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How To Repair Extended Storage Ps4

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PS4 (CE-30022-7) Error Code Extended Storage FIX!

A solid-state drive is known to be much more reliable than the traditional mechanical hard drive . Without exaggeration, it can last for 10 years without a serious performance issue. Its even much more resistant to power surges and vibration than the classical hard drives. Thats why external SSDs are the top choice for enthusiasts and power users.

If you could fix the beeping PS4 external hard drive, you can use it later as a backup storage. Use the external SSD as a PS4 extended storage instead of your old external HDD.

To read more on the benefits of external SSDs for PS4 and why you should seriously consider buying one, please visit this post.

Recover Corrupted Files From An External Hard Drive Step

  • 1. Download and launch the trial version of DiskInternals Partition Recovery.
  • 2. DiskInternals recovery wizard will start automatically.
  • 3. Select the corrupted external disk and a recovery mode: reader, uneraser or recovery. The best option for corrupted disks is to use the recovery mode . Click Next.
  • 4. Scanning will take some time, so you need to wait for the process to complete.
  • 5. Preview. To view the desired file being restored, right-click and select “Preview in New Window”.
  • 6. Preservation. Purchase a license and enter the license key. No rescan and no reinstall required! Then choose a new safe place to save the recovered files. Click Save.
  • About Ps4 Extended Storage

    Why so many people use extended storage on PS4? With the release of PS4 System Software 4.5, users are allowed to use an external hard drive on PS4. You can use an external storage device like external HDD and USB drive for PS4 backup and restore purposes. Also, a great many people use an external drive as PS4 extended storage where they can install more games and apps.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of PS4 extended storage? To give you a better understanding, we summarize the main advantages and disadvantages as follows.

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    Recover Data With Another Usb Cable Or A Different Pc

    If you are not sure whether the device has an issue, you can connect it to a different USB port or even a different PC to see whether it gets detected or not. If the drive can be read, then you can use your data on the external hard drive.

    In case the hard drive cannot be detected on the other computer, check its status in Windows Disk Management. Then, try to change the drive letter and path to make it show up.

    Step 1. Right-click on This PC and select Manage. Under the Storage section, click Disk Management.

    Or, use an alternative way to open Disk Management in Windows 10/8.1/8/7: Press Windows + R keys, type diskmgmt.msc in the Run box, and hit Enter.

    Step 2. Right-click on the SSD partition and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.

    Step 3. Among the Add, Change, and Remove options, click the “Change” button, and then select a drive letter from the list. Click “OK” to assign a new drive letter to the problematic hard drive.

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    Scenario : External Hard Drive Isn’t Working With The Ps4 From The Beginning

    FIX: PS4 extended storage error
    • Connect your External HDD to your PC and check for any damages. If it is working there perfectly fine, check the other point and make sure whether it needed to be replaced at this point itself.
    • As the PS4 system doesn’t recognize wireless external hard drives, make sure PS4 external hard drive has a wired connection.
    • Cross verify that your external hard drive is compatible with PS4 standards.
    • You need to cross-check whether the external HDD is connected directly to the PS4 via one of its USB ports which apply to hub USB external hard drives also.
    • You need to check whether the drive was previously formatted for external storage. PS4 will only recognize one external storage drive at a time
    • Last but not least, you need to check whether you are running the older version of PS4 system software. If yes, update the same to its latest version and recheck the issue whether it is fixed or not.
    • It is advisable to use another USB port which may act as a resolution, sometimes.

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    Ps4 External Hard Drive Not Working Or Recognised: How To Fix Extended Storage On Playstation

    Has the external hard drive you’ve connected to your PS4 stopped working? Here’s how to fix your PS4 External Hard Drive.

    If you find your PS4 external hard drive not working or recognised by your console, it’s undoubtedly a cause for concern. This is especially true if you’ve been using it to save all your game progress, and suddenly find yourself faced with the prospect of being forced to start from scratch all over again.

    While the PS5 isn’t perfect, with the PS5 frozen console and PS5 Rest Mode issues being pretty huge issues for the next-gen console, it does have some advantages over the PS4 – mainly, storage.

    While this is more than a little frustrating, there are a few things you can try before resigning yourself to such an outcome. Here are our top tips, to try to fix your extended storage on your PlayStation.

    How To Recover Lost Data From Ps4 External Hard Drive After Fixing The Error

    Losing data has forever been a distressing matter. Recoverit Data Recovery for PC has turned out to be a one-point solution for the recovery of various types of data in various storage gadgets. If you have lost your valuable data from PS4 External Hard Drive, you don’t have to fear that you are not going to see it ever again.

