited clip, press the button here instead, and skip to step 11.

  • From the options menu, select Trim to edit your clip.

  • By default, your clip is chopped into 10 second intervals. If you want longer or shorter intervals, highlight and select 10 Second Intervals.

  • Select the desired interval.

    Interval length affects your choices of where you can start and end your clip. When set at 10 seconds, you can start and stop your clip at 10-second intervals. That means your clip can start at 0:10, 0:20, and so on, and it can end at 0:20, 0:30, and so on. Longer lengths make it easier to navigate long clips, while shorter ones allow you to fine-tune your stop and start points.

  • Highlight the frame where you want your clip to start, and select Start Here.

  • Highlight the frame where you want your clip to end, and select End Here.

  • Select OK.

  • Select Save as New Video Clip to preserve your original footage in case you want it later.

  • Select your newly generated clip, and press the button if you want to share it online.

  • Select OK.

  • Supported File Types And Codecs

    PS4 ControllerWireless Blutooth Gamepad for Playstation 4 ...

    Heres a list of different video and audio codecs the PlayStations Media Player understands, straight from Sony. If you want to play a media file on your PlayStation, it must be in these file formats. If it isnt, youll need to transcode it to a supported one before it will function on your PlayStation.

    Music files can be in MP3 or AAC formats. Photos can be in JPEG, BMP, or PNG formats. Video files must be in one of the following formats:

    • Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2
    • Audio: MP3, AAC LC, AC-3
    • Visual: MPEG4 ASP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2
    • Audio: MP3, AAC LC, AC-3
    • Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 4.2
    • Audio: AAC LC, AC-3

    MPEG-2 TS

    • Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2, MPEG2
    • Audio: MP2, AAC LC, AC-3
    • AVCHD:

    These are some of the most common video file types, so you may not need to worry about it at all.

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    How To Copy Screenshots And Videos To A Usb Drive

    To view your saved video clips and images, use the Capture Gallery application included with your PS4. If you dont see it on the main screen, you can scroll all the way to the right on the home screen, select Library, select Applications, and then select Capture Gallery.

    Using this application, you can either view all your saved screenshots and video clips, or select a specific game and view the saved media files associated with that game.

    You Can Now Watch Your Own Videos Using The Ps4 Media Player App

    Since the launch of the PS4 back in November 2013, one of the notably absent and most requested features has been the ability to play your own video files. It wasn’t mentioned in Sony’s E3 2015 press conference, presumably because they were too busy showing off The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy 7 remake, and Shenmue III, but a new Media Player app has appeared in the PS4 content area and is ready for download right now.

    Once installed, simply fire up the Media Player app and either plug in a FAT/exFAT formatted USB drive or connect a media server, then browse to your files and get watching. The Media Player supports video, photo, and music – you’ll need to put audio files under a folder labelled ‘Music’ for them to be recognised, but once there you can use them as background music and control from the Quick Menu by holding down the PS button.

    The Media Player is compatible with more file formats than the PS3 – here’s a complete listing of what’s you can use with it:

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    How Do I Transfer Videos From Ps4 To External Hard Drive

    Select whether youd like to see Video Clips, Screenshots, or both, and then push the Options button on the DualShock 4. In the side menu, select the Copy to USB Storage button, and then select which files youd like to move across. Ensure that your USB stick is plugged in to the console, and then click Copy.

    How Do I Export Video Clips From Ps4

    How to Get PS4 Clips on Your Phone in 2022

    Go to your capture gallery and navigate to the videos you wish to send. Press the options button and select something to the effect of Copy media to mass storage device. Select the desired videos and wait. The PS4 will make a PS4 folder under which you will have videos and screenshots, then it will be sorted by game.

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    Use The Ps4 Media Player

    Once youre done, you can safely remove the USB drive from your computer and plug it into one of the USB ports on your PS4 there are a few located on the front that are usually used for charging your controllers. Launch the PS4 Media Player app and your USB drive will appear as an option.

    Youll see the PS4s Media Player app icon in the PS4s content area that strip of icons on the main screen. Select it with your controller and launch it. If you havent installed the media player app yet, the icon will still appear here, but itll take you to the PlayStation Store where you can download the app for free first.

    Select your USB drive, browse to the music or videos you want to play, and use the buttons on the controller to control playback.

    While playing a video, you can press the L2 and R2 shoulder buttons to rewind and fast forward. Press the Options button to open a playback control panel, and press the triangle button to view information about the file.

    When playing music, you can hold down the PlayStation button while in a game to access the quick media player controls, allowing you to quickly skip songs and pause playback.

    How To Record Game Video On Ps4

    If you are a gamer, sharing your PS4 video clips and screenshots with your friends and fans means sharing your joy, accomplishments, and love. If you have always wanted to share your gameplay but did not know how to start, the good news is that we have the solution you seek. This section will learn how to record clips of your PS4 videos on your PS4 and save or edit them before you upload them online.

    Steps for Recording Gameplay Video on PS4

    1, To record a video clip of an event that occurred, as you are playing a game, especially when you do something remarkable and like to share it as a video, press the share button.

    2, To record a video clip of an event that is about to happen, press the share button two times at the beginning of the scene you wish to save and then press the share button again when the scene ends.

    Note that you can save a gameplay video clip with a maximum duration of 15 minutes gameplay. The PS4 platform calculates the video duration of 15 minutes in reverse mode and records the event within the past 15 minutes. That is, capturing only the last 15 minutes from the exact time you press the share button to end the recording scene.

    How to save a Gameplay Video Clip on PS4

    To save a video clip, press the share button, followed by the square button. After saving a video and you wish to delete it, press the circle button

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    You Can Now Share Your Ps5 Screenshots And Videos

    Hopefully now you understand how to get your PS5-created content on your mobile so you can taunt your Xbox-owning friends with it. However, it isnt an easy workaround.

    For a company that makes such a fuss of the social aspects of gaming, youd think Sony would make it easier for users to share content with other people, whether they own a PS5 or not.

    How To Record Clips On Ps4

    How to view RECORDED VIDEO FOOTAGE you saved to ps4 and ...

    William StantonRead more April 15, 2021

    Since its inception, gaming had a social aspect to it. Video games are much more fun when you are playing together with your friends, and when you can show off your skills. Unlike computers, the PlayStation 4 has a built-in record feature.

    There is no need to use third-party software you can record clips on your PS4 in-game. Some people might find the process complicated, especially if they are new to the platform. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions and advice on how to record clips on the PS4 properly.

    You will soon be able to share clips with your friends and save them for later viewing.

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