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How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With Hdmi

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How To Play Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi With Code Examples

Trying To Connect My PS4 To My Laptop With HDMI

How To Play Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi With Code Examples

We will use programming in this lesson to attempt to solve the How To Play Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi puzzle. This is demonstrated by the following code.


Many examples helped us understand how to fix the How To Play Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi error.

Via Video Capture Card

By using a video capture cardyou can fairly play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI. For game lovers, its not that harder to play the game either on LCD TV or laptop.

Via video capture, cardmaking laptop screen enabled for playing PS4 with HDMI is quite an easy method that you can follow. All you need to do is fully concentrate and follow every step.

For more info on how to connect you PS4 with laptop through HDMI cable check

The stuff requires to hit this technique is

Once you got all the required stuff, follow this method step by step for the completion of the process.

Step 1: Check all Connections

For enabling file sharing, go to settings in the PS4 menu and go to the network settings. Open Internet Connection Settings and find your internet connection and make sure that the device is connected.

In case if you dont have a wireless connection, you would have to configure the PS4 and the laptop to the same router with the help of Ethernet cables. Now you can stream between the two seamlessly.

Step 2: Install the software

Connect the Video Capture Card to the laptop via USB port. This will also constitute a combined as an S-video connection. Install the software that came with the Video Card for the card-to-function correctly.

Do make sure that the video capture card should be of high quality!

Step 3: Connect HDMI and PS4 to Capture Card

Step 4: Open and Run the Software

Make sure that the process has been successfully completed and then run the software.

Why Does My Hdmi Cable Not Work With My Laptop

The issue of your HDMI port not working on your Windows Laptop can be simply a hardware failure. Check if your HDMI cable is compatible with your System or another HDMI device. Check your HDMI ports. You need to check if the HDMI ports of your Windows System and other HDMI device are in good and working condition.

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Another Way To Paly Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi Cable Through Remote Plays

  • To get started, download Remote Play for your PC.
  • On your console, go to Settings > Psn Network > User Management. Select Activate as Primary PS4 from the drop-down menu.
  • To update the devices software to version 3.50, go to System Software Update.
  • Now, go to the Settings and then Remote Play Connections. Tick the box next to Remote Play linking Settings.
  • To use Remote Play on your Mac or PC, your console must be turned on .
  • To do this, open the Settings menu and select Electricity Save Options. Choose Configure Sleep Mode Functions and then Enable Network-Based Turning on the PS4.
  • On your PC, open the software you downloaded for remote Play.
  • To get the most out of your games, select the Settings option and change the refresh rate and resolution to match your screens requirements. The more energy efficient your desktop computer is, the more graphical settings it offers.
  • Connect your PS4 controller to your PC using the USB cable that came with it. The PlayStation and Sharing buttons on your controller may also be used to connect wirelessly.
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer as soon as the operators LED begins to flash. In approximately four to five seconds, your controller will connect. If the procedure takes longer than you expected, repeat these steps.

Now, go to your PC and open the Remote Play software. Log in with the username and password for your PS4. Make sure that the PS4 is powered on. If it is not, then it will not connect to your computer.

Number : Capture Ps4 Game By Built

How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With Hdmi

For capturing the PS4 game by the build-in recording function when the gameplay saves the laptopâs system.

Now you start the game and want to record and enter the share page by pressing the share button on the controller. For share, then go to the broadcast setting on advanced setting and check the microphone audio in the broadcast, and you can easily record your voice for recording the gameplay.

For starting the game, you can select the record option. The technique for playing the PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI without a video capture card will prove quite useful as well as cheaper.

You can easily stream your laptop screen with the help of a built-in recording function and use some tactful techniques that I have mentioned in this article.

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How Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor For Hdmi

Go to the desktop or laptop you want to use as your main device and press Windows Key+P. Select how you want the screen to be displayed. Choose Extend if you want your laptop to act as a true second monitor that gives you additional screen space for the productivity uses mentioned above.28-Jul-2019

Step Three: Run The Software & Chill

Turn on your PS4 and watch the magic happen on your laptop monitor as your VCC software does what its best at when running. Feel free to poke around the program and tweak some settings to optimize the performance for best results.

Since you are watching the PS4 action on your laptop what about your voice? Check out how to get Playstation Party Chat on PC as well.