    There is a way to restore the same. Use Recoverit Data Recovery, which is one of the most super cool and the safest data recovery tool available in the market right now. It is completely safe and reliable. Some of its prominent features are:

    • The latest all-new Recoverit 8.5 helps you to recover your entire lost file at ease. You are getting unlimited data recovery provision. Think about how good it is!
    • You can instantly repair the corrupted files and make it all look as it is before.
    • It helps you to restore all types of files and file systems that you wanted to get back. Eg: NTFS, FAT, HFS+,
    • One of its most highlighted features is that this tool possesses one of the highest data recovery success rate in the whole industry
    • The user-friendliness is another main aspect where you have to simply scan the disk after launching this tool to restore your files. It’s as simple as that.

    Now just follow these steps and retrieve all your lost data.

    Step 1: Launch Recoverit on your PC.

    Step 2: After the installation process, connect the PS4 External Hard Drive to the PC. You need to make sure that the PS4 External Hard Drive is properly recognized.

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    Make Sure You Have A Good External Hard Drive For Your Ps4

    And there you have it, three easy, safe ways to disconnect your external USB device from your PS4! You won’t find any data corruption in your external device if you use any of these methods, ensuring that your game data, save data, and any other content are secure.

    If you use an external hard drive with your PS4 and find that it’s become slow or has damage, make sure you do your research before you buy a new one. There are some great external hard drives for your PS4 out there that suit different requirements.

    Fix : Initialize The Ps4 External Storage Drive

    How to fix PS4 extended HDD error CE-41902-6

    If your external storage drive is compatible with PS4 and it doesnt have other errors, you should try initializing it by reformatting. Here are two options for you.


    Option 1: Format External Drive as Extended Storage via PS4

    The first method to initialize PS4 external storage device is to utilize the consoles Format as Extended Storage feature. This is a PS4 built-in feature. Hence, you dont have to disconnect the external hard drive. You can initialize it directly. Heres how to do.

    Step 1: Press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller.

    Step 2: Click on Notifications and choose the connected device from the list.

    Step 3: In the next window, click the Format as Extended Storage button and click Next.

    Step 4: If you are prompted with a confirmation window, just allow it.

    Step 5: Then click on OK to start the formatting process.

    Option 2: Format External Drive via MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Alternatively, you can utilize a third-party tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard to format PS4 external hard drive. You can finish the whole operation within a few clicks. As an all-in-one partition manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard also allows you to convert NTFS to FAT, rebuild MBR, migrate OS to SSD/HD, check fille system, recover missing partition, and so forth.

    Disconnect PS4 external hard drive from the console and then connect it to your computer. Then download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard to your computer by clicking the buttons below.


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    Fix The Corrupted Hard Drive

    There are several methods to fix your corrupted hard drive.

    If the damaged system file is the cause of the corrupted hard drive, run SFC scan to check system file integrity. In Command Prompt, type the command: sfc/scannow and press Enter.

    If there are bad sector on your hard drive, check this post to know what to do.

    If your hard drive gets corrupted due to file system error, just use CHKDSK command. After running the Command Prompt as administrator, use the command: chkdsk *:/f/r/x and press Enter.

    You can also use a professional third-party program to check your disk. As a powerful partition manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard allows you to upgrade to a larger hard drive without data loss and back up your Windows 7/8/10 with ease. It also provides Check File System feature to check and repair logical error on your disk.

    Step 1: Install MiniTool Partition Wizard and launch it.

    Step 2: In the main interface, select a partition and choose Check File System from the left pane.

    Step 3: Choose the option Check & fix detected error and click Start.

    Then, the tool will check and fix the file system immediately.

    To get more methods to fix the corrupted hard drive, you can have a look at this post: Top 4 Hard Drive Repair Solutions to Fix Hard Drive Windows 10

    Is Your External Hdd Really Compatible With Ps5

    This is the first question you must ask before judging the issue you have with your PS5 external hard drive. Have you verified that it is fully compatible and meets all requirements? These requirements are:

    • It must support USB 3.x connectivity . External hard disks that are USB 2.0 will not operate on the PS5 system.
    • Your external hard disk has a capacity of between 250GB and 8TB.
    • Wireless, Dual-Layer, and HUB external hard drives are not supported by the PS5 system.

    Generally, if your external hard drive works fine on PS4, it will work on your PS5 as well.

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    Solution 4 Repair Ps4 External Hard Drive

    To confirm whether it is the PS4 extended storage failure that makes the PS4 can not recognize the external drive, you can connect the PS4 external hard drive to a healthy PC or another working PS4. If that PS4 external hard drive not recognized problem still exists, then you can know there are some errors on the disk to prevent the drive from being recognized and working for PS4. Thus, you need to repair the malfunctioned PS4 external hard drive.

    If the PS4 external hard drive is working fine before but now cannot be recognized by your console, check if it’s a disk corruption on your personal computer. Though many components of the video console are the same as the PC, such as CPU, RAM, and storage devices, the PC offers a better and more intuitive impression of the condition of your external hard drive with the Windows tool.

    Step 1. Connect the not working PS4 extended storage to your Windows PC.

    Step 2. Right-click on the My Computer icon, select Manage and run it as an administrator.

    Step 3. Choose Disk Management under the Storage option.

    Step 4. Click on the external hard drive connected and check its condition.

    If the drive is corrupted and not recognized properly by Windows OS, you might see the PS4 external drive shown as RAW, Unallocated, etc.

    Guide to recovering game files from PS4 external hard drive

    Step 1. Connect the PS4 external hard drive to your PC or your Mac.

    Step 2. Download iBoysoft Data Recovery and launch it.

    Fix : Update Your Ps4 System Software

    FIX: PS4 extended storage error

    If the external hard drive is not defective and can be recognized by other PS4 devices and computers, perhaps the problem has something to do with your PS4 itself. It has been reported that external hard drive might fail to work on a PS4 of older version. So, you can try updating the system software to fix PS4 external hard drive not showing up issue.

    Heres a simple guide:

    Step 1: Make sure your PS4 is connected to the Internet and go to the home screen.

    Step 2: Go to PS4 Settings and choose System Software Update.

    Step 3: If any updates are detected, click Next button. Then, select Update to download the available updated.

    Step 4: Select to install the updates you have downloaded.

    After updating PS4 system software, you can connect the external hard drive and check if it works on your PS4 properly

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    Manually Update Your Ps4

    Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is. to download and start repairing.

  • Power on the system and go to Settings.
  • Select the System Software Update option.
  • If your system has the latest software version, you will see The latest version of the system software is already installed message.
  • Otherwise, if it finds an available update, click the Next or Update button to start downloading the update.
  • On completion of the update downloading, you will receive a notification.
  • Click on the Notifications link denoted by i.
  • Navigate to on the left-hand panel, and youll see your downloaded system software on the right.
  • Select the file by tapping X on your controller.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the system update.
  • Updating the PS4 system software has fixed PS4 extended storage error for many gamers.

    We hope it is the case for you as well, but if it isnt, the next method should do it.

    Why Is My Ps4 External Hard Drive Not Recognized And Working

    Before we proceed to the detailed solutions, you may be curious about the possible causes of the PS4 extended storage not working error. All relative components, including the condition of the external HDD/SSD, the USB connections, software issues, and the PS4 Console would be the culprit.

    The common causes are corrupted external drive, incompatible file system, improper connection, outdated PS4 system software, etc. No matter what your case is, you can find the corresponding solutions below. Just move on to troubleshoot your Seagate PS4 hard drive not working issue step by step.

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    Issue #: Ps5 External Hdd Not Supported

    Using an incompatible external hard drive on PS5 is not acceptable by your consoles system. Your external HDD must meet a few conditions in order for the PS5 system to support it. Make sure your external HDD supports USB 3.0 connectivity, and its capacity is between 250GB to 8TB. For more details, continue reading this guide to figure out whether your PS5 system really supports your external HDD or not. You can visit also our guide on fixing the PS5 external HDD not supported issue.

    Format Your Ps5 External Hdd On A Pc

    PS4 – How to install hard drive as extended storage for PS4 using patch 4.5. Great Function!!

    One of the most effective ways to fix PS5 external HDD issues is to format it on a PC. You need to perform a full format that will override bad sectors and restore the functionality of your PS5 external HDD.

    How to Format PS5 External Hard Drive On Windows 10

    Before moving on to this method, you have to note that formatting your external hard drive will erase all the existing files on it. So if your external hard drive already has important files on it, make sure to back them up before proceeding.

    Below are the steps you have to follow in order to format your PS5 external hard drive on a PC that runs Windows 10 operating system.

  • Connect your PS5 external hard drive to a Windows computer. If your PS5 external hard drive is working properly and has no functionality issues, your computer will automatically detect it, and the drive will appear under Devices and Drives next to your internal drives in the This PC window. You can also find it in the left sidebar of File Explorer.
  • Right-click on the external hard drive and click Format.
  • Choose a format under File System. By default, Windows computers will choose NTFS for you because thats the native Microsoft filing system. But in the case of PS5 system, you should choose exFAT.
  • Uncheck the Quick Format box, and click Start. Depending on the size of the drive, and if there are files to be deleted in it, this can take a while to finish.
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    How To Restore Corrupted System Files From The External Hard Drive

    Missing or corrupted system files are sometimes the reason for a hard drive with unusual symptoms. This usually occurs when there is a problem during the file save process. So, when your hard drive seems to be damaged and you cannot open it, you might need to repair the crashed system files first.

    • Open Start, type cmd, and hit Enter to launch a Command Prompt Window.
    • Type chkdsk g:/f and press Enter.
    • Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

    When the repair process has finished, you’ll see a Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations message if no corruption has been found. Otherwise, it’ll fix it automatically.

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