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S To Play Ps4 On Laptop With Hdmi Cable Through Remote Plays

  • The first step in order to play PlayStation 4 on laptop with HDMI cable is to have a laptop and a PlayStation 4.
  • Unbox your PlayStation 4 from its package and plug in the power cord into the console.
  • Plug one end of an HDMI cable into the back of your PS4 and the other end to the corresponding port on your TV. It will be marked as HDMI or monitor, read the manual if you are not sure.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds until your PlayStation 4 boots up with your TV screen.
  • Turn on your laptop and connect it to the same wifi that your PS4 is connected to.
  • Go to in your laptop browser.
  • Make sure your PS4 is turned on, with an internet connection and logged in before opening R-Play.
  • After you have all of these things checked off head to the PlayStation 4 home screen by pressing the PS button on your controller or in R-Play select Start. Press A to download. If you close out of it by accident, dont worry. Just go on R-Play and press Start.
  • You will see a screen that says: Now connecting to your PS4: Make sure your PS4 is turned on, wireless connection is working and logged in. Press start to continue.
  • On another window go to the PlayStation Store and download any free applications you want.
  • You should be able to play anything from your PlayStation 4 menu on your laptop now. Enjoy!
  • Install Necessary Software And Drivers

    Connect your PS4 to a Laptop or Mac

    First, you should connect the video capture card to your laptop through a USB port. This will automatically install all the drivers you need for the card to work smoothly. If there are any instructions for extra software, try installing them for optimal performance.

    Its important to note that getting a cheap video capture card might work, but youll get potato quality graphics in your games.

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    Enable And Update Your Playstation :

    Then you must prepare PS4 for the linkage!

    If you do have more than one PS4 in your home, you must establish one of them as the foremost console.

    To do just that, turn on your PS4 and go to Configurations, then PlayStationNetwork settings, then Account Management, in which you must locate and enable Activate as Primary PS4.

    You also must upgrade your PS4 app to 3.50. If you dont already have the update, you can manually download it by proceeding to Settings and then System Software Update.

    How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Using Hdmi And A Video Capture Card

    In the event that you dont have framework prerequisites for the Remote play, no concerns! Here is another strategy that is quite basic, however it tends to be a little hefty on your pocket.

    You can associate your Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI and video catch cards. Here is a short rundown of things that you need for this strategy:

    • Document sharing empowered

    Presently, whenever you are finished gathering the fundamental things referenced previously. We should get to design. Follow these means:

    Right off the bat, it empower record sharing. For that, go to the PS4 settings menu. From that point onward, explore to the Networks Settings and afterward go to Internet Connection Settings. Discover your web switch and interface it with that.

    At that point associate your video catch card to the PC through the USB port. It is fundamental to introduce the product and drivers that go along the card to make it work appropriately.

    Here, interface the video catch card with the PS4. To do as such, make a S-video association through association link. At that point associate the Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI OUT on the PS4.

    Presently, open the product of video catch on the PC and catalyst your PS4. The product will at that point look for the PS4 and show the PS4 show on the PC screen. Do ensure that the application is running on the full screen to show the full goal.

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    How Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor

    You need to start on the laptop that you want to use as your second screen. Choose Settings from the Start menu, then pick System and Projecting to this PC. Under Some Windows and Android devices can project to this PC when you allow them to, choose the Available everywhere on secure networks option.05-Jun-2022

    How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For Ps4

    How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With Hdmi

    TechBullish»Computer Monitors»How to Use Laptop As a Monitor for PS4?-

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    Its only recently that the PS4 has become popular enough to have massive amounts of PS4 games to play.

    And if you are someone who is a content creator, you will want to use your PS4 to create gaming videos.

    One question that comes up is, can you use your Laptop as a screen for your PS4?

    Heres what you can expect with and without a video capture card in this in-depth guide for How to Use Laptop As a Monitor for PS4.

    Lets get started!

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    # : Setting Up The Pc Monitor

    The next thing you need to do is set up your PC and monitor. You need to attach the CPU and all the peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, speakers, or other devices that you need to do your work so you do not have to unplug or plug wires and cables again and again. You can also change the settings of your monitor according to yourself and your needs.

    Search For Your Ps4 In The Network

    After completing all the above steps, start up the remote play app on your laptop and log into your PlayStation network. The app will automatically scan for the first PS4 available in the network and take you straight to the home screen.

    Congratulations, youve can now enjoy your immersive PS4 gaming experience on your laptop. The Remote Play app on your laptop will automatically fire up your PS4, and the games will run on the PS4, which will stream it to your laptop in real-time.

    How To Power Off Your PS4 From Your Laptop?

    If youve already set your PS4 to Rest Mode, you can hold down the PlayStation button on your controller to power off your PS4. If you followed all of the steps above, your PS4 should already be in Rest Mode, but you can go back to set it if it already isnt.

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    Using Laptop As A Monitor For Ps4

    There is a common perception that using an HDMI cable directly one can connect a laptop with PS4, but it is impossible to connect this way. It is because the HDMI ports of most of the laptops work in output mode so that is why if both are connected this way nothing will happen. To connect the laptop as a monitor with PS4 easily below there is a list of methods one can try:

    Note: some laptops have both input and output HDMI ports

    How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Ps4 Without A Capture Card

    How to connect ps4 to laptop screen without remote play

    If you dont want to use a video capture card to connect your PS4 to your laptops monitor, then you can run software like OBS and Remote play on your laptop to broadcast your PS4s screen. All you need for this is a high-speed connection and your controller, and you can easily use your laptop as the display without using a video capture card.

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    Download Sony Remote Play App

    Download the compatible version of the Remote Play app from Sonys website to your laptop. If you already have the app installed, make sure you update it to the latest version.

    The next thing you need to do is, open the Settings menu on your PS4. Click on PlayStation Network and choose Account Management. Under Account Management, enable the Active as Primary PS4 option.

    Make sure you have the latest version of the software for your PS4. If not, then update it using the System Software Update.

    With A Streaming Service Or A Remote Play Connection

    Sony has developed Remote Play software that allows you to enjoy your PlayStation games from anywhere. Sonys Remote Play gives you control, where you can stream your PlayStation gameplay to a Mac or Windows laptop. This Remote Play will allow you to enjoy in-depth PlayStation gaming.

    In order to set up Remote Play, you need

    • PlayStation Console

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    How To Play Ps4 On A Laptop Screen With Hdmi

    Gaming fans have gone off the deep end with the new dispatch of Sony PlayStation V , yet in all actuality, we dont figure Sony will actually want to make as incredible of a deal right now with the worldwide downturn because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So things are as yet hot with the PS4, and will keep on excess so for some time now. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you plunk down to play Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI on your PS4, just to find that your TV is done working. This article contains everything to think about how to utilize a PC as a screen for PS4. Keep perusing to begin.

    PS-4 application is utilized in controlling the PS-4 among your PC with such an application introduced on the PC or Mac. This gives vivid PS-4 gaming by associating distantly through PS-4 frameworks.

    Somebodys on the TV as of now, and you have coordinated game night with your companions? All things considered, that is a bad dream. Not having the option to play on a gaming console when the TV is involved is the most irritating thing ever.

    In any case, on account of the new innovations, presently you can interface the PS4 to the PC also. Continue to peruse to realize how to interface the Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI.


  • 4 How To Play PS4 On Laptop Using HDMI And A Video Capture Card
  • Connect Ps4 To Laptop Through Remote Play

    How To Play Ps4 On Laptop Screen With Hdmi

    One of the best and most convenient ways to use laptop as monitor for PS4 without using HDMI is by using the Remote Play feature. It is a free app that you can download from the PlayStation website.

    With this method, you dont need any extra hardware or cables. All you need is a good internet connection and youre all set. Simply follow these steps and youll be able to play your PS on the laptop in no time:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your PlayStation 4 console and choose Account Management. Enable Active as Primary PS4.
  • Update your consoles software to the latest version through System Software Update.
  • Go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings and turn it on. While using Remote Play on your laptop, your console must be kept on or in the rest mode.
  • Navigate to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode > Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.
  • Open the Remote Play file you got on your computer. Adjust the frame rate and resolution to best match your screens specs for optimum gameplay. Based on your system configuration you can set the higher or lower graphic settings.
  • Connect the PS4 controller to the laptop using a USB cable. You can also connect it wirelessly by pressing the PlayStation and buttons on your controller at the same time.
  • As soon as the LED on your controller begins to flash, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. It will take around 4 to 5 seconds for your controller to get paired.
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